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Bye Bye America

When most people think of America they think of old clichés like “land of the free home of the brave.” My favourite one is: “America is the greatest nation on Earth.”

To me, America is deeply flawed, ridden with hypocrisy and ripe with hatred. It is this energy that the Universe is now returning. Panic buying is in full swing and empty shelves look quite odd in these big box stores.

The United States is no longer the world reserve currency and many countries have eagerly discarded the dollar like a used Kleenex. This is how Venezuela lost her power and fell to her knees. Next came rioting, looting, home invasions, murder and starvation.

Are these events planned?


The Great Reset is in full swing to bring in The New World Order.

My concern is for my people. The white race has screamed from the mountain top that they are far superior than us so they can fend for themselves quite nicely, I’m sure.

The question is, what will you do, black women, when they make the vaccine mandatory or you can’t collect your vouchers or your food stamps? You have children to feed and no one to help you.

Please consider this as we speed into Agenda 21.

I’ve known this day in America would come. It was prophesied millennia ago by our foremothers who were Seers. They warned of the crumbling of this stolen empire fertilized with blood.

Please begin getting your affairs in order before it’s too late.

America on Fire


I’ll admit it.

I have anxiety.

And for good reason.

I feel that something BIG is about to happen.


I watched a Youtube video this morning by a white gentleman who talked about prepping for disaster. He talked about how America, the greatest nation on earth, is under turmoil and what good Americans can do to protect themselves.

As I listened to him speak passionately about how awesome this country is, I reflect on many things. The mass evictions that are now taking place. The mass homelessness that will occur come August 1st. Food lines, albeit in cars, that are 10 miles long desperately waiting for a cold spaghetti dinner. And the multitude of whites that are Caught on Film beating, killing, harassing and verbally abusing black people for simply existing.


All for the world to see. 


In my own mind, I wonder why these good Americans honestly didn’t see this coming?

The collapse, I mean.

The hunger.

The desperation.

The fear of being homeless with young children.

And the impending Race War that’s right beneath the surface that everyone can feel.


It must be wonderful living your life in a permanent haze, a shiny bubble where houses are made from gingerbread with a candy cane coating. How delicious it must feel to wake up and not see the clear and present danger looming right above your head. Ever wonder why they never ask random black people to lend their voices on the current state of America?


The raw truth is this:


America isn’t over. 

America never got started in the first place. 


You cannot build a nation on bloodshed and lies and expect it to flourish and prosper.

Somewhere in the backdrop, the truth is always gnawing at you. Why are we in this state right now of high anger and tension and fear?


Because America has carefully cultivated a country based on unfairness and now the Spirits have come to collect.

Because America has carefully organized a cult of people that chose to do continuous wrong and now the Spirits have come to collect.

Because America has never made proper Spiritual penance for the evils of the past and present and now the Spirits have come to collect.


This isn’t hard to fathom. In fact, I wondered what took so long.





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