Observations of an Invisible Woman


I’m going to be working with a young lady who is building a channel for black women by black women. She contacted me recently and after speaking privately, we decided the timing feels right.

Are there any black women on here who wish to be contacted privately? Details will be explained via email. Please DO NOT put your private emails on here. A simple, “I do” will suffice.

Thank you in advance.

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37 thoughts on “Question…

  1. ksctrp78 on said:

    a:hover{color: red;}

    I do.KenyaSent using the mobi

  2. Roberta Youmans on said:

    I do



  3. dlboydx on said:

    I do.

  4. Peggy Burns on said:


    Are you at liberty to provide me with more details about your intended undertaking?



  5. @ Peggy.

    Not on here.

  6. Michelle on said:

    I do.

  7. Marie Smith on said:

    I do. I’ve been wanting to contact you for awhile so this is great.

  8. Naisha Tyler on said:

    I do.

  9. petramay on said:

    I do

  10. stephs_d@yahoo.com on said:

    Hello DOAN, I am definitely interested in being contacted. I have written two commentaries on your posts.


    Sent from my iPad


  11. kcad2015 on said:

    I do.

  12. Louise Culler on said:

    I do.

  13. Kyra Barr on said:

    I do, please

  14. I do

  15. Crystal Kelly on said:

    I do

  16. mellowgirl798 on said:

    I do

  17. Mina Hache on said:

    I do

  18. I do, than you

  19. Hello, DOAN

    I do. I’m very interested in this! Thank you.

  20. junkeayo on said:

    I do

  21. reshanep on said:

    I do.

  22. lurkingabout789 on said:

    I do.

  23. Layla Melodie on said:

    I do.

  24. I do

  25. reshanep on said:

    I do

  26. malayinginthesun on said:

    I do!

  27. Phyllis Durham on said:

    I do……


  28. Marsha Collier on said:

    I do.

  29. @ Marsha

    Please check your email.

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