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The Conversation We Need to Have



Given the recent shootings by white males, James Holmes and Wade Michael Page amongst others, it would seem that AmeriKlan is in desperate need of a long overdue conversation pertaining to white male anger. Many, like myself, may feel that white, Christian, heterosexual males have naught to be angry about but given the rise of hate groups and mass shootings, I would surmise the contrary.

If anyone in the world has the right to be ranting and screaming irate, it’s the black man. I sincerely doubt that anyone who is HONEST will say otherwise. Yet, even within the confines of unemployment, the prison system that beguiles him and the police that literally become wet with desire for a bullet to penetrate his flesh, he finds a way to persevere.

Why are white males so angry?

What’s wrong? What could be wrong? Why are whites itching for this “race war” and doing everything in their power to ignite the flames? And why are black/ brown/ red/ yellow people of all countries turning the other cheek? Why aren’t we giving in? What does this say about our morality Vs.  theirs? And why is NO ONE acknowledging that?

This is one conversation that I welcome ALL peoples of every colour, every religion, every walk of life, especially WHITE MALES, to join in. I’m asking you to tell us what’s going on. Because frankly, we just don’t know anymore.

****This will be an honest, open, adult soul-searching discussion. If you are a troll and bring up bullshit black crime statistics, I’ll ban you****

The Whitetification of Gabby Douglas

Dear Black People,

As much as I love you dearly, sometimes you piss me off and get on my nerves! Instead of being proud of this black child who lead her gymnastics team to gold in one of the most electrifying routines ever seen on television, you criticized her hair. HER HAIR!!! You tore down a black girl who worked hard her whole life, whose mother sacrificed everything so her child could pursue her dreams and made her feel like worthless dung because of the kinky hair that God gave her. Since when is superficiality more important than merit and integrity? Since when do we trash a child who represents us rather than love and support her?

You know damn well at the tender age of 16, Gabby is recognizing her womanhood and sense of self. For her to adorn a dead animal on her head to stifle her harshest critics, black folks, is shameful and disheartening. What happened to us? Why did we become so callous, so unfeeling and so empty? Why put hatred into her mind about her African features and dark skin, the same darkness that fights disease and protects her from the sun’s harmful rays? A hateful heart is an empty heart. And all of you that influenced this child to change her appearance should be ashamed of yourselves! Since when is black beauty an oxymoron? And why didn’t you curse Lolo Jones for having “messy hair?” What’s the difference between Lolo’s out-of-place locks and Gabby’s locks?

NOTHING!!!!! The only reason you pick on this child is because she’s dark! Yet you find nothing wrong with this: Yes….she’s been reduced into an object. The caramel flesh of this Mulatto was on display for the world to see since 2009. Of course Ms. Jones courted the media with revelations of her virginity. Some claim that her prowess is tame in comparison to her teammate but yet she shines! You do know that this plays into the hands of a white supremacist system, right? Doting over a Mulatto that some consider mediocre whilst criticizing an obvious black woman is damaging to both women’s psyche. One gets inflated and the other becomes deflated…both by their skin colour, so both are losers. And you wonder why light-skinned Negroes and dark-skinned Negroes have always had animosity. Of course, Gabby and Lolo chose to go down this road…but it begs the question:

Did outside influences tap into the fears and insecurities of both women? Was the relentless pressure to be blamed? Remember the animosity between Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali? Not one person can deny that Colourism played a role in the heated exchanges between the two athletes.  And why did we allow ourselves to fall prey to this madness? Being a mixed woman with caramel skin, I’ve heard many folks, including my own sisters, cry about the “unfairness” of being born with darker colouring. Frankly, I’m sick of this shit. And I want it to be over. I just haven’t got a clue as to how. I’m pretty mad right now. I’ll take the weekend off from writing to cool down my nerves.

Things This Blog Has Taught Me

This is my 100th post! I can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday I began furiously typing away, revealing more of myself than I ever intended. Funny thing about writers; the more they write, the more they have to say. For this special post, I’ll reveal what this blog has taught me.

1. Black people are far more intelligent, inventive and intuitive than we give ourselves credit for.

2. Whites, even if they fear, hate and profess their superiority and intelligence, can’t stay from us.

3. Black people’s psychological and emotional responses to racism is just a raw as it was 500 years ago.

4. The black intra-love relationship may be shaky but it’s not nearly as bad as others want us to believe it is.

5. Whites are far more fearful of our power than they care to admit.

6. ALL Coloureds basically have the same hurt and pain no matter where they come from.

7. When whites feel deflated and defeated, they resort to childish name calling out of desperation.

8. Not one black person feels warmly about the Divided States of AmeriKlan.

9. Blacks know we need to do better but don’t quite know where to start.

10. A lot of us have given up the dream of equality for this country and are leaving/thinking about leaving AmeriKlan.

11. The internet provides people who are afraid of you with ammunition to hurt you via psychological warfare.

12. The fact that Coloureds all over the world state the SAME THING about whites, tells me that whites, globally, are the biggest threat to humanity the world has ever known.

13. Whites use the power of words to convey hate. In fact, they study the dictionary and thesaurus to perfect their vitriolic vernacular.

14. No one is as obsessed with our genitalia than whites.

15. Blacks have such a connection and relationship to God, it’s almost metaphysical.

16. Envy of our complexion is the root cause of racial animus.

17. Most Coloureds don’t want revenge. They want justice.

18. Whites are ashamed of who they are. The false bravado and fierce defiance is but a front for that shame.

19. The blacks that I’ve spoken to, via personal email, have all agreed that there is “a plan” to wipe us off the face of the earth.

