Observations of an Invisible Woman

What Black Women Are Really Saying About Being With White Men

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a platform where black women feel that they can trust me to keep their innermost secrets. I spoken to them privately via email and on the private platform about what’s really happening behind the scenes. Since most black woman centered platforms are urgently pushing us to “date out now black women!” and we feel that sense of panic, many of us are taking the plunge.

But what’s really going on?

In this article, I will reveal anonymous letters written to me and comments made via email about this push to date (specifically) white men and what being with them is really like. Please note that I DO NOT support any movement whatsoever regarding black women UNLESS we can somehow be the beneficiaries of it.

Let’s begin.

“Dear DOAN,

I was a part of the popular X ( name removed for privacy) group on Youtube. I took classes and followed her on teachable. I am a dark skinned BW with 4c hair and regular black features. At firstt it was very exciting to be with these group of women who wish to level up and leave dusty black males behind. When I began to enter into interracial relationships with white males I found that they specifically wanted me for sex.

I was quite taken aback to learn that the rumors are indeed true with being fetishized. At first this caused me a great deal of conflicted emotions. I wanted to date out but wasn’t getting the quality white men I thought i would get. After much disappointment, I decided to be voluntarily single and just focus on my nursing degree. I’m not giving up entirely but I feel that only the best parts of dating whites is being presented to us and not the reality of it.

A long time fan


“Dear Negress

This is bothering my spirit so I wanted to comment. Why all of a sudden are white men being thrust into the faces of black women? There are other races out there, right? I feel that there’s a hidden agenda why everywhere you look white men are in our faces and this false narrative of white men being better partners is heavily pushed. Also white men are all over YT making videos about us. I find this unsettling given our history together. Any thoughts?”

” ….all I ‘m saying is to date whom you wish but get prepared to meet racial backlash. I was dating a white male and his family was the most racist I’ve ever met. It’s the families that sometimes cause the issues…”

I could go on but this post would be entirely too long.

Many women have confided in me that they still love black men and want children that look like them. These women are terrified to come forward and admit that still desiring a man who is their mirror image will cause a social media storm and they will be ostracized. If you’re in the private group, you already know how I feel about what is being pushed.

Here is the bottom line:

EVERYONE on this planet needs and is desperate for the energy of the Original Woman. We are the givers of life and the sustainers of all things. When we take away our energy, things shrivel up and die. When we claim that something is sexy, cool and worth looking into, the world follows and investigates. Our power is immense and everyone knows it but us.

So, having said all of that, you, black women, rule this planet. And you are allowing everyone to siphon your energy for FREE. They get fat, you get thin and wispy and frail and eventually die.

When will you realize your worth and stop the bullshit?

My advice to these women that wrote to me is simple. If you choose to date out, vet him extremely carefully. Refrain from any intimate relations and watch him closely. Sex tends to cloud your judgment.

Listen to his actions not his words.

From there, your Spirit will guide you into making the right choices. If that voice inside you whispers “something’s not right”, do not argue. Leave immediately and save yourself. 2021 will be very, very rough for the permanent underclass. Begin self preservation now.

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27 thoughts on “What Black Women Are Really Saying About Being With White Men

  1. Black Obsidian on said:

    This entire society is built for the weakest link and parasitic humanoids to thrive off its host who continues to be their supply. I’ve been following your blog for 5 years now and I want to thank you for your insight and wisdom on how to navigate around wyte ppl. They are incredibly fragile. Anyways I’ve been living in a white state for as long as I’ve been reading your blogs and I see a lot of bw with wm where I live….these couples have ZERO chemistry and everything looks forced the bw looks miserable.

    You mentioned about everyone wanting bw energy and it’s true. When people look beyond social life and dig into genetics and biology all the answers is in the DNA. Wyte doctors and nurses have come up with this term you should look up called “wimpy wyte boy syndrome” in the Preemie baby section the black baby girl is the strongest of ALL babies even being in that condition while the baby wyte male is the weakest and one struggling. Now many say that’s fucked up and I shouldn’t attack babies but I’m not. The babies will grow up to be adults and weakness produces evil. No fighting spirit means the weakest must thrive off others.

