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This is How it’s Done

I got angry emails from black men regarding my last post. I was questioned about:


My “true” loyalty

My motives for writing the post

Why I was purposefully avoiding their questions


Black My Story, a long time reader and educated blogger buddy, claimed rightfully:

We have no authentic examples for black masculinity. 

Perhaps this is the reason why so many black women tend to gravitate towards the “thug” archetype.


This video is for the black males who wrote to me privately to cuss me out and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because the white man “won’t let them be men” in a system of white domination.





This Black Man didn’t need permission.

He knew that little black girls would feel inferior and unattractive playing with a toy that didn’t resemble them. He knew that the indoctrination began at childhood and did something about it.

For his women.

For his girls.

For the girls that would one day grow up and be wives and girlfriends and mothers and grandmothers. He is now on a campaign to remove ALL white dolls from black spaces. 


Thank you, sir.




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