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What Black People Need to Start Working On Part 2

Farming has been in my life for as long as I can remember.

From the simple tomato that is grown on my patio to a full-fledged homestead with a workshop, I’ve tackled it all. It comes with its share of aches and pains, cuts and bruises, gains and losses but it’s all worth it to have a life of (near) self sustainability.

At the marketplace, I see the real deal on how the economy and the demographic is rapidly changing. More and more black customers are demanding fresh, organic foods for themselves and their children. They are tired of seeing the Wendy’s, tired of smelling the fried chicken and sick of not having options.

Yesterday, a black female customer almost ran over to me to tell me how refreshing it was to see a black female homesteader. She talked and talked about how things need to change with us and seeing me was proof that change is possible.

I told her that we do exist, quite a lot of us actually, but we’re so spread out all over the country in these little “pockets” that it seems we’re non existent. I advised her to seek out black owned shopping websites to buy from us. Just this Friday, I ordered an awesome CUSTOM summer dress from an Afrikan woman living in London.

I’ve seen black coffee roasters/ brewers, bee keepers, spinach farmers, artists and chefs. We’re EVERYWHERE and in ALL areas. But we need more people to cater to a specific market. 

This is where you come in, Black Family.

Ever heard of Visiting Nurses?

How about Merry Maids?

Well, ever thought about Renta-Chef?

As more and more people get older and have disabilities, they’re gonna need help with meal prep, snacks and full on cooking! Some folks suffer from such severe social anxiety that going to the supermarket is almost terrifying. And factor in a busy mom/ dad who has to work longs shifts, the last thing on their minds is coming home to cook a full meal for a family of 6.

This is where Renta-Chef comes in.



Image result for black chefs



You can grow your own vegetables yourself, or buy them from a black farmer in your area. You prepare the meals:

  1. In your own kitchen and deliver it to said family/person or…
  2. In the customer’s home


You’ll need heavy duty take out tins and a heat bag.


Image result for take out tins



Similar to the ones that the pizza delivery companies have. You negotiate the price depending on the foods made and factor in delivery costs. You can offer:


Vegetarian / Vegan meals

Kids meals

Just snacks

Desserts only

Diabetes/ High blood pressure meals


Last year, I bought a small sausage maker/ meat grinder. The good kind ( don’t skimp on price). I always wanted to try my own turkey/ roasted pepper/ spinach sausage but was intimidated by the process. The first batch came out ok. The second was better and more flavourful. The third was da bomb! Now my family throws hints that they need grilled sausage soon or they’re not gonna make it.

You can offer pre-made meals that just need to be popped in the oven for the family’s convenience like:


Sausages with rice/ pasta. The varieties are enough to make you dizzy

Casseroles. Again, this sub-specialty can include lasagna,  tuna, mac and cheese, etc, etc…


Talk it out with your client and be professional and patient with them. Get business cards and look clean and tidy. No one wants to buy food and eat from someone who is unkempt. When I go to the market, my hair is always neat, my apron is washed and ironed and my fingernails are clean and short. Make sure you carry yourself well and mannerly. You are a representation of your business so EVERYTHING counts! Also, this may sound silly but when talking to clients, DO NOT talk to them while texting, yelling at your kids or chewing gum. 

A woman lost a sale from me once by yelling at her children while she was on the phone with me. Give me your full attention or I’ll take my money elsewhere.


Try this out, Black Family.

Everyone knows you can cook and we are the most diverse cooks on the planet!


Good luck!







What Black People Need to Start Working On for the Future


You’re at home one day and suddenly hear a loud, weird noise. You walk into your kitchen and see the faucet spewing water all over your floors. As you frantically try to mop up the mess, you calculate how much this is going to cost you if the pipes are broken, frozen or you just need new plumbing altogether.

This is where a skilled, licensed plumber comes into play.

I once spoke to a black contractor that told me he was let go from his job BEFORE he could join his union. He told me that they (whites) do this to ALL black contractors so they can keep the white ones employed no matter how lazy they were. His brother, a twenty year mechanic, had the same issues so he opened his own tiny auto body shop in a rented garage.

As whites continue to die off by their own hands, the black community needs to focus on REBUILDING. That means:









Masons (not the Illuminati but the brick layers that make beautiful designs for buildings)

And don’t forget the “sub-specialists”…


Toy makers (blacks have a skyrocketing birth rate)


Tile workers

Air conditioning/ Refrigeration

Blacksmiths (I met one and his iron gates are DIVINE)

Window replacement specialists


Trash removal experts

Lawn/ Tree Specialists

Landscapers ( I met a black female one and her designs are spectacular)

Pest Control/ Mice/ Termite/ Skunks

Chimney Sweep (I learned to clean my own chimney and it is surprisingly EASY but messy work. You’ll need an ash-vac, dust mask and a good washable apron)

Appliance Repair

Simple Carpentry (who doesn’t want a pretty birdhouse or a stunning chicken coop?)



