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Masculinity Redefined



When I was growing up, the men in my family all had skills. They built homes, laid down steel foundations, they cooked, worked 2 and 3 jobs and provided, as best as they could, for their families. Was life hard?


Being black and male wasn’t easy. But they did what they could. I remember my uncle looking for work in another state to keep food on his family’s table. I remember my brother, being young, running home from school to toil on the neighbour’s farm.

All around me were men. Not males. MEN. I felt safe. Secure. I used to jump rope all around the block and never gave one thought to anything bad happening. I kept my femininity all throughout my entire life and it attracted men of all sorts that enjoyed it. As I grew and traveled, I became aware of how different the black community was in comparison to other communities.

Women of other communities were carefree. They jogged at night. Roller bladed through parks with their dogs. Met friends for coffee and went to spa’s to get their hair, nails and eyebrows done. Some had housekeeper’s that came once a week and the very well off had Farm-to-Table Chefs that prepared “organic” meals. I met one white female from the Upper East Side that had a Jamaican nanny that did most of the work raising her child.

These women looked happy, They looked fit. Some even had plastic surgery to correct “flaws”.

Then I looked at the black female community throughout the Diaspora. 

We looked fat. Unkempt. Hostile. Angry. Depressed. Our hair was a Goddamn mess with missing hairlines and ridiculous looking wigs and weaves. Long eagle-like fingernails with too much fake jewelry adorned our hands. Our clothes were ill fitting and out of proportion for our bodies, and let us not forget the HORDES of bastard children that clung to us.

The once mighty black woman who birthed an entire nation was raggedy and disheveled. We are now poor and getting poorer by the generations. We have almost ZERO collective wealth and the strain of raising children by ourselves in a black hating world have taken a toll on our mental health. We are now insane.

The black woman is now a train wreck to be used and abused then discarded like a snot-filled Kleenex. But, as my mind works, I sit down to ponder why. What has happened to us? Why are we the scourge of the entire universe? What is the missing piece of the puzzle that we cannot, or won’t, connect?


That brings me to my point.


What is Femininity?


Femininity is a softness. It’s a relaxation. It’s a gracefulness. It’s unhurried. It is a knowing feeling that if you fall, you will be caught. It is a sweet, genuine surrender to the unknown. This is what makes Masculinity thrive. The two cannot exist without the other.

Now, being Feminine has nothing to do with fatness or shortness. It’s not about being pretty with the right shade of lipstick. A female bodybuilder can be feminine. It is a characteristic that is CREATED for you from birth by the men in your tribe so you, the female, can flourish.


So then, what is Masculinity?


Masculinity is the exact opposite.

It has naught to do with physical strength. It has naught to do with penis size. It’s not about how many women you can sex. It’s not about your income. It’s not about having swag. Or about being able to dance. It’s not about getting girls pregnant. Or wearing the latest designer shoes that your community didn’t manufacture. It’s not about being labeled handsome. Sexy. Hunky. Fuckable.


Masculinity is about being able to foster a safe environment for the most important people in your life. It’s about being able to give your woman, your children and your community all the provisions so they can lead the next generation.


I sometimes think about that young girl at McDonald’s who was assaulted by that white man who nearly dragged her over the counter. I secretly cried when I watched that video. I felt her every emotion. I also know why he felt that he could do that in a black establishment as opposed to a Mexican one. I think about things that like a lot nowadays.



The time has come for black women throughout the Diaspora to begin making changes in their lives. I feel a radical sense of urgency that time is short. I hope you can feel it too for your sake. Remember what the esteemed Dr. Baruti said in one lecture:

“There is no written law anywhere in the Universe that states that the black race MUST survive.”

Please sit and resonate with this quote. And before I close out:

Donald Trump will get reelected in about 8 weeks and Judge Ginsberg is no longer with us. I do hope you understand what is coming.





Proverbs: 3:1

(Thank you to the follower that sent me this)



Dear Black Women,

Sometimes the Universe allows people to tell you the raw truth about how they really feel about you.

Sometimes the Universe allows people to broadcast, to the ENTIRE world, what they are secretly thinking about you.

Sometimes the Universe allows things to come into your life to teach you a much needed lesson.

Sometimes the Universe allows this to happen to give you a way out.


The question is: Are you paying attention?


Let me tell you what I’m paying attention to…

The SILENCE from the black male “conscious” community.


Carry on.



The War Between Black Men and Black Women: A Simple Study in Zio-Feministic Psy-Op

tumblr m62bwpSi291qdlh1io1 250 Men Are JUST Giving Women Head? Why? And Since When?!

