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Scary Clothing

Listen, I wasn’t going to be bothered with this…it’s ridiculous…but it just won’t stop. So here goes…and, Mr. Rivera, if you happen to be reading this, pay close attention.

1. No article of clothing is an invitation for death. That’s like saying a woman in a short dress is deserving of violation.

2. A black man in a hoodie is no more or less “suspicious” than a white man in a hoodie. Please educate yourself with my photos:


3. The 600lb elephant in the room is RACE. Fucking admit it!

4. AmeriKlan has no empathy, sympathy or understanding of black life. Because we are less than human. I believe 3/5ths was the term. Thank you James Wilson.

5. When you try to explain why someone deserved to be killed due to their clothes, you make AmeriKlan look even stupider than we already look to the rest of the world.

6. Even if Mr. Martin was wearing a suit from the cover of GQ magazine, whites would still classify him as a nigger.

And most importantly….

The fact that this country of fighting for the justice of George Zimmerman tells me that we, as a nation comprised of immigrants, are one of the most fucked-up, sickest, in denial assholes around. I’m ashamed. And you should be too.

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