Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Truth About Men No Woman Wants to Hear

A private letter:

‘Dear Diary,

I am a secret online sex worker and recently wrote a short memoir about my life. Will you help me to promote it? I promise you you’ll be shocked by what I have to say. Men aren’t what they appear to be. Here is a free excerpt you can use.

Thank you kindly!”


Let me start off my saying that this short novella isn’t for the faint of heart.


In fact, I read it twice just to fully understand the level of perversion that exists within the male mind. She has a fascinating chapter on black males that I never knew existed in the sex world.

Here is where it can be purchased:


Here’s the thing I never knew.

ALL men cheat. Yes, it’s true. Sorry, Ladies. I know I’m crushing dreams and visions of a Cinderella-like wedding day complete with fairy dust, but if you’re paired with a human who has a penis, he’s likely cheating on you in some way, shape or form. In fact, they love the danger of it. The gleeful wickedness of it all. It makes their dicks get rock hard at the thought that their beloved Susan, who’s a good Christian from Idaho, might walk into the room and catch them with an Ebony Cam Whore. They know right from wrong, you see. But they just do not care.

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11 thoughts on “The Truth About Men No Woman Wants to Hear

  1. And this comes as a surprise to whom?

  2. @ wholistically


  3. This book was beautifully written. Thanks for sharing this, Negress! Can’t wait for Your Friendly Neighborhood Ho to publish more content.

  4. Alberto Macstaire on said:

    Why does it have to be negatives all the time coming from someone who claims to be spiritual???

    We know that you are a lesbian feminist, but it speaks volumes that you feel you have to debased men, to promote your lifestyle. It is also ironic that you don’t see that two women are also “perversion”.

    Yes, I know you started deleting my posts whenever you can’t handle the truth.

  5. @ leneschy

    It was a good read indeed. Some parts shocked me though but it’s something all women need to hear.

  6. petramay on said:

    That chapter 3 was a doozy. I’ve heard that before but having it confirmed was something else.

  7. @ petra

    I nearly fell off my chair. I never knew….lol

  8. The author is overgeneralizing in a nearly criminal way. By her overgeneralizing, she has proven herself by magnifying her own profound ignorance. The author is justifying her own bad behaviours in a misguided effort to paint with a poison pen to tell her story with an all encompassing brush, that ALL men are as wicked as she says they are, and they’re not.
    Using that same poison pen, then ALL women are prostitutes and that means you too, negress.
    Yes, buy her book, and try to prove that ALL men are whores with that broad brush.
    Generalizing is always wrong. Get some education in Psychology. or Philosophy which is much harder.
    Go ahead, waste your money and your time by buying and reading drivel.
    You’re promoting lies, and if you or your readers believe it, you’re all buying into a LIE.

    (In memory of Lisa Rene, whose killer was recently sentenced to death, and all 4 tried to lie their way out of it.)

  9. Acid Sugar on said:

    But, all these women online desperate for marriage.


  10. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    I really don’t think they care anymore. This is what they want to believe (That all men are wicked). If these men who they envisioned only live in their nightmares, these women will grabbed an endless supply of sleeping pill and induce themselves in a dream state. Lies have become their shield from self-reflection; it is their armour. It is also a manipulative tool used by lesbians, the feminist and butch types, to recruit females to their club. Any sensible person will see what this Negress person is doing. She is even has a problem seeing black men being happy elsewhere. Just imagine the convos they have in their secluded safe space—pure toxicity and poison.

  11. qnubian385 on said:

    Men are what they really are, they are just driven by instinct and what their third legs tells them to do!
    I have encountered BM who were married but they acted like they were single men without children and for them, it was something normal to flirt with another woman without feeling guilty!
    I really wanted to know what their wives would think about their men? What would they think about if they knew what they were doing behind their backs?

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