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For the Love of Black Coffee


In 2014, a former co-worker wrote in a Facebook post that she wished Hylton was still in the store to help her translate for customers who only spoke Spanish 




I wasn’t gonna even do this but my phone blew up over the last 2 days so here goes.


Are we surprised?

Are we shocked that it’s…


Are we surprised that black people will still go there and support this company?

Are we shocked…I’ll stop now.


Black people,

Black power isn’t a raised fist.

It’s intra-racial buying power.

When we finally learn this, they’ll go away.

When we spend our (current) TWO TRILLION dollars on each other, they’ll go away.

When we bypass them and look for us, they’ll go away.

When we stop asking them to love us and learn to love ourselves, they’ll go away.

When we channel our energy towards each other in a loving way and stop throwing it away to everyone else, they’ll go away.


Boycott these companies and watch them fail like H&M.


Pass this on and spread the info.




In case you think whites give a fuck about your feelings:


Police officers monitor activity outside as protesters demonstrate inside the Starbucks store where the two men were arrested last Thursday


Faithfully guarding their own.







Interracial Agenda

If blacks would stop having sex with whites, the entire system of white supremacy would go into shock——Trojan Pam

Tragic Arrangement

Miss Pam’s quote was burned into my brain. The onslaught of our people marrying and fornicating outside of our race will only end one way:

With our complete and total destruction.

The white man, understanding that his woman is the last “hidden” weapon in the war of white supremacy, will lend his woman to the wealthy, black man for 3 reasons:

To breed a child

To accumulate as much of his money as possible through (a planned) divorce with alimony

To bring that newly acquired wealth back into the white community for their betterment

My friend asked me the other day, “Truth, have you noticed the barrage of interracial coupling on TV?” My response was, “Not really. I don’t really tune in to the propaganda machine.” So she was nice enough to send me these:

Any thoughts? Do you believe in an interracial agenda?

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