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Blacks and Health: A Natural Way to Heal Part 3

Therapist: What brings you here today, Truthbetold?

Me: Something is happening to me. Being around white people…their energy makes me sick…depressed. I can’t get out of bed. I’m nauseous. Dizzy. I’m sinking into myself and can’t shake it off.

Therapist: (silence)

As I uttered those words to my white, female therapist, I thought if only for a moment that perhaps I should bite my tongue.

St. John’s wort is an herb that can be grown in the summer and winter. As old as ancient times, this flowering herb was used for tea to treat:
Wound healing (when made into an ointment)
Today, Australia produces 20 percent of the world’s supply. St. John’s wort was given its name because it blooms about June 24th, the birthday of John the Baptist. “Wort” is an old English word for plant. Several countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada, are in the process of including drug-herb interaction warnings on St. John’s wort products due to the active ingredients hyperforin and hypericin. As with any plant/root/herb interactions, care should be used if you take other drugs for pain, depression and are pregnant. It is wise to do research on plants and side-effects before you take any natural medicines.
I’ve used this fantastic plant on and off for years and for me, with the combination of sunlight and The Most High, I’ve felt better than I’ve ever felt in years.
Next Article: Apple Cider Vinegar.

10 Things White People Already Know But Will Never Tell Us

1. Blacks , if WE don’t get ourselves together, will eventually become like the Native Americans…a distant memory.

2. Blacks exist on other planets.

3. Whites will need our melanin in some fashion in order to survive.

4. Your white doctor, dentist, politician, schoolteacher and farmer are either aware or in on the “eugenics plan”.

5. New and incurable diseases will be carried by flying insects.

6. Historically Black Colleges will eventually become entirely white.

7. Sell-out blacks who are paid large sums of money to keep quiet will eventually be exterminated. 

8. Homosexuality will be taught to our children in pre-school.

9. Pornography will become the “norm” on basic tel-lie-vision.

10. Auschwitz will return..,openly. 

Koch Bros 101

Jewish Wall Street bankers, you know…the same ones who financed and aided George Zimmerman when he lynched Travyon Martin, owns:

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

koch brothers products

Georgia-Pacific also distributes paper towels, napkins and soap dispensing systems used in commerical settings. Some GP commercial toilet paper brands: Envision, Coronet®, SCA, Tork and Fort James. GP produces Pacific Garden liquid soaps…

koch brothers products

Georgia-Pacific produces ink and office paper under the labels: Advantage, GP (including GP Harmon recycled papers), ImagePlus and the Spectrum® family of office paper products.

Wood Products:

Georgia-Pacific is the largest manufacturer of plywood in the U.S..

Including Plytanium Plywood®, DryPly® plywood, Ply-Bead®.

Georgia-Pacific is one of the country’s largest suppliers of corrugated boxes and containers.

Various, numerous wood products, dimensional lumber and building materials:

Blue Ribbon, Clutter Cutter, DensArmor Plus, DensDeck, DensGlass, DensShield® gypsum board, DryPly, Fireguard®, Grant Forest OSB Board, GP Lam, Hushboard, Nautilus, Ply-Bead, Plytanium, Southern Gold, Sta-Strait, Thermostat, ToughRock and Wood I Beam.

Textiles and Plastics
via Invista Products:

  • Stainmaster
  • Dacron
  • Lycra
  • CoolMax
  • SolarMax
  • Polarguard
  • Thermolite
  • Antron
    Comforel fiberfill
  • DBE® dibasic esters
    Tactesse Carpet Fibers
  • Terathane
  • ADI-Pure®
  • Polyshield®
  • Polyclear®
  • Oxyclear™
  • Performa®
    Cordura fabric
    Supplex® Fabric
    Somerelle® Bedding

Invista produces a large selection of products under this business, including polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polymers for carbonated soft drink, water, beer, juice, food and custom container applications. Production also includes polyester intermediate feedstocks, film products, fibers, and specialty polymers for a variety of applications, inlcuding PBT-based engineering polymer.

Chemicals, Coal & Oil:

Through its subsidiaries Koch operates refineries in Alaska, Minnesota and Texas, with a combined crude oil processing capacity of more than 800,000 barrels per day. Koch Industries owns or operates about 4,000 miles of pipelines that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids and chemicals. Koch Minerals and its affiliates are among the world’s largest dry-bulk commodity handlers, marketing and trading more than 40 million tons of coal, coke, cement and other related products annually. Flint Hills Resources produces about 9 billion pounds of building-block chemicals per year. Koch is a leading producer of paving and roofing asphalt. www.kochind.com

Koch Industries Produces:

* Gasoline
* Diesel
* Jet fuel
* Naphtha
* Asphalt
* Benzene
* Toluene
* Metaxylene
* Paraxylene
* Orthoxylene
* Cumene
* Cycohexane
* Heavy reformate
* Pseudocumene
* Sure Sol ® 100
* Sure Sol ® 150
* Purified Isophthalic Acid
* Maleic Anhydride
* Trimellitic Anhydride
* Ethylene
* Chemical Grade Propylene
* Polypropylene
* Polyethylene

“In Flint Hills Resources manufacturing plants, various hydrocarbon products are the basic feedstocks. At the refineries, the main feedstock is crude oil. The refineries produce a wide range of transportation fuels for motorists, truckers and the airline industry. In theolefins plants, the company processes natural gas liquids into ethylene and propylene. In the polymers plants, those two products are processed into various forms of olypropylene, which are key ingredients in products such as consumer and healthcare products, packaging and other plastic products. In the aromatics plant, products produced during the crude oil refining process become xylenes, cumenes and other light products. Those products are the building blocks for many other chemicals and plastics.”*www.fhrstage.fhr.com

Koch Carbon, LLC and its affiliates globally trade and transport petroleum coke, coal, cement, pulp and paper, sulfur and other related commodities through a network of bulk import/export terminals in the United States and Europe. The C. Reiss Coal Company is a leading supplier of coal and related products typically used in industrial applications or to generate electricity.

Koch Exploration Company, LLC and its affiliates acquire, develop and trade petroleum and natural gas properties in the United States, Canada and Brazil.


Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. and its affiliates own or operate about 4,000 miles of pipelines that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids and chemicals.

Koch Alaska Pipeline Company, LLC owns an approximate 3 percent interest in the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. Another Koch company has a 28 percent interest in Colonial Pipeline Company, owner and operator of the world’s largest-volume refined products pipeline.


Koch Fertilizer, LLC and its affiliates;  have the capability to manufacture, market and distribute more than 10 million tons of nitrogen fertilizer products annually. They distribute to dealers, so their product has many a label. “Fertilizer today is an intensely industrial business more akin to oil refining or chemical production.”* www.kochind.com


Koch-Glitsch, LP and its affiliates are global leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of mass transfer and mist elimination equipment. The company’s products are found in refineries and chemical plants worldwide.