20. Coloureds as a whole do not trust white people.

What has this blog taught you?

Hair Envy Part 1.

Look at this:

And this:

But… ALL this hair envy started with this:

Whites, being the Original Pirates, stole every single thing about our culture. Our food, clothes, music, speech…everything was taken; except the ability to take our hair.

So, in their need to dominate and emulate the very thing they despise, they invented the “perm.” Mr. Charles Nessler developed the very first perm in 1905. It consisted of hot curlers and Borax (sodium borate), a natural household cleaner.  In 1934, this was perfected with the help of the permanent wave machine:

In their need to have the sensual curliness of our natural hair, like this beautiful sister:

They burned their scalps to look like us, all the while convincing us that our natural waves, coils, kinks and corkscrews were “nappy” and unattractive. That is the beauty of white supremacy, boys and girls. The sick ability to duplicate anything they want, apply it to themselves, make it pretty (on them) whilst condemning the Original Person for it.

Tell me folks…have you ever seen a white person who had hair envy or exhibited “hair terrorism?”

Inquiring minds want to know…

The White Woman’s Best Accessory

I can keep going but you get the idea.

Frankly, I’m sick of it. Why are black children such a “hot commodity” with white women?

1. It’s a fad.

2. It’s great way to get attention and further your career.

3. They’ll appear “less racist” by raising a black baby.

Of course this hurts the black child in more ways than one:

1. By taking away the black/brown/yellow/red child from his/her Own Peoples, you confuse the child as to where they belong in reference to their race.

2. Since all white people are apart of the system of white supremacy, they risk mentally harming the Coloured child by placing them in an unsafe environment.

3. Who will teach the child about his/her culture with HONESTY? Who will teach him/her about the role whites play in their culture with HONESTY?

4. What will you say/do when the child is called a nigger for the first time?

5. How can a white person teach a Coloured child about black/brown/red/yellow pride?

Guys, I am adamant about this fad and frankly I’m insulted by it!

We’ve always been property in one way or another. This…this is just too much for me. Yes, yes, I know that there are many of you who will cry and scream about love being the only thing that matters but this is me you’re talking to. Get real.

What are your thoughts?

The Undocumented Immigrant

I was listening to NPR the other day and a caller got my undivided attention. He told tales of how his family worked their fingers to the bone, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, and essentially built this great nation…to have it taken away by “those illegals.” This man cursed and wailed how unfair AmeriKlan was TO WHITE PEOPLE with the loss of jobs due to employers hiring day labourers. With each sentence of how the AmeriKlan he knew and loved was gone, I began to feel rage, bile and bitterness swell within me.

When my people were brought here from West Africa, the slave masters dropped us off in the Caribbean. Sugar cane, tea and rum were hot commodities. My people, poor rural farmers, came to AmeriKlan for a “better life.” What that means today…I really do not know anymore. I actually long for home where I can spend days on my farm with my vegetables, farm animals and fruit trees. Little did we know that this “better life” would include 12 hour workdays, high electric bills, stale rancid air, garbage in the streets and a mortgage that you’ll never pay off.

You know, I’m going to tell you my most embarrassing secret…I’m a natural voyeur. Yes, you read correctly…I love to watch people. I love to sit by the window of a little coffee shop and gaze out at the passers-by. I wonder all sorts of things about them…where they are from, who they are, what lives do they lead and what ethnic origin they are. I have the ability to know when someone is “different” by their hair, nose, eyes and the cast of their skin.

I always wondered why white AmeriKlans believe themselves to be just “American” but not, say…Polish or English. After all, didn’t grandpa come here from Poland or England on a boat? Then I realized why whites living here do that. The white mind, in its infinite disease, will categorize themselves into a monolithic “white” group according to their status of “whiteness”. Whites, being DNA-inferior, must recruit as many “whites” as possible, like the Irish and the Italians, to continue their status as supreme beings. That is why all other groups of Coloured people are seen, treated and verbalized as their country of origin, i.e. Mexican, Jamaican, Samoan, etc…

What they fail to realize and acknowledge is that they are the one true illegal alien in this country.

Escaping British rule and domination, they sought freedom on a Red man’s land. The very land that they stole and committed heinous acts of genocide and perversion. But…please remember that it is because of their sick, twisted mindset, coupled with the fact that they construct all the rules using the one invention they are most proud of:

…that they have the power to call themselves “real” AmeriKlans. Please know that very little is indigenous to the Europeans as they are NOT an indigenous people. Their parasitic tendencies have been their only way of life for over 2,000 years. In fact, it is essential to their survival. Corn, wheat and even rice are all Aboriginal / African in origin. Yet they feast on these “AmeriKlan” foods with bursting pride and tall tales of their pioneering ancestors.

So let’s get back to the caller… He claimed that “illegals” are coming over here and taking away jobs from good, honest, tax-paying AmeriKlans. I thought about this…a lot…and came up with this:

When the Pilgrims arrived here unwashed, unkempt, smelly, unread, unschooled, in need of assistance, hungry, disease-ridden and terrified…the Real Americans of this Land did not reject them. They didn’t curse at them. They made no demands for them to pay taxes. They simply helped them. They taught them skills on how to fish, build homes, make clothes out of animal skins, grow maize and virtually how to survive. These undocumented immigrants in this strange new world, mastered these trades that they learned for free, they then committed genocide against the very people who helped them and forced the survivors onto reservations where they would slowly implode. These undocumented immigrants then constructed laws and rules for their own betterment and forced others that didn’t fit into their social structure into ghettos where they too would slowly implode. These undocumented immigrants then claimed this land as “theirs”, developed a monochromatic culture called: Stars and Stripes, Thanksgiving Day, The 4th of July, Americana…etc. They then claimed certain stolen foods as their own and shunned all other “exotic” peoples, foods and customs that they didn’t agree with as “different” and therefore savage. These undocumented immigrants then sought to control and close the very borders from whence they came to protect what was now “rightfully” theirs.

