Observations of an Invisible Woman

A Grassroots Documentary

First, a letter from a commenter:


Dear DOAN,

I read your article and have been in your shoes in a different location, with another black man, and other blond white child.

I started seeing this phenomena in the Northwest of the US, and now it is rampant in every state.

It is quite odd to witness and put me in an altered state of reality when I first saw it. But now, it is quite common place to see. I ignore it and move on.

We witnessed a sickness amongst black men. It’s a pathology and a PANDEMIC. There is nothing black women can do but live our best lives and remove ourselves from black men in every way, shape and form.

What struck me, when I witnessed the disease, was the complete joy, elation, and carefree attitude the black man had at being with a white child. It was off the Richter scale creepy. His whole existence depended on being the best for little master.

And that same blond white boy will grow up to harass, kill, lie. and incarcerate black men. Oh, well.

Black women, live your best lives and do not pay attention to the pandemic amongst black men. There is no cure, but KARMA.





Second. a letter from a filmmaker:


Hello! I hope this is the appropriate way to contact you. My team and I have been thinking about the sad state of affairs in the black community and the rise of the Untouchable Black Male. This has been happening for some time but the recent demise of George Floyd has intensified things.


We feel that the black woman doesn’t have a voice. In fact, other people have been telling her story since the beginning. We’d like to put the power of a voice back into the hands of the black woman and allow her to tell her own story.


We are a team of amateur filmmakers who created a grassroots documentary called ” A 40 Dollar Love Letter to Black Men.” Please see the official trailers to get an idea of the message we are trying to portray. Can you please help us to spread the word and get this message out there? A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity for women and girls. Thank you very much!


Truth Teller Films”




It would seem that a certain level of consciousness is rising and the Universe will hear and respond accordingly.


I took a look at this film and was intrigued to learn more. Upon purchase, they will give you instructions on how to contribute your own personal story to keep the series going.


Here are the Trailers:


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u6mvG0jh_w
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq2HPHpgZjs&t=11s


And here’s where it can be purchased:


Part 1:  https://bentbox.co/video?JNNnbvSB

Part 2: https://bentbox.co/video?jQmE7KOv





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19 thoughts on “A Grassroots Documentary

  1. Hello I’ve read your post a lot and I want to know if black women separate themselves from black men and we know not to date outside our race, who are we to be with? I just want to know are you promoting homosexuality?

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Alberto Macstaire on said:

    I am yet to hear of any black woman in the media or female blogosphere speaks on Mike Oliver:



    His American counterpart, Jason Pope:



    Ari Nagel aka the sperminator:


    Why are black men being policed and watched, while at the same time allowing black sisters to perish at the hands of white men when you have a voice? Y’all are hypocrites and too seriously too caught up with the one or two black men you see dating interracially without knowing their story. Every racial dating stats that comes out shows that black women date out just as much as black men and tried twice as much as black men. So, are you being bitter for being less successful at interracial dating than black men?

    White men and non-black men are having a field day with you black women because of your own hypocrisy that push impressionable young black girls into their arms. You are being discussed on sports forum all over by white men and non black men alike for being “cheap”, “loose” and “easy”. Y’all have your priorities twisted due to lack of logical reasoning and common sense.

    I thought this blog would be a saving grace that detours from the regular black male bashing and focuses on the positives between black men and black women, but i guess the negativity is contagious. You have lost plenty of your black spiritual female followers due to this negative turnaround. I have seen their complaints elsewhere; yet, you have gained the scourge of the females following, the toxic bunch who are deep in self-loathing and can barely construct a sentence. Congratulations!!

    As the person above me asked, are you now promoting homosexuality?

    Are you promoting interracial dating?

    Are you promoting genocide (stop birthing their seed)?

    It shows you the confused state you are leaving your readers in, because of this dramatic turnaround. You really should answer her question.

    Do some good and start promoting accountability and integrity in black women. They recently turned against their queen, Christelyn Karazin, because she emphasized the fact they have to change for white men and cannot continue with the same attitude they have with black men, which in itself is highly hypocritical. This is hypocritical because they will now say, “look, things are working with this white man”, not denoting the fact he got a different person.

    If you cannot promote anything positive, you should go back to your hiatus. We don’t need any more negativity, as there are already enough in the black blogosphere.

