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Introducing NZinga: Black is Beautiful Art and T-Shirts


C.H.U.B.B. T-Shirt


You know, just when I think we can’t get more creative, I’m proven wrong. NZinga has given the black family inspiration that you can wear. When I contacted her about why she chose this particular brand of black ownership, she gave me an earful:

 I think God has always uplifted me, it was me who got in my own way…but that’s true for a lot of us I think. I think personally for black people, in business and in life in general, we should focus more on creating more of what we say we want: black love, unity, support, fellowship, respect, etc…be what we say we want more of in the world and not focus wasted energy on what we don’t want or what disturbs or bothers us. We cannot control other people or their karma; but we can totally control ours. So that’s my opinion.
I want more black love and uplifting and positive imagery and so I want to live that and be an example of that. Nothing is by chance, accident or happen stance. Coalesce with those of like mind and be assured we will all get to where we need to be. Since I believe we all as God spirits chose to come here to learn and grow; nobody is suffering for naught.


We should ALL aspire to be like this beautiful, young woman. When I saw this picture:

“He’s got the whole world in his hands”

I knew I’d have to get it. Black Family, ownership is the key to freedom. Ownership is the answer to our situation. Ownership will put us on the right track for black salvation. We are the most creative beings on earth! That’s why everyone takes from us. Please support black-owned businesses and keep the dollar circulating 10, 15, 20 times!!! When you buy black and black only, the money NEVER leaves your community. We all win.

Please support this shop and all other shops I’ve listed on my blog.

Coming Soon: Sankofa: An African Collective Store

Introducing Charmain Franklin: CEO of the Tambo Collection

Born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Canada, I founded Tambo Collection in 2006 after becoming disenfranchised with my current occupation as a Registered Nurse in Canada. I began to bead as therapy using African trade beads and natural beads. I gave these beads away as gifts and as time went by, I started selling them at events.. I convinced myself I could do it…   —- Charmain Ceo and Founder of the Tambo Collection

And boy did she ever!

Glass beads


These are just a few of the beautiful, handmade items from this very determined woman’s shop on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/tambocollection

And her own personal website:


Cowry print dress

Back away, ladies. This dress is mine.

Ms. Franklin blew me away with her creativity and design skills and convinced me that all Africans are capable of using our natural God-given gift of imagination to build an empire. She carries headwraps, which is needed to protect our crown (chakra) from evil. She has clothing for children as well as shoes and the much coveted Mudcloth Fabric.

 This business has allowed me to quit Nursing and follow my dreams. I married and moved to New York in 2012. Today I carry not only my unique fashions but I have created the unique ready-made African head wrap called Afri Wrap, a versatile head wrap for those who have trouble tying head wraps. My head wraps come with instructions and as a customer states, “it’s fool proof”. Today, my shop is a mix of African prints, trade beads, supplies and one of a kind African fashions and accessories. A true reflection of my culture and what I love.

Follow Charmain on twitter:


And Facebook:


This incredible young woman has words of wisdom for the black family:

I live by the words of the honorable Marcus Garvey: “If you have no confidence of self, then you are twice defeated in the race of life.”

Black family

We are doing everything possible in this fight called independence but we need your support. Please do not buy from the European. We have ALL that you need. But from us and just us. Keep the money in our community and take back what truly belongs to you: Everything.

Introducing: Shaquanda Mattox of Shaquanda ProInc

This young, ambitious African student, not only gets a good grades, but she has her own creative company.

I’m an ambitious young woman trying to make it through school. I go to dccc full time because I am a graphic designer. It’s what I do and what I love. I do it for multiple reasons. One reason is i am hoping my small business will help me pay for school. Another reason would be that I love being creative. I would say i have been in business since December 2nd, 2012, my 18th birthday. I’m working on my LLC even as we speak.

Shaquanda’s Art


Black is beautiful

Not only are graphic designs and art her specialty, but she also creates business cards! If only I had found her 3 months ago, I would have never ordered from a European company! This very talented young woman can help you design any art/creative project you need. Please contact her for more information.

When I took a look at what she has to offer, I thought to myself, “If she’s doing this now, at age 18, can you imagine what she’ll be capable of at 20? At 30?”

Please support her growing efforts at black liberation. When you purchase from us and us only, you build wealth and independence.

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