A black reader responded to my “21 harsh truths” post. With over 3,000 reposts on Facebook, this post is hitting a raw nerve with everyone. Here’s what he had to say. Pay special attention to the parts I “bolded”:

“Black men who hate black women hate themselves,” not 100% true… those that do hate Black women it is because black women expect too much from their black men, and when their black husbands or boyfriends can not deliver they(black women) start the whole black male bashing thing. (common in a lot of Black movies) Black women are arrogant and think they are heaven on earth. Black women are angry and bitter and are always comparing themselves to other women whether they admit it or not. Black women think that their hair and nails make them the elite of society. The black men that do hate black women hate them because they cannot control them. While your statement may carry some validity it was only part of the whole picture.

“Black women who hate black men have no self-respect,” again not 100% true… those that do hate black men because the want that big house and fancy car and become bitter and upset when he can not deliver or live up to her expectations. They hate black men because a black man(almost any man especially black men) will look at another woman or any race and comment or high five while she (black woman) has to get just about naked or be an easy lay just so she can get noticed. The black women that do hate black men hate them because they cannot control them. Again while your statement may carry some validity it was only part of the whole picture.

Do not misunderstand I agree with a large percentage of what you posted, but what I also saw in a lot of generalization. There is a huge difference between a Black person and a “Nigger.” Your post fails to show that… while yes White America may see us all as “no-good, low-down, dirty Nigger,” it is up to us to know the difference and teach that to our children as the schools and society isn’t going to do it. Then and only then will we reach and full obtain what our ancestors fought and died for

****************************************************************************************************** Since the “war” on the black family structure isn’t going away, perhaps it’s time to tackle this monster head on. Some of the things I will mention here will no doubt offend but since this topic is always coming up in one way or another, I feel it’s due time to air out the dirty laundry. Researching Zionism has given me great insight to its offspring: Feminism, Racism, Pedophilia, TransHuemanism, Transsexualism and Colourism. Of course all are ideologies of the white supremacist system.

What is my definition of white supremacy?

It is a system that functions universally that aims to destroy the Original Hueman in the three aspects of life:




Some may ask, “Aren’t you oversimplifying things?” No. In my estimation, if you do not have the Spirit, the mind and the body, nothing else can be manifested. Breaking the African “Ba” (soul) begins and ends with the African Woman. All life stems from her. Therefore, she is the main focus in the equation. I do not need to go into vast detail about what has been done to the black woman by both white AND black men. Books, movies (the Colour Purple), art, articles and TV series have covered that ad nauseum.

What I’m going to say are 2 simple and truthful, yet hurtful facts:

1. Black women are angry at black men. Are we justified in that anger? Yes. Is it entirely his doing? No.

2. Black men are angry at black women. Are they justified in that anger? Yes. Is it entirely our doing? No.

In order to break up the black family structure, black women were sought, beaten down and targeted for mental and physical elimination. Hitler wrote his entire manifesto based on his struggles and desires to cleanse the earth of lesser life forms. Throughout 500 years, Zionistic propaganda brainwashed the black woman, through white feminism and white misogyny, to believe that the black man is “her enemy” and her “career”, the one that white supremacy ALLOWS her to have,  is more important than family. She is brainwashed to believe that her sexuality is “up for grabs by the highest bidder” instead of it being an expression of God.

For the black man, he was and still is made to feel, over the course of 500 years, emasculated by the powerlessness he feels by NOT being ALLOWED to protect and provide for his black family unit. Therefore, the black woman’s intentional  and permitted success and education would ultimately tear the black man and black woman apart. Black men need to be and feel in control of their family, their life and their future. By denying him that right, yes…I said right, he turns to other ways, legal and illegal, to feel masculinized. What are those other ways? Selling drugs, joining gangs, which is his way of having a structural family unit, sexing and marrying out of his race, abusing and using women for his carnal pleasures (rape culture), black on black crime and other lower vibrational acts.

The black woman, who is rightfully the head of her home and children, needs to feel safe, valued and protected in all areas of her life. By denying her that safety and value, she seeks attention in the form of excessive shopping, permitted and planned career advancement, material worship, sexing and marrying outside of her race and feeling the need to reduce herself as a sexual plaything to “keep a man.” The traps have been set for us since we we’re kidnapped and brought here as commodity.

Tel-lie-vision has depicted the new “norm” of a modern-day family. That family is usually white, broken, homosexual, beastial, carnal and spiritually diseased. Since we, Africans, are mentally ill from centuries of mitochondrial DNA-induced trauma, we now equate the filth attached with the Eurocentric behavioural patterns with our own. No longer are we proud to be “God-fearing” and “modest”. We display Eurocentric misogyny freely and equate that with masculinity.