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures membrane separation systems for a variety of applications worldwide, including membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

John Zink Company, LLC and its affiliates are global leaders in ultra-low emission process burners, boiler burners, duct burners, flares and thermal oxidizers. The companies are also global suppliers of flare gas/vapor recovery and vapor combustor systems.


Koch Agriculture Company, operates three ranches with a total of 15,000 head of cattle in Kansas, Montana, and Texas. “Matador Ranch in Texas offers a number of hunting packages that include first-class accommodations. Everything is provided to ensure an enjoyable experience.” www.kochind.com


Koch Supply & Trading companies around the world trade and provide risk management services in crude oil; refined petroleum products; natural gas and gas liquids; gas, power and emissions;  industrial metals; and other commodities and financial instruments.

Optimized Process Designs, Inc. provides consulting, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and construction services for the natural gas and gas processing industries worldwide. OPD has been the general contractor on some of the largest natural gas plants built in the U.S.

Koch Knight LLC and its affiliates are leaders in acid proof solutions. The companies offer construction, engineering and services through a global network of manufacturing and outsourcing facilities. Their products, made from state-of-the-art ceramics and plastic materials, are available worldwide.

IPT provides the resources and know how to deliver world-scale technology for licensing to a growing portfolio of technologies in the polyester, polyurethane and nylon value chains.

European brands:

  • Colhogar®
  • Delica®
  • Demak’Up®
  • Inversoft®
  • Kitten Soft®
  • Lotus®
  • Moltonel®
  • Nouvelle®
  • Okay
  • Tenderly®
  • Tutto®


University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute, shows Koch Industries as one of the nation’s top 10 polluters/emitters. See detailed emissions breakdowns – www.peri.umass.edu/toxic_index

A Sampling of Environmental Charges Verses Koch:

September 2000, a federal grand jury in Corpus Christi, Texas returned a 97-count indictment against Koch Industries Inc., Koch Petroleum Group for violating federal clean air and hazardous waste laws, due to the release of at least 91 metric tons of uncontrolled, untreated carcinogenic benzene. In April 2001, the company reached a $20 million settlement in exchange for admitting to covering up environmental violations at its refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas. www.justice.gov

March 2000, Koch petroleum which operates a refinery in Rosemount, Minn., was sentenced to pay a $6 million criminal fine and pay an additional $2 million in remediation costs. This is the largest federal environmental fine ever paid in Minnesota. Koch admitted that it negligently discharged 200,000 – 600,000 gallons of aviation fuel into a wetland and an adjoining waterway. In addition, their way of recovering the fuel (a year and a half later) destroyed a portion of the surrounding ecosystem and wildlife habitat. In a separate offense, Koch dumped a million gallons of wastewater with high ammonia content on the ground between November 1996 and March 1997 and also increased its flow of wastewater into the Mississippi River on weekends when no one monitored discharges. These actions allowed Koch to circumvent the weekly monitoring and reporting requirements of its wastewater discharge permit. The case was investigated by EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division, the FBI and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and was prosecuted by the U. S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota.www.ehso.com

Koch’s Sterling butane pipeline had a leak in Lively, Texas, on August 24, 1996. Two teenagers on the way to report the leak drove into the unseen butane cloud, and were killed when the gas exploded and burned. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that severe external pipeline corrosion was the cause of the failure.www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

In 1999
, a federal jury found that Koch Industries had stolen oil from government and American Indian lands and had lied about its purchases more than 24,000 times. In May 2001, Koch Industries paid $25 million to the federal government to settle the federal lawsuit that found the company had improperly taken more oil than it had paid for from federal and Indian land. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

In January 2000, Koch Pipeline, agreed to a $35 million settlement with the U.S. Justice Department and the State of Texas as fines for the firm’s three hundred oil spills (300 million gallons) in Texas and five other states going back to 1990.www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koch_Industries

In 2006, Flint Hill Resources was fined nearly $16,000 by the EPA for 10 separate violations of the Clean Air Act at its Alaska oil refinery facilities, and required to spend another $60,000 on safety equipment needed to help prevent future violations. yosemite.epa.gov

Clip from new Koch Brother’s movie: www.youtube.com

Climate Change Denial:

A March 2010 Greenpeace report shows that Koch Industry foundations have contributed (2005-2008) nearly $25 million to organizations that oppose clean energy and climate policy. That does not include oil and gas lobbying of $37.9 million. For more info on Koch Industries’ funding of Climate Denial Groups — See GreenPeace’s report “Koch Industries Funding the Climate Denial Machine” www.greenpeace.org

In the August, 2010 New York Magazine article ‘Covert Operations,‘ oil tycoon David Koch was quoted as saying, global warming will be a good thing for the planet and will help “support enormously more people because a far greater land area will be available to produce food.” www.newyorker.com


Koch Industries currently brings in $100 billion in revenue annually. Yes, you read correctly…
Each brother is personally worth $21.5 billion. Together 43 billion.*
Koch Industries spent a total of $37.9 million on oil and gas lobbying
from January 2006 to December 2009. www.sourcewatch.org


Since the Citizen’s United decision, corporations can now attempt to influence their employees’ votes. The Koch Brothers jumped on that band wagon right away and mailed out lists of Koch supported candidates to their 50,000 employees during the last election. See info and a copy of a recommended election packet at www.thenation.com

University Affairs:

“Billionaire’s role in hiring decisions at Florida State University raises questions” They give as long as they can pick the teachers. www.tampabay.com

Not Just Florida State…Utah, West Virginia, etc… www.insidehighered.com

The Mercatus Center is a conservative Think Tank at George Mason University’s Arlington campus. It is a university-based research center that makes its research findings available to the media and public policy makers. According to GreenPeace the Mercatus Center has received over 10 million dollars worth of funding from the Koch Brothers. Mercatus also fights environmental regulation, opposes clean energy legislation and lobbys to prevent curbs on industrial pollution. www.greenpeace.org  mercatus.org

*Deep breath*

Why am I giving you this information? When my good friend in New Jersey told me that these Zionists are responsible for helping George Zimmerman set up his paypal account and take his entire family into hiding after the Martin murder, my “whitey-sense” began to tingle.

These demonic beings make oil, sulfur, petroleum, etc…

What does that mean, you ask?

Hmmmm…makes no sense, you say? I’m crazy, you think? What does Louisiana and Haiti as well as ALL Caribbean Islands have? What does Africa have?

Open your eyes and see what’s right in front of you, black people!