    The bm and the wm are the same man and every man in between, according to this science article the father of all men is a bm that lives in South Carolina. The bm is creating agents. Bm usurp energy from bw and transfer that energy to other races and we can see that right now. The bm or the wm is not an equal to the bw and they both run the world hand in hand. On one end bm run the streets and u can’t avoid them, on the other end the wm controls the corporate streets and they want you to kiss their ass.

    Bw giving their power away is why they continue to suffer. The only bw that are trustworthy are ones who are celibate, eating and exercising right and got a clean temple, body mind and soul. Semen actually alters a woman thought process and hijacks her divinity. Depending on how toxic of a man he is, he injects that same toxicity into his woman, this is why so many bw don’t have any identity outside of race, or being a wife and mother. A woman mentioned to me that these swirling videos are promoting sexual slavery to bw and that’s very true. Why does a woman need her womb occupied all the time?

    Back to what I said about the bm and the wm being the same men and why they are clones to destroy bw. When u listen to women on divesting and swirling channels and how they talk about the men they dealt with in their lives it sounds as if they’re all talking about the same man!

    Bw who are very self aware must divest from the bw collective too. They need to go “underground” and create their own space because it’ll be a women who will seek to sabotage another woman sanctuary. And I’m not necessarily talking about women of other races it’s the ones that look like you that we need to pay attention to the most.

  2. Black Obsidian on said:

    Not many bw understand vetting.

    If a person were to apply for a job that would give them 6 figures and top security clearance they’ll have to undergo intense background checks, and they’ll even call your family/friends/previous employer/ criminal history/ and even credit check in case the person is a liability for theft. These women choose men same way McDonald’s hire their employees.

    They cannot vet properly if they haven’t healed from sexual trauma or have low self esteem. Men have a 6th sense for smelling wounded women and will target such a woman before she finds herself. That is the goal.

  3. If I could, I’d put your entire post on a T-shirt.

    That was a very honest, well thought out assessment of what is happening. What boggles my mind is why no one is questioning the push for us to date out specifically with white men. The timing is immaculate and the desperation is severe.

    I was given a video by a subscriber that showed a white male intensely defending us from black men.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate ANY allies we can get. My question is after all this time, after all that was done and continues to be done, why now? What’s in it for THEM?

  4. And this is why the generational trauma will continue. A man on Youtube that I watch from time to time said, quite bluntly, “Men are predators.”

    I’d listen and take heed.

  5. petramay on said:

    If BW want a “quality BM” and BM to protect and provide, they are going to have to divest. BM have a monopoly on BW and they know they can treat us like sh%t. All monopolies take their customers for granted until they are faced with competition and that’s what WM (all non black men) offer. Competition. Until BM are forced to compete with other men, there is no incentive to do better. At this point, I’m not convinced that they want to or that they want BW as much BW want them.

    So if BW played the long game and practiced group hypergamy, in two generations you would see a whole different kind of BM. The ones who want BW will rise and the rest will be kicking dust. Of course that’s wishful thinking. A lot of things would need to change and I don’t think that will happen.

    WP have a low birth rate. They’ve been talking about it for years. In America, Europe- they’re not reproducing themselves at a rate that will allow them to sustain the majority. That’s where this push for interracial relationships comes from. Most of these biracials end up creating more whites anyway.

    All men should be vetted and if a BW wants to get with a WM, she should make sure she gets what she wants out of the relationship.

  6. @ petra

    Excellent comment but it begs the question:

    After all that WM ( and his woman) have done to us and continue to do, SHOULD we “help” them live longer through our seed even if it means we’re getting what we want in return?

  7. Black Obsidian on said:

    The wyte race exists as a reminder of the fall of the bw. I’ve been doing intense research genetically on the wyte race and even came across videos of Dravidians exposing the Caucasian race as just albino Dravidians. There’s a high population of albinos that live in Tanzania than any where else in the world apparently. If the white race is truly unnatural bw won’t be able to carry wm seed bm wouldn’t be able to get ww pregnant. Where am I going with this? Many disorders we see in human condition stems from incest.

    There was an albino gorilla born in a Zoo from parents that were related to each other which is why he was born with albinism and didn’t live long. I further did research and found that in the wild, the female gorillas naturally want to mate with another male that’s OUTSIDE her family to AVOID INBREEDING.

    There’s a lot of shame that comes from sex abuse and the truth is in the child that comes from that type of conception.

