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What Black People Need to Start Working On for the Future


You’re at home one day and suddenly hear a loud, weird noise. You walk into your kitchen and see the faucet spewing water all over your floors. As you frantically try to mop up the mess, you calculate how much this is going to cost you if the pipes are broken, frozen or you just need new plumbing altogether.

This is where a skilled, licensed plumber comes into play.

I once spoke to a black contractor that told me he was let go from his job BEFORE he could join his union. He told me that they (whites) do this to ALL black contractors so they can keep the white ones employed no matter how lazy they were. His brother, a twenty year mechanic, had the same issues so he opened his own tiny auto body shop in a rented garage.

As whites continue to die off by their own hands, the black community needs to focus on REBUILDING. That means:









Masons (not the Illuminati but the brick layers that make beautiful designs for buildings)

And don’t forget the “sub-specialists”…


Toy makers (blacks have a skyrocketing birth rate)


Tile workers

Air conditioning/ Refrigeration

Blacksmiths (I met one and his iron gates are DIVINE)

Window replacement specialists


Trash removal experts

Lawn/ Tree Specialists

Landscapers ( I met a black female one and her designs are spectacular)

Pest Control/ Mice/ Termite/ Skunks

Chimney Sweep (I learned to clean my own chimney and it is surprisingly EASY but messy work. You’ll need an ash-vac, dust mask and a good washable apron)

Appliance Repair

Simple Carpentry (who doesn’t want a pretty birdhouse or a stunning chicken coop?)



Shoemakers ( my uncle was one of the best)

And finally, I saved the best for last:

FARMERS of ALL varieties.

One of my friends is a beekeeper. She told me of how there’s a LOT of knowledge that must go into this life saving profession but it doesn’t come cheap!!!! You must put forth the money upfront and hope to get a return on your investment in 3-5 years.

“How much?”, was my question.

“Around 500.00 to start…”

Another one is a chicken farmer. Her and her husband sell the hens directly from their coop and charge a pretty penny for free range hens that were fed a steady diet of worms, bugs, brown rice and a bit of corn.

Another black male I met grows mini-kale.

What’s that, you ask?

He cuts it when it’s roughly 3 inches tall when the nutrients are most potent and sells it to vegetarian/ vegan restaurants for a nice chunk of change.

Black Family, the tide has changed for us. I know it may seem that things are getting worse in some aspects but it must get a bit chaotic before it gets better. The time to heal and move forward is now and we must begin to look forward to a brighter future where WE are in control, WE make the changes needed to pass on our legacy and WE decide our own fate.

Never forget your past but the future belongs to Nature’s Children.

Please look into an apprentice program in your area or simply take classes in a trade school where you can use your hands and your imagination to build for yourself.

And when you have all the needed skills, gather your people together and form your own coalition where you make the rules and you set the standard. I work for myself and let me tell you, there is no greater feeling in the world than to control your own business. I eat when I’m hungry not when someones tells me it’s time for lunch. If I’m very tired, I take a nap. I work whilst listening to my music or my radio programs and most of all, I have zero contact with negative energy demonic forces unless I CHOOSE to.

Please pass this on and good luck!


Another great way to make money doing what you love is to have an online TV show where you can teach people to cook, braid hair, sew, apply makeup, etc…But…but…realize that unless YOU control the network they can cancel your show at anytime.




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