20 Secret Thoughts of the White Mind



1. If reasoning and logic fails, violence is the way to go.

2. Blacks are born genetically deformed. That’s why they’re always at the bottom.

3. If God wanted us to be equal, he would have made all of us look alike.

4. It’s black people’s fault that whites feel guilty about slavery.

5. Being called a racist is much worse than actually being one.

6. It’s OK to have black friends and lovers…just as long as they know their place.

7. Equality is fine…as long as whites remain on top.

8. If not for whites, Africa would’ve died a long time ago.

9. No matter how horrible life gets, at least whiteness is better.

10. Slavery really wasn’t as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

11. AmeriKlan truly is the greatest country on Earth.

12. People that hate AmeriKlan are just jealous of its superiority.

13. Racism is much worse down South than up North.

14. The Civil War wasn’t really about slavery.

15. My neighbourhood is much safer without black people.

16. Blacks never contributed anything significant to mankind.

17. Black women who marry white men are marrying up.

18. White women who marry black men are marring down.

19. No matter how much money black people have, they’ll always be niggers.

20. Black life is worth less than white life.

Video Game Violence & the Effect on Black Children

When I was growing up, my friends and I would jump rope, play hopscotch and roller skate to entertain ourselves. We talked about boys we had crushes on, teachers we didn’t like and what we wanted to be when we grew up. We bonded through communication. We looked at each other, listened to the sound and tone of voices and communicated via facial expression.

TV was minimal. But that was then. This is now.

Perhaps Atari is to be blamed for the breakdown of conversation. Or maybe we just changed with the times and no longer need mental stimulation but the adrenaline rush of blowing someones head into pieces. I first began to notice that something was changing when the video games I knew as a small child began to change, ever so slowly, into increasingly violent and provocative fantasies for children.

Women were being beaten, cursed out and raped. Then the dialogue came into play and it was destructive, disrespectful and down right nasty. Then came the games for a certain popluation…we all know who…that depicted black males robbing people, stealing cars and killing each other with guns. Those flew off the shelves overnight. In fact, putting a “M” on the cover guaranteed multibillion dollar sales annually. But what did that do to our kids and the perception of Coloureds in the country? And moreover, what did that do to our ability to communicate when all we do now is push buttons on a hard piece of plastic?

My Supposition:

1. Since we live in a supremacist society that is rooted in perception, designing video games that depict violence with a black male lead only reinforces the stereotype of the Black Brute.

2. Mental stimulation in the form of discussion, like the one you and I are having now on this blog, teaches us to un-learn the brainwashing, rewire our thought processes and grow educationally and spiritually. Video games (not all are bad, some are quite educational but aren’t as popular) diminishes that. It lowers our verbal and reasoning skills thusly giving in, albeit unknowingly, to the traps that plagues this society.

3. Sitting all day, on the couch, puttering away on some piece of plastic increases our risk for obesity and all other obesity-related illnesses.

4. Money is taken out of your pockets and is pumped into an already wealthy company like: Nintendo, Sony and Sega…all Japanese based mega-corps.

Now…here’s my question:

Does the violence our black children learn by playing video games “prep” them for a life of crime? Can children be taught that killing, maiming and raping others is a socially acceptable behaviour? And who bears the brunt of the responsibility for this violent trend? The company or the parents?

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

 It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.       Protocol #1



This is one of the many excerpts of this highly controversial book. This book, published in Russia by Pyotr Rachkovsky (this is still subjected to much to discussion as to whom really published it) who was head of the Paris office of the Russian Secret Police.  Since it’s publication, worldwide outrage ensued. Jews called the book a “forgery” and an attempt to propagandize the Jewish race. The world, however, took notice, read it and simply believed what they wished.

Car maker, Henry Ford, in an interview published in the New York WORLD on February 17th, 1921 said:

“The only statement I care to make about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. THEY FIT IT NOW.”

I read Zion years ago in college along with an interesting article about the House of Rothschild. Interest peaked when I learned that a Masonic plot has been in effect since about 1776 by our forefathers to take over and “Satanize” the world. I laughed heartily at the notion of such foolishness. As you can imagine, youth and arrogance tend to go hand in hand.

Then this little accident occurred:

Tongues wagged and tempers flared and gossip began all over again.

Please watch. This short video moves fast so pause at will to read:

Now, listen to White Supremacist William Pierce’s explanation:

Since most groups in AmeriKlan that are considered a “minority” are marginalized, it can be said that this book is equal to the thousands of books and articles written about the inferiority of blacks. In fact, the Bell Curve comes to mind. So why is this book still in demand? Why hasn’t the propaganda disappeared after it was “proven to be a forgery”?

Before you answer this controversial topic allow me to provide you with the exact legal definition of the word FORGERY:

The creation of a false written document or alteration of a genuine one, with the intent to defraud.

Forgery consists of filling in blanks on a document containing a genuine signature, or materially altering or erasing an existing instrument. An underlying intent to defraud, based on knowledge of the false nature of the instrument, must accompany the act. Instruments of forgery may include bills of exchange, bills of lading, promissory notes, checks, bonds, receipts, orders for money or goods, mortgages, discharges of mortgages, deeds, public records, account books, and certain kinds of tickets or passes for transportation or events. Statutes define forgery as a felony. Punishment generally consists of a fine or imprisonment, or both. Methods of forgery include handwriting, printing, engraving, and typewriting. The related crime of uttering a forged document occurs when an inauthentic writing is intentionally offered as genuine. Some modern statutes include this crime with forgery. {source: Legal Dictionary.com}

This post is not intended to be Anti-Semitic, but yet another study on propaganda and the reasons why and how it tends to influence us. So, the question is:

Do you believe that something of this nature could be true? Why?

Do you think it’s just another form of propaganda, like the slander of black intellect and hypersexuality? 

And…by calling this a “wack job conspiracy theory” do you think it serves the purpose of diminishing the realism of the situation by dismissing it as “craziness?”

{Since this will probably get many emotional responses, please be judicious in your commenting. I’ll leave this up for a few days to allow you to debate and banter as you wish. Also, for those of you that have not read or even heard of this controversial book, here is a link to get you up to speed. http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm}

The Conversation We Need to Have



Given the recent shootings by white males, James Holmes and Wade Michael Page amongst others, it would seem that AmeriKlan is in desperate need of a long overdue conversation pertaining to white male anger. Many, like myself, may feel that white, Christian, heterosexual males have naught to be angry about but given the rise of hate groups and mass shootings, I would surmise the contrary.

If anyone in the world has the right to be ranting and screaming irate, it’s the black man. I sincerely doubt that anyone who is HONEST will say otherwise. Yet, even within the confines of unemployment, the prison system that beguiles him and the police that literally become wet with desire for a bullet to penetrate his flesh, he finds a way to persevere.

Why are white males so angry?

What’s wrong? What could be wrong? Why are whites itching for this “race war” and doing everything in their power to ignite the flames? And why are black/ brown/ red/ yellow people of all countries turning the other cheek? Why aren’t we giving in? What does this say about our morality Vs.  theirs? And why is NO ONE acknowledging that?

This is one conversation that I welcome ALL peoples of every colour, every religion, every walk of life, especially WHITE MALES, to join in. I’m asking you to tell us what’s going on. Because frankly, we just don’t know anymore.

