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Jamaican Arawak History

Indigenous Jamaican


One of the four large islands of the Caribbean, Xaymaca a.k.a Jamaica, is roughly the size of Connecticut. The island is well known for its rich-tasting Blue Mountain coffee and its bauxite mining and aluminum processing industries.

As early as 600 A.D., Jamaica was settled by Arawaks, indigenous Natives, who called the island Xaymaca. In 1494 Columbus stole the island for Spain and in 1509, Juan de Esquivel began transporting Jamaican Arawaks to Hispaniola, a.k.a Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as slaves.

From Columbus’ Journal:

Saturday, 13 October 1492:

They brought us sticks of the cotton thread and parrots and other little things which it would be tedious to list, and exchanged everything for whatever we offered them. I kept my eyes open and tried to find out if there was any gold, and I saw that some of them had a little piece hanging from a hole in their nose. I gathered from their signs that if one goes south, or around the south side of the island, there is a king with great jars full of it, enormous amounts. I tried to persuade them to go there, But I saw that the idea was not to their liking… 

Sunday, 14 October 1492:

 …These people have little knowledge of fighting, as Your Majesties will see from the seven I have had captured to take away with us so as to teach them our language and return them, unless Your Majesties’ orders are that they all be taken to Spain or held captive on the island itself, for with fifty men one could keep the whole population in subjection and make them do whatever one wanted.

[They are] Used to heat of the rain forest, Arawak families lived without clothes. Arawak men had never done gardening or work around home. They only hunted fish, and let the women do the rest. Even women expecting babies, or with little ones in their care, worked in cassava patches while men sat in hammocks under the shade. When asked if they wanted to get married did not seem in a hurry. The Indians kept themselves cleaner than the Europeans. Believing that sweat weakens the body, they bathed frequently throughout the day.

In their houses—thatched shelters without walls—they sat on clean sand, and they treated one another very politely. Young people called their parents and others of that age “honoured ones.” Older people called all young men “handsome ones” and it took them a while to learn the European titles for women, girls and children, and how to use them. Even though the Arawaks did not have an exact word for humility, they well knew the attitude. One should not look another person in the face while speaking “like a dog,” they believed. Rather, one should rise so that others might sit and count it a privilege to give. Arawak hospitality always involved eating and drinking together and even drank of fermented cassava, held frequent love feasts, and fought at their festivals. — A Pilgrim, Heinrich Beutel

The villagers showed great interest in teaching and no sooner had they learned how to read, then they began to hold classes for the rest and also began helping the pilgrims translate scriptures. The Arawaks, however, had no concept of right and wrong in the European sense, and only dimly comprehended concepts such as worship and faith, but they knew what disobedience meant. They lived according to rigid ethics of their own, something the Europeans realized they could learn from.

Arawaks knew that Yuca (cassava) was a staple food and grew it with minimal care in the tropical climate. They also grew corn, unusual for Caribbean islanders. The women did all the agricultural and craft work at home, whereas the men were generally the warriors. These indigenous peoples invented the hammock (the name derives from the Taíno term hamaca) which the Spaniards used to improve the sanitary conditions of their ships while sleeping.

In repayment for their kindness, the early settlers committed genocide against the Arawaks by ways of small pox, slavery, lynchings, rapes and syphilis.

Today, many islanders such as Puerto Ricans, Surinamese, Venezuela, Guyana and Colombians can claim Arawak ancestry.

This post is dedicated to my brother, a descendant of the noble and peaceful Arawak tribe.

One Flag, One Nation, Under Evil

One Doctrine of Oppression rules the entire world. They are one and the same.


The Swiss Flag who aided the Nazi Party:

The Flag of the KKK

Which began with the crest of the Knights Templar, an evil Masonic brotherhood:

The American “Eagle” which is really a Phoenix a bird born of fire:

The Nazi “Eagle”:

AmeriKlan Gangster

If you knew just how dirty Wall Street was, you’d call the cops. But don’t bother…they own them too.

Wall Street funds:

1. Prisons ( designed for black men…let’s keep it real )

2. CIA ( along with the DEA, they fund terrorism and help the drug lords like Reagan and Bush to bring drugs into your neighbourhoods. Note : Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No!’ was a great deflection and cover-up )

3. FBI ( undercover cops who shoot innocent black people…and get off )

4. DEA ( works with the CIA )

5. ICE (immigration and customs. Now that slavery is over, they must have another source of cheap labour)

6. FDA ( poisonous foods, toxic “vaccines”  and the most addictive over-the-counter drug ever made: White Sugar )

7. Department of Agriculture ( injects cows with hormones which we eat and get cancer )

8. Congress A.K.A. The Illuminati

9. Unemployment/Department of Labour ( yes, you read correctly )

10. Fannie Mae/ Freddy Mac/ HUD/ FHA/Section 8 (Think why most Section 8 areas are drug ridden/run-down)

11. Medicare/Medicare

12. Big Pharma( J&J alone made 62 BILLION dollars off of you last year)

13. Board of Education (which is in cahoots with the prison systems. Please research the link between education and the prison systems, especially involving black males)

