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Backlash on The Horizon




  • 1.a strong and adverse reaction by a large number of people, especially to a social or political development:”a public backlash against racism”
  • 2.recoil arising between parts of a mechanism.

Now that Biden-Harris, or perhaps just Harris in the near future, is in the white house, I ponder with much consternation what is on the horizon for black women. I warned us to shut the fuck up when posting and blogging about how we are now “running who gets chosen at the polls.” I warned that the dominant society has been on panic mode since Obama set foot in the white house. I warned that white males and their puppet masters, the white female, WILL NOT take losing quietly. I also warned that non-black, non-whites are watching silently what our moves are and if we are making headway.

After all, if we are no longer the scourge of society, someone else with a dark hue must take our place.

Biden has plans to let more illegals in the country. Do you have any idea what this will mean for you? As more and more people of other nationalities enter the workforce, who are HIGHLY SKILLED in all areas of trade and technology, the black race is pushed further and further at the bottom. What do you think the very Brahmin, Kamala, has in store for the one group of people her caste deems animalistic? What do you think about Bill Gates buying up over 27,000 acres of prime farm land will mean for us? Surely, he is not thinking that he should create veggie markets for those poor Negroes.

You need to watch The First Purge and take some notes.


I’ve been yelling, screaming and throwing tantrums for about 10 years telling you that “it” is coming. The reason why you cannot see “it” is because you are still comfortable in your boiling pot of water. You still have access to money, clothes, cigarettes, liquor, sex and Netflix. These simple comforts are being used to keep us asleep, keep you docile and keep you compliant.

Behind the scenes, many black women centered bloggers and Youtubers have told me that they have grown tired of your blatant unwillingness to adhere to caution and they will be quietly exiting Stage Left this year. The remaining Youtubers that are in it for (only) a paycheck will bombard you with tales of “high value men” and “how to find the right blush for your skin tone.”

All of this will be happening while occult practices take place right before your eyes. I wasn’t exaggerating when I told you that the entire planet feeds off of Melanin Energy. But it seems that you enable them and you LIKE IT.

I am going on a long break to get my own family in order. This year will be very traumatic for the black race in more ways than one. Good luck and please don’t ever say that no one warned you.

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12 thoughts on “Backlash on The Horizon

  1. Well, people don’t believe anything even if it’s happening right in front of them.

  2. @ madame

    I feel as if I did my part. Time to take care of my own kin.

  3. Kyra Barr on said:

    May I please contact you? You have my email address. I would like to speak to you if that is possible though email. I would truly appreciate it if you would respond in email. I know you are tired.

  4. Tova Yah on said:

    I agree 1 million percent with everything stated in your post. There are far too many ignorant people, who just happen to look like us, focused on things that aren’t important. And when you try and tell them this, your comments are either ignored, deleted or their blinded minion followers jump to their defense. I’m exhausted.

  5. Marie Smith on said:

    You more than did your part. For a long time you’ve shown, begged and taught black people a lot about themselves and white people. At this point the horse is stubborn and doesn’t want to be led. I find myself getting quieter and letting people who want to be ignorant, stay that way. I worry what will happen to us in 10 years.

  6. I was looking on Facebook and I noticed people wearing “pearls and chucks” can someone give a breakdown on this. Also, loads of commenters giving their take on Michelle Obama’s outfit slayage. I’m thinking to myself are these people delusional?

  7. petramay on said:

    I know there’s a lot of anti-Trump in the black community but he would’ve prevented the legalization of 11 million+ illegals and completed the wall. I don’t understand why black people are all of a sudden clutching their pearls, Biden told you what he was going to do in the debates. We refuse to act in our own best interest.

    What surprises me is that the conservatives have just rolled over. Yeah they’ll take their anger out on black people eventually (the easy target), but they don’t seem to be doing much else. What’s happening in Africa is the real threat.

    Thank you for this blog DOAN. I deleted a couple of my social media accounts and I’m going to get rid of all but one or two. I’m going to put myself in a bubble and focus on getting my house in order. I will miss your insight. Stay safe.

  8. Hope ful on said:

    I’m sorry but WW are not the puppet masters behind the wm. That’s part of the delusion we hold of wp. There are systems and secret societies that are ruled by only that WM. That wm is even more duplicitous than his white mother. I think we have hard time understanding that BECAUSE of the weight that bw hold in black communities. The ww didn’t replace you on that throne. It was that wm. And yes please be careful. White conservatives have not rolled over. They had put in their judges. And They are regrouping. Also , famous progressives like Chris Hedges are already putting out olive branches for these radical conservatives. WP may differ on their ideologies, they may plot on each other, and they may even fight each other. But They understand that their tribe is better as one. And they have often use black bodies to renegotiate their unity. And we saw this with Civil Rights movement and the Civil War. Second, Trump has ushered the new era already. Biden is putting the finishing touches before the next Trump resurrects.

  9. @ Hopeful


    But I do disagree.

    The WM learned everything from his mother. And yes, Biden, Harris and Kushner are putting the final touches on their plan.

  10. Hope ful on said:

    @DOAN I’m sorry but the past few years have shown that these men are not as loyal as you think. The greatest trick that wm have done is to have you looking at his mother instead of him. The final episode of Games of Throne shoe you the true nature of wm. I’m not getting into it.

  11. mountainoz on said:

    I just wanted to say thanks for your blog. You helped open my eyes many years ago. Before that no one had ever talked to me about race, my blackness and the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of having meleanated skin in the way that you have done. You sowed the seeds all those years ago that started me on my journey. Thank you for that. I wish you the best on your break. Take care and hopefully we’ll all hear from you soon

  12. Robert Sanchez on said:

    Hope you are wrong but fear you are right. Time will tell. The thing we have to realize is that the whole system IS Trump. Dedicated to white Christian male supremacy. When conservatives have a nostalgic view of an idealized past be it the 1950s or the Antebellum South (neo Confederates) or the late 18th century (Tea Party) they all long for a time when white Christian males held undisputed power in all spheres of life. The backlash in the modern sense goes back to the Civil Rights Movement. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Trump just traded the dog whistle for the megaphone. Perhaps we should be grateful for his honesty or being too dumb to lie effectively regarding fundamental issues like race. I never felt one had to be a dog or an expert code cracker to understand previous white supremacy tropes but Don the Con saves us the trouble.

    Joe and Kamala are not the saviors any more than Obama or the Clintons. Take a close look at where their economic and foreign policies align. Is it with the common man and woman of all races or the elites who happen to be overwhelmingly white and male?

    I voted for them and a straight Democratic ballot. You play the hand you are dealt at the table you are at. Far from ideal is better than really really bad. Most politicians are followers and not leaders and if those that elected them can pressure them to do some genuine good so much the better.

    Keep safe and keep your head in the literal and figurative sense. Too much out there to make one go crazy.

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