Observations of an Invisible Woman

Keep Giving Them a Reason

Sometimes I wonder if we WANT the larger, dominate society to exterminate us. There is no excuse for this behaviour.

Keep it up.

Extermination is closer than you think.

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5 thoughts on “Keep Giving Them a Reason

  1. Layla Melodie on said:

    LOLZ…dudette. I. Can’t.

  2. He’s right, but of course anyone who talks about “behavior” is playing Respectability Politics”. Why is it too much to ask that adults behave in a civilized manner. Twerking doesn’t belong in a restaurant, it belongs in the club. Men and women should be held accountable for their behavior. It’s embarrassing- the way some people act in public and unfortunately we as Black people are judged by the actions of a few. That directly affects the way we are treated as a whole, but of course, you can’t say that either because people will accuse you of justifying racism. I just SMDH at times. How can we uplift ourselves when so many don’t want to change and get offended at the thought of being held accountable and not relishing in victimhood?

  3. @ Layla

    I was deeply embarrassed watching this. No wonder everyone thinks we’re all the same.

  4. @ madame

    If you knew what people all over the world say about black people, especially black Americans, we would all take a step back and rethink our actions.

    Is it a wonder why we are hated all over the world? They make us ALL look bad.

  5. qnubian385 on said:

    We can’t really escape from the syndrome of being a hoe or a thug!
    This racist society already gave us which rule we should follow, but seem that we can’t get enough to beef these racists what they think about us!
    We already struggle to show everyone that we ain’t all hoes or thugs, it’s already hard to clean ourselves without falling into stereotypes.
    Black people who want to be identified in these categories I just letting them be rotting in their ignorance, not all of us can be saved!

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