  3. Alberto’s comment is a prime example of why you should abstain from men of all colors. White men humiliating and destroying the young Black women in our ranks who were raised with no self-esteem whatsoever, and Black men gloating about it while doing the same. To the first poster, asexuality and lesbianism seem to be our only choices, but cutting men out of your life shouldn’t be that big of a sacrifice. They rarely improve your life and 99.9% of men are terrible in bed anyway. I’m a heterosexual woman, but heterosexual relationships are very one-sided. They’re charity for men. As women, we can rise above the animalistic need for love and sex from them and focus on more important things. We’ve been trained to be addicted to toxic relationships, and it’s something we need to break. I’m not just talking about the “bad” men. I mean ALL men. The bar is set so low for them, that they think they’re good people even when they’re doing the absolute minimum or less.

  4. @ 7717

    Funny you should make this excellent commentary. A surprisingly LARGE percentage of black woman are celibate and asexual.

    A few women have alerted me to a an effort to form Safe Villages comprising of black women only.

    I feel that more black women will begin to draw away from all men eventually and just try to live peaceful lives.

  5. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    Black men point out what is going on and suddenly they are the problem? Of course, these girls are raised without “self-esteem”, but whom or who do you think are raising them?? Remember the narrative is that black fathers are not in the home, so if he’s not, then who is in the home raising these young women?

    The same narrative you see here is on this blog by the hosts and her followers is the same narrative being pushed in single-mothers’ homes to their children with the very same result that I have posted. Why women, especially black women, never seem to have any positive and logical solutions ?

    So, the answer to all of this is “asexualism” and “Lesbianism”?

    Really? Fucking really?

    The answer to your issue is genocide and suicide?

    Most of you have hidden agenda and that is why I am glad many other smart black women are wising up and staying away from the toxicity of many of you bitter, miserable and lonely women.

    It makes sense why you lots spew your poison because a lesbian and asexual lifestyle needs heterosexuals to feed it. Yes, y’all need our seeds. If not for us, mating and breeding, you lots will only survive for one generation. This is why you spew your divide and conquer nonsense to recruit the next generation of lesbians and asexuals (precursor to lesbianism) to sustain your lifestyle. You are vampires, figuratively and literally.

    Rather than spill your hatred about Black men, why not go find a non-black man be happy and mind your own god damn business??

  6. “Yes, y’all need our seeds. If not for us, mating and breeding, you lots will only survive for one generation.”


  7. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alberto Macstaire

    Despite your narcissism BLACK WOMEN OWE YOU NOTHING. WE SUPPORT MEN WHO SUPPRT US YOU ARE A CLIFFHANGER TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY we don’t need.The fact that you feel so strongly and negatively about black women only speaks volumes about your own low self esteem.Many of you black males invite yourselves to this forum to spread the divide because your are selfish and not happy with yourself.Plus you’re usually of the LGBTQ community,I hear the very same bullshit you spew from other jilted DL males or (suspect white supremacists pretending to be black), who know you weren’t checking for women anyway so you are on a smear campaign to ensure everyone thinks like you.Misery loves company not sure why you’re fighting it, the rainbow community is doing well for itself go be all you can be it’s clear black men and not the women are where your interests lie so go be with them and shut up.BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT YOUR SCAPEGOAT FOR YOUR INSECURITIES OR YOUR HIDDEN FEELINGS TO HAVE A BLACK MAN IN YOUR BED.Just grow some balls and come out the closet and you know its not a lie, I’ve had sooooo many conversations with your type who are really just looking for a boyfriend but you rather go the real decrepit way and try to pick on the “weaker” sex which is a typical low life route. You and White males have so much in common you both have this grandiose sense of self but the truth is more than you are willing to face.Which is that you’re not important, you talk your self in to having some worth but you have none. The only woman you need to be accountable to is your mother and your mate male or female.Whoever is lying to you and your inflated ego needs to go sit down in a dark corner and never be heard you both are like a broad road going nowhere. And while you’re at it Take your own advice mind your own business and get the hell out of female business YOU ARE NOT A LEADER YOU ARE A LOSER.You are evidence of why black men are failing YOU HAVE NO ACCOUNTABILITY. BET YOU WON’T GO TELL THE WHITE WOMAN ANY OF THIS CAUSE YOU BOTH ARE THE SAME LYING BITCHES.