Buddhism calls what the Natives did for the immigrants Compassion. We call this Altruism.

So let me ask you…what name should we give to the real undocumented immigrants of this land?

10 Things Hurricane Katrina Taught Me

1. AmeriKlan doesn’t give a flying fuck about black people.

2. Bush is more dangerous, sick, evil and wicked than we realize.

3. White people will use any excuse to kill, maim, rape and abuse black people.

4. Katrina was premeditated. Look it up. (9th ward only? C’mon!)

5. If Katrina happened in my neighbourhood, my life and my family’s life would be in grave danger.

6. FEMA is a farce. ( They will help to implement martial law )

7. You CANNOT believe anything the media tells you.

8. The AmeriKlan government creates “situations” for the purpose of depopulation. Swine Flu, anyone?

9. Imagine the sickest, most deviant, evilest, vilest depraved being on earth. Racist Whites are sicker than that.

10. The media will murder any witnesses that dares to speak the truth.

What did Katrina teach/tell you?

Why So Few Black Women Marry White Men

*deep breath*

This will be a hard post, so being the woman that I am, I’m going to dive in with both feet.

Why are so few black women marrying white men? Is it because black women find white men unattractive? No. I don’t think so. In fact, to be brutally honest, I find this man sexy as hell:

But…as sexy as Mr. Bale is, if he was available and wanted me and was a “regular guy”, I would never marry him. Why? Fear. Simple fear.

But Truthbetold, what fear are you talking about?”

My Supposition:

1. In every black woman, whether or not she admits it or is AWARE of it, lies a deep seated fear that one day, the white man that she marries, the father of her children, the man that she built her life with, the man that celebrated her birthday, job promotion and summer home purchase, the man that held her close when she cried, the man that made sweet passionate love to her, will suddenly one day, during a heated fight, which all couples have, open his mouth and call her a nigger. And it will destroy her.

2. Black women, being the subject of the master’s rape fetish, will equate intimacy with a white man to the master’s subjugation.

3. They are not attracted to them emotionally or spiritually.

4. They fear repercussions of the supremacist system.

5. They fear repercussions and ridicule of the white man’s family and friends and their family and friends.

6. They feel they cannot “compete” with white women.

7. They genuinely love their black man and can’t see themselves with a white man.

8. They feel white men are “emotionally empty.”

9. They think white men will not desire them as “wife” material.

10. They are simply not interested.


This post hurt. A lot. It was hard to write and the comments will be brutal but…in my goal to understand and conquer white supremacy, I will never stop exploring the sickness of it.

Any thoughts?

Asian Fetish

White men love “exotic” looking women. (I don’t understand what that means exactly…but whatever…) Always have. That’s how Mulattoes/Mestizos were created. But let’s examine another dynamic of white lust. The Asian Geisha Fetish. The asian woman is thought of as docile, which gives him all the power. She is ultra feminine, loves to serve (again, more power) hairless, petite and horny. All she lives for is sex, sex and more sex. The kinkier the better. What the white woman will not do, the asian woman will do plus a whole lot more.

The fantasy of the Geisha goes waaaaaay back. From foot binding to concubines, asian women are subjected and subjugated to a man’s every whim. Take my friend, X. She calls me on a regular basis and wails about how every white man she meets, on the internet or in person, reveals a kinky, horrifying desire to “fuck an asian chick.” She prefers white men to her own kind, something that irks me and we argue over. I tell her that her need to marry European men is nothing but white supremacist brainwashing. She tells me to mind my own damn business.

She tells me in excruciating detail( some of which I wish she hadn’t ) about how white men love her yellowish skin, the coarseness of her long, straight black hair and her exotic eyes. They beg her to shave so she is totally hairless and ask her questions about how Asian men do it. The funny thing is, she knows of the fetish, admits that it is demeaning, but dates white men anyway. Asian men fling themselves at her shamelessly, but she ignores them for the California blond.

I’ve never had an experience ( Thank Jesus ) with a white man who lusted after me just for my brown skin. But I do know that they exist. What is the fascination with women of colour? And why are white men ever lustful of Asian women? Is it truly that she is more willing than white women to satisfy their lustful, deviant cravings? Or perhaps boredom with white girls? But if that were true, why do white men typically marry and have children with white women?

My Supposition:

1. Asian women, being born into a patriarchal society, are geared to serve her man. And men love that.

2. The hairlessness and petite figure of many ( not all…I’ve seen some Asian females with an ass and bosom that would put any black woman to shame ) Asian women reminds the white male who is subconsciously homosexual of his secret desire…a young boy.

3. It’s just a preference.

What are your thoughts?

Is Reverse Racism Real?

When I hear whites crying about their plight in this New AmeriKlan, I stop and take notice. When I hear wealthy white men and women pointing out how unfair this country is for them, I stop and listen…desperately…for them to tell me how.

“Ohhhhh…you can’t possibly understand how hard it is to be white nowadays! I’m the victim here…you know, with all this reverse racism against white folks! It’s not fair….*sobbing* ….It’s not right!”

What’s a sister to do? So I open my mouth and say…

Ummm, excuse me, sir? There’s no such thing.”

*sobbing stops and the hate stare begins*

The very system of white supremacy dictates who can and cannot be victims.

