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Dear DOAN…

“Hi @DOAN….a bit off topic…do you believe in the idea of group/collective karma? This is an old video a woman made on Youtube around the whole controversy with those two black men that were arrested at Starbucks a couple years ago for not doing anything. She is contending that what happened to them was karma as a result of how many black males publicly degrade black women, abuse, etc and how other black men don’t hold them accountable.”

This comment came from a commenter, Sophia, earlier. I wanted to expand my post to shed some light on what EXACTLY is going on in the black male community.

Yes, Karma, which is a female Spirit, is real. She simply gives what she gets. But with a vengeance. Karma has a female twin called Wisdom. Knowledge is external. Wisdom is internal so they are not the same thing. Wisdom predates Karma.

The black male is reaping generations of Divine Karma for his crimes against his mirror image ( man, woman and child) and his allegiance to other groups of people that are not his own. Many males date, sex and marry out. This is nothing new. But…they still have respect for the womb that gave them life. The black male is the only man who must defile his mirror image in order to uphold the image of another Tribe. This is called Treason.

Because of this, Generational Curses have befallen the black race. What are some examples of the Curses?

Gun violence

Police shootings


Preventable Diseases


Poor access to good food


Mass Incarceration

Loss of Land/ Property


I could go on but you get the idea

When other Tribes see that you have no love of self, no love of your mirror image and thusly, no love of your mirror image, it’s Divine Karma that they exact the punishment on you that you have given to your Tribe.

Unfortunately, there will be no corrective measure taken. My advice is to leave the diseased clan to perish and save yourself. Or you’ll go down with the ship.

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