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This Holiday Season, Support Black-Owned Businesses

Today is December 1st and the shopping season is well underway. For many of us, shopping judiciously for that one cute gift will be the norm. This holiday season as corporate America begs us for our money with extended deals, cheap plastic goods, electronics that break after three uses and useless labels from wealthy celebrities, we must choose wisely where and with whom to give our money.

Black Wall Street was intentionally destroyed due to the simple fact that we shopped with each other and grew immensely wealthy. Envious whites and an evil government plotted how to take our wealth away and transfer it into the hands of whites. Til this day, we’ve NEVER recovered. Why? Because:

The black dollar must leave our wallets every fifteen minutes.


Black Family,

Please support struggling black businesses! Here’s an interesting article that you’ll enjoy from Official Black Wall Street:


Black Friday is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year, serving as the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season. With racial tensions high, black consumers nationwide used the weekend to protest the unfair treatment of African Americans with their money. After a weekend of shouting #NotOneDime and urging consumers to shop with Black-owned businesses instead, studies show that sales on Black Friday and Thanksgiving fell by $1.2 billion this year.

According to TIME, Black Friday sales decreased from $11.6 billion in 2014 to $10.4 billion in 2015, while sales on Thanksgiving day also dropped by $200 million.

Reports about the slump in Black Friday sales from mainstream media attribute the change in consumer spending to other factors like the increase in online shopping or a strengthening economy, according to the CEO of the National Retail Federation. Yet with $1.1 trillion in buying power, it is futile not to include the efforts of the ongoing boycott by African Americans as a direct affect on those numbers. And it’s no surprise that this isn’t acknowledged in any reports by the mainstream media. To admit that Black dollars have a major impact on our economy would shift the power dynamics drastically.

We have already seen the impact of our money with movements from the Montgomery Bus boycott to the University of Missouri boycott. This is another reminder that “Black Dollars Matter.” Let’s keep the momentum going and remember to buy black all year long. Regardless of whether the media would like to acknowledge our impact or not, the proof is in the numbers.


End of Excerpt


There you have it!

They NEED us a lot more that we need them! Do not be fooled into thinking that we don’t matter!!! Let’s put our 1.1 TRILLION dollars into each others’ pockets this year and empower the black diaspora.  Below are just a few of some awesome black sites that need your support:


  1. http://www.blacketsy.com/
  2. http://officialblackwallstreet.com/
  3. http://racismws.com/buy-a-book/
  4. http://www.afrobella.com/2014/11/26/101-independent-black-owned-businesses-support-blackout-friday/


There are millions more but these sites will put you in the right direction.


Why am I constantly pleading with you to empower yourselves?

Because 2016 is but a heartbeat away and Evil is plotting for us. As blacks become more vocal about our mistreatment and intentionally REFRAIN from spending with white corporate America, whites will become angrier, more envious, indignant and vengeful.

A bit off topic but not really…

I was flipping the channels recently and caught a commercial that was very interesting. In 2016, there will be a new TV show called “The People vs. O.J. Simpson”. If white supremacy has taught me anything, its taught me that white people NEVER do anything that costs time and money randomly.


This new show will fan the flames of racial hatred against black males as whites are made to relive a stunning tale of a white, wealthy woman being brutally murdered by a black male savage who walked away scot-free.

This is in conjunction of 100,000+ brown refugees coming into this country with the help of their own government and “taking away their jobs.”

And…and…the foolish and very Staged Black Lives Matter movement that is secretly being funded by white Jews. The mere fact that we shout and protest and lay on the streets and block traffic while begging our colonial masters to treat us better is indicative of our CONFUSION.

How do we prove that we love ourselves?

By stop wanting sex, attention, favours, etc from our enemies and deal strictly with each other.

Pass on this post and support us. Love us. And Love Yourself.

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