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Movies Always Tell The Truth

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6 thoughts on “Movies Always Tell The Truth

  1. qnubian385 on said:

    Wp are so pissed because their time is coming and all over the world they have a low birth rate, and they can’t accept their fate!
    They can’t stand the fact that others are making more babies and they aren’t capable to reproduce themselves at a high rate!

    I always wonder why they are so pissed with us instead get angry with Mother of Nature and God?
    Because it is clear that God and Mother of Nature don’t want them here anymore.
    If they are going to be extinct also you too, you will be extinct.
    They want to take as much as possible innocent souls with them before
    they are completely extinct!

    I watched all the apocalyptic movies that there were zombies or viruses such as ”World War Z, Resident Evil, Doom, I am legend, and so on” .
    What are their messages?
    Wp want to create a virus that will transform people into zombies or close,
    where only the strong ones will survive.
    Someone will say that all these movies are fictions, but look at the situation
    we have now.

    Every year’s new virus comes. They are always working inside their
    laboratories to search for or create a new virus.
    They always said that ”there are too many people and there aren’t
    enough resources on this Planet”
    To reduce the number of the world population is just another excuse
    of wp have to say.

    The truth is, wp are afraid to lose control over the non-white populations globally!
    Wp like to be in control and oppress others, with them gone completely,
    even white supremacy will cease to exist.
    Unless they will find someone else to carry on of their legacy of white supremacy!
    Wp have this ego, that non-white people aren’t capable to be self-reliance,
    we aren’t able to operate by ourselves without their help!

  2. @ Glad to see your viewpoints! A good movie to watch is : Children of Men.

  3. qnubian385 on said:

    @DOAN thank you, but I already watched ”Children of Men”,
    What was interested about that movie, that the only human being on Earth
    who was capable of bare a child was a ”BW” who of course got pregnant by a BM!
    Everybody wanted her and her daughter!

  4. petramay on said:

    That’s where we’re headed. Infertility in both men and women is one of many side effects, quiet it as it’s kept. I’ve read everything from nanbots to your body being turned into an “operating system.” It’s weird how they said first you need two shots but now you may need more…but you know Windows systems always updating.

    Posting a link to a discussion I found interesting. Some of it is cringey, but the video at the bottom is worth a listen especially as it relates to the virus and the economy:


  5. @ petramay

    Thank you! I’ll watch in a bit. I’m sure it’s all planned. Cuomo said he won’t take the vaccine unless blacks, Latinos and the poor take it first.

    Since when do they care about us?

  6. petramay on said:

    @ DOAN exactly. Once they started pressuring the BC, I knew it was game.

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