14. Colleges and Universities…except privately owned ones, which they want destroyed…for a reason

15. Churches ( black churches prey on your desperation and fear yet ask you to give them money each Sunday to get into heaven )

16. Big Auto

17. All Banks…except privately owned ones ( to keep you in debt )

18. American Associates of Physicians/Nurses (who work with Big Pharma)

19. Hospitals ( your sickness is their biggest investment )

20. Firehouses

21. Telephone systems/Big Bell ( which tracks and monitors all phone conversations )

22. The Internet ( Big Brother is always watching. In fact, the more truth I spill, I suspect that the powers that be will begin to monitor me as a “terrorist” but ask me if I give a damn. You can’t stop truth! )

23. Big Tobacco (who works with Alcohol and Food to kill you)

24. Alcohol/Spirits/Breweries ( whiskey was introduced to the Indians for a reason. The rest is history )

25. Designer Clothing Companies (with grants that propel “gangster culture”. As far as I know only FUBU, a private and independent company started by Mr. John, designed his own label for his people WITHOUT grants)

26. WIC/ SNAP/Food Stamps ( you cannot get help if there is a man in the house )

27. The Courts (who gets stipends from the prison systems)

28. Insurance Companies, like B/C & B/S or what I call, Bull Crap / Bull Shit

29. CDC (Ask yourself where AIDS really came from…hint: population control. Same with Swine/ Bird Flu and the mysterious “Flesh-eating” disease)

30. Big Food, aka, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys…(who work with the Dept. of Agriculture and Big Pharma)

31. The MEDIA that shows blacks as criminalistic drug addicts bent set on raping your white daughter.

Take a breath…and think this over.

Now, black people, let me ask you a burning question. Given the history of white supremacy in this country, ARE WE FREE?

Would you like to see the person/persons that are most involved in your continual demise?

Don’t know him?


He is Jacob Rothschild. The “owner” of all we see, hear, touch, taste and, for most of us, think.

In the up and coming weeks, I will be posting more about our society and how we, as blacks, are being manipulated.

The Divided States of AmeriKlan

My brothers and sisters,

Since I don’t really follow politics but have a clear understanding of White Supremacy and its machinations, please allow me to give you a detailed explanation of how this election will work:

This country has two choices. Vote for him:

Who works for them:

To achieve this:

Using this:


Vote for him:

Who works for him:

Who controls this:

So you can all end up like this:

You see, boys and girls, AmeriKlans real doctrine was founded on the premise of him:

That’s why whites desire this:

Because they have no this:

So they created this as a distraction:

And all these other folks and things:


Are cleverly designed to do this:

Do not fall prey to the real AmeriKlan agenda:

And stop watching this:

And start doing more of this:

And this:

And get prepared:

Because only He can help us now…

Dear Mr. Perry…

Since you obviously hate us, I have no doubt that you’ll ignore my plea but I must try nonetheless to reach out to my black man. Mr. Perry, I hate your films. And only you and the Great Spirit know why you dress like this:

Mr. Perry, whatever happened in your past is obviously affecting you now as a grown man. I have my suspicious but will keep quiet. Since you are one of the most famous and listened to black directors / screenwriters / actors / producers in Hollywood, you have a responsibility to uphold the dignity of our African people.

You sold that dignity when you became rich.

I saw the transformation…I also noticed that after you made A Family That Preys, one of your best films, you succumbed to Hollywood rather than grow artistically. Mr. Perry, along with Spike Lee, Antoine Fuqua, The Hughes Bros and Kasi Lemmons, etc…, you make up the black elite directors/producers club. A small list in comparison to the hordes of white producers.

Therefore, Mr. Perry, the power lies within your hands to change the overt and rehearsed manipulation of our black sexuality, buffoonery, emasculation, prejudice and degradation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…I know it’s not fair to place all the burden on your shoulders but in AmeriKlan, one black person is a representation of ALL black persons.

I’m empathetic to your plight nonetheless. I know Harvey Weinstein and Warner Bros. stands in your way. I also know of the “contract” blacks must sign when they become famous. That’s why Spike Lee distributes, produces and markets his own films because he doesn’t want to play that game. If you and all the other black directors/ artists joined forces and financed an all-black production company, you’d be unstoppable! But of course, it can never work that way, right?

