Observations of an Invisible Woman

It Begins…

 (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Image)

This post isn’t about whether or not it’s real or planned. I have my suspicions but I’ll keep it to myself.

This is to warn black women that “it” is getting closer and closer. I firmly believe that one day, America wilIl look like all the dystopian movies I enjoy so much. Black women, since no one is telling you to prep, I’ll take the initiave,

You must begin prepping N O W.

America will be under lockdown at some point and you’ll be vulnerable. You have zero help, zero protection and zero industry. If you are able, you need to download a permit from your local courthouse and get a Goddamn weapon.

Those who wait due to neglect will be in serious trouble.

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8 thoughts on “It Begins…

  1. Marie Smith on said:

    Is that an image from today? Should we try to leave America?

  2. Marie

    Yes. It’s happening right this very minute. I have 3 friends that have already left the US. Two are in Africa and they’ve said it’s the best decision they’ve ever made.

    If you can, I’d advise all black women to leave.

  3. My husband and I have talked about either moving back to his native UK or another country. I worry for our children as well as myself

  4. @ madame

    I’d advise it. If you can please make plans immediately. America will only get worse.

  5. angel9loveu on said:

    I thought it Already begun.You not sure admit it

  6. foxylady202020 on said:


    Pictures of a black woman being attacked by a white mob who are of course holding all black women accountable for Trump’s loss.

  7. @ foxylady

    This is why I am advising all black women to stay home, only go out when absolutely necessary and get a weapon.

    We’re all over the streets proclaiming our “power” in political affairs without understanding what’s really happening.

    The biggest mistake we’ve made was openly protesting and standing in the front lines.

  8. qnubian385 on said:

    I agree with you DOAN that BW should seriously be thinking about obtaining a license for guns! Because no one will protect BW, BW are alone.
    Especially in these hard times, in the eyes of people’s kindness, it’s out of their vocabulary, everyone only thinking about themselves!

    The irony, I saw some black people standing there and they didn’t do anything,
    while that white mob assaulted that BW! They were also Trump supporters! SMH!
    Black people protest only when a BM has been murdered, but when comes to BW no one gives a damn!
    BW should seriously stop risk their lives and put themselves in a risk situation.
    BW should realize by now that we are alone, BM aren’t there to save you, because they are too busy find a hole to hide!

    Black people who are Trump or any racist white motherfucker presidents’ supporters. They are the worst.
    They think that be openly supporters of racists will protect them from any racism attacks!
    All I wish that every single black person who was standing there while the sister, was being assaulted, I wish from the bottom of my heart, something bad happened to them! They are a disgrace!

    I don’t say the UK is paradise but confront to the US is 1000 better, at least people
    here don’t shoot you without any reason, because guns aren’t illegal!
    When people say that the US is a country of 1000 opportunities, I always think
    they have a serious mental problem!

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