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Gay is the Newest Race in Trump’s America



“Black people have no friends.”

Amos Wilson

I Was Wrong



The great and humbling thing about life is recognizing when you are wrong and openly admitting it. I’ve spent years upon years blaming the white male for his evil ways and his unfair policies. What I’ve come to realize upon learning how this system operates is:

The system of white domination is ruled by white males by proxy. 


He may appear to be the king of lies, the sultan of disharmony and the emperor of chaos.

But he is not.

He acts out of his desire to appease his female mirror image.


He understands the very delicate and subtle nuances of rulership. Something that black people STILL do not fully understand.

You must appease, honour, worship and cater to the womb that gave you life. It is the only way that white life has any meaning and the only way to reinforce your male dominance.


I have gotten perhaps 50 or more letters by white males over the years telling me (privately) that they utterly despise the white woman they married, sexed, had children with and the white in-laws that live in their fully finished basement apartments with the expensive Berber carpets.

They tell me tales of how:

She emasculates them in front of his children and in public

She treats him like “a walking ATM machine”

She compares his lovemaking skills to her past lovers

She can’t cook

She’s  a “cold fish in bed”

She’s very dumb and can’t speak well in public

She follows him around the house and nags him


One white man who has given up on all white American females told me how SHE instigates arguments with him in hopes that he’ll strike her and she can call the police, file for divorce and go after his business.

For those of you that will misinterpret this post, please don’t. I’m NOT giving white men a pass on anything. The universe has spoken and both he and his woman will be dealt with accordingly.

This post is for me to admit I was wrong about who is really in charge.

When I saw this tape, it made me think of Emmett Till and how easy it is for black life to be snuffed out by the lies of a deranged white female. It made me think of the countless blacks who are now dead because a white woman “said so.”


As sad and very frightening as the world has become, I’m glad that social media is revealing to THE ENTIRE WORLD what black people have been saying for centuries.


One more thing to my white male readers…


Those of you that will fight for justice in the future ( because your lives are gonna depend on it ), maybe now is the time for you to reel in your woman. ‘Cause she’s gonna get you killed as well.

If you understand what I’m saying.





On Borrowed Time

Image result for like sands through the hourglass



My phone blew up when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as Supreme Court Justice.

I wasn’t the least surprised though.

I fully expect white America to do as they are supposed to do:

Prolong their survival by any means necessary.

As their demographics continue to fall, as drugs continue to ravage their small ( and big ) towns, as their crops continue to rot in the fields due to brown people being rounded up and deported, as their workforce continues to sink into despair, I FULLY expect white America to vote for the most ruthless, savage, totalitarian dictator imaginable who will openly rob them, brutalize them and enslave them.


Because this race of people, who know better than we do how they came to power, will sacrifice their freedoms for the tiny perceived privilege called whiteness. 

And it’s all they will have left.

As funny as it may seem to my long time readers, I no longer hold raw anger towards ANYBODY. Time, meditation and understanding truly helps to heal one’s soul. I understand why America voted for Trump. I understand why Kavanaugh is on the bench. I understand why white women, who scream the loudest about misogyny and unfairness, will gladly sit next to and uphold the regime of men who seek to brutalize her and her daughter.

How do you justify centuries of racism and then turn around and fight for justice for all? 


You don’t.


You keep on fighting for yourself and those that look like you even though YOU no longer believe in the lies. Is it no wonder why a huge chunk of white America suffers from some form of depression/ anxiety? Is it no wonder why white males LEAD in suicides?

This tormented race knows they are on borrowed time and they are frightened beyond words.

My good buddy told me that mulattoes will “take over” and become the new black as whites seek to prolong their existence by sexing us and having children.

I disagree.

This planet is getting hotter and hotter. The UV rays are so strong, so powerful, only the strongest, most heavily melaninated people will be able to withstand this new and changing EcoSystem. Therefore, mating with non-melaninated people will only BACKFIRE.

To those that love that light caramel, mocha latte complexion with (hopefully) green eyes and sandy-coloured hair and INTENTIONALLY seek out partners who will give them “pretty babies”, sorry luv, you’ve made poor choices to continue your lineage.

I could post letters from black males who have written to me to tell me how “sorry they were to have mated ( their words) with white women and produced offspring.”

But I won’t.

Old news.


As we speed towards 2019, more and more blacks will take their children OUT of public schools and homeschool them.

We’ll open more businesses that will rival theirs.

And the planet will RESPOND to our new mindset and open more doors for us.


That is why, 2019 will be a very serious year for the black race and we must prepare for anything. And I do mean anything. As my ex-friend used to say:

A scared muthafucka will kill y’all.


Black women, now is an excellent time to discern who you sex and if you wish to have children. If not, take stellar precaution not to get pregnant. Those outpatient facilities you take for granted WILL NOT be available to you much longer.









A Letter From a White Reader

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I regularly get (long) emails from whites, mostly Americans, asking me to stop judging all of them by the actions of a rotten few. They implore me to “think rationally” with “zero emotion” and stop relaying to the black masses that whites do indeed have some type of power to devastate black people.

Those that are truthful, and there have been quite a few over the past few years, admit shocking racism ( shocking only to them) from their family members, friends, co-workers and even from their children. The main question coming from them is always:

“What can I do?”