I hope you will please consider my plea to stop this humiliation of our people. We are barely out of bondage…please do not help our slave master to shackle us once again.

The Black Anglo-Saxon

When I meet blacks who believe, with sincerity, that they are accepted within the White Club, I look at them with amazement and wonder. Look at these men and women:

What do they all have in common?

All are rich, uppercrust, black (skin only), in the public eye and prefer, exclusively, to mingle, befriend, date, marry and breed with whites. Let’s examine why:

1. When blacks in AmeriKlan have “made it”, there are rules they must follow:

a. Ignore and discard your people for whites

b. Uphold a certain kind of imagery

c. Have the utmost regard and respect for the hand that feeds you

d. Never help or bring to light the plight of your people lest your White Card be torn asunder

e. Pretend with all your might that racism is dead.

2. Self-hatred. “Why, oh why was I born in brown skin?! Why Lord?? Can’t you see I’m better suited to be with my “real” people?”

3. Money is a helluva drug.

4. Black hatred. This is big folks. REAL BIG. Yes, my lovelies, The Black Anglo-Saxon hates his brethren. He hates your brownness, your big nose, wide lips, kinky hair, your smelly food, granny’s Pecan pie and your legacy in chains. He is repulsed at the thought of his own genetic degradation and tries frantically to distance himself from that image. He shuns any talk of slavery, injustice, prejudice and discrimination. After all, if blacks really wanted to improve their situation, they would’ve done it by now. Y’all just lazy…and he refuses to be apart of your sickness!

By marrying whiteness, he too, by association, will become white. Every minute in white company will rid the Black Anglo-Saxon of his or her own blackness and be spiritually indoctrinated into the Eurocentric mindset. By breeding with whiteness, he hopes to have (almost) white children:

And they will be encouraged to marry white so their kids will be even whiter, thusly obliterating the bloodline. Is there anything that can be done about the Black Anglo-Saxon and his/her quest for Supreme Whiteness?

Any thoughts?

The Hispanic Fallacy

When I first heard the term “Hispanic” , I said, what’s that?

Then I looked it up and found this:

Wikipedia Definition:

The term Hispanic was first adopted by the United States government in the early 1970s, during the administration of Richard Nixon,[35] and has since been used in local and federal employment, mass media, academia, and business market research. It has been used in the U.S. Census since 1980.[36] Because of the popularity of “Latino” in the western portion of the United States, the government adopted this term as well in 1997, and used it in the 2000 census.[5][6]

  • Although a large majority of Hispanic and Latino Americans have Spanish ancestry, most are not of direct, ‘from-Spain-to-the-U.S.’ Spanish descent; many are not primarily of Spanish descent; and some are not of Spanish descent at all.

Neither term refers to race, as a person of Latino or Hispanic origin can be of any race.[6][37] The U.S. Government has defined Hispanic or Latino persons as being “persons who trace their origin [to] . . . Central and South America, and other Spanish cultures.”.[5] The Census Bureau’s 2010 census form did not provide a definition of the terms Latino or Hispanic, instead allowing respondents to self-define whether they were Latino or Hispanic and then identify their specific country or place of origin.

Truthbetold’s Definition:

An African who can speak any of the Romance Languages.

The coined term “Hispanic” was created by the AmeriKlan government to persuade Africans who hated themselves through the indoctrination of a supremacist mindset to ignore their true origin and join the process of “Whitification.” By distancing yourself from who and what you are, and let me say….ANY Hispanic reading this that grows angry with me…LEARN YOUR HISTORY, you obtain honorary membership in the white club: And accrue privilege through skin colour. When I hear the hordes of Africans who come from Puerto Rico, Columbia and Brazil who cry and protest with righteous indignation that they are European, I laugh and snicker at the absurdity. I remember this conversation I had with a Peruvian, who was darker than me, on his race:

Me: Soooo….what race are you?

Him: Peruvian.

Me: Ummm….Peruvian is an ethnicity. What race are you?

Him: Hispanic.

Me: ok…there’s no such thing.

Him: Why are you badgering me! I’m Mestizo.

Me: So is my brother! I’m an Island Creole myself. But we’re still African.

Him: Leave me alone!

See? The denial is perhaps strongest with those who know exactly where they come from, like Italians/Sicilians: And those who wish desperately that they could forget. Like him: But don’t be too angry with them, my brothers and sisters. AmeriKlan has infected all of us into thinking that blackness is evil and destructive. That’s why the very definition of the word “black” in the dictionary, which a white man wrote, edited and published, is written to such extremes.