Whites, since the beginning, have self-segregated from the undesirable other. It is because of that self proclaimed privilege that they are able to oppress others, discriminate against others, scapegoat others whilst elevating themselves to supreme status. Now, with the “browning” of AmeriKlan, along with a black guy for president, whites are feeling more threatened than ever.

On the basis of race, creed and skin colour, non-whites are claiming certain privileges once reserved for whites, i.e. affirmative action. Which begs the question:

Is reverse racism real and if so how?

Big Tobacco’s Dirty Little Secret

Behold the power of advertising. Or as I call it: Subliminal Messages. Here’s Joe Camel chilling at the beach with white girls.

Look at these images and let’s have a chat.

Of course Menthol cigarettes are aimed at the black community. And playing pool? Hmmm…I wonder who loves that? Notice how the font on the box “Fire it up!” looks like graffiti? Now…Look at the black manish- creature with big red lips in this one. Notice the top hat. Who does that remind you of? Give up….?

Look at Uncle Sam’s hat…White supremacy is EVERYWHERE!

Teaching our black kids to kill…

Profiting from The Black Power mantra. Notice how almost regal and statuesque the box looks?

Oral sex with white women:

Child porn fellatio:

 During the 60’s with the Black Power Movement. Notice his right hand almost looks like the power fist, but whilst holding a cigarette?

Hmmmm…Black is Powerful and Sexy! Look at the interweaving of the initials…remind you of anything…?

How about a popular movie? No? Well how ’bout this?

Tony Montana’s signature chair from Scarface…Gangster Glorification. There are NO coincidences.

Now…back to Joe Camel.

Look how they darkened his complexion…notice the HUGE penis protruding from the sheets. Look who his TWO bed partners are:

Now look at Joe’s face. Look real good.

Notice how the camels body almost resembles a human exo-skeleton?

What have we learned boys and girls?

Open Discussion #1

Last night, after a heated discussion about one of my posts, I realized that we Coloureds need to air out our frustrations about this crazy world we’re living in. A simple topic lead to hurt feelings which is counterproductive to our struggle. We are family. All of us. If we took a DNA test, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we are blood relations.

I personally do not like arguing with my people. I find it fruitless. So, I’m going to start an open discussion post every so often so we can talk about whatever is on our minds. Since we all live so spread out from each other…one poster isn’t even in North America, I can’t organize my people the way I’d like, so let’s do it this way. I find that talking, asking for help and seeking advise is the best way to heal from living in a supremacist society. I’ll keep this post up for a few days to let everyone have a turn.

So on this page, nothing is off limits, but there are rules:

1. No disrespect / hate of our people. NO name calling.

2. Everyone must help one another with plausible and reasonable solutions.

3. Speak honestly and openly about what’s troubling us.

4. We must promote education and spiritual healing through books, movies, documentaries( Mickey, you are awesome!!! ) and research.

Soooo……I’ll go first:

I went to main street the other day and saw this little girl, probably around 14 or 15, with low-slung pants and a thong showing above her waistband! I stopped to stare at her. I thought to myself, at that age, if I had worn that, my mama would’ve whooped my black ass.

What’s going on with our kids, people?

The White Culture’s Dirty Little Secret

FACTS: White men commit 66.9% of assaults on family members and children, 47% of murders , 73.3% of sex offenses, 65% of forcible rape, 63% of aggravated assault, 69% of burglary, 75.4% of vandalism, 59% of violent crime, 78% of arson, 63% of auto theft , 58% of suspicion, 68.7% of fraud etc… Also 88% of Serial Killers and Serial Rapists are white males.
{source: FBI}

When I first heard about this man, it reminded me of the Catholic Church scandal:




Then when heard how EVERYONE in his carefully protected circle knew about his perversion and kept quiet…it horrified me.

Then when I heard how one guy walked in on the rapes and heard the sickening “slapping, wet noises” and the “grunts and squeals” and saw, with the two eyes God gave him the rape of a boy…and turned around and left…I said “no way.” No way is this possible. Children are off-limits. That’s the code. When I traveled, I met some folks that just came out of the slammer. They were my patients, being treated for gangrene, diabetic foot or some other affliction. They told me of “The Code.”

“You don’t touch babies.” It was that simple. A hardened criminal was rendered a crying, broken man at the sight of a child covered in blood. That is perhaps the one thing all felons agree on. You don’t touch kids. So why, in this Puritanical country with the Constitution behind us for support, with laws( Megan’s Law…only white people get to have laws named after them ), the political correctness, the conservatives who preach “family values”, do you have a man who fucks babies and gets away with it?

Repeat after the Negress…..


I watched horrified, and I don’t watch too much AmeriKlan Propaganda Idiot Box,at the dozens, if not hundreds of boys, some now grown men with wives and children of their own, who admitted their most shameful secret of lost innocence. Sandusky, had a foundation, The Second Mile, which HE founded in 1977. It’s been quoted that the not-for-profit foundation serves “at-risk” ( read…vulnerable and poor. In AmeriKlan that also means Coloured ) children. Since Mr. Sandusky’s foundation doesn’t charge a fee, who are these mysterious donors?

1. Hershey…located near State College

2. President Bush…W, not the dad

3. Pepsi

4. Walmart and other fortune 500 companies

Sooooo…let me get this straight, boys and girls…give me a moment.

Ok…so a white, rich, football coach who is renowned in his community, sets up a foundation for disenfranchised youngsters, rapes them, obliterates their youth, life( some committed suicide, which makes him a murderer ) and dreams of a “normal life”, folks know about it, cover it up for 35 years and he continues to get grants to continue his pederasty? Hmmmm…let me ask you all a burning question and please answer me honestly…


And did you hear his attorney’s explanation for his “love” of children? “He’s got Histrionic Personality Disorder.”