Which leads me to this recent letter from a white reader:


“Dear DOAN,

I’ve subscribed to your blog and have enjoyed reading your thoughts even though you paint me with the same brush as everyone else. I’m a white male, in my fifties and was born here. Even though I know the playing field isn’t equal, you and others make it seem as though it’s more severe than ever.

I know I’m not the popular person on here, but I have a serious question to ask you.

What exactly do you want from white people? Is it money? Is it an apology? How can I make it so you don’t hate us? Slavery is over and I know the after effects with the prison system caused you a lot of grief but seriously what do you want from us as a collective? Not being rude or intrusive but just asking a serious question to stop all the hate directed at me just for being white.”





I, along with countless blacks, have written well thought pieces and video responses on the many, many ,many ways whites worldwide can stop this insanity. But for those of you that still don’t understand…here’s a response:


Dear “X”


As a white male, you are the single greatest contributor to this system we call white domination. What can you do EXACTLY to end this insanity, you ask? Well…


  1. If you see something racially amiss, speak up against it out loud.
  2. Take the time to educate your children on racism and explain to them why it is wrong
  3. Admit you do indeed have white privilege and use it to erase barriers
  4. Stop pretending that the things we say don’t count, didn’t really happen or we’re being too sensitive


By denying others the right to their huemanity, you ostracize yourself from huemanity.

In the very near future, whites will find themselves alone with zero allies. Whites in Europe who wish nothing to do with American whites, have already began distancing themselves from you. I know this for a fact.

Have you ever thought what the world will look like when EVERYONE realizes that you and your female counterpart is responsible for their condition economically, agriculturally and otherwise? After all, you are the ones that run things, are you not?

Your vote, your voice and your opinion is what counts, isn’t it?

If you truly desire a level playing field, you’ll find a way to do it.












Dear Negress #6

A letter from a (new) reader…


” Dear DOAN,


I saw this post on a video that talks a lot about the things you’ve mentioned:


( continued )
I’ve also noticed that we are saying a lot of the same things word for word almost. And our energies are shifting towards each other and less and less for them. They can feel it too. On my job, they approach me just to ask me silly questions but I know it’s because they can sense a change in me. I watched the movie you suggested called The Host :

I know you believe in other worldly things so I hope that this doesn’t sound crazy but I truly think whites are from another planet. They came here because they need a host planet to live and feed off. Black people are so enriched in what they need to survive they keep us around to parasite off but it’s getting too late for them.

I’ve always wondered why miscegenation laws are still on the books as illegal but they push interracial sex and having biracial children. Why have sex with the person you hate, right? Why form unions involving children that look like the person you claim is beneath you?

I believe that something is happening to them and their getting desperate to survive. That’s why suddenly you see the black woman on TV with white males. Even in movies you see a very dark skinned black woman with not a hispanic man, not an arab, not an indian man, not a native man but a fair skinned pale white Anglo man.

After all the ish they put us through telling us that we’re the least desirable, ugliest, nappy headed woman on this earth, now they’re promoting us? Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they lynch black males for whistling at their women? Now I can’t walk down the street where I live without seeing a white woman holding a brown baby by herself.

The question that needs to be asked by ALL of us is why?” 



Dear “X”

Thank you for your readership.

I’m going to make an unfortunate prediction.

I remember when Dr. Welsing stated very ominously that the (fake) Jews reached the highest level of integration with the Germans right before they were rounded up. I get the funny feeling that all those folks, they know who they are, that are PERMITTED to have the enemies woman, ( the opposite doesn’t hold as much weight due to the fact that this is still a patriarchy and men make the rules and enforce them) are going to be used as examples on a worldwide stage when the time comes.

I can’t give you FACTS on where Europeans come from because I can’t back anything up. All I have are reasonings, some literary knowledge (which may be falsified by agents of white supremacy) and my gut.

My gut tells me that EVERYTHING indigenous to Nature can withstand the high UV rays of the sun.

My gut tells me that everything Native to Nature has rhythm.

My gut tells me that it is NOT normal to be at war with the very planet that sustains you.

My gut tells me that even though Cultural Curiosity is NATURAL and should be ENCOURAGED in a positive fashion, it is NOT normal to hate and fear others for no reason.


Using that simple logic, I urge you and all my readers to surmise the answers for yourselves.


~ TruthBeTold




The Passing of Trojan Pam

Many of you may have just known her as Trojan Pam or Umoja, the author of Black Love is a Revolutionary Act, but I knew her as Miss Pam. My friend, confidant, mentor and fellow blogger. Pam and I spoke privately on many issues ranging from society, black on black relationships, family, men, girlfriends and “fun” stuff that women liked.

I spoke of her often ( along with Neely Fuller)  and encouraged my readers to buy her books and support her efforts.

So you can imagine my shock and sadness when I learned of her passing.




Image result for pamela evans obituary chicago

Black Family,

Pam did more for us than you could have ever imagined. She awakened us, inspired us, dared us to think and told us that “we are all we have in this system that seeks to feed off of us and destroy us.” Pam is a light that shone brightly and a voice that spoke earnestly for her people. She did what she did because she loved us and believed in us.

