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What Black People Need to Start Working On Part 2

Farming has been in my life for as long as I can remember.

From the simple tomato that is grown on my patio to a full-fledged homestead with a workshop, I’ve tackled it all. It comes with its share of aches and pains, cuts and bruises, gains and losses but it’s all worth it to have a life of (near) self sustainability.

At the marketplace, I see the real deal on how the economy and the demographic is rapidly changing. More and more black customers are demanding fresh, organic foods for themselves and their children. They are tired of seeing the Wendy’s, tired of smelling the fried chicken and sick of not having options.

Yesterday, a black female customer almost ran over to me to tell me how refreshing it was to see a black female homesteader. She talked and talked about how things need to change with us and seeing me was proof that change is possible.

I told her that we do exist, quite a lot of us actually, but we’re so spread out all over the country in these little “pockets” that it seems we’re non existent. I advised her to seek out black owned shopping websites to buy from us. Just this Friday, I ordered an awesome CUSTOM summer dress from an Afrikan woman living in London.

I’ve seen black coffee roasters/ brewers, bee keepers, spinach farmers, artists and chefs. We’re EVERYWHERE and in ALL areas. But we need more people to cater to a specific market. 

This is where you come in, Black Family.

Ever heard of Visiting Nurses?

How about Merry Maids?

Well, ever thought about Renta-Chef?

As more and more people get older and have disabilities, they’re gonna need help with meal prep, snacks and full on cooking! Some folks suffer from such severe social anxiety that going to the supermarket is almost terrifying. And factor in a busy mom/ dad who has to work longs shifts, the last thing on their minds is coming home to cook a full meal for a family of 6.

This is where Renta-Chef comes in.



Image result for black chefs



You can grow your own vegetables yourself, or buy them from a black farmer in your area. You prepare the meals:

  1. In your own kitchen and deliver it to said family/person or…
  2. In the customer’s home


You’ll need heavy duty take out tins and a heat bag.


Image result for take out tins



Similar to the ones that the pizza delivery companies have. You negotiate the price depending on the foods made and factor in delivery costs. You can offer:


Vegetarian / Vegan meals

Kids meals

Just snacks

Desserts only

Diabetes/ High blood pressure meals


Last year, I bought a small sausage maker/ meat grinder. The good kind ( don’t skimp on price). I always wanted to try my own turkey/ roasted pepper/ spinach sausage but was intimidated by the process. The first batch came out ok. The second was better and more flavourful. The third was da bomb! Now my family throws hints that they need grilled sausage soon or they’re not gonna make it.

You can offer pre-made meals that just need to be popped in the oven for the family’s convenience like:


Sausages with rice/ pasta. The varieties are enough to make you dizzy

Casseroles. Again, this sub-specialty can include lasagna,  tuna, mac and cheese, etc, etc…


Talk it out with your client and be professional and patient with them. Get business cards and look clean and tidy. No one wants to buy food and eat from someone who is unkempt. When I go to the market, my hair is always neat, my apron is washed and ironed and my fingernails are clean and short. Make sure you carry yourself well and mannerly. You are a representation of your business so EVERYTHING counts! Also, this may sound silly but when talking to clients, DO NOT talk to them while texting, yelling at your kids or chewing gum. 

A woman lost a sale from me once by yelling at her children while she was on the phone with me. Give me your full attention or I’ll take my money elsewhere.


Try this out, Black Family.

Everyone knows you can cook and we are the most diverse cooks on the planet!


Good luck!







A.B.C. : African Bartering Community

Barter: “to trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money; to swap”




Bartering is as old as time. A few tomato seeds for a pail of fresh water.

What if we could cut out the middleman and trade DIRECTLY with each other?

Blacks in America are the largest consumers of all the racial groups combined. We buy EVERYTHING from someone else but make very little ourselves. After the prosperity of Black Wall Street, which was intentionally destroyed, the United States government devised a very diabolical plan.

The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.

Soon, other immigrant races were given stipends and free grants to open up shop in our neighbourhoods. Cheap plastic goods, stale and rotted meats, liquor and tobacco stores, check cashing places and slum lords were made rich off of our despair.

Even though they too were considered minorities and a lesser class, they filled the government’s purpose magnificently:

The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.

Our black owned farms that offered us fresh, wholesome foods went belly up due to soaring government taxes. They were then taken over by whites at cheaper prices so they could provide the white community with organic nutritious meals.

Wanna know something?

Today, in 2015, absolutely NOTHING has changed.