Shoemakers ( my uncle was one of the best)

And finally, I saved the best for last:

FARMERS of ALL varieties.

One of my friends is a beekeeper. She told me of how there’s a LOT of knowledge that must go into this life saving profession but it doesn’t come cheap!!!! You must put forth the money upfront and hope to get a return on your investment in 3-5 years.

“How much?”, was my question.

“Around 500.00 to start…”

Another one is a chicken farmer. Her and her husband sell the hens directly from their coop and charge a pretty penny for free range hens that were fed a steady diet of worms, bugs, brown rice and a bit of corn.

Another black male I met grows mini-kale.

What’s that, you ask?

He cuts it when it’s roughly 3 inches tall when the nutrients are most potent and sells it to vegetarian/ vegan restaurants for a nice chunk of change.

Black Family, the tide has changed for us. I know it may seem that things are getting worse in some aspects but it must get a bit chaotic before it gets better. The time to heal and move forward is now and we must begin to look forward to a brighter future where WE are in control, WE make the changes needed to pass on our legacy and WE decide our own fate.

Never forget your past but the future belongs to Nature’s Children.

Please look into an apprentice program in your area or simply take classes in a trade school where you can use your hands and your imagination to build for yourself.

And when you have all the needed skills, gather your people together and form your own coalition where you make the rules and you set the standard. I work for myself and let me tell you, there is no greater feeling in the world than to control your own business. I eat when I’m hungry not when someones tells me it’s time for lunch. If I’m very tired, I take a nap. I work whilst listening to my music or my radio programs and most of all, I have zero contact with negative energy demonic forces unless I CHOOSE to.

Please pass this on and good luck!


Another great way to make money doing what you love is to have an online TV show where you can teach people to cook, braid hair, sew, apply makeup, etc…But…but…realize that unless YOU control the network they can cancel your show at anytime.




Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017: Male Energy in Effect

Who is your Deity?


Image result for ogun



Image result for ra god




Image result for obatala

Or Obatala?


Tomorrow, on 8/21/17, a Solar Eclipse will occur.

The Sun, a male Energy Celestial Body will empower us all. This is for Melanin Rich individuals throughout the diaspora. Our mental prowess and Spiritual powers will ignite and I hope that all of you, Black Family, will take advantage of this powerful event.

After you are done with your Meditation/ Prayer Ritual, you must take a Vow of Silence, for the ENTIRE day if possible, to allow your thoughts and prayers to reverberate throughout the universe.

I’m going to ask for some very specific things for myself, my family, my friends and the Black Diaspora. And I know to whom I’ll be asking:


Image result for toussaint louverture


This chaos…the upheavals, the mayhem, it is ALL happening so Nature can cleanse HERSELF for a new beginning. The after effects of this Solar Event can be felt for up to SIX months.

Good Luck, Black Family, and don’t forget to thank your Deity and leave a small gift of appreciation ( like a glass of clean drinking water, a tiny but pretty flower or a portion of your meal ) for listening to you and helping you.




I’m done! Finito! And it’s about damn time.

I’ve been going mad in my little workroom making batch after batch of products. My fingers are tired, my apron is greasy and my mind is exhausted from whipping up new recipes, some of which didn’t work, and starting over from scratch. I got a few emails regarding bulk items and “reserve items” so here’s the skinny:

I know that the economy is rough on ALL of us…even those of us that have jobs so here’s what I’m gonna do regarding “hold things til the next paycheck” (my customer’s words):

a. If you see something you like but don’t have the cash to buy it now, drop me a note in my shop’s email and let me know what it is you’d like and the quantity and I’ll hold it for you for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, if I don’t hear anything from you, it’s up for grabs.

b. I’m making Bulk Items for those who wish to stock up and save. One of my emails was from someone who is home bound. She asked, “If I buy bulk, can you take something off?” You know what they say…”Give the customer what they want.” Currently, I’m curing an unscented oatmeal soap for sensitive skin, a basic everyday soap made with aloe that doubles as a shampoo and a Shea Butter and Oatmeal soap for severe eczema and dry, flaky skin. All will be bulk and shipped via Priority Mail. If you see something you like and need it in bulk, like say…the Castile Soap, drop me a note and we’ll work something out.

c. My friend told me last night to include my readers in picking the soaps in my gift giveaway raffle so below, you’ll get to participate in the choosing.

d. Finally, congrats to C.F. who just entered the raffle! Good luck! By the way, the raffle is currently underway til December 18th so good luck to all who enter!

e. Don’t forget to take advantage of my Refer a Friend Program and get free soap.