Wikipedia Definition:

Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriately seductive behavior, usually beginning in early adulthood. These individuals are lively, dramatic, vivacious, enthusiastic, and flirtatious. HPD is most commonly found in the United States and affects four times as many women as men.[1] It has a prevalence of 2–3% in the general population, and 10–15% in inpatient and outpatient mental health institutions.[2]

HPD lies in the dramatic cluster of personality disorders.[3] People with HPD have a high need for attention, make loud and inappropriate appearances, exaggerate their behaviors and emotions, and crave stimulation.[3] They may exhibit sexually provocative behavior, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and can be easily influenced by others. Associated features include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.

Black People Definition:

Sandusky is a fucking pervert.

I just loooooove when wealthy whites who do bad things, make up shit about their mental health to justify why they rape, kill, maim, steal, swindle, lie, torture, sell, exploit and deceive others.

“White man, why did you kill your child and cut him up into pieces?”

Ummmmm…it’s not my fault. Aliens made me do it.”

Too bad that doesn’t work for the rest of us.

And now, after a ridiculous trial in which the victims, now grown men, are called on while weeping and sobbing, must recall their worst nightmare…for the sake of justice too late. His own adopted son claims that he too was a victim of his father’s “love of children.” I have some questions I’d like to ask.

1. Where was the wife when Sandusky brought young boys home…into his bedroom?

2. Why haven’t the other members of Penn State been charged with being an accomplice?

3. Why is the media refusing to accept and acknowledge that child pederasty is rampant within the white culture?

4. Where are the guest speakers, scholars, school psychologists and psychiatrists that explain why predominately white males are prone to this behavior?

5. Where is the media outrage at white men and the measures that are being done to protect children from their lust of juvenile flesh?

6. Where are the articles that show statistics of white men raping and molesting their daughters, nieces, cousins and sisters?

7. Where are the correlation studies that show that pederasty / homosexuality has been encourage since the Roman Empire?

8. Why are whites distancing themselves from taking responsibility that Sandusky, like it or not, is “one of them?”

9. Where are the 24/7 news reports with Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Faux News that show FBI statistics?

10. Why is this so prominent within the white race but black crime rates still take center stage?

{ Disclaimer: I know fully well that all races, males and females, commit sex crimes. But since the white media LOVES statistics…what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.}

Perhaps my favourite response of all comes from his white wife, Dottie.

“Mrs. Sandusky, did you know about your husband’s love of child flesh?”

“Why no…I’ve never heard of such things! May I get his pension plan now?”

I’m sickened.

The Three D’s of Supremacist Psychological Warfare


This is big. Have you ever tried to explain your plight and struggles to a white person only to have them tell you that “it’s all in your imagination?” Or what about, “you’re making a big deal out of nothing?” Well if you have, welcome to the denial strategy. Denial is a powerful tool used for confusion and casting doubt. Having the victim doubt themselves renders them vulnerable and susceptible to your brainwashing. It also inhibits others from coming to their rescue, which leaves them defenseless. That includes the brainwashing techniques of :

a. The backhanded compliment, “Oh…you speak so well!”

b. The passive-aggressive act of psychological violence, “Excuse me, Reggie? ( in front of your peers) Your ideas are not coming across very clearly.”

c. The mob mentality or “ganging-up” on someone, “It’s true, everyone agrees that Keisha isn’t right for the job.”

Don’t be fooled. In AmeriKlan, where this system is rampant and inborn, trust your gut instincts to pick up on that “vibe.” And if anyone tries to dissuade you from your own instincts…run.


This is a common and well know tactic. Ever tried to relay a story about being followed in a store and your white counterpart interjects, “But that happened to me too!” Or, “Well, I don’t see how that’s racist because Tim is just an asshole.” This tactic of mental warfare is done on purpose to make your plight seem:

a. Trivial

b. Unimportant

c. Petty

d. To undermine the seriousness of your struggle

The worst thing a white supremacist wants to hear, is that you are on to them. By deflecting your plight, shame and anger, it makes you feel as if your feelings and statements are simple hyperbole. It is done to invalidate you.  Don’t fall for this strategy. This also tricks you into having a debate with them…to further educate them on just how AWARE you are of their trickery. This is where I fall prey. At times, my temper and, unfortunately my ego, get the best of me and I get sucked into an argument with the very person who wishes to see me destroyed. It is only after I am seething, that I realize that I’ve been had. I tend not to argue with my own kind, this is counter-productive, especially when I see that they too are victims of this disease, instead compassion and education is the way to go…except in the case of the Black Anglo-Saxon( a post to come this week ). Remember the line in Godfather where Marlon Brando tells Sonny, played by Jim Caan, “Never tell anyone outside the family what you’re thinking!” Well, keep your business within our family and don’t get sucked into it. I will fight hard to remember this in the future.


This is an obvious one and it stings the ego. Have you ever been in the midst of a story or explanation of how you were treated because of your colour and a white person, purposefully, begins to spew facts on black crime rates and gangs? You stop in mid- sentence and go:

“Hey…wait a minute…I was talking here. WTF?” Well, my sisters and brothers, this clever tactic is done to derail the honesty of your statements, to throw the focus off of them and bring the focus on how you and your people are the cause of your own issues. You are your own worst enemy…and if you could just realize that, all would be well with Oz. I remember the white girl, it’s mostly white women where I’m concerned, who cut me off in mid-sentence during my explanation of racial profiling to tell me that Africa was the number one country in the world that rapes women.

As if one had anything to do with the other! But this is what they do….and we, if not armed with knowledge on how to recognize its signs and the reasons why they do it, will fall prey…again and again.