By brainwashing the Romance-speaking Negroes into believing that they too are “above” their own ancestry, they create infighting within their own culture. Colourism and prejudice between the Islanders run rampant…yes, I’m talking to you Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, Haitians (some Haitians speak Spanish-Creole) and Cubans…and forces them into the same sick cycle that light-skinned and dark-skinned/ good-hair and bad-hair blacks face. This subtle and political tool of war is very efficient and works like a charm. It also perpetuates my post entitled “The Plan”. Latin-speaking Africans are the fastest growing “minority” in this country. The government gives immigrants opportunities, like grants to start their own businesses, with the promise of joining the “white club” in exchange for becoming more AmeriKlanized. Ever wonder why the U.S. Census changes every decade or so? And more races are added, grouped together or simply omitted? But…Black/African/Negro STILL REMAINS THE SAME? Hmmm…

And for the record…Ms. Cameron Diaz, if you happen to be reading this… these people are the Original Blondes: And Original Blues:

How AmeriKlan Manipulates Whites

Do you know someone like this? White, male, heterosexual, middle-class, employed and full of rage? And does he by any chance watch this…?

You might be thinking, “That Truthbetold sure done lost it now!”

Remember my post entitled The Plan? Well, there is another plan…but for white folks. Being invisible and a lowly Negress, no one has any expectations from me. So they never see me coming. I see right through the lies and bullshit that the media tells white folks to stir them into a racial panic. I usually write from a black perspective…brutal, raw and honest. But, being honest is a two-way street and I need to understand how white AmeriKlan comes to their conclusions, the reason why they think the way they do and why they CHOOSE to hold on to the obvious lies. So here goes.

Slavery was a bad thing. I think everyone, except for Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh agrees on that.

When slavery ended, poison seeped into the souls of white folks everywhere. They knew, spiritually, that what they had done was wrong. Guilt, my friends, is a motherfucker. Denial begat Guilt. Rage begat Denial. And Projection is the ultimate coping mechanism. Whites, like blacks, are sick. But their sickness does not come from the pain of loss. It comes from the emptiness of greed. In order to live with that shallow feeling in the pit of their stomachs, in order to live with that uneasiness they feel whilst looking at our brown faces, in order to sleep, live and thrive in a society built on the destruction and the rape of another man’s soul, they lied to THEMSELVES that this mess is “all our fault“. That is how White Victimhood is born. It is out of their very own need to survive in their own system of white supremacy, that the white mind becomes deviant and falls prey to supremacist propaganda.

Why does this matter in modern-day AmeriKlan? Because we, humans, are like sponges. We soak up every glance, every slight, every unkind word, every imagery, every thing that has the potential to shape who we are and what we will become. This feeling of insignificance is burned into our brains from childhood and has a direct effect on how we will function as adults. When white AmeriKlan watches Faux News or any other program designed for brainwashing them, they begin to believe:

1. All blacks are bad therefore the slaughter of blacks is justified.

2. In order for AmeriKlan to be “safe” blacks and Muslims need to leave.

3. Mexicans are taking their jobs.

4. The black man is “holding them down”.

5. The black man wants your woman.

6. Black women are ugly and useless.

7. Blacks are milking the system with welfare.

8. Obama is a racist, socialist, Muslim, anti-American born in “another exotic country”.

9. All blacks want revenge for slavery.

10. Forget that the most atrocious crimes in this country is committed by whites and focus on the suspicious “others.”

This causes a neurotransmitter called epinephrine (adrenaline) to rush to the brain causing the “flight or fight” response I simply call severe anxiety. With a pounding heart, they have now lost the ability to think, reason and rationalize. That underlying fear, which they will never admit, is that they will lose their “white privilege.” Whites are perhaps the most cowardly race on the planet. Not due to the fact that they back away from a fight, history will tell you that they DO NOT, but from the fact that admitting the truth is their worst nightmare.

Faux News is brilliant in their propaganda! Disguised as “patriotic”, they use this country’s Puritanical value system coupled with white AmeriKlan’s need to believe that they are indeed moral, to convince whites that we, blacks,  are in desperate need of extermination. Hence the anger. Hence the anxiety. Hence the paranoia. Hence the need to buy more guns. Hence the need to assassinate Obama. Hence the need to shoot an unarmed black person. Get the idea?

The thing that amuses me is, why can’t they see it? Most blacks know, almost intrinsically, that AmeriKlan is still a nation of slaves in the form of “hard-working Americans.”  That’s why no matter how many hours you work…you’re still broke. That’s why no matter how much you take your Prozac…you’re still depressed. That’s why no matter how much you’ve saved to buy that first house…you’re still paying rent. And that’s why no matter how close you think you’ve come to defeating this system of supremacy…it morphs into a new unfathomable shape.

