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What 2020 Taught Me

  1. America, for all of its wealth, refuses to feed, clothe, employ and house its people. They would rather invest TRILLIONS into the military system than make sure we have clean drinking water.
  2. Trump’s Presidency is a reminder that whiteness and Alpha Maleness is more important than humanity.
  3. Black men love and voted for Trump not because they agree with his policies, but because they wish to live vicariously through an Alpha White Man. You’ll always be a nigger to them so whatever…
  4. Black Women need to shut the fuck up more and learn to keep their motives and their moves silent. Try duct tape. It’s .99 at the Dollar General.
  5. America is a Third World nation posing as First World one. But only to other Americans. Everyone outside of the U.S. sees your fuckery so keep on with your delusion.
  6. Blacks will be targeted first for the vaccines and best believe the military is ready for you.
  7. Black men’s reputation as a Master Cocksmith is fading. Rapidly. Oh well…
  8. You know that white friend that you have that’s so “progressive” and “woke”? When the shit hits the fan, they’ll throw your black ass under the bus to save their Clan and themselves.
  9. The fact that popular Youtubers with Uber-Large platforms aren’t talking about corona, the vaccines, prepping and survival tells me a lot.
  10. Black people are just about ready for a mass extermination project. Agenda 2021 coming soon. And yes, it’s always about you.
  11. White women’s façade as “morally superior” was obliterated as Karens worldwide showed why white supremacy was, is and always will be a Female Lead Racial Cult. Thank you, white women!!! Keep up the good work.
  12. Black Women showed, through ratchetness, open defiance, can’t-shut-the-fuck-up-even-if-someone-paid- them, and an overall “I don’t give a shit, don’t tell me what to do” attitude, why the black race is currently on the bottom of the barrel. By the way, your children are fucked. Keep on popping them out.
  13. White people are so desperate to up their rapidly decreasing numbers, even black Africans from Africa are being labeled as “white” on census papers. FYI: Since most of you are Christian, read the book of Obadiah. You cannot escape your karma.
  14. Bi-racials will skyrocket in the next 20 years, thank you black man, and officially “take over” black spaces. Like the NBA for instance. Don’t cry over it. You refuse to learn from history so fucking dealing it.
  15. I finally accept why black people were enslaved.

Did I tell you that I’m a member of a (mostly) white survivalist group? (There are a few pale Asians scattered amongst them)

These folks got it going on. Guns, ammo, articles on how to make a homemade cast, herbs that kill parasites, etc…And they have groups that meet to “bug out” together in case of an emergency. I stay quiet, something black people can never seem to do, and watch, listen and learn. I must say I’m deeply impressed with their organizational skills, something black people can learn if they can shut the fuck up and stop posturing for five minutes, and how invested they are in their own survival.

I hope we can one day put our vast skillset to use but I won’t hold my breath. As we speed towards 2021, I have clear visions of armed militia in the streets, job applications that included “Date of 1st Series of Vaccinations”, Social Credit Scores that will allow you to buy and sell your house, and driver’s licenses that tell your private medical business.

I hope you’re ready for it because it’s coming. What makes me sad is how so many of our black leaders died begging us to wake up but I guess what’s on T.V. is too important.

The New I.D. Cards are Coming…





This post is for my Alchemist/ Root Workers/ Shaman Family,

I need you to do whatever you must do to help stop this from happening.

I have blogger friends and “regular” friends that are in the process of buying land outside of this corporation or have already bought land but need more time to get themselves together. I also have friends that have chosen to stay right where they are and have chosen to fight for what they believe in.

The beast must be stopped and only we are strong enough to do it.


Join me for a Meditation Session and let’s get to work.


*Special thanks to His Royal Highness for alerting me of this*

Stealth Combat

It’s hard to fight what you can’t see.

I remember reading something once about how to fight your enemy. It may have been The Art of War but I can’t remember. Essentially, you distance yourself from your enemy completely leaving him to wonder what’s going on. When confronted, instead of giving them an answer for your standoffish behaviour, you dance, bob and weave yourself around them til they are dizzy and even more confused.

