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MGTOW: A White Anti-Female Movement Designed to Tear Apart the Black Family


So a friend alerted me to this GROWING movement called: MGTOW.

Men Going Their Own Way.

If you’re wise to the ways of white supremacy, you’ll know that ANY movement that whites start will have a negative effect of the black diaspora. When I learned and research MGTOW, I quickly understood that it was a bunch a white, angry, disenfranchised, bitter males who cast blame on white women for all the ills of white society while conveniently choosing to forget that they are the ones in control of all aspects of this society.

From not being home by 5pm to cook dinner, to not keeping their children clean and disciplined to not sufficiently satisfying their sexual needs, white females were and ARE the root cause of all of white male’s ills. The part I was waiting for is how this would translate over to the black community.

Then I saw this video from the owner of the site:


(Thank you, “X”!)


It is my belief that the MGTOW Movement was created to EVENTUALLY sway black males into leaving black females to become:

  1. Homosexual (self genocide)
  2. Ineffective and Passive and therefore
  3. No threat to white society since there is no need to spawn with black women and PROTECT them


There is always a hidden agenda when Yurugu does ANYTHING since his own survival is always at stake.

My question is, how many black men will jump on this bandwagon and commit suicide?

Or will they see the game being played before them?





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