10 Racist Movies I’d Like to Burn


1. Precious ( Gabby, you are a fine actress. No offense but I hate your film )

2. Gone With the Wind

3. Driving Miss Daisy( Fuck Miss Daisy! Let her take the bus! )

4. All Tyler Perry movies ( except: The Family That Preys and Why Did I Get Married )

5. The Colour Purple

6. The Blind Side ( I’d like to blind the asshole who wrote the script )

7. The Green Mile

8. King Kong ( Whites are OBSESSED with this movie )



9. Mississippi Burning ( sorry Mr. Dafoe. You gave a fine performance but I hate your movie )

10. Avatar ( Mr. Cameron? Please stop now….)

Any others you want to add????

Wise As An Owl

I’ve been working on this post for a while now. I deleted it. Then rewrote it. It’s ridiculous, really, but it needs to be said. Since whites in AmeriKlan…





Bad about themselves from a black person, God made Tim Wise. If you don’t know Tim J. Wise, let me tell you a few things about this fellow:

He’s a white anti-racist scholar….or so he claims. He’s a southerner. He’s an author and an orator that speaks about whiteness and its supremacist machinations in AmeriKlan. He’s trained companies and law enforcement officials on how to undo racial practices in the workforce( which we blacks know only teaches them how to be MORE racist and get away with it ). And he’s esteemed, well-spoken, highly educated and thought to be “One of the most brilliant, articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation.”

“Tim Wise is one of the few people, along with perhaps Frederick Douglass, who has ever really spoken honestly and forcefully to white people about themselves…” —Charles Ogletree, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Director, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice

“(Wise’s) work is revolutionary, and those who react negatively are simply afraid of hearing the truth…” —Robin D.G. Kelley, Professor of History, University of Southern California, author of Race Rebels, and Yo’ Mama’s Disfunktional!

I’ve noticed a few things about the white mind while traveling across this country. Most whites in this society are monolithic. They act, speak and think the exact same things. That’s why say, in Vermont, I can hear the same conversation with two white women that I hear in say, Michigan. White supremacy has prepped them from birth on how to be the same..think the same…eat the same…shop in all the same stores…much like The Borg. With supremacy, sameness is key. Since I no longer speak to or have relations with whites lest I go mad, I wonder who will converse with them regarding The Problem with No Name?” (Folks, if you haven’t read my post yet, please do.)

Wise, a white scholar, says EXACTLY the same things blacks have been saying for centuries, in fact he himself even says that he is NOT saying anything new. Yet when he speaks, a hush falls over the crowd and they hang onto his every word in adoration. In fact, with his old southern-like, preacher-ish way of speaking, he reminds me of the Baptist ministers I knew in church. Please listen to an excerpt:

Wise, ever so eloquently, explained to an “educated” white man why only blacks can call each other “niggers.” The man, in his desperate need to understand this “problem with no name” was transfixed. I found the whole thing riveting. And extremely amusing. I began to wonder why is Mr. Tim Wise the voice to be heard regarding the “complicated issue of race in AmeriKlan?”

My Supposition:

1. Whites don’t want to hear a black person tell them anything about racism for fear of being blamed for it. Remember, whites in AmeriKlan are good, decent, moral, Puritanical Christians (excuse me while I cough). Getting blamed for something that happened a really, really, really long time ago forces them to deal with their sickness called racism. And it also forces them to answer for the sins of perpetuating this supremacist society directly or indirectly, with the most detrimental of all actions: silence and acceptance. Who wants to swallow that medicine?

2. Whites only believe what other whites tell and teach them. This is the foundation of racism in and of itself. But don’t tell them that. That’s why only white people can teach other white people about racism. Please see example #1.

3. Mr. Wise, a white man, will “break it to them gently” using lengthy, multi-syllabic words while a black person will just say it “like it is”. This matters greatly to them. The way you say something is more important than what you say.

4. Wise, who shares their skin, doesn’t pose as a threat to their whiteness.

5. Because blacks are considered scary to converse with it. See Example #1.

6. Because blacks are still considered inferior, low-class, dumb and nothing can be learned from the black man.

Why is this a problem, you ask? Why even write this post? Because Mr. Wise, in his alleged “goodness” has taken on the White Man’s Burden Syndrome…for white people. This burden, given to them by The Almighty, compels them to be the omniscient beings they were born to be. In order for whites to understand the pathology of their illness, they need to be confronted with it. Head on. We’re not children. Blacks had no choice but to confront racial hatred head on so why should whites be coddled?

They know EXACTLY what this “problem with no name” is. They know every single time they look at our brown faces…and glance away. They know when they feel the need to stop talking whenever we enter the room. They know when they are fearful of saying the “wrong things” and upsetting us. And they know every time an incident occurs because of racism and they try, oh so desperately to convince us, “See? It happened to me too!” I don’t buy the bullshit! And neither should you!

In fact, my awakening has lead me to believe that white supremacy intentionally created Mr. Wise as a distraction to Amos Wilson, Dr. Welsing and Neely Fuller. If I’ve learned one thing about the system of white supremacy, that thing is this:

White people will do just about anything to remain supreme.

Blackaholics Anonymous

Hi. My name is Chad and I’m addicted to black people.”

Hi Chad!”

I secretly envy them. Watch “black” movies, try to walk like them, dress like them, act like them…and it’s ruining my life!”

Do you know someone like Chad? A well-to-do white ( or working-class ) person who fits this description? I do. I work with a “Chad” and between snickering at him, looking at him with utter amazement and wondering what happened, I decided to explore why Chad left the cushy world of argyles and fisherman’s sweaters for chains, backwards hats and a dialect that even the most “street” black person finds amusing.