****This will be an honest, open, adult soul-searching discussion. If you are a troll and bring up bullshit black crime statistics, I’ll ban you****

The Awakening: The Final Installment of The Trilogy

Now that you know “The Plan” and you understand “The Fear“, let me present the final chapter, “The Awakening.” After you’ve been beaten down, discredited, used and abused, you’ll hit rock bottom. That may mean drugs, prison, depression…whatever…each of us has a “rock bottom”. Your realization will come from a peaceful place called acceptance. You’ll have no other choice but to accept that there was, is and always will be someone who will wish to see you fail in AmeriKlan.

You’ll watch as this country bends over backwards to accommodate other minorities by having them assimilate into “whiteness” while trying desperately to hold you down. You’ll see other minorities forsake their Mother Country, Mother Cuisine and Mother Tongue for the desperate need to become AmeriKlanized. You’ll watch as their children, who perhaps will be the same complexion as you, if not darker, call your children a nigger and ostracize them just as the parents have done to you.

You sit back and wonder, What’s going on? I thought we coloured folks were in the same boat according to “whiteness”. Why are they moving ahead while I’m still stuck? Then the awakening will happen. AmeriKlan will never accept you as one of them. Your purpose of servitude is no longer in effect. So you are no longer necessary. They would rather use another “inferior” to keep you downtrodden than to realize the cost of their mistakes and recognize you as a member of this country. You’ll think back to that job, your military service, your education and realize your entire life in this country has been based on lies.

This will blow your mind! You’ll swear it isn’t true. You’ll lose sleep wondering why you never saw it. And what to do now. Now we come to the final installment. After your revelation, you’ll understand that the black man / woman was never intended to achieve equality. You were never intended to ever be free. Your freedom and perpetual climb into “polite society” was a grave mistake. You were never supposed to assimilate. In fact, didn’t a little well-known president want to ship you home because the Negro cannot and will not ever belong here?

You’ll begin to realize that the black culture has been plagued on purpose with supremacist tools:

1. Public school education

2. The formation of ghettos

3. Drugs being distributed and pushed into your neighbourhoods

4. Low-wage jobs

5. Denial of loans

6. Redlining that still continues!

7. The media that tells you from birth that you are nothing

8. A carefully executed depression and recession designed to push you back into ghettos

9. Loss of pensions

10. The traps of the prison systems

Then you’ll think back to all the petty arguments you’ve had with other blacks about:

1. Skin complexion

2. Big screen TV’s

3. Who has the “better” house

4. Rivalry between countries

5. Money

6. Women / Men

7. Education

8. Upbringing

9. Looks and hair texture

10. Accomplishments

…And realize that it was all for naught.

Then the understanding will come into place that without black love, black solidarity and black assistance for one another, we’ll perish…..And that will be the most important factor in our black lives. It won’t be easy…many will fail for we are a weakened race. Slavery did a mind-job on us and the horrifying results are visible in the form of fatherlessness, crime, lack of education, drugs and gangs, self-hatred and the killing of our own by our own.

My brothers and sisters, the next time you feel the urge to hate your family, fight it. The next time you feel the urge to brag how exquisite you are in comparison to your family, don’t. The next time one of us needs a helping hand, lend it. By contributing to the black family globally, we can and will conquer white supremacy. Join groups and tell others about the plan and the fear. Educate others. Let them educate you. After all we’ve been through, we’re still here. I think that’s a true testament to our strength.

Any thoughts?


****Additional statements****

To all blacks that read my blog. Mary’s and Someguy’s comment prompted me to tell you something:

You can’t defeat your enemy without understanding your enemy. Here are a few books to read on them.

1. Mein Kampf by the one and only Adolf Hitler

2. The American Dilemma by Gunnar Myrdal

3. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion by Sergiei Nilus (I ordered it after reading many excerpts on the web) 

There are perhaps hundreds more…but these that I’ve listed had a profound effect on me and my understanding of why I’m in the “position” I am in despite education and profession. Please read them. Familiar yourself with them. But focus on us.


Random Thoughts…Part 2

I wasn’t going to post this but you need to understand something. Please do not believe everything you see on TV. The powers that be that run this country want you to be :

1. Distracted

2. Dumb

3. Dizzy

…while they plot against you.

I’m sure by now you have seen or heard about the Colorado movie shooting of the new Batman premiere. I just want to point out a few things…

1. Please look at real bomb gear:

And now look at the bomb gear of the alleged “SWAT” and “FBI” men outside this young man’s “rigged” apartment:

I may not be a Harvard grad but I know when something doesn’t seem right.

Please ask yourself a few questions:

1. How did this boy:

…get back inside the theater after he had gone outside via the exit door to retrieve his bag of death?

2. At first they claimed that there were 2 shooters…what happened to the other one?

3. So….let me get this straight. AmeriKlan, in its infinite magnificence, can put a man on the moon and devise a satellite to spy on us but they can’t defuse a bomb some 24 year old kid made?

Guys, I feel for the families…I really do…I was planning to see Batman with my best girlfriend and now we have second thoughts, but I urge you to deprogram yourself from what the controlled media is feeding you…this reeks of a set-up.

The Black Anglo-Saxon

When I meet blacks who believe, with sincerity, that they are accepted within the White Club, I look at them with amazement and wonder. Look at these men and women:

What do they all have in common?

All are rich, uppercrust, black (skin only), in the public eye and prefer, exclusively, to mingle, befriend, date, marry and breed with whites. Let’s examine why:

1. When blacks in AmeriKlan have “made it”, there are rules they must follow:

a. Ignore and discard your people for whites

b. Uphold a certain kind of imagery

c. Have the utmost regard and respect for the hand that feeds you

d. Never help or bring to light the plight of your people lest your White Card be torn asunder

e. Pretend with all your might that racism is dead.

2. Self-hatred. “Why, oh why was I born in brown skin?! Why Lord?? Can’t you see I’m better suited to be with my “real” people?”

3. Money is a helluva drug.

4. Black hatred. This is big folks. REAL BIG. Yes, my lovelies, The Black Anglo-Saxon hates his brethren. He hates your brownness, your big nose, wide lips, kinky hair, your smelly food, granny’s Pecan pie and your legacy in chains. He is repulsed at the thought of his own genetic degradation and tries frantically to distance himself from that image. He shuns any talk of slavery, injustice, prejudice and discrimination. After all, if blacks really wanted to improve their situation, they would’ve done it by now. Y’all just lazy…and he refuses to be apart of your sickness!

By marrying whiteness, he too, by association, will become white. Every minute in white company will rid the Black Anglo-Saxon of his or her own blackness and be spiritually indoctrinated into the Eurocentric mindset. By breeding with whiteness, he hopes to have (almost) white children:

And they will be encouraged to marry white so their kids will be even whiter, thusly obliterating the bloodline. Is there anything that can be done about the Black Anglo-Saxon and his/her quest for Supreme Whiteness?