Along with countless others, Pam left us too soon but I’ll rest a bit easier knowing that the ancestors are watching and protecting and whispering to us on a daily basis.

Let’s show her that we heard and understood her pleas for us to wake up.

Tonight, before you go to bed, take a minute to say thank you to her for all that she did and the genuine love she had for her people.



Image result for black love is a revolutionary act





The New I.D. Cards are Coming…





This post is for my Alchemist/ Root Workers/ Shaman Family,

I need you to do whatever you must do to help stop this from happening.

I have blogger friends and “regular” friends that are in the process of buying land outside of this corporation or have already bought land but need more time to get themselves together. I also have friends that have chosen to stay right where they are and have chosen to fight for what they believe in.

The beast must be stopped and only we are strong enough to do it.


Join me for a Meditation Session and let’s get to work.


*Special thanks to His Royal Highness for alerting me of this*

The Paradigm Shift is Officially Here Part 2



I wasn’t going to write this but the Spirit guided me to.

Now that Nature has made her official decision, it will happen this way:


For every one of us that is unjustly murdered, beaten, stalked, harassed, bullied, embarrassed, molested, raped, abused and overall mistreated, thousands of them will perish at once. They’re losing their jobs at massive rates due to their zealotry and it’s being caught on tape for the ENTIRE world to witness. Of course, this will be in our favour but we need to be more careful than ever.


Get ready for more mass killings, school shootings, bomb threats, stabbings and all kinds of Nature/ Animal attacks that will “suddenly” pop up in the media, both mainstream and grassroots ( Youtube). Karma is at an all time high so with each attack, they’ll immediately feel the swift justice of the Mother-Father.

Now is the prime time for you to buy land, grow your own food and start businesses!

The planet is giving you a window of opportunity to take back what is rightfully yours.

Seize it and do not be afraid.


The time to distance yourself (psychologically and physically) from your enemy is now.

By being in their company, you will get caught up in their crossfire. With the exception of work, I keep my personal time to myself in my garden. They can sense this and invite me to all types of backyard shindigs, miniature golf, horseback riding, dog parks and hiking trails. I always have an excuse ready as to why I can’t partake and their disappointment is evident.

Move away slowly and take your children OUT of public schools and homeschool them. I was home schooled and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Eat at home, drink your beer at home, never get gas at night and be aware of your surrounds.


Good luck and stay safe.



August is coming so get ready for “a televised event” that will spark your ire and antagonize you. After all, the hottest month of the year needs melanin to thrive and the beast is very hungry.


The Paradigm Shift is Officially Here


My phone rang a few days ago with various bloggers and friends asking me if I had heard of:


The Yale Incident

The Coffee House Incident

The Lawn mowing Incident

The Coupon Incident

The Ice cream Incident

The Barbecue Incident


“No…not all of them but a few”, was my response.

“What the heck is happening and why are they flipping out?”


This question looms in the minds of some of us that aren’t aware of the Earth’s Final Decision.

All living things live and thrive off of energy. Plants needs it, babies can feel it, animals can sense who to trust and who to run away from and even water responds to loving words vs. hateful rhetoric.  This planet is in the full process of cleansing herself and starting over.

We do not dictate to her anything. 

She is in full control.

That’s is why fires are rampant, volcanoes are erupting, streets are literally opening up and devouring people. The ones that She has decided are not supposed to be here any longer are dying off at a rapid rate. 

Some are catching horrific diseases that doctors have never heard of, some are self terminating and others are simply dropping dead for no reason that the average man can explain. The planet has made her choice and we, flesh and blood people, have no other choice but to accept and deal with it.

As Mercury spins into Retrograde and our levels of consciousness increases, those that are destined to be erased, OF ANY RACE, are being exterminated. They are literally dissolving right before our very eyes. Hence the madness, hence the panic, hence the increased fear even though NO ONE has proposed a threat.


Let me ask you a question:

If I bump into you and spill your coffee, whose responsibility is it to make recompense?

It is mine.


Because I’m the one that caused the imbalance and the personal upset.

How can I make reparations ( To repair what is broken )?


  1. I can offer to buy you another fresh cup of coffee.
  2. I can give you the money for the cost of the coffee to buy anything you wish



Once I’ve taken the balanced and proper approach to make things right ( recompense ), I’m giving YOU, the offended party, the POWER to choose your own destiny.  Even if you say, ” Oh, don’t worry about it. Thanks anyway”, The Universe has taken notice that I DID MY PART to make things right and has no need TO INTERVENE.


If I choose to be arrogant and prideful and entitled and throw you a nasty look, a horrid gesture and continue along my way, it should come as NO SHOCK when someone spills an entire bucketful of oil on my favourite and very expensive blouse.


Why are things heating up?

Because it’s time.

Because it’s long overdue.

Because a scared and entitled group, OF ANY RACE, who refuses to do what is right, who takes glee in hurting others, who chooses to hold on to things that do not belong to them, who absolves THEMSELVES to any responsibility, who holds enormous privilege yet feigns the contrary, who uses their privilege for injustice, will ALWAYS act out in methods of self destruction.


What can the rest of us do?


Stay out of it. 

And let Nature handle it. 











