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Dear DOAN…

“Hi @DOAN….a bit off topic…do you believe in the idea of group/collective karma? This is an old video a woman made on Youtube around the whole controversy with those two black men that were arrested at Starbucks a couple years ago for not doing anything. She is contending that what happened to them was karma as a result of how many black males publicly degrade black women, abuse, etc and how other black men don’t hold them accountable.”

This comment came from a commenter, Sophia, earlier. I wanted to expand my post to shed some light on what EXACTLY is going on in the black male community.

Yes, Karma, which is a female Spirit, is real. She simply gives what she gets. But with a vengeance. Karma has a female twin called Wisdom. Knowledge is external. Wisdom is internal so they are not the same thing. Wisdom predates Karma.

The black male is reaping generations of Divine Karma for his crimes against his mirror image ( man, woman and child) and his allegiance to other groups of people that are not his own. Many males date, sex and marry out. This is nothing new. But…they still have respect for the womb that gave them life. The black male is the only man who must defile his mirror image in order to uphold the image of another Tribe. This is called Treason.

Because of this, Generational Curses have befallen the black race. What are some examples of the Curses?

Gun violence

Police shootings


Preventable Diseases


Poor access to good food


Mass Incarceration

Loss of Land/ Property


I could go on but you get the idea

When other Tribes see that you have no love of self, no love of your mirror image and thusly, no love of your mirror image, it’s Divine Karma that they exact the punishment on you that you have given to your Tribe.

Unfortunately, there will be no corrective measure taken. My advice is to leave the diseased clan to perish and save yourself. Or you’ll go down with the ship.

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11 thoughts on “Dear DOAN…

  1. Yes, it is a done deal! Maybe this race needs to die out so that the other nonwhite people can take their place on earth as the “whipping boy/whipping girl”.
    RWS must always have a bottom dweller group in order for them to maintain their illegitimate crime family as rulers on the earth.

    It is now time for the Asian, the Middle Eastern/East Indian, Mulattoes, Hispanic aka brown/beige/tan-skinned Mexicans, El Salvadorans, etc, Pacific Islanders, Northern African aka Egyptians, Morrocans, etc to step up and become niggerized SINCE Black people will be wiped off the face of the earth: through abortion, miscegenation, self-murder, homicide, etc.
    This is the correct plan for these other groups since the nonwhite collective has always shown loyalty to their master and mistress. Racist White man and Racist White woman.

    Any bets on which group will they will choose? wetbacks, beaners, chinks, japs, slants, slopes, sand niggers, coolies
    And oh yeah … whoever they pick their name will become a popular *byword used in music as a badge of shame.

    * as popular as “nigger” has been for Black folks worldwide.

  2. Michelle Johnson on said:

    Greetings DOAN,

    Thank you for your this and your previous post. I want to ask, how do you stay sane? In between reading scholarly work and just being alive, the odds stacked against us feel insurmountable. How do we as black women stay sane and healthy? You commented a few posts ago that we should consider leaving the country. Do you have any destinations to consider? I am thinking about going to Arusha, Tanzania next year. I think I just need to leave and spend some time, just a few weeks, in a land and political structure outside of America, outside of the West.

    Have you heard about those 19 families that purchased 96 acres of land, and then blabbed about it to the press? They are called The Freedom Georgia Initiative in case you have not heard of them. Do you believe it is possible for black people to be free in America? To have full economic inclusion in this society? I’m a master’s student studying public health statistics. I’m having a hard time accepting that maybe nothing will ever truly change. I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Also, I want to ask if you’ve ever considered recording a podcast? I would love to hear your thoughts in that type of media platform, but your blog is just as insightful. It has been something I’ve cherished for the past few years since I’ve discovered you, and I’m very happy to see you active again.

    Apologies for all the questions!

    Thanks and stay safe.

    Peace and blessings,


  3. @ Michelle

    Thank you for the kind words.

    First, my sanity has been tested since I woke up and discovered that this system was altered for our destruction. It continues to be tested almost daily seeing the constant fuckery all around me.

    I stay sane through deep meditation rituals and understanding that I am currently in flesh to learn and grow so I can be free from the Beast System that entraps us all.

    If you are able to leave A-Merry-Ca, PLEASE do. Things will only get worse as the real Jews awaken to their destiny and begin to fight back and demand what is rightfully theirs.

    Not only is Africa a wonderful choice but consider the Caribbean and So. America. My friend upped and moved to Belize! Another is in Kenya. Both are happy with their “simple” lives and are relatively stress free. They don’t deal with racism, the police, Karens, etc…And, men of other cultures are quite chivalrous and want to be men for their wives.

    Start looking now and begin traveling when you can. I feel as if The Purge will begin in 2021 -2030.

    Is it possible for us to be free in America?


    Whites have too much at stake and other groups have happily joined them. They are now Honorary Whites including brown skinned Arabs and Filipinos! We are now a permanent underclass. And everyone single one of them will do whatever it takes to keep us there.

    If I ever begin a podcast, I’ll be in secret and by invitation only. I’ve seen firsthand what has happened to black women who try to get other black women to leave, get healthy, leave America, leave toxic relationships, etc…

    I’d also advise you to get a license to carry a concealed weapon and learn to shoot.

    I’m here if you need more answers.

  4. Michelle Johnson on said:

    I’ve already invested so much here that I feel ill just thinking about it. I have some planning to do.

    Thank you, DOAN.

  5. @ Michelle

    Many of us have but you can still start over elsewhere and be happy AND free. Anyways, Good luck and you’re welcome.

  6. Kyra Barr on said:

    Thank you for all of the information, as well as advice that you share. Please if you start a podcast, I would love to be apart of the listeners. You are appreciated for all that you do !

  7. @ Kyra

    Thank you.

  8. dlboydx on said:

    Karma & Reaping/Sowing is real. You put another group of men’s women above your own group, reap the consequences of your actions. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. We have been brainwashed by our elders throughout the diaspora to put the males first above all else & the females are only here to serve for their best interest. Now, here we are with the consequences of these actions (all generation curses and/or spells). The best thing to do is become the best version of yourself; guide other females accordingly, to evade mistakes of the past; reach for the stars; & aim to be & have the best of the best. No more putting yourselves 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. We have to get ourselves ready physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. Some of us are here to birth the next generation & some of us are here to help guide the next generation.

    NOTE – OVERSEAS LIVING: There are groups on facebook with Black people as a group & Black women who are living abroad, i.e. Black Women Thriving Abroad, Black To Portugal, groups about Blacks living in Latin America countries, continent of Africa, Europe, living in Bali, etc Native Borne has a social group for this too. Search facebook, youtube, etc.


  9. @ dlboy

    Thank you for this. Many of the women on here were asking for help with relocation. As for Karma, She’s just getting started.

  10. Kyra Barr on said:

    Thank you @diaryofanegress and @dlboy for your suggestions, and information. I appreciate you both.

  11. Kyra Barr on said:

    I am just now seeing your response ! You are welcome.

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