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alberto Macstaire

  9. angel9loveu on said:

    To Alberto go where you really want to be and stop going around in circles.

  10. qnubian385 on said:

    I don’t understand why you are so upset that BW want to be alone?
    Why do you care about what sexuality BW have?
    You have Becky and Kevin that they can satisfy your appeal!
    What’s your concern anyway that BW will not give birth to BM?
    You have WW and other women of colour,you can go with them!
    If your worry that there will not be more black babies, there are
    other women coloured and WW can provide your needs and desire!
    It’s was BM fault if BW have come with this decision!
    Here in London I saw a lot as well WW with white kids and bi-racial kids,BM with white kids as well!
    Like yesterday,I was waiting for my tube to arrive,I saw a WW with two white kids and one bi-racial kid,
    I guessed that her bi-racial son was one of her previous relationship that she had with a BM and than that BM left her!
    BW aren’t your property and they don’t belong to anyone,the times where BW
    where there at home sit and waiting for you to marry them or have any relationship
    with them are over!
    Because of BM selfishness,they expect BW suppose to be submit,do what hell please you,you can physical and verbal abuse them,beat them!
    You have this ego that BW belong to you only and BW suppose to be loyal to you,
    even BM are around screw everyone life and everything!
    You want to screw BW as long as please you,you never care about BW feeling or
    their pain,what they feel,what are their desires or worry!
    You can screw BW until they are completely broken,but you don’t even care,
    if they physically and mentally exhausted,as long as you satisfy your animal desire and you exploit BW financial is fine!
    You are running after every single skirts you see or walking in the street,not even your marriage statute can’t stop you to chase after other women!
    When some BW show you a middle finger or tell you on your face ” to fuck off”
    you get so easily upset because she hurt your ego!
    When you are rejected by BW,you show your real colour and the beast that is inside you comes out from your horrible soul!
    What I have experienced,what I saw about BM are married or in general,
    they already have kids at home, why you get angry if other BW reject you?
    Do you think that because you have BBC so all BW should fall at your feet?
    BW aren’t cheap women how you expected to happen!
    This has showed me that BM aren’t only arrogant but they are misogynist!
    I see more and more BM with WM as well,now you finally come what you really want! BM who chase after WW in reality want WM,I don’t care about your
    insecurity of BM have for themselves or how much confuse they are!
    What I know BM are toxic and if BM don’t have so much strength to decide
    what in the hell they want from the life,is better they stay away from BW
    because you have toxic soul!
    If you are gay or you hide your true sexuality keep BW out your mess,
    if you are enough mature person sort it out your problems alone,
    but I don’t think so you are enough mature to deal it!
    when I see BM bashing BW,I see a lot confuse BM about their sexuality!
    BM are the one,who don’t have control about their sexuality and
    this will coast your life!
    BW have more self respect for themselves that actually BM have,
    look how BM they are so willing to degrade themselves for so call white love!
    They are willing to eat white ass! WOW

  11. 1. Nope, not into lebanism. Too many men out here & yes, for potential mates, they must be vetted.

    2. Also, would be interested in knowing more about these Safe Villages for Black women. Is there a way to connect to these groups?

    3. I’ve said it before & i’ll say it again, pooling resources together with like minded individuals is going to be the way to go from this point on & in the near future. Pooling resources & creating communities with its own government have been done before. It can be done again.

  12. @DOAN Thanks. I read different articles about this group. What got me is that their focus appears to be on black males (sons, husbands, etc.). What about their Black daughters, wives, grandmothers, etc.? When Black females are killed, they don’t receive the same norterity or attention as much as the males. This is the way it is.

    I think the USDA is supposed to be opening up or have opened up programs for people to get free land or land on the cheap. I’m asking because I live in S. CA now, but plan on moving back east within the next 1yr or 2yrs. Just interested to see if there are any formed groups established or potential groups trying to get established.

    Shalom everyone.

  13. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    I am going against my better judgement here and addressing you, however, not to dignify you with a response, but to expose your gaslighting and counteract your poison in case good people stumble on this blog.