Dear Diary #11

One of the things I love about being so innocuous, so harmless looking, is how easily people tell me things.

My growth and development has depended enormously on understanding the hueman condition  and why people do the things that they do. My co-worker, another farmer, let’s call this person “X”, came up to me to air out her frustrations at the world.

She not happy right now ’cause things are changing too fast for her liking. Too many Mexicans are coming over here with free money, free housing, free training, free everything and it’s all being paid for by the “hard-working ‘Mericans of this country.”

I listened as she told me that her grandparents were so poor, they had to catch their own food in the woods. So poor that they had a little radio for entertainment and a pair of socks on her birthday was a great gift.

She lamented on how her one brother almost died from a tragic farming accident and there was no money to get medicines but “those people” get free stuff. I nodded silently as though I really gave a fuck and she continued to rant about how Trump needed MORE support to throw “these foreigners outta here” and rebuild ‘Merica to its former greatness.



Me: But didn’t your folks come here from Germany?

X: Yeah but we did it the “right” way through Ellis Island.

Me: When they got here and spoke no English and had no money, who helped them to acquire farm land?


She turned and looked at me from hair to sandal.

She took a step closer to me allowing me to see that one eye was a bit greener than the other and almost faded freckles splattered across the bridge of her narrow, bony nose.  She was a most startling contrast to my brownness and softness.

Then she spoke showing crooked teeth.


X: Ya know…the people that should get pregnant aren’t and the ones that shouldn’t even be allowed to mate are popping them out left and right.


This is the moment I’ve been waiting for! 


Me: You mean like drug users?  ( I so love to play dumb and can do it better than Britney Spears )


X: I don’t mean to sound racist but certain people should be sterilized. Look at my friend who graduated at the top of her class. Her IQ is about 140! Her and her husband are dying for a baby and they’re BOTH infertile!! Can you imagine that? They own a beautiful home and make tons of money and would give the child the best education possible but they can’t conceive.

Meanwhile, other folks are popping ’em out and can’t even buy diapers! Who ends up paying for that? Me! I support Trump and hopes he builds that wall.


Me: I see.


I nodded slowly as if I was taking it in. My face remained unchanged and I gave no evidence of my “Gotcha, you bitch!” moment.


Me: Well, in the end, only the Powers of Nature gets to decide who and what they want on this planet, right?


She looked at me then went back to her own stand and rearranged her perfect array of fresh dill. I peeked at her, looking at her bony profile, and felt a tiny and surprising tidbit of pity.  Sometimes I shock myself at the level of pity, however fleeting,  I feel for this tormented white race. How awful it must feel to know that you’re dying and there’s nothing, nothing, you can do except rant and grow angrier and more violent.

Between the opioid pandemic, yes…it’s worldwide, the meth craze, suicides, school shootings, sun cancer, low sperm count in 20 year old males, difficulty getting pregnant after the age of 30 for females, multiple miscarriages, erectile dysfunction in 30 year olds, interracial sex that’s literally changing the entire face of Eastern Europe and death rituals being conducted by our Priests and Priestesses ( I’m buddies with one in Louisiana and she tells me of the horrific accidents that only they have ) is it no wonder that they are in full panic mode?

The one thing that still baffles me though is their blatant refusal to acknowledge their Karma. Everyone sees it. Everyone called it. Everyone told them that “your day is a-comin'”. Everyone begged them, for centuries even, to make the playing field more equal lest their progeny suffer.

And yet they continue to deny what is obvious to everyone.

Michael Bradley, a white researcher, foretold of this as their (his) Inheritance.

If he saw it, why can’t they?







Why Are Whites Worried About Becoming a Minority?

I have the most wonderful readers that send me great info.

Thank you, “X”, for this video.



What Black People Need to Start Working On Part 2

Farming has been in my life for as long as I can remember.

From the simple tomato that is grown on my patio to a full-fledged homestead with a workshop, I’ve tackled it all. It comes with its share of aches and pains, cuts and bruises, gains and losses but it’s all worth it to have a life of (near) self sustainability.

At the marketplace, I see the real deal on how the economy and the demographic is rapidly changing. More and more black customers are demanding fresh, organic foods for themselves and their children. They are tired of seeing the Wendy’s, tired of smelling the fried chicken and sick of not having options.

Yesterday, a black female customer almost ran over to me to tell me how refreshing it was to see a black female homesteader. She talked and talked about how things need to change with us and seeing me was proof that change is possible.

I told her that we do exist, quite a lot of us actually, but we’re so spread out all over the country in these little “pockets” that it seems we’re non existent. I advised her to seek out black owned shopping websites to buy from us. Just this Friday, I ordered an awesome CUSTOM summer dress from an Afrikan woman living in London.

I’ve seen black coffee roasters/ brewers, bee keepers, spinach farmers, artists and chefs. We’re EVERYWHERE and in ALL areas. But we need more people to cater to a specific market. 

This is where you come in, Black Family.

Ever heard of Visiting Nurses?

How about Merry Maids?

Well, ever thought about Renta-Chef?

As more and more people get older and have disabilities, they’re gonna need help with meal prep, snacks and full on cooking! Some folks suffer from such severe social anxiety that going to the supermarket is almost terrifying. And factor in a busy mom/ dad who has to work longs shifts, the last thing on their minds is coming home to cook a full meal for a family of 6.

