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Must See Video For ALL Black Parents

Every now and then, I’ll get a lengthy letter from a white person, mostly female, asking me to talk “honestly” with them. They feel the need to explain things from their point of view and express sadness that I hate them and do not trust them.

They urge me to become “educated” about the real history of this country and understand that all people have the potential to be evil. Then they remind me that my own ancestors sold us into slavery and black males raped us too and many overseers were black as well.

Then they proceed to explain that the evil that I describe is in the past and they should not be held accountable for the long, long, long and should be forgotten crimes of their dead ancestors.

Then I am accused of being “unreasonable” and a hypocrite since I speak so highly of Nature and the Mother-Father Deity I call God who would want me to forgive and love all people despite the atrocities they commit.

And every once in awhile, I pause and think to myself:

Perhaps they are correct.

Maybe I’m too harsh with them.

After all, I’m not like all blacks and all blacks are not like me so who gives me any right to judge?


Then, as if by pure Ether-Magic,  my reader sends me this video and confides in me that she’s pregnant with her third child and now she and her husband are terrified of leaving their newborn unattended.




Black Family,

I am not a religious person and DO NOT subscribe to any one religion. I am not on the side of the Muslim, the Christian or the Hebrew.

The only side I take is The Almighty Mother-Father Creator of Nature.

Please listen to what this man has to say about the Muslims taking turns watching their black children whilst in the care of the Paleface known as Yurugu. Maybe this principle is what we ALL need to do to keep them safe.

I love you, Black Family.

Protect yourself and your children from these un-Huemans.


As for the record:

I do not hate whites.

Not anymore.

Hate beckons Demons that feed off of your Spirit. This is why hate, unresolved, weakens the body and causes illness. Whites aren’t worth dying for. I do not hate them. Simply, I know what they are and wish them gone.

Like a cockroach infestation.


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