    There’s ALOT going on and most bw don’t even know that one of our Two X chromosomes is SILENT maybe not all women but I believe most have this silent X, that is how damaging the male presence is that one X must be veiled. I would like to pass on this information in private because it’s that deep. We are at a time where that genetic code will activate which is probably why they’re rushing this vaccine.

    They’re saying all this now because they FEEL it in their CELLS that doom is around the corner, they want to get to the closest to God on earth as possible but they are not worthy of it. It’s important to not live with males during this time because specific dna will activate in a woman which will trigger his fears which is why we are hearing such tragic deaths.

    A bw trapped in marriage or with a boyfriend that is abusive is no different than a trafficked victim.

    There is a blog that will open your eyes and make sense of the saying “as within so without”

    My email is theblkobsidian@gmail.com if you want that info.

    Another thing. Bw are now getting babies at the sperm bank which is cool but sperm banks don’t test quality of sperm, sperm mutations are leading factors as to why there’s many children born with autism. Bw should consider asking for genetic testing and to heal herself to repair dna. Generational trauma is also part of the reason damaged genes get passed down.

  8. petramay on said:

    That’s a great question DOAN. The more I learn about our history, the more I see our hands are a little dirty too. BP share some responsibility in how we got here. So if an individual BW can use them to get what she wants in this life, I say do it…but make it expensive.

    If we as a collective of BW played the long game, we could turn the tables but that would require a level of unification and self healing that I don’t see.

  9. I’ve always stated that they can feel that it’s over for them so they are latching on to us.

  10. @ Petra

    I’m all for having allies not just friends. And yes, they have to pay.

  11. Layla Melodie on said:

    It’s quite simple, I believe serious, emotionally intelligent white males have ALWAYS wanted black women as an option to mate with. For whatever reasons are personable to them. Fortunately, I have not come across non black males that were only looking for sex.

    Now that the world knows that the black male hates his female counterpart, those non black males that I speak of–who are for the most part harmless–aren’t fearful of black male backlash. That’s a reason. It’s only going to make sense for black women that are thinking to have allies with people that don’t look like her.

    TBH, I really don’t see this as urgent. Why? Because the MAJORITY of black women will choose to stay loyal to black males and decaying black communities.

  12. @ layla

    I would agree that they have always wanted us but the sudden push to be with us raises an eyebrow.

    Since I am versed in the occult, I have my own suspicions.

  13. Marie Smith on said:

    Doan, what suspicions do you have from an occultic perspective? Can you please send me an email. I have my own story to share anda bit of information on something else. I want to be careful what I share in the open.

  14. petramay on said:

    @ DOAN, does 12/21 and the age of Aquarius signify anything to you? Are BP supposed to tackle into new powers or enlightenment? I don’t follow astrology so I don’t know if that’s true or just internet talk.

  15. @ marie

    yes, I will.

  16. @ petra

    I believe those that are already inclined to be spiritually awakened will experience a “shift” in consciousness.

    You’ll begin to pick up on certain types of auras and messages. What you choose to do with them is up to the person.

    As for superpowers…?


    I can’t say for sure. Depends on what your definition of Superpower is.

  17. Kyra Barr on said:

    Good afternoon!
    DOAN would you please be willing to share with me via email what you feel are the reasons why Black women are being pursed the way that we are. I would truly appreciate your thoughts. Would you also share how and why from the occult point of view as well? Thank you so much for your insight, and for sharing your knowledge.

  18. dlboydx on said:

    Hi. Actually, I’m interested in knowing as well, the increase in the pursuit of Black women, & understanding it from the occult aspect. I live in San Diego County, CA, so seeing the inter-racial relationships is not new. When i first moved here after getting out of the military, when it came to blacks, it was definitely, more bm with non black women. I would say, around 2008/2009, is when i started noticing the media’s push, showing BW being in relationships (not baby mamas) with other groups of men, & by the time 2013 came things started exploding. My thing is BW vet all men & be careful because some of these dudes may be looking at BW for a come up as well & then leave to get back with his group of women.

    Black Obsidian, if you don’t mind, i will email you about that information. I wanted to throw something out there, which is being discussed by even some biblical ministers discussing about the crystalize DNA or RNA our “Divinity Genes”. The gentiles (whites) call them junk dna.