Have you ever distanced yourself from a man or woman that you really weren’t interested in? You don’t have to say or do much, but they’ll begin to sense, almost immediately, that something isn’t quite right.

And it will drive them crazy.

A reader once told me that blacks don’t have to do anything to white people to defeat them. Just focus on bettering ourselves and loving each other. Whatever reality we create for ourselves, they will automatically be affected by it because they cannot live without our input, our ideas, our creativity and our energy.

I know for a fact that this is true.

White readers contact me all the time, begging for dialogue, asking me to respond to them, trying to show me that they’re “not like the rest” so please give them a chance. When I travel, I ignore them. Never make eye contact, never smile at them and act as if they do not exist.

Words cannot describe how many of them go out of their way to get my attention. And the more they seek it, the more they are ignored. Especially white males who cannot fathom why a black woman would not want them with all their money, land, classic cars and nice jobs.

Whites have a CODE:


Never tell on other whites when they are practicing racism.

Act like you don’t see or know what’s going on.

Pretend that the victim of racism is “just imagining things.”

Make light of ALL situations involving injustice unless it concerns them DIRECTLY

Simply turn their backs and go on with life


This CODE is the life force behind white supremacy and I’m telling you that it will never end.



Here’s where we get caught up in the mess.


Black DO NOT practice a code of our own in which we navigate ourselves in their racist society. We cannot expect the schoolyard bully to come to his senses and recognize the error of his ways. This takes some Spiritual awareness and the white collective has demonstrated they have none. Til this day, they are blaming their quickly diminishing demographic on Black Lives Matter, immigration and coloured folks taking their jobs.  This is like a dying squirrel population blaming the increasing moose population for their extinction. Never once has Divine Karma entered their minds. So we must be the driving force for our own change.


I’m going to list a few codes that we can ALL do that are apart of Stealth Combat and you, Black Family, must come up with the rest.

Practice them daily. It will take much work and discipline but if you wish to fight, it must be done along with our meditation sessions. Our ancestors are here to help us but we must also help ourselves.

And do not worry that they’ll read this. It’s non-violent and there’s nothing that they can document to PROVE anything.


  1. Stop smiling with them. I know that this sounds comical but a serious faced black person causes whites much anxiety.
  2. Do not attend any functions with them unless it is work related and mandatory, like an office luncheon. A white man that I knew from work invited me over to his farm for beers and a barbecue. I told him with a straight face but a POLITE tone ( remember to avoid confrontation ) that I couldn’t attend. His face fell into China.
  3. Stop complementing them. ON EVERYTHING. ESPECIALLY WHITE FEMALES. I never knew how much of their self esteem is reliant on our feedback til I observed just how fragile they are when it comes to us telling them how special, how cute, how pretty, how clever, how awesome they are. Refrain from giving them positive feedback and watch them slowly self destruct.


What others can you think of?


Did you notice that sex with them didn’t make my short list? Why?

If you are still sleeping with your enemy despite ALL that they do and the fact that your lover ISN’T fighting for you, you deserve anything you get.


Must See Video For ALL Black Parents

Every now and then, I’ll get a lengthy letter from a white person, mostly female, asking me to talk “honestly” with them. They feel the need to explain things from their point of view and express sadness that I hate them and do not trust them.

They urge me to become “educated” about the real history of this country and understand that all people have the potential to be evil. Then they remind me that my own ancestors sold us into slavery and black males raped us too and many overseers were black as well.

Then they proceed to explain that the evil that I describe is in the past and they should not be held accountable for the long, long, long and should be forgotten crimes of their dead ancestors.

Then I am accused of being “unreasonable” and a hypocrite since I speak so highly of Nature and the Mother-Father Deity I call God who would want me to forgive and love all people despite the atrocities they commit.

And every once in awhile, I pause and think to myself:

Perhaps they are correct.

Maybe I’m too harsh with them.

After all, I’m not like all blacks and all blacks are not like me so who gives me any right to judge?


Then, as if by pure Ether-Magic,  my reader sends me this video and confides in me that she’s pregnant with her third child and now she and her husband are terrified of leaving their newborn unattended.




Black Family,

I am not a religious person and DO NOT subscribe to any one religion. I am not on the side of the Muslim, the Christian or the Hebrew.

