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That’s What I Like About Me

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For the new year, I’m going to ask every member of my family to take a long, hard look at yourself and see the beauty of Melanin. See the beauty of your hair, your nose, your lips. God made you in His Divine image for a reason. Let’s never forget that. 2013 began for me on a Spiritual High. Everyone I spoke to on New Years Day commented on my “aura” when we spoke.

On blogger buddy of mine explained that in some African cultures, deep prayer can lead to that “exhilaration feeling” of being connected to the Most High. Perhaps he is correct. I begged Jah for our awakening and prosperity for this “New” Age of Reckoning.

For this post, I’m going to ask all of you to list one thing you love about yourselves. Forget about what white society brainwashes  teaches us. Look at yourself and see all that holds the world captive. Look at yourself and realize why others risk cancer and surgical fatality to obtain what you have been blessed with from birth. The Beauty of Darkness. The Holiness of Carbon. The Godliness of Us…

I’ll go first:

I love my wavy hair. It’s curled into corkscrews and grows high into the air. I loved it when it was long. It framed my face like a wild lion’s mane swaying gently in the wind. Even though I cut all of it off and sport a super short Afro, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Your turn.

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