    For start, Check out Negress’ older posts, you will see me commenting and her thanking me for my contribution. I used to visit this spot to detour from the venom being spewed by the black male- bashers and the swirling crowd, while I am online doing my CPA. So, yes, i do still get her notifications.

    You accused me of coming here to “divide”….really? Fucking really? Yes, since the host sweared to me, it becomes apparent that derogatory language is allowed and decorum and decency is out the door. But…..really? My posts are public domain now, and anyone can read and see there is nothing divisive about them.

    You accused me of coming here to divide….divide who? Have you not realize the post you are commenting on, or you are just one of those people who don’t bother to read the body of a post and just spew your own narrative? Well, then, that would would explain your left field rhetoric and why you always seem to be off topic. The post was already made to divide. The post is about why black women should divest from black men and the black family. Since she’s ended her hiatus, all her posts are about divide and black men are evil. Her posts are there for people with sense to see.


    Your childish insult is overused. How many times are you going to try to call a black man “gay” who doesn’t agree with you and ask for some type of integrity and accountability? In fact, the numbers says otherwise; it is actually more likely for a black woman to become gay more so than her male counterpart. Moreover, there are more lesbians black women in the USA than gay black men.

    There are more gay black females than gay males living the US. Research has backed that up.



    Here you are contradicting yourself:

    “The only woman you need to be accountable to is your mother and your mate male or female”.

    Am I reading your statement right? Yet, here you are foaming at the mouth as to what black men owe you and what black man is not doing for you. Make this make sense, please?!


    Please, tell us about the amount of black women you see with biracial children and non-black husbands and boyfriends? I know you see them, but they don’t exist to you, just like the black family with the black husband, wife and black children don’t exist, because it just doesn’t fit the narrative of what you want to espouse. This is the toxic hypocrisy that needs counteracting. It is both destructive and divisive, and only serves to corrupt other black women. What about the countless black women who have found love with black men? Stats shows that 85% of black men are married to black women, so could it be that you and the fonts here need a reality check? Could be that your struggles are your own do to some underlying issue that we might not have the privilege of knowing? Maybe you are unattractive and overweight and have a overinflated value of yourself. This might lead you to have preference for men who just might have better options.

    Also, would you rather see those black men with their biracial children abusing them rather than entertaining them? Why does it upsets you so much to see a black man having fun with his children? Are you the product of an absent father? Could the problem just be you and you are projecting??


    So, you go and find a video about a gay black male and Transgender, so what? Is there a secret that there are gay black males or black males who are into transgender? You know that type of lifestyle is not exclusive to black male, right? I dear you to post a video with a black man having fun with his black wife and kids? I bet none of you can even bear to look at such wonderful black couples. You are too toxic, and broken, and it would drives you mad.

    Women who read these blogs need to be mindful of the types of women who post in these forums. As we all see, accountability and integrity is a huge issue in the black female community. The last thing you will ever hear from most black women is that she is wrong or things were her fault. This lack of integrity and accountability has lead many of you down the point of no return, just full of toxicity and venom ready to spew and attack any and everyone who doesn’t share your experience.

    You cannot find a solution without acknowledging you have a problem. Ask yourself, of what part you play in this dysfunction. Even 12 step program start with accountability and integrity.

  14. @ dlboydx

    You’re welcome. I don’t know about any groups that are doing this. Here’s my advice: Form your own group with a SELECT FEW who share your ideas and move in SILENCE.

    Good luck!

    Also, look into moving out of the US.

  15. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alberto Girl you seem highly triggered, take a nap, don’t worry you don’t have to pretend anymore.Anyway I’m not reading all that crap.I said what I said don’t DEFLECT.

  16. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    Of course, you didn’t. Make sense why you never read any of Negress’s post.

  17. lurkingabout789 on said:

    I have seen the trailer and the other videos on Truth Teller’s page. Very fascinating and I am happy that someone is documenting our unique issues as black women. I want to learn more and see more from this person.

  18. Layla Melodie on said:


    Same here–not going to go full lesbian, but I understand black women that do, although I am not up for marriage and children at this point. I’m a firm believer if black women stay away from black males, then she will have a fighting chance at a reciprocal, fulfilling relationship with a non black male.

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