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The Truth About Men No Woman Wants to Hear

A private letter:

‘Dear Diary,

I am a secret online sex worker and recently wrote a short memoir about my life. Will you help me to promote it? I promise you you’ll be shocked by what I have to say. Men aren’t what they appear to be. Here is a free excerpt you can use.

Thank you kindly!”


Let me start off my saying that this short novella isn’t for the faint of heart.


In fact, I read it twice just to fully understand the level of perversion that exists within the male mind. She has a fascinating chapter on black males that I never knew existed in the sex world.

Here is where it can be purchased:


Here’s the thing I never knew.

ALL men cheat. Yes, it’s true. Sorry, Ladies. I know I’m crushing dreams and visions of a Cinderella-like wedding day complete with fairy dust, but if you’re paired with a human who has a penis, he’s likely cheating on you in some way, shape or form. In fact, they love the danger of it. The gleeful wickedness of it all. It makes their dicks get rock hard at the thought that their beloved Susan, who’s a good Christian from Idaho, might walk into the room and catch them with an Ebony Cam Whore. They know right from wrong, you see. But they just do not care.

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