Ok….here’s the poll.

Which soap would you like to see in the Raffle?

Special thanks to all my supporters, you know who you are, and my family for putting up with my craziness…and God for listening to me moan and groan and bellyache and whine about coconut oil.

Amos Wilson Speaks the Truth

Dr. Wilson, a great speaker and educator, speaks on how white politics and the white supremacist structure is directly involved in black destruction.

Why do whites practice racism?

Because they have the power to do so.

Introducing USU: A Graphic Novel by Jay Artarius

USUcoverpage Looks intriguing, doesn’t it? It’s about time we had a black comic book/ graphic novel author! I remember reading X-Men as a child and being engrossed with the true origin of Wolverine and Magneto. I wondered where Storm really came from and why Mystique and Beast both had blue coverings. Yes…I was a nerd. I never thought of us, Africans, actually making a comic book that depicted heroes and sheroes who looked like we did! We must support ALL of the family’s endevours at independence! Please support Jay Artarius and his efforts at bringing the excitement of childhood fantasy, with a black twist, to life. Follow him at http://ususeries.wordpress.com and follow him on twitter!

Dropping Out of the System: A Tangible Way to Regain Black Freedom

 They know whatever we focus on, it will become reality. It is as though we are creating THEIR reality by default alone. —— Umoja

A black reader wrote to me recently to ask me this question, “Ummm… don’t get mad, Truth, I know you’ve been talking about this for some time now, but how exactly do I drop out of this system?”

For those of you who are also wondering this same thing, this post is for you. I want everyone who reads this blog to know one thing that I’ve known my entire life. Black people throughout the diaspora have no friends, no allies and no one to call on in a time of desperate need. We are alone in this fight. Even though we love to use the term Persons of Colour, in my estimation, it is a farce. We are universally hated, universally ostracized and universally made to be the scapegoat for all huemanity. Every Coloured race has a free organization where food and supplies, even money, is given to them to help support their needs. This I know for a fact.

I’ve watched Spanish speaking Africans cook for each other, give each other bus fare and rent out a room to their brothers and sisters for as little as 20.00 a month. They understand the universal law of “taking care of their own”, something we have yet to understand. I’ve seen Asians come to this country with no money, no clothes, no food…and miraculously turn around and own a store, a restaurant and a laundromat in 5 years! What’s their secret? They understand the universal law of “taking care of their own.”

Jews in Brooklyn never speak to anyone about their business, their child’s education, their job, their whereabouts, their food, their lives nor do they feel the need to. They hold meetings at their homes and discuss matters privately. I’ve seen Indians at the park holding those same meetings where they gather around and bounce ideas off of each other. Then, miraculously 5 years later, they own a convenience store, a liquor shop, a check cashing place, a run-down motel and a spice store in your neighbourhood. And all we’re doing is standing there and asking, “What is going on?”

“What is going on” is a question that we’ve been asking for 500 years. The simple answer that we do not like to hear is this:

Every race takes care of each other and has “dropped out of the system” in one way, shape or form. EXCEPT US. 

It’s really that simple.

Dropping out is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. Why? Because it takes 3 things:

1. Consciousness

2. Work and Effort

3. Repetition

But, it can be done! How do I know? Because I’ve met blacks who have done it (to varying degrees) and continue to do it. My “dropping out” began with not eating Chinese Food and escalated into traveling with a cooler full of homemade snacks to avoid Fast Food temptations, to making my own products and growing my own food. It may not seem like much at first glance but if you really sit and think about how much emotional, sexual, Spiritual and financial investments we give this white (and soon to be Asian) system just following a few of these tips and ideas would drastically change your life.

I do not have magic solutions.


The system is rigged so that everywhere you turn, you’re set up for failure. But, do not despair! Taking control of your mind and your habits is the single greatest step towards freedom. Black family, Hurricane Sandy was a test. When the lights no longer come on, what will you do? Who will you turn to? Who’s going to help the universally hated scapegoat? Who’s going to feel pity for the one race that has been propagandized to be the “problem” for this planet? Answer?

No one.

Here goes my list. It is laughably simple yet so difficult.