This country has a brainwashing method I like to call: “virtual Kool-Aid” ( yes, I just made that up ). All you need to do is sit back and let others tell you what to think. And if they can use statistics to prove that it’s “the truth”…even better.

And for the record…sugar, like Kool-Aid, is a tool used to cause depression which renders deep thinkers…useless. That’s why Kool-Aid and Hi-C Fruit Punch are not permitted in my home. To defeat this system, we need clear thinkers and that’s why I no longer watch TV or read the papers.

Wise As An Owl

I’ve been working on this post for a while now. I deleted it. Then rewrote it. It’s ridiculous, really, but it needs to be said. Since whites in AmeriKlan…





Bad about themselves from a black person, God made Tim Wise. If you don’t know Tim J. Wise, let me tell you a few things about this fellow:

He’s a white anti-racist scholar….or so he claims. He’s a southerner. He’s an author and an orator that speaks about whiteness and its supremacist machinations in AmeriKlan. He’s trained companies and law enforcement officials on how to undo racial practices in the workforce( which we blacks know only teaches them how to be MORE racist and get away with it ). And he’s esteemed, well-spoken, highly educated and thought to be “One of the most brilliant, articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation.”

“Tim Wise is one of the few people, along with perhaps Frederick Douglass, who has ever really spoken honestly and forcefully to white people about themselves…” —Charles Ogletree, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Director, Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice

“(Wise’s) work is revolutionary, and those who react negatively are simply afraid of hearing the truth…” —Robin D.G. Kelley, Professor of History, University of Southern California, author of Race Rebels, and Yo’ Mama’s Disfunktional!

I’ve noticed a few things about the white mind while traveling across this country. Most whites in this society are monolithic. They act, speak and think the exact same things. That’s why say, in Vermont, I can hear the same conversation with two white women that I hear in say, Michigan. White supremacy has prepped them from birth on how to be the same..think the same…eat the same…shop in all the same stores…much like The Borg. With supremacy, sameness is key. Since I no longer speak to or have relations with whites lest I go mad, I wonder who will converse with them regarding The Problem with No Name?” (Folks, if you haven’t read my post yet, please do.)

Wise, a white scholar, says EXACTLY the same things blacks have been saying for centuries, in fact he himself even says that he is NOT saying anything new. Yet when he speaks, a hush falls over the crowd and they hang onto his every word in adoration. In fact, with his old southern-like, preacher-ish way of speaking, he reminds me of the Baptist ministers I knew in church. Please listen to an excerpt:

Wise, ever so eloquently, explained to an “educated” white man why only blacks can call each other “niggers.” The man, in his desperate need to understand this “problem with no name” was transfixed. I found the whole thing riveting. And extremely amusing. I began to wonder why is Mr. Tim Wise the voice to be heard regarding the “complicated issue of race in AmeriKlan?”

My Supposition:

1. Whites don’t want to hear a black person tell them anything about racism for fear of being blamed for it. Remember, whites in AmeriKlan are good, decent, moral, Puritanical Christians (excuse me while I cough). Getting blamed for something that happened a really, really, really long time ago forces them to deal with their sickness called racism. And it also forces them to answer for the sins of perpetuating this supremacist society directly or indirectly, with the most detrimental of all actions: silence and acceptance. Who wants to swallow that medicine?

2. Whites only believe what other whites tell and teach them. This is the foundation of racism in and of itself. But don’t tell them that. That’s why only white people can teach other white people about racism. Please see example #1.

3. Mr. Wise, a white man, will “break it to them gently” using lengthy, multi-syllabic words while a black person will just say it “like it is”. This matters greatly to them. The way you say something is more important than what you say.

4. Wise, who shares their skin, doesn’t pose as a threat to their whiteness.

5. Because blacks are considered scary to converse with it. See Example #1.

6. Because blacks are still considered inferior, low-class, dumb and nothing can be learned from the black man.

Why is this a problem, you ask? Why even write this post? Because Mr. Wise, in his alleged “goodness” has taken on the White Man’s Burden Syndrome…for white people. This burden, given to them by The Almighty, compels them to be the omniscient beings they were born to be. In order for whites to understand the pathology of their illness, they need to be confronted with it. Head on. We’re not children. Blacks had no choice but to confront racial hatred head on so why should whites be coddled?

They know EXACTLY what this “problem with no name” is. They know every single time they look at our brown faces…and glance away. They know when they feel the need to stop talking whenever we enter the room. They know when they are fearful of saying the “wrong things” and upsetting us. And they know every time an incident occurs because of racism and they try, oh so desperately to convince us, “See? It happened to me too!” I don’t buy the bullshit! And neither should you!