I went to public school. That means I saw all kinds of kids from all backgrounds. But the ones that stuck out most in my mind was the white child who wanted to fit in with the black kids. He wanted this so desperately, he grew dreadlocks, began to listen to 2 live crew, got an earring( the most potent form of rebellion back in the day ), cut class and started smoking. He also began to desire black women. And not just any black woman but the darkest black woman he could find. I began to wonder where this was coming from….

In college, the same phenomenon occurred; especially with the lust for dark-skinned women. Then it dawned on me. Whites have convinced themselves, through their own white supremacy, that they have no culture, no indigenous food, no “real music” ( Johnny Cash and Elvis don’t count since they were heavily influenced by black singers ), no dance ( Polka apparently isn’t popular with youngsters ) and thusly, no identity. They wanted to be apart of something “cool”, fresh, new, exciting and taboo. And in white supremacist AmeriKlan, what could be more exciting, taboo and popular than the culture of blacks? Forbidden fruit is always sweetest. I tried to understand how this affinity for black culture came about. After all, aren’t we inferior beings? We’re always told that we are the lowest form of humans on earth and how no self-respecting white person could ever desire to be black. So what gives?

Black mystery has always been apart of the white conscience. We are deemed suave, great dancers, sensual( this is both good and bad ) athletic but also unintelligent, slow, inept and downtrodden. Why would an alleged race of “superior” people want to aspire to be like us? Because white society, the rulers, can pick apart all the good within any culture, apply it to themselves for their betterment whilst pointing out why that very culture is beneath them. Case in point? Look at this:

And this:

Both are white women with  typical “black” features. We were given these assets, yes, I made a pun, from God. On us, it’s deemed disgusting, unkempt, unattractive….On them, it’s a “phenomenon”…white women EVERYWHERE want the “Kim Look“. Uhhhhhh….excuse me? What is the “Kim Look” exactly? Curvaceousness? Didn’t black women write the book on curves?

And that’s why when a certain movie star had this look, AmeriKlan went crazy:


People, after observing this out in the open, (and remember, I am invisible so people say and do certain things right in front of me) I decided that white society depends on blacks for more than just touchdowns. We are a necessary part of their own self discovery. For Example: without Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Muddy Waters…Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Stevie Ray Vaughan wouldn’t be the superstars they are today. And that’s only show business. Imagine if we tapped into food, art, dance, literature, dialect and clothing? I’d be typing for days…

AmeriKlan’s Free Labour System

My brothers and sisters, do not be fooled. Prison was created for a reason. The answer? Free Labour.

I don’t need to tell you about our past as slaves, the ridiculous taxes that they knew we couldn’t pay once (physical)slavery ended and the police that collaborated with the court system to arrest us for the slightest infraction, a thing called “Black Tax“…we already touched on that. What I want to discuss today is the way it currently operates. Under the very clever cloak of “planting evidence” by the police, racial profiling and the bribes that the judges get, the prison system is a booming business. And the longer the sentences, the greater the payoff per “head count.” Privatized prisons make even more money per “head.” Which is why strict policing and irredeemable punishment is encouraged in predominately black neighbourhoods.

Free labour, A.K.A. slavery is illegal. Not illegal in the sense that it does not happen, it does…it’s illegal on paper, for show and tell. AmeriKlan is a country that is prideful of its own magnificence. Never mind the killing, raping, stealing, cheating and utter hypocrisy, that is unimportant. What is important, however, is AmeriKlan’s wealth. Free labour helped whites to buy that wonderful Victorian home with the gingerbread moulding, on 100 acres with the white picket fence. Free labour helped whites to open businesses that enabled their children to go to the best schools. Free labour helped whites to build communities, built by us, that we were not allowed to live in, so they could self segregate from the savage that sought to rape their daughters. And free labour helped older whites to pass on literally, billions of dollars to their spawn so that, they too could live comfortably in the country that we built.

Today, in this glorious nation, free labour is called The Prison System. When a black/brown man gets caught with a Mary Jane cigarette or baggie and is sentenced to 20 years in prison, while a white teenager is let off with a “stern warning”, you must ask yourself a serious question. What’s going on? When a black man steals a pair of shoes( I’m NOT excusing bad behaviour) and gets life imprisonment and a young white girl, a la Winona Ryder, gets 100 hours of community service, you must ask your self, what’s going on? Well let me tell you.

Money is being made by contracting, code word for EXPLOITING, the free labour that is provided by the inmates to Big Business. Yes, Big Business, like Wall Street. In simple terms, corporate stockholders rely on inmates to grow rich. Since I don’t belive anything that is written and published by the FBI/Department of Justice concerning us, I will not quote too many statistics. You know your favorite pair of Brand Name shoes? Chances are it may have been sewn by an inmate. And the pretty bird house that adorns your backyard that says, “Made proudly in the USA?”…It may have come from Riker’s Island. What is the net worth for the exploitation of my people by Fortune 500 companies…? Again, I hate statistics but somewhere in the 950 million range. A YEAR.

Source: Huffington Post

Who are the investors?

1. IBM

2. Microsoft(Yes, Mr. Gates…we’re on to you)

3. Revlon (Who advertises “white beauty” via the media. Another brainwashing tool)

4. Macy’s (Christmas time is big business. Incarceration increases when you don’t have money for gifts)

5. AT &T(Big Brother is always watching and listening)

6. Target

7. Dell…and many, many more…

Does this remind you of anything? Think hard…Nazi Germany with the concentration camps and forced labour comes to my mind. What about yours??? It seems the more things change, the more they remain the same. Another aspect to consider in this diabolical scheme. When the primary breadwinner is incarcerated, the family is left to fend for themselves in terms of food, rent/mortgage, bills, schooling, clothing and life lessons on how to survive. They will, having been exposed to this trauma, will be MORE likely to follow in the footsteps of the incarcerated parent. Broken homes begat broken children. Broken children begat a broken system. A broken system will lead to future generations of “Free Labour.”

