Observations of an Invisible Woman

Bill Burr

Some white men are tired too…


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9 thoughts on “Bill Burr

  1. I loved that!! But because his wife is Black and his children are biracial, so people think that he’s pandering. It’s rare that WM criticize(if not jokingly) WW. Black comedians are always putting down BW as if they didn’t come from a BW. Typically they are bitter towards their mother and other BW they think have fine them wrong. WW are always put on a pedestal, so they aren’t used to criticism and being called out on their privilege. That’s what made Bill’s monologue even funnier

  2. @ madame


  3. Zeah Smiff on said:

    I loved it! It’s about time someone made yt women feel uncomfortable, black male comedians has been eating off of trashing black women since white men allowed them to put foot on a stage. I read on Twitter where a white man was saying “oh, Bill burr, wasn’t the first to say it, Dave Chappelle, said it too.” Well, Dave Chappelle even with all his money doesn’t have the power that a white man has plus Dave Chappelle is still team white women!!

  4. @ Zeah

    I love seeing white females agitated, angry and defeated. It’s like having whipped cream in my latte.

  5. Kyra Barr on said:

    @diaryofanegress “smiling” whipped cream in your latte”, I needed that laugh today.

    You are welcome, over the years you have done so much to help us learn and grow!

  6. dlboydx on said:

    Bill Burr told the truth. Oh well.

  7. Layla Melodie on said:

    People said it was hilarious. Nothing funny about articulating that white women have been stealing from black women for centuries now.

  8. @ Layla

    And they’re still doing it. Their future theft will be the greatest one yet: a black child.

  9. @ Layla

    And they’re still doing it. Their future theft will be the greatest one yet: a black child from their womb.

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