This is where Renta-Chef comes in.



Image result for black chefs



You can grow your own vegetables yourself, or buy them from a black farmer in your area. You prepare the meals:

  1. In your own kitchen and deliver it to said family/person or…
  2. In the customer’s home


You’ll need heavy duty take out tins and a heat bag.


Image result for take out tins



Similar to the ones that the pizza delivery companies have. You negotiate the price depending on the foods made and factor in delivery costs. You can offer:


Vegetarian / Vegan meals

Kids meals

Just snacks

Desserts only

Diabetes/ High blood pressure meals


Last year, I bought a small sausage maker/ meat grinder. The good kind ( don’t skimp on price). I always wanted to try my own turkey/ roasted pepper/ spinach sausage but was intimidated by the process. The first batch came out ok. The second was better and more flavourful. The third was da bomb! Now my family throws hints that they need grilled sausage soon or they’re not gonna make it.

You can offer pre-made meals that just need to be popped in the oven for the family’s convenience like:


Sausages with rice/ pasta. The varieties are enough to make you dizzy

Casseroles. Again, this sub-specialty can include lasagna,  tuna, mac and cheese, etc, etc…


Talk it out with your client and be professional and patient with them. Get business cards and look clean and tidy. No one wants to buy food and eat from someone who is unkempt. When I go to the market, my hair is always neat, my apron is washed and ironed and my fingernails are clean and short. Make sure you carry yourself well and mannerly. You are a representation of your business so EVERYTHING counts! Also, this may sound silly but when talking to clients, DO NOT talk to them while texting, yelling at your kids or chewing gum. 

A woman lost a sale from me once by yelling at her children while she was on the phone with me. Give me your full attention or I’ll take my money elsewhere.


Try this out, Black Family.

Everyone knows you can cook and we are the most diverse cooks on the planet!


Good luck!







Protect and Serve Act



Thank you “X” for this video.


It’s gonna get worse, folks.


Summer’s almost here. Time to ramp up our Rituals.

And So It Continues…

There’s always a tiny few that email me on my views.

There’s always a tiny few that quote the bible and how I should forgive and “let go” of the past.

Then as if by magic, someone sends me an email, a video, a link and all doubt is removed.


I was homeschooled once I became awakened  and never looked back.

This is what is going to happen MORE and MORE as blacks OUTPERFORM whites in their own territory:




Did you see the look of satisfaction on the cops face as he KNEW she did indeed live there but harassed her anyway?

And once again the white female is the culprit.


Please pass this on and let this be known by all Melanin Peoples.




Heatwave and the Power of TransMutation


Did I ever tell you about my little experiment one weekend?

I read an article once on TransMutation. Basically changing from one element, species etc, to another at will and back again. A good example of this is her:


Image result for mystique gif

TransMutation can also mean ABSORBING something, say negative or bad emotions, and changing the negativity into a positive energy by tapping into your Chakras and your Third Eye. One night, I decided to try it. I never thought it would really work but curiosity got the best of me.

I set up my Spiritual Altar just the way I like it and proceeded to:

Bathe with salt soap, washing my hair all the way down to the soles of my feet

Drink my energy infused tea

Burn Cedar, which is a powerful Male Element ruled by Fire and Earth

Light my candles

Sit with my offerings in front of my Altar

And meditate

I simply thought about what I’d like to accomplish, which is to take all the nasty, negative energies I’ve received and trans-mutate that negativity into a potent fear-inducing aura. In other words, I’d like to inspire fear and anxiety to those I wish just by simply being.

No words.

No gestures.

Just by existing.

I sat and meditated on this for many, many minutes til I lost track of time and began to feel a floating sensation all around me. The tiny hairs on the nape of my neck stood erect and my arms were littered with goosepimples. When I opened my eyes at last, it was past my bedtime and I needed to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke feeling high and strangely wired.

I slept deeply and had no dreams at all, which was odd for me. I plaited my long locs into two braids parted in the middle and tied them with a feathered twine at the ends.

I wasn’t really hungry that morning so I skipped my meal and just had tea. As I ventured out, my mind was whirling. I felt energized. Almost manic. But still able to concentrate and was exceptionally calm. At the marketplace, the man at the front entrance collecting the cash saw me, locked eyes and quickly looked away.

As I went closer to him, he took a step back, collected my money, making sure he didn’t touch my fingers, gave me my ticket and quickly left. That was just the beginning.

Would you like to know how my day went?

NOT ONE person approached me.


I was my usual calm, laid back self.

Just sitting there, looking at the early morning sky with a bit of moon still visible, enjoying the bustle of farm life and farm smells. A man who was unloading his meat truck turned around slowly to look at me then lowered his hat further onto his huge forehead, turned, gave me his back and proceeded to take his time unloading his meats and sausages.

I sat there looking at them trying hard not to look at me. I looked at my reflection in my pocket mirror. No hideous transformation had taken place. I was still me. I checked for fangs and horns. Nope. None there. Yet everyone keenly avoided me. Patron after patron passed my stand with nary a glance in my direction. It was as if I didn’t exist.

