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The Great White Hope

Look at this couple:

Notice a trend? I’m seeing a lot of good-looking, well-to-do, black men who date, consistently, obese white women. I never really paid attention to this phenomenon. In fact, I really don’t give a shit. It was my friend X, that I went to visit in NYC, that called it to my attention. We were strolling along Washington Square Park, looking at the jugglers and the break dancers, when she said, “Hey…look there…another one.” Another what, I wondered?

Another brother with his fat, white girlfriend. Boy, they don’t even care anymore to go for the pretty, white girls…as long as she’s white, they’ll bow down and grab her. Self-hating Negro.”  I stopped gobbling my Mango Gelato, turned and looked at her in slow motion and wondered if she was correct. Hmmm…maybe she’s on to something here. I have seen this plenty of times before but didn’t really stop to think about it. Why do some black men date and marry obese white women? This is seldom seen in the world of celebrities. Rich, good-looking black men will only date slender, blonde, stunningly good-looking white women. Some theories as to why:

1. Self hatred is a funny thing. When you,  a black man, look into the eyes of your black woman, you’ll see every fear, hope, disappointment and sorrow life has to offer. After all, she is the other half of your Negro self. A white woman has the ability to make you feel “better” about being unemployed, broke, dark-skinned, having prominent features and being uneducated. She is your “insurance” that someday you, the black man, will be accepted into white high society. Being with her elevates you to that “other level” you’ve been striving for your whole life.

2. An obese and unattractive white woman is considered to be amongst the dregs of white society. Her own white man will not have her. She, in her need to be adored, chooses the one man who is desperate enough to adore her simply for the colour of her skin and his own insecurities.

3. When a wealthy black man has “made it“, a black woman is no longer considered to be on his “level“. He must do as they do, walk as they walk and have what they have if he is to be on the same playing field.

4. They are, in simple terms, in love.

Now, I don’t believe that every black man who prefers white women does this out of hate for his black women. There are many reasons why this occurs. Preference may be one of them. I asked a black male friend once why he likes blondes. His answer was, ” Truth, why do you like pistachio ice cream?” I answered, ” Because…I just do.” His response, ” Same here.”

What are your thoughts?

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