Observations of an Invisible Woman

In the Next Few Weeks…

…on the new platform, we’ll delve deeper:

  1. On the real reason so many white females are hunting down black males. (scheduled to go live this week)
  2. On my raw and honest stance on interracial relationships (FINALLY!!!), why the white male wants to “go home” and why many black women are “taking the deal.”
  3. On why divested black women should consider leaving America
  4. About the future for the black race in America
  5. Into a sex worker’s tell all book on men. She dedicated a chapter on black male clients.

See you there!

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6 thoughts on “In the Next Few Weeks…

  1. Dear DOAN,

    First, I’d like to congratulate you on finally waking up to the true dumpster fire that is the black community. But frankly, that’s the only nice thing I have to say about you at the moment, as this awakening came too little too late.

    When I first saw that you were waking up to the situation of black women, I was overjoyed. From the ages of about 14-16, I would religiously read your blog. The amount of cognitive dissonance required to understand and internalise your Hotep nonsense was astronomical.

    Over the many years of this blog, you have lead hundreds of black women astray. Now we all have to sit here and watch you go through your personal wake up call, which again I congratulate you for, but to see you make these posts with such conviction, as if you are the first to say ANY of this, is downright laughable and absolutely insulting.

    A few weeks after re-discovering your page, I came across Kendall St. Charles. Now HERE was a woman who knew what she was talking about, and has known it for a long time. Never have I seen a black woman with so much depth, with such a large breadth of knowledge, with a deep sense of self awareness, and who was so blatantly honest about the situation of black women.

    Everything that you have said since the first Exodus post in 2018, Kendall has been saying and MORE, all while YOU were endangering black women with pro black male foolishness. For years, Kendall and women like her, part of several pro black women movements, were getting dragged through the mud and having their livelihoods threatened by women who thought just like you.

    I was young, but I wish I knew those women who were pro-black women back then. If I had the skill at ages 14-16 to decipher your blackity black stupidity, then I definitely could have put that skill to better use listening to Kendall and women like her to better navigate the world that black males helped make so very difficult for us.

    I am furious with you. Not because your mindset has changed, that much is commendable. But what is not worthy of even an ounce of praise is the fact that you are so blatantly unapologetic for the years of poisoning the minds of black women with this blog.

    You don’t even have the decency to silently delete your old posts. On top of that, now you want to PROFIT off your own personal journey. Negress, you are only just discovering these things now. What makes you think you’re in any way qualified to guide the rest of us? And to make money off of that poor guidance as well?

    I will not tell you what to do. All I will say is that if I were in your position, I would go dark and do some soul searching. Clearly you’re willing to do that work already, but you can do so much better than this.

    This video is a great place to start. Please do not be mislead by the title, as the video itself goes through a wide range of topics that are so important for us as black women.

    Good luck with the rest of your journey — I hope that you make it in silence.

  2. Hello I’d like to sign up for your new channel. Thank you!

  3. qnubian385 on said:

    OK I understand that BW are hurt and they been attacked by BM, and they want to
    find comfort or love even mean to date outside.
    I understand that some BW want to date WM, but from my view of point, no one
    on this Planet will never force me or urging me to date WM!
    Absolutely I will never date WM or marry one of them, even something will happen with marriage in the future never, I rather to be single forever that marry a WM!
    WM are the main and first reason why there is a war between BW and BM!
    WM are misogynist by nature and there is nothing change their nature, they hate their own women, how WM can love and understand BW?
    They created white supremacy and white beauty standard for a reason, white supremacy didn’t create by itself!
    How can the father of racism love me? Wp collective degrade and disrespect the beauty of BW, instead of proclaiming fake love for our blackness, are they willing to
    destroy the same system they benefit?
    No, wp will never give up on their benefit, for a black person that in the geriatric pyramid he/she is the bottom!
    BW should understand that white supremacy doesn’t exist only in the US is a
    global system, whenever you are or where you want to go, wp globally don’t celebrate BW!
    I prefer to be aware of what is happening around me, even if I don’t like reality, I prefer to accept the harsh truth, instead of living in a reality that does not exist or living in the lame!

  4. Marlo Morgan on said:

    Hello DOAN,

    Will you still post on diaryofanegress or will cease and just be on the new platform? I did like your postings on DOAN and have responded to a couple.


  5. @ Marlo

    I’ll still post on here. The new platform is for private chat not suitable for a public place.

  6. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    I have tried to warn you of people like Negress. Misery loves company. Nobody switches up so fast. Something is not right. This person who calls herself “negress” also made the mistake and posted about her “partner” doing some hard work to get some site up and running, then she later deleted the word “partner”. This person is poison. This person is trying to exploit the internet divide between black men and women for profit gain. I said divide, because it is only playing out on the internet, and those who live their lives mostly online internalized it and are now confused and dysfunctional, because they have yet to see it translate into the real world.

    Secondly, I used to frequent “stormfront” and “chimpout” white supremacists websites, because I believe in keeping on eye on the enemy to circumvent their plan; what this person is doing is the exact strategy they employed—that is, to go on black spaces where black women and men congregate and pose as each gender and berate the other of the opposite sex. Negress’s name was a big thing over their sites; and at one point, she wrote about it and how they threatened her and that is when she disappeared, only to comeback singing their praises.

    Something is up. They either disguised themselves as a swirler, a black woman panderer, or black woman bashing black man, to elicit a certain reaction. Be very wary of people, man and woman, who intentionally try to put a divide between black men and black women. This should be given for anyone who knows his/her history. This is not anything new, for this is part of the divide and conquer from the ancient days. The most naive and gullible of us will be most vulnerable, especially those who lack accountability and quick to point the proverbial finger to detract from their own shortcomings.

    This is nothing short of a psychological warfare on black people. When you are on the street, in the workplace, anywhere where black people congregate, look if you see this type of divide between black men and black women—Hell noooo. I used work for a company with many black folks, men and women, and we used to go out for games night, keep games night at our respective homes, and even go out for regular dinners. In our respective settings, you will see black men and black women laughing, partying and having fun with their families and friends. This only plays out in the media, especially now with the internet, because this is only way where that kind go genocidal brainwashing can be effective, because people can pretend to be anyone.

    Be wary, very wary!!!!

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