Any thoughts?

Open Discussion #1

Last night, after a heated discussion about one of my posts, I realized that we Coloureds need to air out our frustrations about this crazy world we’re living in. A simple topic lead to hurt feelings which is counterproductive to our struggle. We are family. All of us. If we took a DNA test, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we are blood relations.

I personally do not like arguing with my people. I find it fruitless. So, I’m going to start an open discussion post every so often so we can talk about whatever is on our minds. Since we all live so spread out from each other…one poster isn’t even in North America, I can’t organize my people the way I’d like, so let’s do it this way. I find that talking, asking for help and seeking advise is the best way to heal from living in a supremacist society. I’ll keep this post up for a few days to let everyone have a turn.

So on this page, nothing is off limits, but there are rules:

1. No disrespect / hate of our people. NO name calling.

2. Everyone must help one another with plausible and reasonable solutions.

3. Speak honestly and openly about what’s troubling us.

4. We must promote education and spiritual healing through books, movies, documentaries( Mickey, you are awesome!!! ) and research.

Soooo……I’ll go first:

I went to main street the other day and saw this little girl, probably around 14 or 15, with low-slung pants and a thong showing above her waistband! I stopped to stare at her. I thought to myself, at that age, if I had worn that, my mama would’ve whooped my black ass.

What’s going on with our kids, people?

The Great White Hope

Look at this couple:

Notice a trend? I’m seeing a lot of good-looking, well-to-do, black men who date, consistently, obese white women. I never really paid attention to this phenomenon. In fact, I really don’t give a shit. It was my friend X, that I went to visit in NYC, that called it to my attention. We were strolling along Washington Square Park, looking at the jugglers and the break dancers, when she said, “Hey…look there…another one.” Another what, I wondered?

Another brother with his fat, white girlfriend. Boy, they don’t even care anymore to go for the pretty, white girls…as long as she’s white, they’ll bow down and grab her. Self-hating Negro.”  I stopped gobbling my Mango Gelato, turned and looked at her in slow motion and wondered if she was correct. Hmmm…maybe she’s on to something here. I have seen this plenty of times before but didn’t really stop to think about it. Why do some black men date and marry obese white women? This is seldom seen in the world of celebrities. Rich, good-looking black men will only date slender, blonde, stunningly good-looking white women. Some theories as to why:

1. Self hatred is a funny thing. When you,  a black man, look into the eyes of your black woman, you’ll see every fear, hope, disappointment and sorrow life has to offer. After all, she is the other half of your Negro self. A white woman has the ability to make you feel “better” about being unemployed, broke, dark-skinned, having prominent features and being uneducated. She is your “insurance” that someday you, the black man, will be accepted into white high society. Being with her elevates you to that “other level” you’ve been striving for your whole life.

2. An obese and unattractive white woman is considered to be amongst the dregs of white society. Her own white man will not have her. She, in her need to be adored, chooses the one man who is desperate enough to adore her simply for the colour of her skin and his own insecurities.

3. When a wealthy black man has “made it“, a black woman is no longer considered to be on his “level“. He must do as they do, walk as they walk and have what they have if he is to be on the same playing field.

4. They are, in simple terms, in love.

Now, I don’t believe that every black man who prefers white women does this out of hate for his black women. There are many reasons why this occurs. Preference may be one of them. I asked a black male friend once why he likes blondes. His answer was, ” Truth, why do you like pistachio ice cream?” I answered, ” Because…I just do.” His response, ” Same here.”

What are your thoughts?

The Hispanic Fallacy

When I first heard the term “Hispanic” , I said, what’s that?

Then I looked it up and found this:

Wikipedia Definition:

The term Hispanic was first adopted by the United States government in the early 1970s, during the administration of Richard Nixon,[35] and has since been used in local and federal employment, mass media, academia, and business market research. It has been used in the U.S. Census since 1980.[36] Because of the popularity of “Latino” in the western portion of the United States, the government adopted this term as well in 1997, and used it in the 2000 census.[5][6]

  • Although a large majority of Hispanic and Latino Americans have Spanish ancestry, most are not of direct, ‘from-Spain-to-the-U.S.’ Spanish descent; many are not primarily of Spanish descent; and some are not of Spanish descent at all.

Neither term refers to race, as a person of Latino or Hispanic origin can be of any race.[6][37] The U.S. Government has defined Hispanic or Latino persons as being “persons who trace their origin [to] . . . Central and South America, and other Spanish cultures.”.[5] The Census Bureau’s 2010 census form did not provide a definition of the terms Latino or Hispanic, instead allowing respondents to self-define whether they were Latino or Hispanic and then identify their specific country or place of origin.

Truthbetold’s Definition:

An African who can speak any of the Romance Languages.

The coined term “Hispanic” was created by the AmeriKlan government to persuade Africans who hated themselves through the indoctrination of a supremacist mindset to ignore their true origin and join the process of “Whitification.” By distancing yourself from who and what you are, and let me say….ANY Hispanic reading this that grows angry with me…LEARN YOUR HISTORY, you obtain honorary membership in the white club: And accrue privilege through skin colour. When I hear the hordes of Africans who come from Puerto Rico, Columbia and Brazil who cry and protest with righteous indignation that they are European, I laugh and snicker at the absurdity. I remember this conversation I had with a Peruvian, who was darker than me, on his race:

Me: Soooo….what race are you?

Him: Peruvian.

Me: Ummm….Peruvian is an ethnicity. What race are you?

Him: Hispanic.

Me: ok…there’s no such thing.

Him: Why are you badgering me! I’m Mestizo.

Me: So is my brother! I’m an Island Creole myself. But we’re still African.

Him: Leave me alone!

See? The denial is perhaps strongest with those who know exactly where they come from, like Italians/Sicilians: And those who wish desperately that they could forget. Like him: But don’t be too angry with them, my brothers and sisters. AmeriKlan has infected all of us into thinking that blackness is evil and destructive. That’s why the very definition of the word “black” in the dictionary, which a white man wrote, edited and published, is written to such extremes.

By brainwashing the Romance-speaking Negroes into believing that they too are “above” their own ancestry, they create infighting within their own culture. Colourism and prejudice between the Islanders run rampant…yes, I’m talking to you Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, Haitians (some Haitians speak Spanish-Creole) and Cubans…and forces them into the same sick cycle that light-skinned and dark-skinned/ good-hair and bad-hair blacks face. This subtle and political tool of war is very efficient and works like a charm. It also perpetuates my post entitled “The Plan”. Latin-speaking Africans are the fastest growing “minority” in this country. The government gives immigrants opportunities, like grants to start their own businesses, with the promise of joining the “white club” in exchange for becoming more AmeriKlanized. Ever wonder why the U.S. Census changes every decade or so? And more races are added, grouped together or simply omitted? But…Black/African/Negro STILL REMAINS THE SAME? Hmmm…

And for the record…Ms. Cameron Diaz, if you happen to be reading this… these people are the Original Blondes: And Original Blues:

Confessions of a White Racist: Chronicle Two

Last night, I spoke to my realtor…(yes, I am looking for more land to raise farm animals) and my realtor called me to tell me about the farmhouse with lots of land in this town I’ve been eyeing. She and I, I’ll call her X, have a great rapport, we talk about our love of houses( I’m a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan ) and she loves the ornate beauty of the Victorian era.