Which, my brothers, is all apart of…”The Plan.”

Young White Rage

When the Columbine massacre occurred, white AmeriKlan sat back in horrified wonder at how something so heinous could happen in their quiet community. In a country, like this one, that actually believes its own magnificence, you have those that feel safe and secure in their middle class suburban communities…for white supremacy teaches ALL OF US that bad things do not happen with others that look like you. Fear comes from the “exotic”, the unknown and the different.

When you have the media, a supremacist tool used for brainwashing, that preaches the innocence of images that resemble your own, you become open, lackadaisical and trusting of that image, thusly creating an illusion that is surely destined for failure. Blacks intimately know this system called “supremacist terror” because we are the beneficiaries of it. Therefore we can easily judge most situations that are potentially dangerous, learn how to avoid it and teach our children to recognize its “warning signs”. Those that belong to the system of terror, in simple terms, cannot. Supremacy teaches whites that anyone and everyone who “isn’t like them” is to be regarded with utmost suspicion. Which bring me to the crux of my supposition.

If a young black boy went to Home Depot to buy “certain ingredients”, the cashier would automatically be “suspicious” of why he wanted them. Case in point…I was sick recently and needed some Sudafed. Did you know that the popular cough syrup is used to make a homemade drug called “meth?” I didn’t. In fact, living in my little rural farming community, I’m lost when it comes to many things of this nature. I was questioned, extensively, on why I needed the syrup…”Ummmm…I’m sick?” The manager was called to confirm the purchase and I left with yet another confirmation that in AmeriKlan, something was surely amiss.

The Columbine boys in question look, well…normal. Don’t they?

In fact, they look like average boys you would see walking the streets of Central Park. But then came the diaries they kept…OUT IN THE OPEN! Diaries about anger, killing and “exacting revenge on the world.” Then came a school report…ON NAZISM, and not one teacher blinked, got that “funny feeling in the pit of her stomach” and sought immediately to meet and question the parents. Then came the court ordered anger management classes after they were caught breaking into a van in 1998. Then came the detailed explanation of how he would destroy others…with the date 4/20, (which by the way, WAS HITLER’S BIRTHDAY) written on his calendar, and his own dad claims he never knew about it! Not one person at school…no teacher, no administrator, not one person looked at these kids and went, “Hmmmm…” Ok…sooooooo, let me get this straight:

You live in the same house with a teenage boy, who has obvious anger problems, who has written a manifesto about murdering people, who has researched Hitler and has a police record and to you, the father, the boy is just experiencing normal teen angst? If that was a black boy, believe me, there’d be some ass-whooping going on. And the teacher, who would have had that “funny feeling” from the moment she laid eyes on him, would have alerted the school principal…at once!

I remember the day I watched the news and saw with horror, the videotape with those handsome boys carrying guns and wearing a backwards hat( a symbol of “thuggery” in the black community yet with whites, it’s a fashion statement ). I winced at what the parents were going through. Then my friend from the mid-west called me. She is, perhaps, one of the quickest young women I’ve ever met. I said, “Yeah, I can’t imagine what the moms and dads are feeling right now.” She said ever so quietly…

“Truthbetold, I’m not shocked. Whites are the original terrorists. We know that. Everyone around the world knows that. The only people who doesn’t seem to know that…is them.” At her sharp yet powerful statement, I inhaled. We talked for a while and when I hung up, I realized that she was right. White supremacy, doesn’t just cause terror to brown folks. We are the beneficiaries of their hatred. But the mental strain caused by their own intrinsic terror is what perpetuates these crimes. History doesn’t lie. We know it…They…do not.

Extra, Extra…Read All About It..

“SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — George Zimmerman has returned to Florida and will turn himself in to authorities by Sunday’s deadline after a judge revoked his bond in the Trayvon Martin case, an attorney said.

Attorney Mark O’Mara announced Zimmerman’s return on his website Sunday, saying Zimmerman arrived late Saturday evening. Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of the 17-year-old Martin, was ordered by a judge Friday to return to jail.

The press release on the website said the deadline for his surrender is 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

The judge revoked Zimmerman’s bond, suggesting he and his wife had not been honest about their finances. During a bond hearing in April, the couple had indicated they had limited funds. But prosecutors say Zimmerman had raised thousands through a website he had set up for his legal defense.

Zimmerman’s legal team said Sunday that they will ask for a new bond hearing to address those concerns, and that they hope Zimmerman’s voluntary surrender will show he is not a flight risk. Furthermore, the money Zimmerman has raised is in an independent trust and cannot be directly accessed by Zimmerman or his attorneys, according to the press release.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to the second-degree murder charge. He maintains he shot Martin in self-defense under Florida’s so-called “stand your ground” law because the teen, who was unarmed, was beating him up after confronting Zimmerman about following him in a gated community outside Orlando.

Zimmerman’s credibility could become an issue at trial, legal experts said, noting the case hinges on jurors believing Zimmerman’s account of what happened the night in February that Martin was killed.”

Source: Yahoo News

Guys, I don’t believe anything the news tells me, except the time and date. But let me ask a serious question…

If Mr. Zimmerman was a black man who LIED about his finances, wouldn’t his credibility be destroyed from the moment everyone found out he lied? Honest answers folks…

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