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The Rise of Pornography in a White Nation and How it Affects Black Relationships

Ron Jeremy

Without sounding like I’ve been living in some underground tunnel, I never knew who Jenna Jamison and Peter North were. I remember my friend’s dad having a hidden stash of girlie magazines that he thought no one knew about and looking with horror and amazement at the *cough* flexibility of the couples. Somewhere in the corners of my young mind, I knew that such things should not be publicized for the world to see. But I never knew the significance of how it would affect the courtship of black men and women til I got older.

Listening to my girlfriends in high school share very intimate details of their experiences where they thought they were “in love” only to be discarded afterwards for another unsuspecting female, I wondered where the notion came from. Sex without love. Sex without feeling. Sex without regret. Sex for the sake of sex.

Researching this post has been eye-opening to say the least. When our African ancestors chose a mate, they chose:

1. Someone who would provide land, food, protection and comfort for their unborn children

2. Someone who had a reputable background

3. Someone that they knew and preferably grew up with

4. Someone who would be a leader, usually male, for their sons

It was deeply spiritual, intensely earthy and rooted in tradition. As I researched this post, I wondered how the world of porn ended up in our black lives and how it altered our relationships. I came up with a few sources rooted in Greek and Roman pedophilia but as I delved deeper into White AmeriKlan’s Flesh Industry, I found this:

Linda Lovelace

Deep Throat was one of the first AmeriKlan sexploitation films to have:

A plot

An actress

An actual screenplay

A production team

From that moment on, white, Christian AmeriKlan’s were introduced to a very potent drug and have never looked back. May I also point out that the porn industry coincided with the white feminist movement. Feminism or Zionism (they are one and the same) was created by the Luciferian Jew, Rockefeller, to hoodwink white women into believing that her man was her enemy. She believed, through careful indoctrination, that he was “holding her back” and sex was “rape”. Having the white woman enter the workforce to compete with men for “power and respect”, the children were left in the hands of The State to be brainwashed. Since we live in a white-dominated society, their illnesses became our illnesses. We witness white males exploiting white females on film and we aspire to do the same. What I’d like to know is, how did the black community go from being conservative with private sexual matters to this:

Montana Fishburne

For those of you that are unaware, Montana Fishburne, daughter of Larry Fishburne, decided to go the way of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton to get “famous.” She debased herself on film with NO results. It would appear that The Divided Snakes does not reward an African female for debauchery. She was mocked, criticized and ostracized instead.

Black Family, do you think our desire to “be like them” is what contributed to the loss of black love and respect? Do you think that white flesh industry has influenced our relationships and ultimately us?  What does this say to our children in relation to sex in the name of Spiritual sanctity?

My Gift to the Black Family

Today while many of us (still) celebrate this pagan European holiday, I’ve decided to turn a celebration of greed and gluttony into something positive for the black family.

I will list and promote black owned blogs, businesses, authors, teachers, etc.

First: Miss Pam of Trojan Horse Press:

Miss Pam has been my supporter since we first communicated and she was the first person to buy my book. Her website: The Black Code Files has a year end clearance sale filled with books, both paper and electronic, to satisfy your need for overstanding white supremacy:

Here is her link: Trojan Horse Press

Start reading OUR BOOKS on your Kindle or Nook in under a minute!





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I bought Death of a Dark Nation and you will not be disappointed!

Second: Dr Baruti of Akoben House

Dr Baruti and his wife singlehandedly started a black home-schooling program for our children so we could learn our REAL history in a safe, loving African environment.

This is perhaps his best work yet!


Afrikan Warrior Couples Excerpt taken from the last chapter: The couple is the bedrock of the nation. Without it there is no family, no people. Without couples there can be no family to procreate and rear confident, untroubled, anchored children. No viable, community-respecting generation can be born to continue the process of life, living, building and defending.

Please support him and contact him if you live in the Atlanta, Ga area and would like to home school your children. Here is his info:

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti may be contacted at Akoben House, P.O. Box 10786, Atlanta, Georgia 30310 or
via e-mail, mwalimubaruti@yahoo.com

Third: The Cows/ context of white supremacy

Gus T. Renegade and Justice dissect the insanity of whiteness and racism with callers on the many facets of hatred and injustice. You can Listen or call in to ask questions.

Here’s the link: The COWS

Fourth: Sistasense for Black Women Entrepreneurs

Ms. Henry teaches us about the power of having your own businesses! Very informative for the black community.