Since the selection of Donald Trump, the police have been surveying the area much more often and pulling over the tiny but growing black population up here in Farm Town. Today, they passed me, scurried away, refused to look at me, wanted nothing to do with me.

I went home, penniless by the way, not one dime was made and I wondered how I would afford to buy fuel. I thought about what I had done, the impact of it all and how to do it again and turn it off AT WILL.

Black Family, you are not powerless on this earth.

Your secret weapon is the nourishment that lies in your skin, hair, nails and your inner organs. Your Ether is your strength and your weakness. Use the power of the Sun to charge yourself and weaponize yourself.

For those of you that are “heightened”, let me ask you a question:

Ever go into a public place with your senses at 100% and watch just how uncomfortable everyone becomes in your presence?

This is why they call the police.

This is why they see you just sitting in your car, doing absolutely nothing and feel the need to open fire.

This is why your very presence threatens their existence.

Dr. Welsing was correct indeed about the unconscious fear of genetic annihilation but I personally believe that there’s a Spiritual Component to their hatred of you, Black Family. You have the power to do ANYTHING you wish with just a mere thought.

That in of itself is enough to inspire intrepid fear, no?


Why do you think they continuously tell you who you are in film:





I’ve witnessed the power of the Melaninated Mind at work. The fright it brings when concentration brings forth results that defy explanation:


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We just have to tap into it, surrender control and allow it to manifest itself in this realm.

This summer, which is right around the corner, I’d like you, Black Family, to join in a concentrated Melanin-Rich Meditation Session based around the Sun. Meditate on your deepest desires and watch them come to fruition.


Of course they can harm you physically.

Fire you from jobs, torment you at work and spy on you in your yard and yes, kill you with their beloved guns. All these things are trivial in the grand scheme of things and are done to make you lose control. When you don’t give in and tap into your power, they lose.


Let’s mediate on it and see what happens.










For the Love of Black Coffee


In 2014, a former co-worker wrote in a Facebook post that she wished Hylton was still in the store to help her translate for customers who only spoke Spanish 




I wasn’t gonna even do this but my phone blew up over the last 2 days so here goes.


Are we surprised?

Are we shocked that it’s…


Are we surprised that black people will still go there and support this company?

Are we shocked…I’ll stop now.


Black people,

Black power isn’t a raised fist.

It’s intra-racial buying power.

When we finally learn this, they’ll go away.

When we spend our (current) TWO TRILLION dollars on each other, they’ll go away.

When we bypass them and look for us, they’ll go away.

When we stop asking them to love us and learn to love ourselves, they’ll go away.

When we channel our energy towards each other in a loving way and stop throwing it away to everyone else, they’ll go away.


Boycott these companies and watch them fail like H&M.


Pass this on and spread the info.




In case you think whites give a fuck about your feelings:


Police officers monitor activity outside as protesters demonstrate inside the Starbucks store where the two men were arrested last Thursday


Faithfully guarding their own.







The Hunger Games

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So, I’ve been busy planning for a few things and thought I’d drop by with this quick little post.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the political world, China is no longer using the PetroDollar  and Iran has banned the Dollar in trade.

What does that mean in simple English?

America is officially fucked.

In the ass.


It’s been a long time coming though.

Call it bad timing, call it a “bubble burst”, call it the inner workings of bad decisions beginning with the Nixon Era. I simply call it KARMA. Do I really care?


I stopped caring about this shit a loooong time ago when I woke up and realized our melanin was being harvested on a Spiritual plane to keep this bestial system alive.

This needs to happen and should’ve happened a long friggin’ time ago.

But I do care about you, Black Family.

I still love you even though you piss me off sometimes and never listen, never get prepared and still write me letters asking me dumb questions.

So here’s what you NEED to do, like, yesterday, ok?

Go to the gotdamn store and buy the following things:

Bulk rice

Bulk beans

Bulk tuna

Bulk canned chicken

Potato Flakes ( the one where you add water/milk and it becomes mashed potatoes )

Canned vegetables

Bulk pasta

Ramen Noodles

A manual can opener

Sterno ( for cooking)

A 10 gallon gas container

Stabil ( for gas preservation )

A siphon pump





Some clean sewing needles ( in case you need to stitch up a gaping wound)




And some gotdamn bullets



I really don’t wanna hear your shit about:

“I don’t have the mooooneeeeey, Negress!”

You have the money to buy that can of beer though, right?

And don’t forget about that Gucci bag.

And those new fingernails from the Asian Nail Salon.

Shit is getting ready to go down and you, Black Family, are the LEAST protected people in America.

Forget about Trump and his stupid ( yet hysterically funny ) idiotic comments. It’s all a distraction so you’ll get off track. Focus on you and your family’s survival.

Get these items ASAP!!!


By the way, we’ve been getting really cold temperatures lately and I know for a fact that it’s NOT the Great Mother that’s doing it. They are messing with the weather again, delaying winter so they’ll last longer with the burning UV light that heating up this entire planet. For a bunch of “high IQ” folks, they don’t seem to know that UV rays penetrate in ALL types of weather and in water, soil, wood and metal.

I’m one FULL month behind schedule on my herbs and my potatoes with all this snow and I’m pretty angry about it (there’s that anger again). That’s a loss for me, loss of food, loss of money and loss of time. So I have a proposal to make:

How’s about this?