1. Stop sleeping with white people. (Ever wonder why this is always number one?)

2. Stop buying hair. Yes, that again.

3. Stop processing your hair. (Please read “Black hair and white domination”)

4. Bring your lunch from home instead of buying fast food.

5. Stop using their toothpaste and make your own.

6. Stop drinking sodas on a daily basis.

7. Stop smoking.

8. Eat dinner together as a family as often as you can.

9. Stop buying music that degrades us.

10. Stop getting your nails, eyebrows and bikini area done.

11. Stop buying labels and shop in thrift stores. Or wear hand-me-downs from your siblings, etc.

12. Plant your own food if you can.

13. Stop spending money to watch movies. Many are available online.

14. Get rid of your cable box.

15. Stop watching TV EXCEPT to analyze and learn the hidden messages.

16. Read more books by black scholars.

17. Learn the power of herbs.

18. Lose weight if you are overweight.

19. Stop whoring around. (Black women, you don’t realize how important this is for you)

20. Buy a home hair cutter kit and cut your own hair. (I myself have recently decided to be a Ras)

21. Reconnect with your conscious black friends and form a black community.

22. If you have black friends who refuse to “see”, leave them alone.

23. Stop calling women “bitches” and “hos”.

24. Stop calling men “dawgs” and “good-for nuthin’ bums”.

25. Reconnect with your black Spirituality.

26. Stop eating white sugar. (Sugar is a chemical that reacts poorly with melanin)

27. Replace white flour with wheat or barley.

28. Homeschool your own children.

29. Know the company that your children keep. If you do not approve, banish them from your child’s life.

30. Refrain from spending money foolishly.

31. Know the difference between a want and a need.

32. Stop buying shoes and purses. Men, you don’t really need 50 pairs of sneakers, do you?

33. Stop buying TV’s, electronics, IPhones, etc…

34. Support black businesses, black bookstores, black causes only.

35. Stop lying to yourself that “everything is fine”.

36. Wean yourself off chemicals. Most illnesses can be reversed, like diabetes.

37. Stop competing and fighting with other blacks.

38. Stop separating and ostracizing other blacks by country of origin.

39. Stop separating and ostracizing other blacks by skin complexion and hair texture.

40. Learn to love your African self.

41. Leave the Divided Snakes if possible and reconnect with Africa/ The Caribbean.

41. Relearn your native language.

42. If you offend a fellow African, apologize immediately and don’t do it again.

43. Invest in a solar oven and learn to live off “the grid.”

44. Learn Aquaponics (if you have the space and means) and live “off the grid.”

45. Make your own laundry detergent.

46. If you can sew, make your own clothes.

47. Use a clothesline in your backyard (if space allows) and stop giving whites your money at the laundromat.

48. Learn a new trade: carpentry, plumbing, gardening, etc and build up a “bartering community” with other blacks (You will need this when the dollar collapses…)

49. Use your grill whenever you can to save on the electricity/ gas bill.

50. Learn to farm chickens if the space allows. (Don’t laugh but many “urban” cities will allow a small chicken coop in your backyard. Just check for permits, etc. You at least get fresh, organic eggs and endless food supply)

51. Open your own business no matter how small. We are the most creative people on earth! Use it.

52. Learn bee keeping. Sound funny? No. No bees = no food. Those of you that have the space and desire, please look into this excellent system of keeping us alive.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m proud to say that I’ve done at least numbers:

4, 5, 6, 12, 14 etc…I’m trying to get more and more numbers under my belt by this year! At first, it’s hard. I will not lie. But then it does get easier and easier and soon, you don’t even miss it.

Can you think of any more to add to help this young woman and the black family?

Introducing Charmain Franklin: CEO of the Tambo Collection

Born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Canada, I founded Tambo Collection in 2006 after becoming disenfranchised with my current occupation as a Registered Nurse in Canada. I began to bead as therapy using African trade beads and natural beads. I gave these beads away as gifts and as time went by, I started selling them at events.. I convinced myself I could do it…   —- Charmain Ceo and Founder of the Tambo Collection

And boy did she ever!

Glass beads


These are just a few of the beautiful, handmade items from this very determined woman’s shop on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/tambocollection

And her own personal website:


Cowry print dress

Back away, ladies. This dress is mine.

Ms. Franklin blew me away with her creativity and design skills and convinced me that all Africans are capable of using our natural God-given gift of imagination to build an empire. She carries headwraps, which is needed to protect our crown (chakra) from evil. She has clothing for children as well as shoes and the much coveted Mudcloth Fabric.