The only side I take is The Almighty Mother-Father Creator of Nature.

Please listen to what this man has to say about the Muslims taking turns watching their black children whilst in the care of the Paleface known as Yurugu. Maybe this principle is what we ALL need to do to keep them safe.

I love you, Black Family.

Protect yourself and your children from these un-Huemans.


As for the record:

I do not hate whites.

Not anymore.

Hate beckons Demons that feed off of your Spirit. This is why hate, unresolved, weakens the body and causes illness. Whites aren’t worth dying for. I do not hate them. Simply, I know what they are and wish them gone.

Like a cockroach infestation.


The Glue That Binds

A letter from my reader:

“Dear Truth, Have you read that Trump is deporting immigrants? There going around searching for illegal immigrants to deport and send back to there country and I’m worried as my family and I are from Haiti…”


I’m sure by now many of you have heard stories about Trump and his decision to rescind laws that Obama passed regarding illegal immigrants, a.k.a. Anchor Babies.

Let me repeat something that I’ve been saying since I began this blog.

White people cannot exist on this planet without black people.

It was us that rescued them from the caves of the Caspian and Black Sea.

It was us that taught them how to use utensils and bathe properly.

It was us that helped them to survive when they landed on the now infamous Plymouth Rock.

It was us that slaved on the cotton/ sugar cane fields to make them rich.

It was us that cleaned their homes and nursed their children.

It was us that inspired their foods, music, style and dance:


Image result for elvis

{“Chuck Berry? Never heard of him.”}

It is us that populates their Prison Industrial System (slavery part 2).

It is our genes that they need to grow stronger via interbreeding.

It is our energy that they feed off of to live hence their obsession with us.


Black People are the glue that holds America together and they know it. That is the real reason why when Garvey wanted to send us back to Africa, they freaked and said no.

Whites are not going to stand out in the hot California sun and pick blueberries for 15 hours. If they couldn’t pick cotton, why should fruit be any different?

They are not going to send their own people to prison despite the high drug and pedophilia crime rates to become slaves when they need them to TRY and procreate to heighten their dying population. Why do you think the Heroin Epidemic is being treated like a  terrible “crisis” and whites are being coddled and made to look like helpless victims?

America would crumble without black people to feed off of economically ( we are their best consumers), physically ( see any sports team) and Spiritually ( do you really need to ask?). Yes, Trump is rounding up SOME immigrants but trust that they will not round up all.

It is my suspicious nature that tells me that the illegals that they are capturing are being used for rituals, organ harvesting and for food:


Image result for get out pics

{“Being popular with white folks is great!”}


But I digress.

Worrying about being deported is the least of black people’s problems right now in my humble opinion.

We should be thinking about ways to survive the up and coming war that will be at our doorsteps any day now.

I hope I’ve answered your question and helped you in some way.

Required Cinema For Melaninites 7

So damn good, I watched it twice.

In my honest opinion, the best Orwellian movie ever made. Yes, there have been many but Snow Piercer takes the cake. From the dark, gritty, dirty opening scenes where we are introduced to the main characters , to the explanations of how the train functions and the final scene that sums everything up, this movie excels.

I was, however, caught off guard by one character. Then I remembered that EVERY attempt at our liberation that has been thwarted was caused by someone FROM THE INSIDE.

The last 20 minutes gives an EXCELLENT account on how the rich, white, Luciferian elites stay powerful and why we have been conditioned over 500 years to develop LEARNED HELPLESSNESS and HOPELESSNESS through fear and intimidation tactics. While you watch this film, take account of how many black figures, male and female, have been closely monitored, framed, imprisoned and killed by “accidents”  and “illnesses”, like him:




for simply REFUSING to believe they are inferior. My favourite character is Tilda Swinton.



Why? She is unapologetic and highly enthusiastic  about being a foot solider of pain and suffering for her Master. She represents EVERY political figure we have in the world regardless of race.

Watch for free by visiting your local library or online.

Take notes…they tell us everything.


Now What? The Aftermath of Ferguson, Greenwood, Boston, Louisiana, New York, etc…


Isn’t that the question we’ve been asking for 500 years?