April 15th, there’s going to be a New Moon.

Let’s ask the Mother/ Father to send a hot, blazing, vicious heatwave this summer to blast these motherfuckers outta here. Nature has already decided their fate. Let’s speed things up a bit.

Gather up your altar tools and light your candles. On the 15th, we make things happen.

But for now, Black Family, get moving.

I mean it.

Food prices are gonna skyrocket and you don’t want to get trapped in the crossfire of hungry, desperate people.


I’ve been getting a LOT of letters from white people telling me they’re sorry. It’s not them, per se, it’s the system. It’s not race, really. It’s money. It’s those whites “over there” with money, not the average Chad Smith from over yonder.

Yeah, whatever.

You make all the rules.

You have the power to change it.

I’ve seen what you can do when your livelihood is threatened.

You’re just scared now ’cause it’s finally catching up to you.

You bought this on yourselves.

Fucking deal with it.











The KAMTA Primer by Derric Moore

It’s been awhile, no?

I’ve received several letters asking me what have I been up to for the last few months. Well, I usually take a much needed winter break to rest my soul, mind and body after a long planting and harvest season. This past winter, my days were filled with snow and ice and my nights were filled with wine and a roaring fire.

And a stellar book called Kamta by Derric Moore.

I began my Spiritual journey over twenty years ago. It was fraught with intense pain, confusion and the one constant companion I’ve had my entire life. Anger. I began life angry before I could identify it. I knew something wasn’t right with this world but couldn’t explain it. Anger became my best friend and lead me to solitude and anti-social behaviours which I still exhibit today. Despite the fact that Anger is thought of as a “negative” emotion, it served me well throughout my life.

It prompted me to do better, to try harder, to excel in areas where others foretold my failure. It made me develop a rock hard, alligator thick skin and an air of aloofness that many mistake as nonchalance. I was able to become invisible in public and that became my greatest strength. People chatted freely around me, spilling secrets, showing their true selves and to my benefit, I soaked it up like a thirsty sponge and began my blogging career.

Being black and female and NOT falling into traps in a place like America, is perhaps one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do in my entire life. Everyone, of all races and religions and both genders, came for me. Even the elderly. As if my ambition threatened them at the ripe age of 80. This eventually took its toll and I dropped out of the system as best as I could fearing my sanity was slipping away.

The wonderful thing about hitting rock bottom is the only way out is up.

KAMTA explains this beautifully.

I was contacted by my fellow blogger and friend asking me to read his book and write an honest review. I was deeply humbled that a poor, simple, island farmgirl was honoured with this request.

KAMTA is a well written, well-explained book on the whys of life. It explains, metaphysically, why some of us are able to properly manifest our desires and some aren’t. It tells a tale, with raw and heartfelt honesty, about the reason some of us live embedded in the lower chakras :


Image result


and how The Universe responds to those actions.

Take a look at the Chakras in the picture.

Can you imagine an existence solely based on Primal Need?

Imagine being around a person that lives their life for love of money. For Insatiable Greed. Pulse pounding Sexual Desire. Blood Thirsty Envy. Ignorant Arrogance and Raw Destructive Anger. What kind of energy would that person emit?

What kind of parents would they turn out to be?

Imagine that person having dominion over others.

What kind of leader would they be?

And finally, how do you think the Great Mother/Father would respond to them through the Ether?

Remember when I stated that I am the First Cause? That means that I make choices based on my Free Will. Those choices then come with (negative) consequences or (positive) rewards. I’ve been subjected to both blinding pain and toe curling pleasure based on bad and good choices. But here’s the funny thing about life on this planet that KAMTA explains quite well.

I would have never learned how sweet a ripe apple tastes unless I experienced a sour one. I couldn’t have loved my tiny home more til I experienced the fright of near homelessness. I appreciate my fireplace every winter once I lived through a freezing January with no heat. And I couldn’t have found some measure of healing til I had the displeasure of being wounded.

And for those that write to me constantly and ask me how I’m “managing with things with all these new laws in place”

I’m fine.

I’ve always been fine.

Even in my darkest moments with my most formidable foe, I’m fine.

And you’re (all of you, Black Family) will be fine too. We weathered the storm and those that were meant to survive did and the rest returned to the Spirit World. Life can be painful and experiences can hurt tremendously but the key is to learn from them and to reach a higher level of vibration.

For those of you that need deeper understanding of self and how to tap into your own power, I highly recommend this heartfelt book by Derric Moore.


Amazon link below and please leave a review to help build our family up:





2018: A Time to Get Serious

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A 2017 closes in, I become somber and think about my wins, my defeats and lessons learned. Some lessons were sweet and delightful and much appreciated. Some were harsh and painful and very needed. Life on this planet is about learning and healing and growing and the worst thing in the world to me, at this point in time, is to remain stagnant.

Black Family, there’s no easy way to say this but you, The Originals, are being marked for extermination. Claud Anderson screamed his head off for about 50 years trying to get us to form a community where we have:

A food source ( multiple actually)

A source of water


Child care

A form of neighbourhood watch

A steady job network where we employ EACH OTHER

And a mentality of Do-For-Self


He warned us that we were being “weeded out” by the new wave of immigrants that were being ALLOWED to come here with a job in hand and a place to stay. And he told us that, soon, robotics will phase us out in the food service and housecleaning sector.