In fact, my awakening has lead me to believe that white supremacy intentionally created Mr. Wise as a distraction to Amos Wilson, Dr. Welsing and Neely Fuller. If I’ve learned one thing about the system of white supremacy, that thing is this:

White people will do just about anything to remain supreme.

Medical Publications

White Racist: noun:  { hwahyt-rey-sist }

1. A breed of homo stupidus lacking the chromosome, Hu-Man-ITEE1, that believes in the doctrine of superiority due to skin colour, ethnic origin or race.

2. A deviant mental affliction that causes delusions of grandeur, paranoia, the formulation of hate groups and gun possession.

Medical Research:

ICD-9 codes: 666

Founded and studied under Dr. Louis Cypher Beelzebub.

According to the esteemed Dr. Beelzebub, the homo stupidus has the capability to distort facts or simply invent them to suit his needs. The homo stupidus, in his psychosis, will attempt to eradicate other humans in his quest for ultimate power. This quest, however futile, will cause the homo stupidus to lose all sense of reality in order to justify his actions. When confronted with undisputed evidence of his crimes and misgivings, the homo stupidus will rationalize that “everyone does it“, deflect the evidence with government statistics and simply deny that these things ever existed. This patient, in his extreme delusion and apathy for human life, will demand that his victims simply “get over” all the atrocities that he has committed against them with no sense of remorse. Under the article entitled Commandment Number 6 , this patient exhibits all the symptoms of a sociopathic personality. Dr. Beelzebub believes that this condition may be genetic, but other scientists argue that it is merely a case of Nature vs. Nurture. This individual, according to Dr. Beelzebub, has a fourth chromosome called Dee-nyal. Dee-nyal is currently under intense study as professors and physicians are unsure of the origin.

The homo stupidus, if not properly medicated with the experimental drug, N0L-Lij, will infect other homo sapiens. This can be seen within the Stupidus Group known as the Ku Klux Klan. Currently, there is no known effective cure for this debilitating disorder. Some hypothesize that it can only be cured by a higher power.

If you wish to know more about the homo stupidus and Dr. Beelzebub’s work, please send all inquires to:

Dr. Beelzebub, 420 Sodom and Gomorrah Highway, Hitlertown, USA 4/1939

All publications are copyrighted but can be ordered from: The Book of Revelations

AmeriKlan’s Free Labour System

My brothers and sisters, do not be fooled. Prison was created for a reason. The answer? Free Labour.

I don’t need to tell you about our past as slaves, the ridiculous taxes that they knew we couldn’t pay once (physical)slavery ended and the police that collaborated with the court system to arrest us for the slightest infraction, a thing called “Black Tax“…we already touched on that. What I want to discuss today is the way it currently operates. Under the very clever cloak of “planting evidence” by the police, racial profiling and the bribes that the judges get, the prison system is a booming business. And the longer the sentences, the greater the payoff per “head count.” Privatized prisons make even more money per “head.” Which is why strict policing and irredeemable punishment is encouraged in predominately black neighbourhoods.

Free labour, A.K.A. slavery is illegal. Not illegal in the sense that it does not happen, it does…it’s illegal on paper, for show and tell. AmeriKlan is a country that is prideful of its own magnificence. Never mind the killing, raping, stealing, cheating and utter hypocrisy, that is unimportant. What is important, however, is AmeriKlan’s wealth. Free labour helped whites to buy that wonderful Victorian home with the gingerbread moulding, on 100 acres with the white picket fence. Free labour helped whites to open businesses that enabled their children to go to the best schools. Free labour helped whites to build communities, built by us, that we were not allowed to live in, so they could self segregate from the savage that sought to rape their daughters. And free labour helped older whites to pass on literally, billions of dollars to their spawn so that, they too could live comfortably in the country that we built.

Today, in this glorious nation, free labour is called The Prison System. When a black/brown man gets caught with a Mary Jane cigarette or baggie and is sentenced to 20 years in prison, while a white teenager is let off with a “stern warning”, you must ask yourself a serious question. What’s going on? When a black man steals a pair of shoes( I’m NOT excusing bad behaviour) and gets life imprisonment and a young white girl, a la Winona Ryder, gets 100 hours of community service, you must ask your self, what’s going on? Well let me tell you.

Money is being made by contracting, code word for EXPLOITING, the free labour that is provided by the inmates to Big Business. Yes, Big Business, like Wall Street. In simple terms, corporate stockholders rely on inmates to grow rich. Since I don’t belive anything that is written and published by the FBI/Department of Justice concerning us, I will not quote too many statistics. You know your favorite pair of Brand Name shoes? Chances are it may have been sewn by an inmate. And the pretty bird house that adorns your backyard that says, “Made proudly in the USA?”…It may have come from Riker’s Island. What is the net worth for the exploitation of my people by Fortune 500 companies…? Again, I hate statistics but somewhere in the 950 million range. A YEAR.