  19. dlboydx on said:

    This a little off topic, but have you seen this mess: Cracka (TV Movie 2020) -https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12317568/

  20. qnubian385 on said:

    I agreed with the two ladies, what they said, their extinction is coming.
    It’s crazy that 60 years ago, they didn’t even allow IR marriage, but now you see it everywhere!!
    Every year I see more and more IR advertising, it’s like they always want to be in our faces!
    WP problems aren’t my problems, I don’t care about their survival!
    One thing I know for sure, wp aren’t humans!
    I can’t help myself that whenever they are close to me, I always feel like my life force is being sucked away!
    They have this natural evil aura, and when I look inside in their eyes, I see a complete emptiness!
    I am not the only one, I spoke with very deep conscious blacks, they told me the same things.
    Wp lack of any human emotions, their eyes are cold like ices!
    I can’t understand how can a black person feel comfortable and be surrendered
    by all these evils?

  21. @ dlboydx

    Funny how BW are made to be ugly apes with lipstick throughout white rule but overnight, we’re finally the “it” girl.

    I remember when Lupita came on the scene and whites damn near lost their minds over her. Now don’t get me wrong, Lupita is very soft and pretty. But she’s not unusual in the black world. In fact, neither is Iman. They both look quite plain, no insult intended, to us. But whites lost sleep over their “exotic” features and dark complexion.

    It was then that I got the feeling that something isn’t quite Kosher.

  22. @ qnubian

    Remember what Trojan Pam wrote?

    You cannot fight the thing you are sleeping with. This is why, for the most part, BW who marry out no longer are Race First Women. The question is: How do you walk that fine line and still keep your marriage intact?

    How do you NOT lose your identity but give in to your white husband?

  23. @ dlboydx

    I just watched the Trailer. I know who’s behind this. And why. It’s the same folks who took out the insurance policies on slaves and pretended that they didn’t. Nothing new here.

  24. petramay on said:

    But DOAN, aren’t the collective of black women race first women? And where has that gotten BW as a collective? Largely ignored. The black community ignores the issues facing BW and has for generations. I think you put yourself first. After that, your needs as a woman and then race. Race first, only if it serves your purpose.

    Oh, and I would like your occult perspective on BW if you will email it to me as well. Any recommendations on books and blogs to read?I like your blog and I still read Khadija’s blog Muslim Bushido.

  25. qnubian385 on said:

    DOA Troja Pam was a true gem, bless her soul!
    I still remembered her post about Arab refugee men that they went to Europe.
    Wp hate them but they need them because wp are dying!
    It isn’t any more a taboo what wp really want from us, Pam said that ” the refugee Arab men were bringing new blood to fertilize the weak and drying white blood”
    They knew very well that white Germans hate them, but we will conquer our oppressor, but how Pam said ” you can’t conquer your oppressor while you are conquered”.
    WW are saying publicly without any shame, what they really want from BM.
    They want their future generation to survive so in order to do so, they are chasing BM for it!
    As opposed to WW, WM are more cautious with their words.
    WM are very smart at hiding their real intentions, suddenly, they want to be our saviors or allies!
    I wish black people were more conscious of the meaning of survivor!
    I wish they were more proud of themselves and walk with head up!
    I find it very distubing that in the name of survivor wp are willing to do everything!
    They are willing to sleep with black people, with the same people that for many centuries they told us how repulsive, inferior, and how our dark or brown skin are stink!
    I stopped so many times to think about it, and I always said why now?
    They suddenly want to be close to us and be our friends, the more I see their behavior and the more I find it alarming!
    I don’t know why we always should feel be proud to act like ”the chosen one”,
    because I will share my precious ”melanin” with them!
    They already said why they are with you, not really I can’t!

  26. @ petra

    I’ll email you when I get done with a few things.

  27. @ qnubian

    You and many other BW feel the EXACT same way but they don;t say it out loud for fear of being called a “mammy”, etc.

    Many have written to me privately and told me that they flat-out regret marrying and having children with white males specifically.

    I really dont get the same reaction with brown skinned, non blacks. In fact, a few women who have married Mexican and Indian males have stated that they DEFEND them and are good providers. The only drawback ( sometimes) is the man’s family.

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