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Asian Fetish

White men love “exotic” looking women. (I don’t understand what that means exactly…but whatever…) Always have. That’s how Mulattoes/Mestizos were created. But let’s examine another dynamic of white lust. The Asian Geisha Fetish. The asian woman is thought of as docile, which gives him all the power. She is ultra feminine, loves to serve (again, more power) hairless, petite and horny. All she lives for is sex, sex and more sex. The kinkier the better. What the white woman will not do, the asian woman will do plus a whole lot more.

The fantasy of the Geisha goes waaaaaay back. From foot binding to concubines, asian women are subjected and subjugated to a man’s every whim. Take my friend, X. She calls me on a regular basis and wails about how every white man she meets, on the internet or in person, reveals a kinky, horrifying desire to “fuck an asian chick.” She prefers white men to her own kind, something that irks me and we argue over. I tell her that her need to marry European men is nothing but white supremacist brainwashing. She tells me to mind my own damn business.

She tells me in excruciating detail( some of which I wish she hadn’t ) about how white men love her yellowish skin, the coarseness of her long, straight black hair and her exotic eyes. They beg her to shave so she is totally hairless and ask her questions about how Asian men do it. The funny thing is, she knows of the fetish, admits that it is demeaning, but dates white men anyway. Asian men fling themselves at her shamelessly, but she ignores them for the California blond.

I’ve never had an experience ( Thank Jesus ) with a white man who lusted after me just for my brown skin. But I do know that they exist. What is the fascination with women of colour? And why are white men ever lustful of Asian women? Is it truly that she is more willing than white women to satisfy their lustful, deviant cravings? Or perhaps boredom with white girls? But if that were true, why do white men typically marry and have children with white women?

My Supposition:

1. Asian women, being born into a patriarchal society, are geared to serve her man. And men love that.

2. The hairlessness and petite figure of many ( not all…I’ve seen some Asian females with an ass and bosom that would put any black woman to shame ) Asian women reminds the white male who is subconsciously homosexual of his secret desire…a young boy.

3. It’s just a preference.

What are your thoughts?

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