X is white, older and full of charm. I liked her immediately. So when we spoke and she interweaved Obama into the conversation, I got a little quiet. Ok…I’ve had two reactions from whites living here, just here, concerning Obama. The first group feels that he’s doing as best as he can considering the situation. And the other ones despise him. The fact that I am black makes them apprehensive to talk to me about him due to the fact that they are deathly afraid of appearing racist. So they tiptoe around the fact that yes, he is our president now and yes, he is black.

So when X brought up the fact that because of Obama’s socialism, we are in a terrible mess with the housing market and homes that were once worth $500,000 are now selling for $300,000, foreclosures are skyrocketing and people are starving for lack of food, I wondered how one man, in 4 years could accomplish:

1. Worldwide poverty

2. A housing bubble burst

3. Predatory loans

I find that in these situations when speaking to certain folks, it’s best to keep a little quiet, nod politely and wait for the bomb. She did not disappoint. She proceeded to tell me about how her daughter was rejected from a prominent school, with good grades, for a black girl, from Philly with poor grades. She told me that affirmative action was ruining the lives of blacks and white due to an unfair practice of rewarding someone for their skin. I quickly thought of a little thing called White Privilege but said nothing.

I offered her a useless explanation. I said, “X, affirmative action was originally created to help white women in the workforce. It was then misconstrued(perhaps on purpose) by the powers that be to mean “black” but that’s only a fallacy. Many organizations that seem black-oriented were originally created for whites, by whites, to help them when they needed government assistance and to propel them into middle class status.”

She got quiet.

Well I don’t feel guilty for slavery. I never had slaves so it has nothing to do with me.”


The phone went unusually quiet. Needless to say, I didn’t check out the farmhouse and she didn’t call back. I’m sure she felt that something in our relationship was gone with the slip of the tongue. I am now in the process of searching for a new realtor, a black one this time. But this does make me wonder about one thing…how many blacks were steered into certain neighborhoods because they “belong there” by X? How many houses and farms were “not available” to certain buyers? And if she had never opened her mouth and revealed her colours, would she had steered me into a certain neighborhood? Perhaps we’ll never know.

The Healing Trinity

I get many emails, personal ones at that, about the strain of the healing process while living in white racist AmeriKlan. We brown folks sure do deal with a lot don’t we? I’m no expert at healing…for me, it has become a lifelong process to un-brainwash myself from this disease I have. Some days, I am  strong and assured. Other days, I struggle terribly…I cry, need isolation from those that seek to destroy me and beg God for strength. But being a black woman, being compassionate and deeply loving my people, I wanted to share with my brothers and sisters the way I do it. I wrote a “Trinity for Healing” post for your reading pleasure. This is just my own personal way of coping. I hope that one day, God will rectify the wrongs and from the look of things…he’s already begun.

1. First lesson: The physical.

Why the physical? Because humans are prone to anger. Since the day in the garden when Cain killed Abel, we’ve been in deep shit. But vengeance belongeth to the Lord. So you must find a way to release that anger physically but constructively. My physical release is my gardening/farming. Gardening is hard work and is very labour intensive. We blacks are natural and gifted farmers. Because of us, America grew rich and flourished. Because of us, others ate and grew fat. Because of us, others were able to emulate our inborn skills and survived. When I pull up weeds, tackle a tough zucchini root and try to dig hard dirt into soft, pliable earth, I release my anger into something edible, nutritious and good for the soul. I reap the benefits of my rage with homemade soups, garlic bread, apple-zucchini muffins and oatmeal raisin bread. My family and friends LOVE to come over to feast on my homegrown herbs: basil, chives, spearmint, peppermint, dill and parsley( my brother’s favourite ), which my mom steals (LOL!), and we bond over. Please find your physical release. But…do not fall into the traps of “The Plan.” Let it be constructive and good for you.

2. Second Lesson: The emotional.

This is hard. Being an Original Person of Earth, we blacks feel intensely. And unfortunately, causes depression. Depression is a cancer of the soul. A good friend told me last night that “depression for blacks is genetic.” I’ve never heard anyone put it so simply yet so clearly. Bringing up all the hurt and pain allows your flesh to be scrubbed raw…your mind to become twisted and your heart violated. Write it out. Keep a journal. This blog is my online journal. I express myself freely, truthfully, potently and angrily. And I never apologize for it. Say what you feel. Let it out!!!! Cry, scream, do as you must to release the pain. Depression will kill you. It causes backaches, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea and is linked to heart disease and cancer, yes, cancer and early death. AmeriKlan will surely laugh with glee if we perished. And please stop eating raw sugar which is as addictive as heroin. Ween yourself off of that poison. We used to eat raw sugar cane or “granny’s molasses” which had real nutritional value. Well guess what? “The Plan” took care of that. (A post yet to come on why certain foods changed…)Emotions need to be released. BUT CONSTRUCTIVELY.

3. Third Lesson: The creative.

Why creativity? Because it’s important to have “an outlet.” Africans are writers, artists, painters, poets, musicians, dancers, singers, philosphers…we started music before it was called “music“. Our dancing was documented when we “sung and danced before the Lord”. Our creative side comes from pain and sorrow five hundred years in the making. Allow yourself to discover your creative release. Manifest that terror you face everyday into beauty…but, again, constructively….My friend is a graffiti/magic-marker artist. And she is superb! With her permission, I will post some images for your pleasure in the future.

Use this simple guideline to combat “The Plan.” And as it goes here in AmeriKlan, it will not be easy. Everything that you do in order to heal yourself will be met with opposition…like my blog with the racist comments from threatened whites. But work on this daily till it becomes second nature…I do.


Blackaholics Anonymous

Hi. My name is Chad and I’m addicted to black people.”

Hi Chad!”

I secretly envy them. Watch “black” movies, try to walk like them, dress like them, act like them…and it’s ruining my life!”

Do you know someone like Chad? A well-to-do white ( or working-class ) person who fits this description? I do. I work with a “Chad” and between snickering at him, looking at him with utter amazement and wondering what happened, I decided to explore why Chad left the cushy world of argyles and fisherman’s sweaters for chains, backwards hats and a dialect that even the most “street” black person finds amusing.

I went to public school. That means I saw all kinds of kids from all backgrounds. But the ones that stuck out most in my mind was the white child who wanted to fit in with the black kids. He wanted this so desperately, he grew dreadlocks, began to listen to 2 live crew, got an earring( the most potent form of rebellion back in the day ), cut class and started smoking. He also began to desire black women. And not just any black woman but the darkest black woman he could find. I began to wonder where this was coming from….