Source: Huffington Post

Who are the investors?

1. IBM

2. Microsoft(Yes, Mr. Gates…we’re on to you)

3. Revlon (Who advertises “white beauty” via the media. Another brainwashing tool)

4. Macy’s (Christmas time is big business. Incarceration increases when you don’t have money for gifts)

5. AT &T(Big Brother is always watching and listening)

6. Target

7. Dell…and many, many more…

Does this remind you of anything? Think hard…Nazi Germany with the concentration camps and forced labour comes to my mind. What about yours??? It seems the more things change, the more they remain the same. Another aspect to consider in this diabolical scheme. When the primary breadwinner is incarcerated, the family is left to fend for themselves in terms of food, rent/mortgage, bills, schooling, clothing and life lessons on how to survive. They will, having been exposed to this trauma, will be MORE likely to follow in the footsteps of the incarcerated parent. Broken homes begat broken children. Broken children begat a broken system. A broken system will lead to future generations of “Free Labour.”

Which, my brothers, is all apart of…”The Plan.”

Mr. Marley Knew

Why White Women Keep Silent When Michelle Obama is Being Attacked

When I hear Rush Limbaugh spewing hatred at my favorite lady, I wait patiently to see the barrage of white democratic women who call themselves feminists who will no doubt come to her rescue.


Maybe they’re all waiting for the right time to strike down Mr. Limbaugh. After all, in AmeriKlan, girls are a minority too. Any moment now…..



Perhaps the reason why they keep silent is because they’re happy to see her verbally assaulted.

History Lesson:

Not only are white women oppressed (being a woman means they’re a minority) but being white means that they can be racists but don’t have to own up to it the way a man would. See, white women, being the ****cough**** delicate creatures that they are, are shielded from any wrongdoing, blame, evilness and accountability.

Their only purpose, historically, is to be the decorative ornament to appease the white man, sexually (if his slave was unavailable) and politically (as a trophy wife; Donald Trump knows about this quite a bit).

The slave stole all the master’s time and affections. The master would leave his perfectly adorned wife, in her pretty nightgown, to fornicate with his slaves. After many, many copulations, he spawned a brood of young ‘uns that needed even more of his time. The neglected wife, in her rage and vengefulness, would copulate with the biggest, strongest, blackest Field Negro she could find.

This passive-aggressive act was done to hurt her man, hurt the concubine (for she bedded her man) and to show her power. That being said….

When Michelle Obama is being attacked and NOT ONE white woman opens her mouth to say, “But…”, that too is a passive-aggressive act done out of vengefulness. Add to the fact that defending a black woman who isn’t worthy of being defended may hurt her husband’s chances of political victory. When the Limbaugh/Fluke fiasco occurred, women and men jumped from far and away to defend Ms. Fluke’s right for conception. Women lambasted Rush and his sponsors fled, fearing political backlash and claims of misogyny. When Nancy Reagan told AmeriKlan’s to “Just Say NO!”, AmeriKlans applauded her gutsy speeches, her fierceness for wanting to tackle AmeriKlan’s problem with drugs pushers. ( Actually, Ameriklan wouldn’t have a problem with drug pushers if they didn’t need to take drugs…but why tell them that? After all, this country was built on Puritanical beliefs.***cough, cough***)

How dare Mrs. Obama, with her stunning good looks and Ivy League education dare say a word about kids eating more vegetables? How dare she try to grow a vegetable garden? And less soda? Are you kidding me? Sarah, I-love-to-kill-moose, Palin says, ” Let them eat S’mores!” What does she know? A black woman telling white AmeriKlan how to eat properly? She’s only married to some African guy with an ordinary job.

Who is she? Oh…yeah…a black woman.

Black on Black Crime

When we were slaves, the master used to have us fight one another for his enjoyment, sporting events and for betting purposes. We were told that our people were worthless and therefore deserving of death. We were brainwashed to debase and devalue our own kind. When redlining and white flight( which are illegal but still happens…it’s just cleverly hidden ) were put into practice, we had no other choice but to live in the ghettos. With a poor educational system and no prospects of jobs or betterment, we did the unthinkable; we turned against ourselves. Gangs were formed out of the need for family and power, drugs were peddled to babies( they were manufactured by wealthy, white men to be sold to inner city blacks and Hispanics but that’s another post )women were beaten up by the disenfranchised husband who couldn’t find work and essentially, the streets ran red with blood. We hated each other. We couldn’t understand the crux of the “problem with no name” so we blamed our brethren. Why does this matter in modern-day AmeriKlan?

