Observations of an Invisible Woman

What 2020 Taught Me

  1. America, for all of its wealth, refuses to feed, clothe, employ and house its people. They would rather invest TRILLIONS into the military system than make sure we have clean drinking water.
  2. Trump’s Presidency is a reminder that whiteness and Alpha Maleness is more important than humanity.
  3. Black men love and voted for Trump not because they agree with his policies, but because they wish to live vicariously through an Alpha White Man. You’ll always be a nigger to them so whatever…
  4. Black Women need to shut the fuck up more and learn to keep their motives and their moves silent. Try duct tape. It’s .99 at the Dollar General.
  5. America is a Third World nation posing as First World one. But only to other Americans. Everyone outside of the U.S. sees your fuckery so keep on with your delusion.
  6. Blacks will be targeted first for the vaccines and best believe the military is ready for you.
  7. Black men’s reputation as a Master Cocksmith is fading. Rapidly. Oh well…
  8. You know that white friend that you have that’s so “progressive” and “woke”? When the shit hits the fan, they’ll throw your black ass under the bus to save their Clan and themselves.
  9. The fact that popular Youtubers with Uber-Large platforms aren’t talking about corona, the vaccines, prepping and survival tells me a lot.
  10. Black people are just about ready for a mass extermination project. Agenda 2021 coming soon. And yes, it’s always about you.
  11. White women’s façade as “morally superior” was obliterated as Karens worldwide showed why white supremacy was, is and always will be a Female Lead Racial Cult. Thank you, white women!!! Keep up the good work.
  12. Black Women showed, through ratchetness, open defiance, can’t-shut-the-fuck-up-even-if-someone-paid- them, and an overall “I don’t give a shit, don’t tell me what to do” attitude, why the black race is currently on the bottom of the barrel. By the way, your children are fucked. Keep on popping them out.
  13. White people are so desperate to up their rapidly decreasing numbers, even black Africans from Africa are being labeled as “white” on census papers. FYI: Since most of you are Christian, read the book of Obadiah. You cannot escape your karma.
  14. Bi-racials will skyrocket in the next 20 years, thank you black man, and officially “take over” black spaces. Like the NBA for instance. Don’t cry over it. You refuse to learn from history so fucking dealing it.
  15. I finally accept why black people were enslaved.

Did I tell you that I’m a member of a (mostly) white survivalist group? (There are a few pale Asians scattered amongst them)

These folks got it going on. Guns, ammo, articles on how to make a homemade cast, herbs that kill parasites, etc…And they have groups that meet to “bug out” together in case of an emergency. I stay quiet, something black people can never seem to do, and watch, listen and learn. I must say I’m deeply impressed with their organizational skills, something black people can learn if they can shut the fuck up and stop posturing for five minutes, and how invested they are in their own survival.

I hope we can one day put our vast skillset to use but I won’t hold my breath. As we speed towards 2021, I have clear visions of armed militia in the streets, job applications that included “Date of 1st Series of Vaccinations”, Social Credit Scores that will allow you to buy and sell your house, and driver’s licenses that tell your private medical business.

I hope you’re ready for it because it’s coming. What makes me sad is how so many of our black leaders died begging us to wake up but I guess what’s on T.V. is too important.

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10 thoughts on “What 2020 Taught Me

  1. It’s so sad. Instead of learning how to build generational wealth, most young black women are too obsessed with the Kardashians or which Black ball player is cheating on their wives with a non-BW. I tell my teen sons to prepare for the future and not look at their immature peers who are clueless about where their future is headed. It’s truly a mess.

  2. @ madame

    Acceptance cured me of my depression. I see things now for exactly what they are.

  3. petramay on said:

    All great points. Going to point #6 – there’s an article written by two doctors, one was the head of research at Pfizer, that this vaccine may cause female infertility. I see why they want BP to try it first.

    #13 – that’s new. I didn’t know that.

    Finally, how do you find these survival groups? I’m in a number of fb groups and I follow certain blogs but I haven’t found an organized group. Were you invite into it?

  4. @ petra

    Yes. A white man who reads my blog asked me if I wanted in. I accepted and never regretted it.

    As for organized groups, FB is filled with them but you have to be accepted in. I suggest asking the moderator for acceptance.

    Words to look for in the Search box: “preppers”. “survivalist groups”, “homesteaders groups”

    Good luck.

  5. petramay on said:

    Thank you.

    I just finished watching Succession on HBO. I’m hooked. If you want to see how the 1% operate, watch that show. 1. They play chess not checkers. 2. They eat their own with no hesitation.

  6. @ petra

    Also watch Outlander. It’s a UK based show that takes place in the 17th century. They literally shows us how they think, act and feel.

  7. petramay on said:

    I’ll track it down.

  8. Robert Sanchez on said:

    Wow. Where does one start and where does one end. Lot’s of unflattering words for all. Many non black people of color (some hate this term but I’ll use it anyway) have the false belief if they align themselves closer to white society and it’s ideas (rugged individualism meant to isolate and divide each other – I got mine now get yours-only applies to the common man for the rich it was and is socialism for the rich) they will be spared the worst what is happening to black America. They will to a point but white enough won’t be enough if the real whites get tired or afraid of the new whites or have to compete with them for jobs, college education, housing, etc – it is not divide and conquer but exploit and expand existing divisions. The new whites will want multiracial coalitions to fight this but it will be like closing the barn doors after the horses already left. The impossible task of funneling more and more wealth to the richest whites and expecting the white middle class to have more babies will clash. Demagogues even more explicit than Trump will call for subsidizing white births and float ideas of sterilization of welfare mothers and women and men in the criminal justice system in order to reduce sentences. If slave labor per the 13th Amendment was one incentive to incarcerate black and brown (mostly black) this will be another. If this is our future it was once our past. Google eugenics movement. Impressed Hitler and the Nazis as did much of America’s racial history (Jim Crow, immigration policy, genocide of Natives, etc.). Yes please listen to everyone even if you disagree. Let the racists speak and they will reveal themselves. Usually what they accuse you of they have already done or plan to do. Ditto for those that may have skills and knowledge that you don’t. Copy a page from.their book and see if it applies. You never want to.be the smartest person in the room.

  9. @ Robert!

    Hi Robert!

    Thank you for the comment. This was done loooong ago with the following groups:

    Arabs of all races, even the “dusky” ones.
    Jews (the fake ones)

    When whites feel scared of their low numbers and begin to fantasize about our revenge , another non-white becomes “white”.

    Latinos have already taken the deal, long ago in fact, and love their new “almost” status especially if it means they are treated better than blacks and have more options.

    Nothing new under the sun.

  10. qnubian385 on said:

    It’s funny that these BM and black people in the US who want to engage in IR,
    they wish to become the next Brazil!
    Brazil has 83 million people who are multiracial, racism has become such a quotidian thing, that locals don’t even see anything wrong about racism!
    People are living with the caste system, they don’t even bother to fight or even
    raise their voice because it has been taught from birth that you have to stay in your place!
    The good thing I see in this world that Mother of Nature is making this Planet hotter and hotter if destiny says that ”if the world will go back to how it was in the beginning” let’s make it happen!
    No more classified as white, no mix or multiracial will save them, or make their number grow!
    Everything in this world is made of carbon, even the Universe they call ”Dark Matter” for a reason, so without the dark element, there isn’t life!
    The light itself doesn’t give birth to life!

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