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2020 Is Just a Dress Rehearsal

As we close out of this tumultuous year, I can feel the tension mounting. I don’t get involved in voting or any political tomfoolery anymore since I realized that it doesn’t matter who wins. “They” have a plan for us all and we’re just a source of entertainment for them.

I say this with no melodrama or theater:

2021 will be much worse.

The middle class will become poorer and the already poor will be terminated. I see bio-warfare becoming a normal part of daily life. Racial tensions will escalate and expect to see more police and civilian shootings.

Where does that leave the already vulnerable black woman?

On her own.

Black women, please do not fall into the traps being set! Take control of your finances, your wombs and your houses. I’m going to recommend that ALL of you take weapons training classes and get your permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Unless you are in a stable relationship with a protective man/ family, you will be on your own to fight what is surely coming down the pipeline. I’ll go into further detail on the private platform about prepping and what I recommend.

Good luck, Ladies and stay vigilant.

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