Because after all this time, after all the books and talk shows, after all the schooling and degrees, the black race remains a race plagued with: crime, drugs, poor health conditions( a post coming soon ), gang-related shootings and most important, self-hate. Many will read this post and claim that we are the way we are because we have an intrinsic affinity for violence, drugs, rape and self-destruction. “But, but….what about the many immigrants who come here and start over with no problem? Why can’t you people do the same?”

Because the many immigrants that came here and continue to come here do so of their own FREE WILL. That is very different than being forced to bend against your will. Did I ever tell you that I traveled extensively? Well, I did. I’ve met and befriended a lot of people from all walks of life. Some good, decent and hardworking and some…well, bad. I met a young, black man once, a prisoner, in fact. He was out on parole. He was a tall, good-looking, strapping youngster who got caught up in the system. I questioned him honestly about why he ended up in prison, why he made those choices and if he could, would he take them back.

He looked at me with serious and intelligent, soulful, brown eyes and spoke with amazing clarity. He said, “When you live like an animal with no hopes of tomorrow, anything seems better than the situation you’ve got.” My heart jumped. I understood that better than he realized. He spoke of having no dad, his was in prison. He spoke of the uselessness of education, they won’t hire him anyway. He spoke of the usefulness of gangs, they provide you with a family to lean on, support, respect and power. He spoke of his dream to be an engineer but he had no money for school. And besides, selling marijuana on the streets required no education( street smarts is a different kind of education ), no application to remind him of his failings, no embarrassment and anxiety and no feelings of sadness when he wrote down the address of the broken-down building he lived in.

I listened intently. I wanted to understand why we turned on each other and why they felt it was “necessary” to do so. I tried that old argument that I’ve heard my whole life, “If you’d only tried harder, you wouldn’t be in this mess.” But he did try. He told me of the warehouse job that paid 9.00 an hour from which he was the first to be laid off. Apparently, blacks seem to be last hired, first fired/laid off. He told me that “something is happening here”. Something that sets black men, especially black men, up for imminent failure.

Turning to a life of crime seems “easier”. Hmmmmm…..I tried to think objectively of my own life as a black woman. I felt the coldness and the racist attitudes of corporate America my whole life. I take only on-line studies now. Classroom discussions were uncomfortable for many factors; my speech and ability to debate on “their level” being one of them. Then there’s the actual job, which I liken to the Jungle; Eat or be eaten. And finally, my entire life in brown skin…Yes, I can see why we turn on each other. I don’t condone it. I don’t practice it…I love my people.

But I understand.


I’ve been hearing a lot lately about why us blacks can’t “just get over it.” And “what is it gonna take for you people to stop talking about it?” What is there for us to stop talking about? How the white man built a ship with manacles and sailed across the Atlantic for three, almost four months, to capture free people in their own land to bring them here, shackled like cattle, covered in fecal matter, urine and menstrual blood, to work on your plantation while you sit perched on your veranda, sipping sweet tea, so you can grow stinking rich?

Should we pretend you didn’t rape our 4th and 5th great-grandmothers, obliterating our DNA and creating a new race of people with caramel/mocha skin called Mulattoes? Should we forget that you killed, burned, lynched, decapitated our men for fun? And what about the children born to the slave master….his secret shame? You know, the ones he let bleed out by untying the umbilical cord so no one would know how much he fancied dark flesh? Yes, I’m talking to you Mr. Jefferson.

Should we forget how we were whipped for the slightest infraction? Or simply because it was Tuesday? Should we forget Jim Crow and the Reconstruction Era in the South where the NRA, KKK and the police joined forces to kill us off? Should we forget about Sundown Towns, Redlining and White Flight that pushed us into the deepest, darkest, grimiest ghettos whilst you lived in white suburbia with your Donna Reed white picket fence? Should we forget how you created the court system with all-white jurors and of course, a white judge who was a secret member of the KKK?

Should we forget how you discriminated against us in employment, welfare, housing, medicine(my area of expertise), insurance companies, banking, education, agriculture and the MEDIA? Should we forget how you put the country in harm’s way just to spite President Obama? Should we forget how hordes of white actress win the Oscars each year but you can’t let Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Cicely Tyson and Marianne Jean-Baptiste win just one time? And giving Halle the Oscar for a vile sex scene and Denzel the Oscar for playing a dirty cop doesn’t fucking count!

But should we forget how you continue to play slave master every chance you get? You haven’t learned a damn thing in over 400 years! And you wonder why we don’t trust you……You can’t even BEGIN to pay us for what you’ve taken from us.

So fuck you…..Black Blood ain’t for sale.

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