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Is Gay the New Black?




My brother called me the other day and asked me a question. “Why are gays now in alliance with the black struggle? Do you think it’s one and the same? And…if they were NOT gay, would they be so empathetic towards equality?”

WOW! What a question!

So….let me ask all of you. Is the gay struggle akin to the black experience in AmeriKlan? If so, why? If you oppose, why not?

****Since this will be touchy and the comments will probably get brutal, again, all I ask for is a modicum of reverence for gays and lesbians****

The Plot of Black Male Homosexuality

{Disclaimer: I am not homophobic. I’m making an observation.}

Look at these black men:

And perhaps the most famous, in which he played 6-7 different characters:

Remember this?

That is none other than Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation. His first “big” movie where he played a homosexual.

Please watch this clip:

I must admit, I LOVED this show…in the beginning.

But then as I got older, I realized that something involving our men was amiss.

The plot to destroy the black man did not begin here:

If you understand white supremacy, then you’ll know why I say this. The supremacist never just plans anything on a whim. He planned it for decades. Then he planned a back-up plan. And if the backup plan fails, he has a plan for that! So please understand when I say that on the slave ships, the plot to destroy the black man wasn’t invented…it was invented here:

And was made into propaganda with this:

Using the most powerful tool ever invented. This:

Now that we see my trail of destruction. Let’s examine this plot.

The black man, the pinnacle of manliness, strength and athleticism, is made to look more like a woman to emasculate him, rendering him useless and “soft.” Soft = controllable. Controllable = Non threatening.

Of course, the ultimate fear of whiteness is blackness. Did you know on slave ships, the white master would dress up little black boys and grown men in jewelry, dresses and what was considered “make-up” to prepare them for rape? Could the plot of black male homosexuality be a rape fetish fantasy come to life?

Listen to this clip provided by Mickey and Brothawolf:

Hmmmm….makes you think, no?

Of course there are a lot of black men in Hollywood who don’t put on the obligatory woman’s dress and lipstick, but they are few and far between.

In my desire to end white supremacy, I’ve read countless books, watched documentaries and listened to various lectures on the “whys” and “hows” of our slow demise. Since black men have the highest concentration of melanin, the need to homo-sexualize him will ultimately fulfill the plot of eugenics, which is simply the destruction or manipulation of a race of peoples. This highly controversial “science” was used in Nazi Germany to rid the world of an “inferior” race of people. Then it follows; if the black man is groomed and educated to become homosexual, the black woman cannot reproduce, thus diminishing our race over a short period of time. Combine this theory with the birth control many single and married black women take, which I may add causes increasing difficult impregnation, along with the cancer causing solution that infiltrates the black woman’s womb during abortion, and we have a serious problem on our hands!

Today, I believe that eugenics is the culprit of our men being trained and groomed to desire other men.

Any thoughts? Do you disagree / agree?

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