Here’s her link: L. Henry at Sistasense

Fifth: Black Bloggers that offer spectacular advice/lessons/education:

{If I leave anyone out, sorry. There are sooooo many of you that I love}

1. http://kushiteprince.wordpress.com/ and his sister-page:


2. T. West of AfriSynegry:

Please support him! He has fantastic information.

3. Black Business Network:


4. BlackMyStory Weblog:


5. Prime the Official

This well-prepared man has a lot of videos on black survival. Please support him!

To keep the list short, I’m going to stop there but I urge you to reasearch the many, many black videos, books, bloggers and radio stations out there. We are running out of time. Let’s not waste it!

I love you all.

The Awakening: The Final Installment of The Trilogy

Now that you know “The Plan” and you understand “The Fear“, let me present the final chapter, “The Awakening.” After you’ve been beaten down, discredited, used and abused, you’ll hit rock bottom. That may mean drugs, prison, depression…whatever…each of us has a “rock bottom”. Your realization will come from a peaceful place called acceptance. You’ll have no other choice but to accept that there was, is and always will be someone who will wish to see you fail in AmeriKlan.

You’ll watch as this country bends over backwards to accommodate other minorities by having them assimilate into “whiteness” while trying desperately to hold you down. You’ll see other minorities forsake their Mother Country, Mother Cuisine and Mother Tongue for the desperate need to become AmeriKlanized. You’ll watch as their children, who perhaps will be the same complexion as you, if not darker, call your children a nigger and ostracize them just as the parents have done to you.

You sit back and wonder, What’s going on? I thought we coloured folks were in the same boat according to “whiteness”. Why are they moving ahead while I’m still stuck? Then the awakening will happen. AmeriKlan will never accept you as one of them. Your purpose of servitude is no longer in effect. So you are no longer necessary. They would rather use another “inferior” to keep you downtrodden than to realize the cost of their mistakes and recognize you as a member of this country. You’ll think back to that job, your military service, your education and realize your entire life in this country has been based on lies.

This will blow your mind! You’ll swear it isn’t true. You’ll lose sleep wondering why you never saw it. And what to do now. Now we come to the final installment. After your revelation, you’ll understand that the black man / woman was never intended to achieve equality. You were never intended to ever be free. Your freedom and perpetual climb into “polite society” was a grave mistake. You were never supposed to assimilate. In fact, didn’t a little well-known president want to ship you home because the Negro cannot and will not ever belong here?

You’ll begin to realize that the black culture has been plagued on purpose with supremacist tools:

1. Public school education

2. The formation of ghettos

3. Drugs being distributed and pushed into your neighbourhoods

4. Low-wage jobs

5. Denial of loans

6. Redlining that still continues!

7. The media that tells you from birth that you are nothing

8. A carefully executed depression and recession designed to push you back into ghettos

9. Loss of pensions

10. The traps of the prison systems

Then you’ll think back to all the petty arguments you’ve had with other blacks about:

1. Skin complexion

2. Big screen TV’s

3. Who has the “better” house

4. Rivalry between countries

5. Money

6. Women / Men

7. Education

8. Upbringing

9. Looks and hair texture

10. Accomplishments

…And realize that it was all for naught.

Then the understanding will come into place that without black love, black solidarity and black assistance for one another, we’ll perish…..And that will be the most important factor in our black lives. It won’t be easy…many will fail for we are a weakened race. Slavery did a mind-job on us and the horrifying results are visible in the form of fatherlessness, crime, lack of education, drugs and gangs, self-hatred and the killing of our own by our own.

My brothers and sisters, the next time you feel the urge to hate your family, fight it. The next time you feel the urge to brag how exquisite you are in comparison to your family, don’t. The next time one of us needs a helping hand, lend it. By contributing to the black family globally, we can and will conquer white supremacy. Join groups and tell others about the plan and the fear. Educate others. Let them educate you. After all we’ve been through, we’re still here. I think that’s a true testament to our strength.

Any thoughts?


****Additional statements****

To all blacks that read my blog. Mary’s and Someguy’s comment prompted me to tell you something:

You can’t defeat your enemy without understanding your enemy. Here are a few books to read on them.

1. Mein Kampf by the one and only Adolf Hitler

2. The American Dilemma by Gunnar Myrdal

3. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion by Sergiei Nilus (I ordered it after reading many excerpts on the web) 

There are perhaps hundreds more…but these that I’ve listed had a profound effect on me and my understanding of why I’m in the “position” I am in despite education and profession. Please read them. Familiar yourself with them. But focus on us.


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