Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear Black Women…

I was sent this by three women.

My short response?

Let Becky’s daddy, brothers and uncles handle it.

And they will…

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14 thoughts on “Dear Black Women…

  1. petramay on said:

    What do you mean?

  2. I saw a Black man berate this woman for being ”Average” AKA not looking like a surgery-enhanced IG ”model”. Also having a 13-yr-old from a previous relationship and making more money than most people in her circle. She was basically being asked to lower her standards and not want a high- quality man. Maybe I misinterpreted??

  3. @ petra

    White racism.

  4. @ madame

    First of all: No “high value” man EVER calls himself high vale. Second, most real men of standard an education look for a woman who can bring something to the relationship, not just DD’s.

    I worked with men who made seven figures and their wives were plain looking but accomplished and had etiquette.

    The only men who put so much emphasis on a woman’s looks, age, child-rearing and body are males who have nothing to offer except a filthy, dirty, homeless, hungry dick.

    The BM has sunk to a new low for the entire world to witness and I’m patiently waiting for the fallout.

    But…these BW who crave negative attention need to seek a bloody head shrinker and take some medicine.

    If these “men” think they are gaining traction with other males, they are MISTAKEN. I should post letters from white and hispanic men to write to me about how they feel about BM.

  5. I don’t understand BW seeking advice from these toxic BM who clearly hate BW. They usually are not attractive or successful, but bitter towards BW who reject them because of their inadequacies.

  6. petramay on said:

    The first time I watched this video, I was thinking about Zuckerberg’s wife, Gates’s wife, even Bezos’s wife – none of them were beauty queens. All pretty average. Hell even Mellody Hobson would just get a cute.

    A lot of wealthy men do not base their marriage decisions on looks alone. I wish this girl had known this. She could’ve clapped back but yeah I got his message that she should settle for average. That’s what BM want, for BW to not practice hypergamy.

    I don’t know why BW are not be repulsed by these type of men and their channels.

  7. @ madame

    3 words:

    Low self esteem.

  8. @ petra

    These wealthy men know better. I remember when Jared Leto chased Lupita down. He threw himself after her publicly and even tried to cozy up to her mother! This man wanted her so desperately and I wondered why, aside from her natural prettiness, that is.

    Turns out that Lupita is the Original Birth Mother of this planet. Her DNA is older than old and Jared wanted a piece of Eternity. Real men of “high value” are chasing down women who will give them entrance into everlasting life. They do not care about weaves, eyelashes, fake nails and lipstick. I’ve even see “regular” men who have regular jobs chase down these plain looking women who have something to bring to the relationship.

    And then over here you have these males who sit up on YT live streams for 8-12 HOURS collecting donations talking about how black women’s p***y stinks. Stop giving them life and the madness will end.

    It’s time we took responsibility too.

  9. qnubian385 on said:

    The fact that BM always talking about BW hygiene speaks high volume!
    While WW are here don’t even bother to wash themselves every day or even when they have a period!
    BM are nasty and I saw them with the most hideous-looking WW that WM reject them and they don’t even bother to look at them how hideous they are!
    I have heard some nasty story about how BM love that WW have thick white liquid down here and how they feel good during sex!
    This is again about hygiene which WW and BM don’t have so they deserve each other!
    I don’t know how that BW can sit there and listening all the crap he is saying!

  10. @ qnubian

    low self esteem.

  11. Layla Melodie on said:

    For most black males looking for a relationship–she is NOT high value because she isn’t first and foremost a white male, a black male or a white female. His rocks don’t get hard for anything but those three.

  12. @ layla

    Spot on. Also, I feel that there’s a hidden agenda at play.

  13. LaShawnda Jones on said:

    I watched another of his videos and was at turns incredulous with disbelief. Didn’t think it was real. This is the second video with this jerk I’ve been exposed to. Why are women calling in to have a conversation with this person?

  14. @ LaShawnda

    He’s is what you would call a GateKeeper. Many well known, successful blacks are in secret societies. They are given platforms to make money and get famous for their service.

    As for the women who call in…

    Some are mentally ill and enjoy the abuse and others are scripted and paid Negros.

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