The two things I’ve learned about white supremacy are:

  1. Expecting your enemy to change is insanity
  2. Doing nothing to help your own situation is a greater form of insanity


We may not wish to hear this but we are to be partially blamed for our dire predicament.


Because we have the power to change things but lack the will.

Remember the door swings both ways…


  1. What is African Bartering Community?


A.B.C. is a worldwide, black organization designed to cut out the monetary middleman and barter (trade) strictly with other blacks for goods.


2. How does A.B.C. work?


A.B.C. works quite simply. A group of willing blacks must coordinate a gathering, like someone’s backyard, a flea market, a church social, etc, where goods are exchanged without money. Value must be determined individually and once agreed upon, a loving and equal exchange must take place.

Example #1: I need a pick up truck. My black neighbour needs a riding lawn mower. We swap goods without the use of money and shake hands to finalize the deal.


    3. Why is this a good practice? Isn’t money always needed?


Blacks are, unfortunately, the largest group of consumers in America.

(The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.)

We buy more than what we really need to survive and purchase those goods from other races. By cutting out the middleman, we SAVE money for other things and build much-needed TRUST within our people.

Did you know that there are groups of people living within the U.S. that operate mostly (as much as possible) without the use of money for goods? My own next door neighbour swaps root vegetables for firewood and has been doing that for many years with SUCCESS! He trades with other whites in our farming community. The only people who are intentionally left out of this practice are the few black families that live here.

Money has always been around in some form, like cowry shells, since the beginning but it is possible to LESSEN our infatuation with money. Yes, I said infatuation. BLACK PEOPLE LOVE MONEY. And we love having lots of stuff. The more stuff we acquire, the greater sense of self worth we falsely obtain.

By lessening our dependence on the monetary middleman, we take back our power and our dignity. We build stronger communities based on trust, which we lack. We begin to rely on each other once again for survival thus making us stronger as a unified group.


      4. How do I join and why should I?


When George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and we learned that Skittles funded his lawyer, that was a perfect opportunity for us to show our power and our self love by refraining from buying Skittles candies. The door swings both ways. We can refrain from supporting racist organizations simply by NOT giving them our money.

We can take back our pride by simply refusing to cooperate with any company that we feel is degrading to our people…worldwide. When Tommy Hilfiger stated that he “didn’t make his clothes for black people” that was our opportunity to cut him out of the black community FOREVER and give our support to the struggling black clothing companies around the globe. Instead we got angry and insisted that we had the right to wear his clothing.

What were the results?

Tommy became richer and more famous (or infamous) and the black dollar left our pockets.

(The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes)

Who’s to blame?

We are.

We are so desperate to be loved we do not care even if it’s from someone who hates us.


Joining A.B.C. takes a few things that the black community must work on for we are weak in these areas.

The first thing is organization.

We have been lulled into a hazy sleep and are disoriented when it comes to organizing. The simplest way to begin is in your own neighbourhood. Start small. Pass on this post to as many blacks as possible and begin conversing on how to set it up. Your conversation should include the following things:

  1. A meeting place
  2. An determined and focused organizer
  3. Goods to be exchanged


Again, places can include someone’s yard, their basement or an open flea market. Exchange phone numbers and emails to the person you wish to trade with. Decide what you’ll be trading and remember that once the trade has taken place it is FINAL and no negative feelings are to be shown.

You are trying to re-build trust and love, not start a fight or argument.



Finally, there’s much discussion about the wave of immigrants, especially Coloured immigrants, coming to America and opening stores in our neighbourhoods. You know why they are doing well? Because we give them our money! They are simply doing what whites have done for centuries; taking advantage of the most oppressed race and making money (exploiting) off of them.

I’ve been saying for years that black people’s need to be loved and included by anyone who sorta-kinda looks like us will be our downfall. The other races have consistently demonstrated that they don’t give a damn about us and are happy that we are sliding further and further down the economic ladder.

That gives them more opportunity to get closer to their colonial masters.

They use us as a stepping stone for economic stability and benefit from our fight for equal rights to better themselves. Then when they “make it”, they spit in our faces.

Who’s fault is it?



For we are a hard-headed, disgruntled, disoriented, intra-competitive and envious group bent set on inclusion.

The time has come for us to stop trying to “hold hands” with the browish-tanish-yellowish-golden “others” and begin doing for self. No one can make us do better. It must come from desire within oneself.


Please pass on this post to others and begin your own African Bartering Community. Start today. Call your neighbour/ friend/ cousin and begin conversing. You might find out that they’ve been wanting to do the same thing but didn’t know how to begin!


Since the holiday season is upon us, I’ll do a post on black owned businesses for those that wish to support the black community with monetary means.






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