Observations of an Invisible Woman

Why The Hotep Movement is Dying

I can remember when being Pro-Black was “a thing.” It was not only a conscious movement, like only buying from black owned companies, but it was an entire thought process. We were banded together because we had shared experiences and wanted to reconnect with ourselves.

But over the decades, something began to occur. It became quite obvious that the Pro-Black movement really meant Pro Black Male. It was his struggles that mattered, that counted and all we spoke of. The issues pertaining to black women were pushed to the back burner and made to feel insignificant. This continued for roughly five decades.

Then something began to happen.

We saw black male after black male not only parade other races of women on their arms. but they proudly and arrogantly threw them in our faces. They were better than us. Prettier. They were worthy of love, affection, compliments and provision.

All of a sudden, the black woman, who had given the black male her all, was persona non grata. There is something quite miraculous about arrogance. Arrogance never sees the fall coming.

Instead of groveling and begging like she was expected to do, the black woman of a certain caliber, she knows who she is, simply packed up her shit and left. She found love either outside of her race or with self. Now the black community is left with Left Overs.

I’ve stated this a multitude of times,

You cannot have a functioning Tribe without a functioning, well cared for, fertile and capable Womb. It simply cannot happen. Bad seeds give birth to sour fruit.

The Hotep Movement, which is 100% male based, is dying out.

But why? And why now?

Because the black woman is done. She’s had enough. She’s gone down that empty road and learned that it leads to empty promises, out of wedlock children, generational poverty, back breaking hard work, illnesses and disease and heartbreak.

She is done.

And once the Womb leaves, the Tribe is finished.

Oh yes…but what about those that stay and “tough it out”?

They will get caught up in the new paradigm of a changing world that doesn’t include them.

Oh well…


My partner “C” has sent out emails to everyone that wants to join the new platform. It is NOT free. The cost is ten dollars per month to join. The cost will help to promote the documentary and fees that are attached to movie making. And a portion of the proceeds will go to a reputable charity for women and girls.

We will be uploading new content this week. Hope to see you there.

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10 thoughts on “Why The Hotep Movement is Dying

  1. Can those of us who do not want to or are not able to join the new platform donate money?

  2. I would very much like to join but have not received an email. Thanks

  3. Layla Melodie on said:

    Partly the reason why black males and black women get upset with black women who are leaving it all behind is because they can no longer count on and have access to the black women that make life for them functional.

    -Black males–they will have no high quality, fallback girls and clean up women to go to when they have pumped and dumped and out welcomed their stay in just about every other racial community there is.

    -Black women-because they are scared to hop the sinking ship with you, so they will dig there heels in even more and refuse to do the necessary things, become healthier/active, invest in a home outside of black, worn down communities, seek professional and educational training, adapt new beauty practices because black males will no longer “want” them. They will look at the sis doing everything opposite of them and claim we are doing it to appease white males, when white male interest in black women in nothing new and besides that, many of us know white males are simply a stepping stone like ALL men worthy of your interaction should be.

    I don’t have the sympathy I once did for black women. We are NOT victims. Many of us are willing participants. How many times have black women left spiteful, mean spirited comments under my posts all over social media when I suggested it is not expensive to eat nutritionally dense foods, think twice before having children, learn new things??? They will fight you over simple concepts, and frankly, they can have the fight because in the end, the Trump era will not give a darn about their feelings. This is not about “leveling-up” hen parties either, because I’m quite sick of that community of black women thinking a weave, a dress, makeup and a “wealthy” male will cure what ills them socially and globally. This is about black women getting to safe and solid ground and thriving once there.

    If middle-class and high earning white women are on NPR every day crying about how school shutdowns are stressing them out and the difficulties of finding suitable childcare, IMAGINE what the average black woman with no degree, no prospects, no responsible, income earning partner with several school aged children is going through?

    It’s too late for many of us.

  4. qnubian385 on said:

    This image says everything, isn’t about only self-hatred is going beyond hatred.
    It is misogynist and BM have learned how to be!
    What is happening right now to BM, they deserve it, and I absolutely I don’t feel sorry at all!

  5. @ qnubian

    The fact that the little black daughter is on the concrete tells all.

  6. Layla Melodie on said:

    I will leave this here for all the ladies watching and reading that need more proof. Another black woman’s life can be saved.

  7. @ Layla

    There is a black woman on Youtube, I forget her name, that does these stories on an almost weekly basis.

    She uses her platform to caution us about dangerous situations. This will continue as long as we don’t take heed.

  8. dlboydx on said:

    @Layla, wait a minute, this man was married; plus, he got two other women pregnant, one in which he killed (including their baby)? You know, you just proved your own point with this video because this woman should have known better dealing with a married dude. She was a probation officer. She must have had other children because they said the man was coaching her “oldest” son. This is the dysfunction i keep talking about must stop. I mean, i don’t know. We must be wise in our dealings in this day & time. We must be wise.

  9. Layla Melodie on said:

    @dlboydx, he has a wife–yes. His current girlfriend drove him to the home of his ex pregnant girlfriend to kill her. You can’t make this stuff up at this point. Then, he sprayed painted “KKK” on the side of her house before leaving to make it appear racially motivated.

  10. mycollier on said:

    I have been following your site for many years and I am ecstatic about you recent posts about black women. I do not know how you would have my email address. I would be honored to pay for your new content. How do I get it and how do I pay for it?

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