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Turn Black Friday into Black Economics Day

I asked a good buddy of mine recently if she thought a movement called Black Economics Day would work. I explained that Black Friday, which has its roots in slavery, should be renamed and re-purposed to empower all Black-owned businesses worldwide.

She suggested starting the movement early on in the year so when Black Friday and the holiday shopping season finally approached, we would already be mentally prepared to spend money with our community and forsake the glamour of the White corporations.

I concur.

I’m going to ask everyone who has a Facebook page, Twitter account, Reddit, LinkedIn account and all other forms of social media to pass this post onto 10 people.

I’m also going to ask those of you that read my blog to reblog this post to as many other bloggers as possible who share my sentiments about taking something that is entrenched in the pain and suffering of others and turn it into a positive economic situation.

Power is never given. You must take it for yourself.

We have all that you need this shopping season…books that cater to romance, education, children, clothing, accessories, home decor, personal products, jewelry, etc. I already ordered my book to support this movement:



And cannot wait to curl up with a nice cup of hot tea in front of the fireplace.

Let’s begin a worldwide movement.

Support Black Economics Day.


If you agree with this post, pass it on.

I love you, my Melanin Family!


Book Recommendations

Can someone give me a short list of excellent books to read?—–Alegna

Since there are perhaps thousands of books that are designed to help heal the black conscious and spread awareness, it’s hard to pick just one. Do any of you have a favourite?

Mine are :

Brainwashed: Challenging the myth of Black Inferiority by Tom Burrell. And The Psychopathic Racial Personality by Dr. Bobby Wright.

Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black InferiorityProduct Details

Brainwashed punched me in the gut. And made me mad as hell. My family asked me to calm down now…”you’re waking the neighbours”. But when I read and reread it, I was nodding along and totally diggin’ it. Psychopathic gave me answers as to why whites have zero empathy for our suffering and continue to perpetuate white supremacy. I have a small but great collection of books designed to help me understand the black and white framework. I read and reread them often to remind myself that I am not alone in this fight. This winter when the heavy snow falls, I’ll be curled up by the fireplace drinking tea and hopefully having a greater chance of black survival thanks to these great black minds.

Please help this young sister and list as many books as possible you feel have helped you to understand this system of oppression.

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