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Dear Black Women, Do Shut Up

This post will ruffle feathers. Feel free to unsubscribe.

I’ve been silently watching the black female collective take credit for putting Biden and Harris, who are both listed as Caucasians on their birth certificates, in the white house.

I sat back and read comments about how proud they were of their “political prowess” and how they were making “major moves” and people should watch out for them in future elections.

Something that strikes me as rather odd is how we can jump to vote for two people who haven’t stated clearly what their “Black Agenda” is. Let me tell you something, black women: Every group on this planet has their own agenda. They throw it in politician’s faces and let them know, ” You will not get our vote unless you benefit us in some way.”

How is EITHER party benefitting black women?

They are not.

I’m saddened by what I see happening and what will happen in the near future. If these two do not perform well and things spiral out of control, who do you think the masses will blame? The ones who shouted the loudest.

I’m also quietly reading about the growing number of whites, especially white men (and some black males! ) who are enraged that their man was ousted by voter fraud. What do you think the fallout will be?

Black women, you need to learn how to make moves QUIETLY and stop putting yourselves in the crosshairs. Remember, the white female can bob and weave between whiteness and femininity when it benefits her because she is under the protection of her men,


Take a seat and be quiet for once.

Form stealth groups of like-minded, black women and discuss your moves there. I hope you realize that EVERYONE is watching you now even closer than ever. First, with the black lives matter movement where your men threw you under the bus, then with dismantling the police, and now this.

Good luck.

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13 thoughts on “Dear Black Women, Do Shut Up

  1. Yes, couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. @ wholistically

    Much appreciated.

  3. petramay on said:

    Unfortunately, I’m in a blue state surrounded by people who think CNN picks the president. I would like to connect with like minded people but that has been hard. Finding black women in real life with my mind set has been impossible.

    I don’t understand why black people voted Democrat after Kamala and Joe said they wouldn’t do anything specifically for black people. Not a thing. I wouldn’t be celebrating that I gave my vote and got nothing in return while other groups are getting something for theirs. At least Trump rolled out his Platinum Plan. It’s something.

    I think all if not most Indians, Asians, Latinos consider themselves white and are considered white. They put it in the census and on their driver’s license. Racially, they’re not black. I saw a lot of black women online arguing that she’s black.

  4. @ petra

    I’m stupefied now. I feel as if being awake is a lonely ass existence.

  5. @ petra

    One more thing: The white demographic is RAPIDLY shrinking to under 5%. They are lying when they tell us that Caucasians are the majority. By including non-black, non whites into whiteness, ( like they eventually did the dark-skinned Italians ), they can successfully up their numbers and form an alliance.

  6. petramay on said:

    Yes that’s true. America is destined to a minority-majority country in 30 years? I think it’s 2050. Right now black people are 13% of the population, Latinos are 17-18%. One thing I learned is that Latinos are about as unified as black people…they’re not. They still divide themselves by country and are loyal to their original culture. What they all agree on is that they’re white.

    Right now we’re in the calm before the storm. The media is trying to hide it, but there’s evidence of voter fraud in PA, MI, NV and maybe even AZ. Once people realize that Trump won (or lost but I think he won), there’s going to be rioting. If anything, I would be preparing for that. You have a month.

  7. Balkanization is ongoing, it’s natural tribalism. Has been for decades. Unless some force their way in by hiding behind the guns of National Guardsmen. Brown vs Board of Education. Thanks to James Dombrowski et al, good old Communist bunch. In fact, the whole Civil Rights movement was all about & backed by Communism. Look up Lucy Parsons history & Haymarket riots & 8 hangings, including Albert Parsons.

    Seen any tailgaiting Black Hats yet?

  8. Do some research into the Spingarn family, start with Arthur Spingarn in Wikipedia. The usual yoos. Russian origins too, I might add.
    Look online for PDF of amazing book by Harry Haywood “Black Bolshevik” & you’ll have the right one at blog by Hugo Turner (Hugo’s a die hard Communist).

    It all comes out of Lenin School in Moscow. Look up Larry Krasner on Wikipedia. He;s really setting up the CW2.0, or, Russian Revolution 2.0, whichever you prefer to name it.

  9. Yes. The truth gets censored, but I know you copy it and hit SAVE.
    THE LONG SIXTIES https://www.longsixties.com/

    It is my belief that the truth sets you free. You have to know the past, to know what the future holds for you. Hey, your choice, buy is Communism your choice?

  10. petramay on said:

    The Million Maga march was today in DC. It was peaceful. Now, there’s videos all over twitter of mobs of young black people and the white Antifa crowd harassing old white people. They even sucker punched one guy and almost knocked him out. @donbongino – to see the videos. There’s going to be a serious backlash once these videos get out. I agree, now is the time to move in silence.

  11. petramay on said:


  12. @ petra

    There’s a new clip in the private group.

    We are being painted as the “starters” of chaos. I have a pretty good idea where this will lead.

  13. Norma D. Williams Roseman on said:

    Do you think Kamala Harris wrote Caucasian on her birth certificate?

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