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Black Women Married to Known White Supremacists

Over the weekend, a reader sent me this. I investigated slightly and found a few youtubers talking about this very subject. As I ponder the fate of black women, I wonder what would push us to go down this road.

I’ve read numerous comments about she “didn’t know his views” and “maybe their home life is different.” What are your thoughts on this subject? And is the reason why this is making waves is because it’s a black woman with a white male?

Sound off below.

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12 thoughts on “Black Women Married to Known White Supremacists

  1. qnubian385 on said:

    She knew who he was but she decided anyway to go ahead with that mess.
    I don’t feel sorry for her at all!

  2. @ qnubian

    There are BW DEFENDING it. I’ve heard, “His views don’t correlate with how he treats her.”

  3. qnubian385 on said:

    DOAN I am not surprised that these BW told you this!

    What I understood about the dynamic of wp, it’s like Dr. Jack and Mr. Hyde.
    They wear outside the innocent Dr. Jack mask, but inside their deep soul, it hides the dark and sinister mask of Mr. Hyde.

    For wp doesn’t matter if they are having a relationship with a black person.
    I have the impression that they are struggling a lot to keep good acting
    ”doesn’t matter if I am white, I am not racist”, but they can’t do anything about it!

    Because the urge for them to be openly racists, it’s too much for them, that they can’t cope so the mask fails!
    I know very well that deep down, wp feel very good to be racists, chauvinists,
    and supremacists.
    When there aren’t black people around, I know for sure when they are between themselves, they are saying the N-word!
    So wp, just let it out, stop pretending to be good people when you aren’t!

    I am sure that during an intimate act with his wife, he flipped out from his mouth the N-word!

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    Just because BW are defending their destruction or mental illness doesn’t exempt them or her from being lunatics.The world is straight going to hell and people are losing their standards or concepts of right and wrong as they insidiously blur the lines to reality.Look in that woman’s eyes.She is a girl disrupted and not present.That man gave her sick ass slave role play and she loved it.BW are not going to play the innocent role while they pivot off the edge

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    Have you seen this? The sisterhood is toxic and unreliable.So focused on spiting Black makes you drop the ball on giving the sisters relevant healthy advice.Have you.Seen what the sisters been dragging in

  6. petramay on said:

    I’m not sure what to make of the Proud Boys. I saw a video of a black woman being sucker punched by a man who was said to be a Proud Boy. I also read an article by a BW who said they stuck up for her when she was being bullied online. There’s a lot of conflicting information.

    The problem is we don’t have an impartial media. All of the large, corporate owned news organizations are biased. They don’t provide the news, they shape it. And they flat out lie. Anyone who doesn’t support the Democratic Party and their agenda is a racist. So where all the looting and burning of thousands of businesses last summer by Antifa were “protests for equality”, the protest at the Capital was insurrection by domestic terrorists. It’s propaganda.

    The media paints all people who voted for Trump as racist. Joe Biden said he is going to legalize 13 million illegal aliens. Are the 30% of Hispanics who voted for Trump racist? What about the 15% -17% black people who don’t like the track record of Biden and Harris? Racist too?

    Btw, there are studies that show illegal immigration hurts black communities the most. So any black person who’s voting for more pain needs to have their head checked.

    I’m not saying Trump supporters aren’t racist. Some of them are. I think they can be divided into two categories: Racist vs Those who like his policies/don’t support the Biden plan. The problem is the media makes no attempt to distinguish the two and now everybody is a racist.

    Going back to the Proud Boys. I don’t know what to make of them. Are they racist because they support Trump or are their real examples of them being racist? If anyone has any, I would like to see it.

    I guess I’m part of the “she knows her man crowd.” I don’t know anything about this man, so I don’t have a strong opinion. BP have to stop being manipulated by the media.

  7. mountainoz on said:

    Maybe she was naive and didn’t know better at the time. It happens though we should know better in 2021. 7 Years ago I agreed to become a sperm doner to a white woman who was a mutual friend. I honestly was completely naive and immature about the consequences and everything involved. It was only after reading your blog and getting back in touch with my black cultural bloodlines that I realized that I made a mistake. Knowing what I know now I would never have agreed to it. By law im only the biological father as shes the legal guardian. The boys facial features look like me. Their skin tone is similar to that of a Southern European not brown chocolate like mine. The mother feels uncomfortable around my people and culture. And she ‘sonly interested in cookie cutter ethnic expressions that appeal to white hipsters. She is a far leftist though and intends to raise them in a non gender feminist way.

  8. @ mountainoz

    I can’t tell you how many black males have told me privately that they regret having children with white females.

  9. Marlo Morgan on said:

    Dear DOAN,

    This is a link discussing the situation on Youtube. Would be interested to hear your take on it.

  10. Thank you! I’ll watch in a bit!

  11. dlboydx on said:

    @mountainoz, PLEASE if possible, get custody of your child, & raise him, hopefully along with your family. Look, i’m always pro-children, whether they are fully Black or bi-racial, etc. At this point & time, if it makes it easier, tell the womb holder that you won’t seek child support. I don’t trust some of these people with Black children or biracial children. From your description, it sounds like she is using your son as an accessory. Plus, i never trust white hipsters. They are worse than the white conservatives (at least you know where they stand). For once, BLACK MEN PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN.

  12. see2deep on said:

    Black women are looking for saviors because unfortunately, black men just are incapable of being men period. So if the white man will do what he is supposed to do as a man, black women will go to him. That’s what I’m seeing take place. I don’t agree with the mixing but I understand why black women do it.

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