In college, the same phenomenon occurred; especially with the lust for dark-skinned women. Then it dawned on me. Whites have convinced themselves, through their own white supremacy, that they have no culture, no indigenous food, no “real music” ( Johnny Cash and Elvis don’t count since they were heavily influenced by black singers ), no dance ( Polka apparently isn’t popular with youngsters ) and thusly, no identity. They wanted to be apart of something “cool”, fresh, new, exciting and taboo. And in white supremacist AmeriKlan, what could be more exciting, taboo and popular than the culture of blacks? Forbidden fruit is always sweetest. I tried to understand how this affinity for black culture came about. After all, aren’t we inferior beings? We’re always told that we are the lowest form of humans on earth and how no self-respecting white person could ever desire to be black. So what gives?

Black mystery has always been apart of the white conscience. We are deemed suave, great dancers, sensual( this is both good and bad ) athletic but also unintelligent, slow, inept and downtrodden. Why would an alleged race of “superior” people want to aspire to be like us? Because white society, the rulers, can pick apart all the good within any culture, apply it to themselves for their betterment whilst pointing out why that very culture is beneath them. Case in point? Look at this:

And this:

Both are white women with  typical “black” features. We were given these assets, yes, I made a pun, from God. On us, it’s deemed disgusting, unkempt, unattractive….On them, it’s a “phenomenon”…white women EVERYWHERE want the “Kim Look“. Uhhhhhh….excuse me? What is the “Kim Look” exactly? Curvaceousness? Didn’t black women write the book on curves?

And that’s why when a certain movie star had this look, AmeriKlan went crazy:


People, after observing this out in the open, (and remember, I am invisible so people say and do certain things right in front of me) I decided that white society depends on blacks for more than just touchdowns. We are a necessary part of their own self discovery. For Example: without Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Muddy Waters…Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Stevie Ray Vaughan wouldn’t be the superstars they are today. And that’s only show business. Imagine if we tapped into food, art, dance, literature, dialect and clothing? I’d be typing for days…

How Elvis Got Famous

Look at Bo Diddley:

And Chuck Berry:

And Little Richard

Now look at this:


Please watch BOTH videos and tell me your thoughts…

****In order to keep this short and sweet, I left out a few pertinent singers/songwriters/fancy-foot shakers…like James Brown.****

AmeriKlan’s Free Labour System

My brothers and sisters, do not be fooled. Prison was created for a reason. The answer? Free Labour.

I don’t need to tell you about our past as slaves, the ridiculous taxes that they knew we couldn’t pay once (physical)slavery ended and the police that collaborated with the court system to arrest us for the slightest infraction, a thing called “Black Tax“…we already touched on that. What I want to discuss today is the way it currently operates. Under the very clever cloak of “planting evidence” by the police, racial profiling and the bribes that the judges get, the prison system is a booming business. And the longer the sentences, the greater the payoff per “head count.” Privatized prisons make even more money per “head.” Which is why strict policing and irredeemable punishment is encouraged in predominately black neighbourhoods.

Free labour, A.K.A. slavery is illegal. Not illegal in the sense that it does not happen, it does…it’s illegal on paper, for show and tell. AmeriKlan is a country that is prideful of its own magnificence. Never mind the killing, raping, stealing, cheating and utter hypocrisy, that is unimportant. What is important, however, is AmeriKlan’s wealth. Free labour helped whites to buy that wonderful Victorian home with the gingerbread moulding, on 100 acres with the white picket fence. Free labour helped whites to open businesses that enabled their children to go to the best schools. Free labour helped whites to build communities, built by us, that we were not allowed to live in, so they could self segregate from the savage that sought to rape their daughters. And free labour helped older whites to pass on literally, billions of dollars to their spawn so that, they too could live comfortably in the country that we built.

Today, in this glorious nation, free labour is called The Prison System. When a black/brown man gets caught with a Mary Jane cigarette or baggie and is sentenced to 20 years in prison, while a white teenager is let off with a “stern warning”, you must ask yourself a serious question. What’s going on? When a black man steals a pair of shoes( I’m NOT excusing bad behaviour) and gets life imprisonment and a young white girl, a la Winona Ryder, gets 100 hours of community service, you must ask your self, what’s going on? Well let me tell you.

Money is being made by contracting, code word for EXPLOITING, the free labour that is provided by the inmates to Big Business. Yes, Big Business, like Wall Street. In simple terms, corporate stockholders rely on inmates to grow rich. Since I don’t belive anything that is written and published by the FBI/Department of Justice concerning us, I will not quote too many statistics. You know your favorite pair of Brand Name shoes? Chances are it may have been sewn by an inmate. And the pretty bird house that adorns your backyard that says, “Made proudly in the USA?”…It may have come from Riker’s Island. What is the net worth for the exploitation of my people by Fortune 500 companies…? Again, I hate statistics but somewhere in the 950 million range. A YEAR.

Source: Huffington Post

Who are the investors?

1. IBM

2. Microsoft(Yes, Mr. Gates…we’re on to you)

3. Revlon (Who advertises “white beauty” via the media. Another brainwashing tool)

4. Macy’s (Christmas time is big business. Incarceration increases when you don’t have money for gifts)

5. AT &T(Big Brother is always watching and listening)

6. Target

7. Dell…and many, many more…

Does this remind you of anything? Think hard…Nazi Germany with the concentration camps and forced labour comes to my mind. What about yours??? It seems the more things change, the more they remain the same. Another aspect to consider in this diabolical scheme. When the primary breadwinner is incarcerated, the family is left to fend for themselves in terms of food, rent/mortgage, bills, schooling, clothing and life lessons on how to survive. They will, having been exposed to this trauma, will be MORE likely to follow in the footsteps of the incarcerated parent. Broken homes begat broken children. Broken children begat a broken system. A broken system will lead to future generations of “Free Labour.”

Which, my brothers, is all apart of…”The Plan.”

Young White Rage

When the Columbine massacre occurred, white AmeriKlan sat back in horrified wonder at how something so heinous could happen in their quiet community. In a country, like this one, that actually believes its own magnificence, you have those that feel safe and secure in their middle class suburban communities…for white supremacy teaches ALL OF US that bad things do not happen with others that look like you. Fear comes from the “exotic”, the unknown and the different.

When you have the media, a supremacist tool used for brainwashing, that preaches the innocence of images that resemble your own, you become open, lackadaisical and trusting of that image, thusly creating an illusion that is surely destined for failure. Blacks intimately know this system called “supremacist terror” because we are the beneficiaries of it. Therefore we can easily judge most situations that are potentially dangerous, learn how to avoid it and teach our children to recognize its “warning signs”. Those that belong to the system of terror, in simple terms, cannot. Supremacy teaches whites that anyone and everyone who “isn’t like them” is to be regarded with utmost suspicion. Which bring me to the crux of my supposition.