 This business has allowed me to quit Nursing and follow my dreams. I married and moved to New York in 2012. Today I carry not only my unique fashions but I have created the unique ready-made African head wrap called Afri Wrap, a versatile head wrap for those who have trouble tying head wraps. My head wraps come with instructions and as a customer states, “it’s fool proof”. Today, my shop is a mix of African prints, trade beads, supplies and one of a kind African fashions and accessories. A true reflection of my culture and what I love.

Follow Charmain on twitter:


And Facebook:


This incredible young woman has words of wisdom for the black family:

I live by the words of the honorable Marcus Garvey: “If you have no confidence of self, then you are twice defeated in the race of life.”

Black family

We are doing everything possible in this fight called independence but we need your support. Please do not buy from the European. We have ALL that you need. But from us and just us. Keep the money in our community and take back what truly belongs to you: Everything.

Introducing Ajualuv: Store Envy


First, have you ever seen a more perfect creature in your life? This very determined and ambitious woman not only has her own company:

And her own blog:
But, she also holds holistic health seminars, group art therapy sessions, promotes healing through crystals and knowledge of our chakras and, if that’s not enough, she will hopefully purchase a building filled with all-natural products to promote African Healing and self-awareness!
How does she do all that and find time to sleep?

I am a writer and artist, the eternal student, always learning and growing along my journey, whether in a formal institution or sitting with Mamma Nature.  I hold degrees in the African way of life, Religion, and (man’s) Law from Tufts University, the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London), and Howard University School of Law.  I was trained in painting and art at the age of 7 by Mr. Joe Pinckney and continued my study of art at programs held at Cornell University and Parsons School of Design.  I am a Reiki Level II practitioner trained at The Reiki School and Clinic in Philadelphia, PA and Holistic Passages in Woodbury, NJ.

My love of travel began at the age of 13 when I travelled to Russia on the People to People Program.  I then lived in Belgium for a year on a Rotary scholarship as a teenager and in England for several years while working for the Africa Centre in Covent Garden.  I have visited over 15 countries.

Currently residing on Power Hill, I spend my days loving my King and building our kingdom, creating in the food laboratory and on canvas, reading and writing about metaphysical wonders, and practicing meditation and spiritual healing.  I continue my studies (both formally and informally) in metaphysical matters, energy healing, herbs, crystals, shamanism, the matrix, and meditation.

I use this blog as an accountability partner, a tool to help me be the woman I want to be at all times.  I write about listening to Mamma Nature and following her guidance on what to cook, cultivate and cleanse — Ajua

I stole a peek at her store, Store Envy and saw this:

Cowry Earrings

You know how I feel about my shells…

Please support this young woman in her quest for black independence! Shop with us and us only!

Introducing Jason Green: Soulful Photographer

Every once in awhile, a photograph catches your eye, takes your breath away and your heart skips a beat. Jason’s pictures does that for me. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of meeting this young, talented, father and his lovely Nubian wife purely by chance. Kindred spirits, we conversed easily about the lack of black owned businesses. After showing me pictures of his work, I was hooked. Mr. Jason Green has been a photographer for over 10 years. Self-taught, his passion was ignited and he proudly open his own studio last year. Jason sees the world through his lens and he’s invited the black family to peek into his creative mind:

Maadsoulstore Link

Like what you see? I know I do.

Support this young, artistic African and contact him at:

Jason Green



Black Family, it is time to take back what is ours. Instead of purchasing generic pictures at a European store to decorate your walls, offices and as gifts, shop only within our network. Support black business and pass this page around. If you know of any other black entrepreneurs that need an “Introducing…” post, send them my way.

My New Children’s E-Book

I just published a new e-book for black children!




It stars a ten year old girl named Samoya. She gets unfortunate news and must learn how to persevere through struggle and heartache…all with the help of her magical Teddy. Black children’s books were not a “hot item” when I was growing up. In fact, all the books I’ve read and had access to were from white females for white females. Remember this ladies?

When I became conscious of how these images hurt our children, I decided to take a stance and aspired to write books for our black family. I’ve been dreaming since childhood about publishing my own novel. Writing is my passion and it has always helped me to purge and understand this crazy life we’re in. In this novel, Samoya, finds herself heartbroken with “real-life” news and she must face adversity and learn the power of faith.

I want to thank all my dedicated readers who have supported me from day one. But there are a few who have warranted special thanks. HungLikeJesus who gave me great advise and links on self-publishing. Onitaset and Ron who gave me links to black owned businesses/ small business associations. And Sanctified Brother who was the first one to mention if money is an issue, e-books may be the way to go.

Thanks guys.

And my family for the love and support. Thank you.

Hope you and your children enjoy the book.

Truthbetold aka Lisa Schwarz

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