And after decades of yelling, all we did was nod and raise our black fist and murmur something about Marcus Garvey then go home and watch TV.

Donald Trump is being prepped for Impeachment so Pence can take his place. A brilliant plan in the minds of white supremacy. One female blogger emailed me privately to tell me that was “The Plan” all along and they needed the dominant society, whites, to go along with it.

If/when Pence comes in, I honestly believe there will be an “incident” that will lead some some type of Martial Law:

A hurricane

A flooding

A mass shooting

A racially induced event that will push the ALREADY angry white population to the brink of more insanity. Race relations are a known favourite tactic and it works like a charm, especially when it involves black man/ white woman. O.J. Simpson anyone?

I venture out quite a bit and I am telling you that whites are suffering under the Trump administration. They are losing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING…and the rage is growing. They are hearing us say that we, the “inferior” ex-slaves, want nothing to do with them. They are smiling at us and their smiles are not being returned.

They are sexually soliciting us and are being rejected. They are seeing us with nice clothes, cars, well kept houses, pretty jewelry and budding businesses as they gaze at their own dilapidated homes with drug addicted spouses. And one thought enters their minds:

“What the hell is going on? Niggers have more than us now?”

This white mindset of extreme ENTITLEMENT, mixed with Anxiety-ridden FEAR, swirled with boiling RAGE equals major problems for us. They are openly claiming that they “rescued” us from the dregs of The Rainforest and gave us the American Dream and we’ve proven to be UNGRATEFUL to them. This ire that they exhibit is a manifestation of their mentality.

The force of Nature that we called God/ Nature has decided that the white man’s/ white woman’s time on this planet is OVER.

Do NOT think for one second that they do not know this because they do. I FEEL it on their minds when I pass them on the street. This is why Trump was so welcomed by them. He promised to “fix” things for them and them ALONE.

White people, regardless of their bravado, are bone chillingly TERRIFIED of the future. They know they’ve done us wrong over and over and over. They know they could’ve fixed this situation so everyone has an equal chance and then maybe, MAYBE, we would have forgiven them and started anew.

But their insatiable greed for power prevented them from joining the Life Cycle of Nature. They have chosen to exist outside of the Ecosystem and are now clinging on for dear life.

Pence will usher in a New World Order where this movie comes to mind:

Image result for the purge

For those of you that haven’t seen The Purge, please do so.

Did you know that Jamaica now has a new Identification system? Yes, black family, they now need a sample of blood and a National ID to travel. This is being tested on the Islands first before it comes to the U.S.

Did you know that Haitians are being rounded up and sent back to Haiti where they will perish under conditions implemented by the Clinton Foundation?

Are you aware that Puerto Ricans, the dark coloured ones, are drinking fecal water and eating junk food while the white ones have vegetables and fresh meat given to them by their mayor? Black Family, we have NO friends. We are alone on this planet where everyone has to gain from our demise. I’ve watched numerous non-black Coloureds cling desperately to white supremacy with their thick accents and ultra brown skin and silk garments. I seen them openly kiss up to whites as whites look on in a fascinating mix of contempt, pity and amusement.

Self preservation is their driving force. Survival by any means necessary.

When will we implement the same driving force?


You were warned…



New America in 2018: A Video of Raw Truth


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Thank you to His Royal Highness for sending me this video.


“New America… as we move forward whites will become more and more unapologetic about their crimes against humanity. They will refuse to be “guilted” out of power. Masking their push for their own white interests will be a thing of the past.


They will increasingly define their vices as virtue, and continue to parade their colonization and conquests as humanitarian aid to an ungrateful world… Their unwavering policy will be reflected in their clear but unspoken sentiment: “look, we stole this land fair and square.” Or in the words of Hillary Clinton, “This is the 21st-century. Get over what happened fifty, one-hundred, two-hundred years ago.”


Let this message be a wake up call to negroes who Believe that the only reason we still remain oppressed is because we have not done enough marching, singing, begging and pleading for whites to recognize their faults. They recognize them even better than we do, and they will not be moved to correct them, instead they are tightening down! and projecting them as virtues. They are recruiting their army, and we’re not even conscious of it.”



I must say I am tickled pink to see this video from a young, white female.

Throughout history white females have been the catalyst for multiple deaths, lynchings, beatings, rapes, the destruction of towns, laws being passed against the interest of blacks and yes, the real ROOT of Jim Crow.

Her innocent appearance and her cries for justice from her own offspring has lead many a nation into ruin. And yet, despite it all, many blacks continue to feel sorry to her, ache to protect her from her own man and will fight to defend her.

Maybe we’ll begin to awaken to the real source of evil when we physically hear her give her white man the command to gun us down in the streets like dogs.

Maybe we’ll begin to awaken to the real source of evil when we physically see her openly plotting to murder us and get away with it then cry great tears of false regret.

During my tenure, the white female has been my most formidable opponent, my deadliest foe and the most underhanded entity I’ve ever met.

I’m awake.

Are you?

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