A buddy of mine called me today softly crying on the phone. It was the second phone call I received in 5 hours. She was tired. Tired of being tired. Tired of being targeted. Tired of living this life. She told me the verdict in Ferguson, which was a Psy-Op geared to inflame us, came as no shock to her but nonetheless when she heard it and saw the defeated expressions on her people’s faces, she broke down.

She said she knew it would come to this but it hurt anyway. Like Katrina hurt. Like all the other crystal clear examples of blatant, I-hate-blacks-but we-need-them-for-their-melanin-energy-in-your-face racism.

Job well done, white AmeriKlan.

Congrats to you, again, on showing not just blacks but the entire world just how serpentine you really are.

I’ve come to expect nothing less from your alien seed so nothing, nothing, you do or say shocks me.


That’s right…you’ve become predictably predictable.

Tell me something…what will you do in the very, very near future when Ferguson comes to your neighbourhood? I’m sure by now you know that the Boston Bomber Exercise was done to test your responses, right?

Of course you know!

You’re white and white is the most intelligent race on earth…or at least that’s what you’d like everyone to believe. I’d like you to know that I know that you are in your death throes. Yes…you’re dying off at record rates. With the rising rates of skin cancer, thanks to our Melanin-rich comrades asking Nature to seek vengeance by ways of melanoma, coupled with your rapidly declining birth rates and increase of infertility, and finally the rising rates of suicide, drug abuse and homicide in your communities, it is clear that no one, no one, wants you here.

The planet has spoken. Or rather, we, the Melanin-rich, Carbon Peoples of God have spoken.

I’m going to ask you to do me a favour.

No, seriously.

Enjoy the time you have left.

Enjoy every perk, praise, Gin and tonic after work, Coors Light on a Sunday afternoon, “those nappy-headed nigger” jokes, unearned privileges, golf at the country club, raises you didn’t earn, cheap sexual thrills, new luxury apartments with a doorman via gentrification, vacations in majority black countries so you can rape young children, Xanax cocktails laced with the latest synthetic drug, sex clubs, chanting in those abandoned buildings at 3 am so you can be promoted to CEO at the age of 25, promotions to a supervisor position despite no skill or education, “we have a table waiting for you, sir”, ’cause your time is almost up.



Yes…it’s a-coming. You can sense it, can’t you? That unexplained anxiety you feel 24/7. That uneasiness you experience when you see a black person looking right at you. It’s all a-coming.

You’d better get down on your white hands and white knees and pray that black people remain asleep, wrapped in amnesia, covered in denial with a thick blanket of fear and forgiveness and always grinning “Oh…not all whites are the same and we should not do to them as they have done to us”, “let’s turn the other cheek” blah, blah, blah, ’cause when our time comes… and we awaken to our power…and we can command anything we wish with a mere flick of our minds…

I’ll let you finish that sentence. After all, you did create this spell-casting language you tell us is called English.


As for my Melanin family…

I’m gonna repeat myself One. More. Time.

Instead of feeling sad, angry, defeated, upset, “I need a drink”, “I don’t know what to do…”

Call upon your Deity.


Tell HIM/ HER/ IT / THEM what you need and wait for instructions. Pay attention to the SUN of GOD. Remember when we caused  a bloody heatwave and a damn earthquake and those effing sinkholes? You still think that shit was coincidence?

Dry your tears and let’s get to work.

I know I will.


And one more thing…

To our “other” melanin family, you know, the Coloureds who are not white but aren’t black either. We are intensely aware of your silence on these issues. We are intensely aware of the fact that you aren’t protesting the deliberate killing of your genetic brethren. We are intensely aware that you are secretly happy and relieved that we, black people, are the prime target of white rage. It lets you off the hook.

But let me ask you one question…

When whites are done fucking with us, who do you think will be next?

The white man hates ALL Coloureds. He just hates some more than others.

And when blacks finally take back what’s been long overdue, do you think we’re just gonna conveniently forget that you weren’t there in the bloody trenches with us? You want all the “perks” of being labeled a non-white but duck when the bullets come flying and we’re not buying your shit anymore.

Think about that.

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