Observations of an Invisible Woman

Slavery 4.0

First it was to the Arab.

Then it was to the Anglo.

Next it was to the 13th Amendment.

And finally, it will be to him:

What do all these groups of people have in common?

They were invited.

In the next 50 to 100 years, the black race will be fully entrenched in bondage. The black male refuses to learn his lessons from the past so Karma will be set in place for him, his women and his offspring.

Right now in Africa, the Chinese are fully engulfed in colonizing ALL of the Motherland and raping her natural elements for the benefits of their own race. How did they get there? The black man invited them in, gave them full citizenship, gave them access to their raw materials and gave them full access to their black women. All for wealth and a tiny amount of superficial political power.

I have no doubt that soon that takeover will happen right here in America. So where does that leave the black woman? It leaves her to fend for herself once again. It matters not what choice she makes. She will be blamed for the destruction of her race.

Fingers will point to “the woman hath ye gave me” and she will be made the whipping girl for black men’s ire. So, I say all of that to say this:

Black women, 2021 will be a terrible, harsh, rough year. The years following will be almost legendary. You MUST begin making moves NOW to secure yourself economically so you’ll have the faintest chance of survival. That means taking a page out of the black male’s playbook and putting yourself first. How?

By voting for the candidate that puts your interest first

By choosing not to support any black male’s endeavors no matter how good it may sound. Need I mention Umar Johnson?

By choosing to let go of black female relatives that push you to stay and tough it out

By choosing to stop having out of wedlock children by them

This last step will be the step that seals your fate.

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12 thoughts on “Slavery 4.0

  1. Yes. Umar has proven to be a charlatan. What happened to that school for Black boys he was building? What happened to the money? Just disgraceful—- even worse, there are people still supporting him. Why? I don’t understand. I’m not just going to put my faith and trust in someone just because they are Black. My self-interest is #1.

  2. Marie Smith on said:

    Is there a future for women who had out of wedlock children and have started to turn their lives around. What steps can they take to secure their future and the future of their kids? What moves should someone be making financially?

  3. @ madam

    We were all fooled. Myself included. We believed him and trusted his vision. I know this one black male who gave Umar 10,000 dollars!!!!

    Lesson learned.

    Time to put yourself first.

    Also, we must remember that the reason why Umar was praised is because his interest was in black boys only.

  4. @ Marie

    Yes. It’ll be hard tough but it can be done. You’ll have to be super crafty with your economics starting now.

    I’d recommend speaking to a trusted financial advisor for help. Please do this right now. Try to secure land, grow your own food as much as possible and get a permit for a weapon.

    These are all good places to begin.

    Also, if possible, please see an estate lawyer about setting up a will and trust for your child. Many black children inherit no wealth but you can give your child a head start.

    Good luck.

  5. “The black male refuses to learn his lessons from the past so Karma will be set in place for him, his women and his offspring.”

    Can you seriously make a stance that doesn’t have to scapegoat your own race of men? This is crazy, I see what you’re doing and it makes sense, but it’s still crazy. And vile.

    To black women, you have a lot of power. And you misuse it, many of you do.

  6. qnubian385 on said:

    The desperation for attention from wp and non-white people will be the
    the downfall of the black race!
    This isn’t only self-hatred this attention seeker plaint and simple, people who have pride and respect for themselves don’t go around to accept everything and giving free willing to wp and people of colored! The generosity of BM is really sickness!

  7. @ qnubian

    The downfall of the black race will be ourselves. This is no longer about whites (mostly), this is now about how we deal with ourselves, how we condone our own foolishness.

  8. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    Hanging on to every word of someone like Negress will be the downfall of black women. Truth and facts are before you all, yet try to listen to someone’s anecdotal experience that they are projecting on to the majority. Truth be told, we have no idea who this negress person is. We have never seen a video of her or hear her speak. She can downright be anyone, anyone! Here she comes spewing her poison and people are taking her words as some sacrilege.

    This “woman” flip flops so many times, contradicts herself from post to post, yet people still won’t hold her accountable. People need to start looking at facts. I have posted facts here, yet they were thoroughly ignored just because people want to continue to believe want they want to believe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with black people. There is an issue with human beings. As you pointed out, white supremacy is spinning things to make sure they are seen as the good guys and many black folks are falling for it.

    People go and look for every thing bad a black man does and extrapolate that to the entire black male race, while other races of men continue to murder/rape their women and children in masses, create wars, build nuclear devices that threaten mankind, destroy the ozone layer, pollute the oceans, etc. You name it. Look at this virus that are upending all our lives, Negress and her ilks will soon say black men created it. We are still being poisoned from radiation from Japan nuclear meltdown, yet only sister Ajali (sp) see addressing it. Truth be told, I think Negress is in a lesbian relationship and now hates black men to whom she sees as her competition. This is what i gathered from her slip in using the term “partner” then she edited her post and took it out. None of business, but leave black men and alone.

    When will people learn to deal with facts? Not reasoning with facts is childlike and this is where, if any downfall in black ppl will happen, will most likely happen with people believing in things that simple aren’t true and act up bad information.

    Since Black women aren’t listening to black men, you think sisters warning sisters of the threat of devious white men would allow Jason Pope and Mike Oliver to happen?? Why has Negress and none of her ilks ever address the issue with white men purposely seeking out black women to infect with HIV, so they can go back and infect black men?? Why aren’t these forum that claimed to be for black women not protecting them by warning them about the dangers of such white men? All I see from these so-called forum for black women is to police black men’s dick and hate white women. That is it.

  9. @ Alberto

    Why do you fine a nice black male oriented blog?

  10. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    I go wherever I want. Does coming on this blog means I am not on any other blog? In. Black people who care about their children and their children’s future need to be wary of blogs like these and others. It just so happened that I used to read this blog and introduced it to my wife when it was still positive; unfortunately, I am still getting the notifications, so curiosity gets the best of me, I must admit. You always have the power to ban me, so why don’t you? You do realize that 99% percent of your post are about black men and, I, so happen to be a black man?

    If you are so confident in what you are saying why are you afraid to be challenged? Why are you afraid of the male’s perspective? Is it because you know your narratives cannot stand up to facts?

    People with good intentions usually want both sides at the table to have a balance conversation that yield so truthful results. Why make decisions on false information?? Because, to me, deceiving people, then asking them to act on that deception is exactly what you are doing with this blog.

    I am not being biased, for I have stood up for plenty black women when white people come with false info about them. I have challenged black men on topic concerning black women. So, why is it that i shouldn’t hold black women accountable as well?

  11. mycollier on said:

    DOA I have been following you for what seems like years. The only time that I ever commented was to ask why this creature, Alberto Macstaire was not blocked.

  12. @ mycollier

    For the same reason I allowed white supremacists and “regular” white people to air their thoughts. The best way to learn is from the horse’s mouth. Many of us are still waking up to BM’s treachery. We need more proof and evidence. Also, please check your email.

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