With more and more black men intentionally incarcerated (The Patriot Act) during their reproductive years, the black female is left to raise her children by herself and leave them in the hands of The State. Thusly, the cycle continues. Feminism (Zionism) has given the black woman a false sense of accomplishment and the black man a sense of low self-esteem. Since we are unable to identify the culprit of our demise, we act in the exact fashion that we were staged to behave. With utter disdain, disrespect, contempt, hatred, animosity and ill-will towards each other…which is nothing but a projection of how we feel about ourselves!

May I admit a secret?

There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t have to fight myself on this matter.  The evil is all around us. It permeates the air. I must fight myself not to go down that wide road of hating my own people. Which, as you know, is really self-hatred. My way of fighting, as best as I can, is pretty simple. It consists of 5 things which I try to practice daily:

1. Help those that ask for help…within reason.

2. Show kindness when it is due.

3. Remember that you, conscious black man/ black woman, were once asleep too. Try to have a bit of patience with those that are struggling. 

4. Accept that everyone will not make it…including members of your own family.

5. Stop identifying with the Eurocentric culture which is, by design, destructive to the African. Learn who you are and the healing with eventually begin.

Is there anything you wish to add to this article? Any thoughts?

Black vs. Black…Male Against Female Part 2.

*deep breath…again*

Last time we explored the female dynamic and how she relates to black men. Now we must explore the reverse. When I was in South Carolina on assignment, I met a young black man who worked in the transportation department. He was built rather slim and reminded me of Spike Lee. When he found out I loved Otis Redding, we become fast friends. One night whilst working the graveyard shift, he came down to drop off a patient who needed to use the restroom immediately. While I waited for her to be done, he began to open up to me.

His eyes roamed my face, stopping briefly on my lips, then continued to look at me with such intensity, I began to feel uneasy. Then he spoke.

You know…you’re light-skinned enough and all but black women just don’t do it for me.”

I looked at him quizzically. I knew to be insulted by his callous remark but curiosity won over. I never had a man, any man, especially a black one, tell me that my colouring offended him. Plus, I was taken and he knew this. I wondered why he felt the need to tell me this. So I asked, ” Ok…ummm…first, you know I’m off the market, right?”

“Yeah…it’s just that I’m not into black girls.”

I was stunned. I’ve never had a black man tell me this to my face.

“Why? What’s wrong with us?” Now the insult had sunk in.

“No offense or nuthin’ but black women are just too much work for me.” He said this matter-of-factly. Self-assuredly. Like black women are a monolithic group like on Maury.

I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. Too much work? How? Since when is a woman “work”? He went on to tell me that black women are argumentative and stubborn. They never do as they are told and are too demanding sexually. White women are happy just to have a man and will do anything to hang on to him. In the bedroom, he’s in charge. And she never objects. For the first time in my life, I. Was. Speechless.

In a daze, never noticed my patient was finished in the bathroom and was ready for her pre-surgical procedure. This man never showed shame or remorse  for his callous comment of the Original Woman. He said this so casually, I wondered where this misconception came from. Then my friend told me about this:

It seems that black women have been at center of scorn, racial animus, envy, buffoonery, abuse, rejection, rape and degradation from day one. We’ve been told not just by white society that we are worthless, but by our own men who would rather be with any other race other than us. Why?

1. Since Miss Becky lured Willie from the corn fields into her bedroom, the game has been played and over-played ad nauseum:

2. White women bring a sense of accomplishment to the injured black male ego.

3. Black women are only out for a black man’s money.

4. Black women will not produce pretty spawn with “good hair” and pleasing features.

5. Black women are loud, argumentative, stubborn, out for revenge and petty.

6. You cannot climb into high society with a black woman, especially if she’s dark skinned.

7. Internalized racism and societal brainwashing clouds the judgment of black men.

8. Dark-skinned women are out of the question but “high-yellow” types are passable:

9. Black women are underserving of love and affection so whatever happens to them is justified:

10. Black men are simply not attracted to black women.

11. Latina women are a pleasing “buffer” to appease the black man’s ego while giving him a “distant sense of Africa”:

12. If all else fails, an Asian woman will provide you with an utmost sense of masculinity:

Now, now….before y’all get riled up, I know darn well that this is but a myth. In fact, the majority of black men would rather befriend, date, marry and spawn with black women. But…for every black man that “appears” to hate his woman, he gives ALL black men a bad name. And for some reason, the stereotype sticks.

Since this post will probably be just as heated as Female Vs. Male Part 1, all I ask for is mature responses.

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