If a young black boy went to Home Depot to buy “certain ingredients”, the cashier would automatically be “suspicious” of why he wanted them. Case in point…I was sick recently and needed some Sudafed. Did you know that the popular cough syrup is used to make a homemade drug called “meth?” I didn’t. In fact, living in my little rural farming community, I’m lost when it comes to many things of this nature. I was questioned, extensively, on why I needed the syrup…”Ummmm…I’m sick?” The manager was called to confirm the purchase and I left with yet another confirmation that in AmeriKlan, something was surely amiss.

The Columbine boys in question look, well…normal. Don’t they?

In fact, they look like average boys you would see walking the streets of Central Park. But then came the diaries they kept…OUT IN THE OPEN! Diaries about anger, killing and “exacting revenge on the world.” Then came a school report…ON NAZISM, and not one teacher blinked, got that “funny feeling in the pit of her stomach” and sought immediately to meet and question the parents. Then came the court ordered anger management classes after they were caught breaking into a van in 1998. Then came the detailed explanation of how he would destroy others…with the date 4/20, (which by the way, WAS HITLER’S BIRTHDAY) written on his calendar, and his own dad claims he never knew about it! Not one person at school…no teacher, no administrator, not one person looked at these kids and went, “Hmmmm…” Ok…sooooooo, let me get this straight:

You live in the same house with a teenage boy, who has obvious anger problems, who has written a manifesto about murdering people, who has researched Hitler and has a police record and to you, the father, the boy is just experiencing normal teen angst? If that was a black boy, believe me, there’d be some ass-whooping going on. And the teacher, who would have had that “funny feeling” from the moment she laid eyes on him, would have alerted the school principal…at once!

I remember the day I watched the news and saw with horror, the videotape with those handsome boys carrying guns and wearing a backwards hat( a symbol of “thuggery” in the black community yet with whites, it’s a fashion statement ). I winced at what the parents were going through. Then my friend from the mid-west called me. She is, perhaps, one of the quickest young women I’ve ever met. I said, “Yeah, I can’t imagine what the moms and dads are feeling right now.” She said ever so quietly…

“Truthbetold, I’m not shocked. Whites are the original terrorists. We know that. Everyone around the world knows that. The only people who doesn’t seem to know that…is them.” At her sharp yet powerful statement, I inhaled. We talked for a while and when I hung up, I realized that she was right. White supremacy, doesn’t just cause terror to brown folks. We are the beneficiaries of their hatred. But the mental strain caused by their own intrinsic terror is what perpetuates these crimes. History doesn’t lie. We know it…They…do not.

Rap, Hip-Hop and All That Jazz

Look at Jay Z:

One can not deny this man is a genius in his own right.

Growing up in my family with soul music all around me, my family played classic R&B like Ben E. King, Percy Sledge, Al Green and Sam Cooke. I grew up knowing all the words to “Kiss and Say Goodbye” by the time I was 8. When Michael Jackson broke down barriers on MTV, we went nuts. The hypnotic sounds of Billie Jean moonwalked across the TV sets of AmeriKlan and set it on fire! Suddenly everyone, black and white, wanted to be M.J. Jheri curls were found on the heads of New Kids on the Block as well as most of black AmeriKlan.

Black soul music, especially Motown, said all the things we couldn’t say. We knew how Marvin felt when he asked, “What’s Going On?” And when Jim Brown dared us to be “Black and Proud” we screamed, Hell yes, brother!! The difference between music back then and music now isn’t what you believe it to be. We didn’t get more violent and full of self-hatred over night. What changed is the PRODUCTION studios that paid us to bear our souls. Berry Gordy told his musicians, singers and songwriters to “be real”. Give the black audience what they want. Smooth sounds, raw sounds, honest sounds and sounds that reflected the times we were facing in AmeriKlan.

Black owned studios controlled black music. Therefore what was put out to the black population was for us, by us. Well…that all changed when whites wanted a piece of black music. Before you ask, How does Truthbetold know that? Well, let’s say that traveling around the United States has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet ALL kinds of people. Artists, fashion designers, painters, poets, writers and musicians, especially when I was in downtown Chicago. I heard stories of how “good it was when WE controlled our shit” and how black artists are PAID to “ghetto-ize their shit for white audiences.”

I listened to X, an older Mississippi born musician, in downtown Chicago, in a blues club called Buddy Guy Legends ( it’s on Wabash Ave if you’re interested ) on how when his band was in its prime, they sold out tickets within 3 days. I heard tales of how he starved and sold his most prized possession, a black and white TV set, to buy a saxophone. He knew that blues music was his calling from God. When they finally found financing, it was a white gentleman, a Jew, who told him to “nigger-ize” his music. Sing about being poorer, more downtrodden, beaten up, say you’re a drinker( he wasn’t) give the audience a sense of your pain and suffering and they’ll “eat it up and we’ll grow rich.” Well he didn’t grow rich. The Jew did. Musicians back in the day were paid a whopping 3% for their talent. The PRODUCTIONS STUDIOS became rich. Musicians struggled to pay the rent.

Why am I telling you this?

Because rap, hip-hop and yes, jazz is very seldom being produced and financed by blacks anymore. It’s a white business now. It is geared towards reinforcing the nigger stereotype, cleverly hidden by good riffs and a harsh, raspy, sexy, black voice…(think Ja Rule) and of course…making money. Now, do I believe that all black owned studios are innocent? No. Of course not. They too play a big part in the “hood waiting to rape your (white)daughter” imagery. But how many black-owned production studios are there in comparison to white ones? ( Yes, I know Roc-A-Fella is huge. Bad Boy Records no longer counts as Lucian Grainge is CEO ). And ultimately who controls what is played, and how often it is played, and on what channel it is played? Answer?

1. Harvey Weinstein

2. Sumner Redstone

3. Phillipe Dauman

4. Warners Bros.

5. Walt Disney (his descendents)

6. MGM ( various siblings since they split up, like Tony Goldwyn, the bad guy from Ghost.)

7. Rupert Murdoch

I’m sure there are more…but they merge, split up and change names constantly.

What’s my point? Untill we blacks can take back the control over our music and our films, all we have to listen to are verbal and lyrical testimonies on how:

1. Cops need to be shot

2. All women are bitches

3. Black life sucks

4. I was raised in the ghetto

5. I smoke crack with my welfare money

6. I went to prison, like, 1000 times

7. I got shot by a rival gang

8. I love to rape girls

9. I can not speak proper English

10. The movie “Precious” is real. I hate that motherfucking film! Sorry, Mr. Daniels. And Gabby, if you are reading this…AmeriKlan will NEVER let you live this down.

The punchline to my post?….wait for it……………………..

The biggest consumers of the grimiest, nastiest, dirtiest rap music are white middle-class boys.

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