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Black People: Wake Up!

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Don’t be fooled. All politicians are two sides of the same coin!

The Revelation of Truthbetold

There are certain moments in a person’s life that they’ll never forget. That first kiss, that first job, first house…and where you were and what you were feeling when Barack Obama became President of the United States. I was on assignment, sitting in my rented cottage, looking earnestly at the TV screen…..and then…there it was….”Obama Wins!!!!!”

I jumped up off the couch and screamed, “Ohhhhhhhh My God!. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss…….Praise Jesus! Thank you, Lord!!!!” I jumped around wildly, like a raving derelict, knocking over my peppermint tea, fumbling for the phone to call EVERY person I knew…so jubliant that I, a young, black woman could witness history in the making during my lifetime. Obama’s win was my win. My victory. My hope that AmeriKlan, a country with such a sorted, evil, shameful past, could begin to heal and finally move forward. I cried like a newborn baby. I cried so much, I became dizzy and needed to lie down. I prayed to God that night to let us, humans, heal from the sins of our forefathers and move towards a brighter future. Not just as black men and women but as people, the way God intended.

The next day at work, you could see the happiness in ALL of the the black worker’s faces, some of the Latinos and some asians. The faces of my white co-workers told a different tale. They looked sour. Upset. Frightened. Agitated. They barely spoke. Not one of them looked at me. In fact, the only white woman who asked me regularly, “How was your weekend?” made sure she kept her eyes firmly planted on her desk. I wondered what was going on? What was their problem? Obama’s win was their win too. He said that he would try to help ALL people, no matter who or what they were…so what gives?

I noticed that the first week everyone was jubilant. TV shows ran footage of him and Mrs. Obama hugging, kissing, holding hands and pictures of his adorable girls smiling proudly at dad. Sure, there were a few grumbles and grunts from the McCain team(Hey Sarah…hahahahaha!!!! Go back to moose hunting now) but surely AmeriKlan was happy, right? Isn’t this what we’ve been praying for? An opportunity to move on? To heal? To finally “get over it?”

Little did I know that this was just getting started. Rush and his ilk on Faux News would annihilate Obama and his wife, something they rarely did with the president’s wives…Beck would dredge up the most vicious lies saying that Obama, a hybrid like most of black AmeriKlan, hates white people….Then the Tea Party…Then the Birth certificate(Fuck you, Donald)……and so it goes. Then AmeriKlan turned on the very man they helped to elect in like, two years. He said that this would not be an easy journey. Too much damage was done(Thank you Mr. Bush). We’d need about eight or nine years to get back on track. He said it from day damn one. He never lied. Yet the poison continues. And continues and continues….

AmeriKlans, tell me something? What did you want from us? You had the perfect opportunity to prove that you can move onward from the evil that was and continues to be your legacy. You had the perfect opportunity to prove that racism really is dead and that blacks are just a bunch of whining motherfuckers who don’t try. You had the perfect opportunity to prove that we, humans, can live as one family in a stolen country that was built on the blood of my ancestors. What happened? Why did you falter? Why did you go back on your word? Why……?

Because you’re a bunch of fucking cowards, that’s why. A black man’s rise to power was too much for you to handle. You got scared that blacks would “take over” and make you the victims for once in your cowardly lives. So you turned your backs on what will be, perhaps, the most important moment of AmeriKlan’s shameful past for one reason….self preservation of your white supremacy!

Eric Holder was right about you….How do you sleep at night? Oh, yeah…I forgot, a little thing called denial.

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