Observations of an Invisible Woman

The Black Man is O-V-E-R

Today, I ventured  out of the house. I needed my favourite cereal and decided to take a quick ride to the supermarket. As I walked the aisles, focused on finding the right late night snack, I stumbled upon a sight that would rest heavily on me for the entire day.


I saw a dark complected black male with a white, young, blonde, male child. I peeked at them while pretending to read the ingredients for Honey Nut Cheerios. The black male hoisted the child on to his shoulders and began helping him to “sound out” the words on the box. He laughed heartily and swooped the child in his arms for a kiss on the cheek.

The child clung to him and they proceeded to shop together like any loving father and child.

But this boy wasn’t his.

He is helping to raise another man’s son.

He is helping to teach another man’s son to read.

He is assisting a white woman in the difficult task of raising a child in these perilous times.


I walked away in deep thought and they followed me to the juice aisle. The boy wanted to know what was on the juice box and he patiently told him.


As I watched them together, my mouth went sour and my blood began to boil. Now, don’t get me wrong, this has NOTHING to do with the baby. It has everything to do with this black male. 


As he picked him up and read the juice box to him, my mind had a flash:


  1. My sister raising my nephew by herself because her HUSBAND walked out with zero child support.
  2. My best friend crying at her kitchen table when she found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend disappeared.
  3. My nurse practitioner telling me she raised all three of her children by herself while putting herself through nursing school because her HUSBAND, “Didn’t want this life anymore.”
  4. The black women on my old block, all single mothers, all on welfare, all desperate, all poverty stricken, all defeated.


Then I saw this man.

This black man.

This dark skinned, black man who was raising ANOTHER man’s child as his own and loving every, single moment of it. He grinned from ear to ear, delighting in the blondness of a child that didn’t look anything remotely close to him.


I walked away from the juice section forgetting my cranberry juice and went to stand in the canned foods section alone. I needed a minute. I needed to calm down. I needed to collect my thoughts and compose myself.


I paid for my Cheerios, peaches and raw nuts and left.


As I sat in my car, I thought about how the black male has used the black woman for millennia. I thought about how we fought side by side against white invaders both on and off the plantation. I thought about how we struggled together in raw poverty only to have this shit.


The black man is o-v-e-r.


I’m not sure if HE knows it but we know it. He’s done. Finished. Finito. Bye-bye.

Once you develop another tribe and blatantly ignore your own, it’s just a matter of time before Karma sees your ungratefulness and takes you out. After all, if you don’t care, why should She?


Maybe, after all that has happened, it’s not such a bad thing.


The one question that lingers in my mind as I type this is:


Does he realize how ridiculous he looks fawning over a bloodline and later on, a Patriarchy,  that doesn’t belong to him?



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12 thoughts on “The Black Man is O-V-E-R

  1. Michael Williams on said:

    Is it possible that White women are more cautious than Black women in whom they choose to date and have a baby? Black women like “Thugs”. The Black man that you bumped into in the supermarket is not a “Thug”, he was living his life. I realize that you are saying that Black men should be step-fathers to White children. Black women and their insatiable desire for “Thugs”, are extremely, if not impossible, to get along with.

  2. dlboydx on said:

    The Black women like “thugs” rhetoric is old & played out. So this means ALL of you ninjas are THUGS. You said it, not me. The Universe is doing Black women a favor. As one YouTuber states so eloquently “rejection is protection” & she is absolutely correct! The Universe is allowing Black women to reset their lives by removing the weak, pathetic, useless, lazy ninjas that bring no value to the woman, to the relationship, or to the family.

    Black women keep your resources to yourselves; no more building ninjas up; hopefully no more pregnancies by ninjas (this is a no-no); no more stress; & no more BS. Now nonblack women have to deal with this mess. You know there are memes going around, “once you get with a black man, expect to be a baby mama.” Some of these nonblack women have created facebook groups about their experiences with ninjas.

    Oh well, like i said before, a new Black nation will be created, but it won’t be with today’s black men as a part of it. Something you need to remember, when black men mate with nonblack women, it’s not to create Black children; it’s to create white children or anything but phenotype Black children. The Universe is doing just fine; so now we need to allow it to continue its processes.

  3. @ dlboydx

    This is why white men have allowed them to have low hanging white fruit. Black men are creating more white people.

  4. angel9loveu on said:

    @Michael Williams being dumber than a box of rocks must come natural to you.We’re asking for intelligent thought not heathen thug philosophy.I guess that was asking for too much.

  5. Mina Hache on said:

    Sister where can we send our letters to you please?

  6. qnubian385 on said:

    BW focus only on yourself don’t expect anything from BM from on!
    Accept and learn to be single don’t marry and don’t have children anymore
    with dusty men or from no one who don’t deserve you!
    Don’t destroy yourself and stop questions why again why?
    There isn’t anything wrong with us,we should learn to care more about yourself,
    think about your career and your feature!
    Dusty BM think all BW in this world are single mother,they don’t know that there a lot BW who aren’t marry and don’t have children,I believe that the best option!
    Ignore all these BM who have biracial children with WW or they are caring white kids from previous relationship,I saw so many times, BM with white kids and biracial all togeter!
    Simple I don’t care and it doesn’t hurt me at all,I just carry on with my life,
    this is what most BW should do and stop questioning yourself!
    This is what BM want,they want to hurt your feeling and hurt you as women,
    they are all of them lost cause,don’t fight anymore for BM,let their ”white queen”
    fight for them!
    I never saw in my life men who ask their own women to march for them,
    other race of men don’t ask their own women to march for their rights!
    Only BM do this shit! Please,BW stop!
    I saw video of WW proposing to a BM like,she was kneeling like a man
    to this African man,like he was the woman!
    Now you explain to me, are you ready to lose your life for a man that ask a woman to propose him? I mean after I saw that shit,I said to myself never!
    I will never march for BM,I will stay at home and carry on with my life!
    BW you are alone,accept that and move on,how DOAN and other BW in this blog said,I advice all BW to learn how to use a gun,go to self defence school or obtain a licence from Government,because BM will not come to your AID,instead they will be the one who will hurt you,kidnap you or even murder you!
    Be careful your surrounded,who accompany you,don’t accept ride and drink,if you go out go with other BW and carry a gun inside your purse!
    Forget about ”KING AND QUEEN”,stop thinking about it because doesn’t exist anymore,this is belong to the past,thinking about the present and the future,
    more you accept it and the more the pain it will go,please stop hurt yourself
    and don’t get evolve with these men,let them be,they don’t deserve you!
    The only time and moment BM will remember about you when the next time a WM will crush his neck to death, when he will feel that his life being take away,he will scream your name for help,than you please don’t go to him,let him be!
    Don’t forget that in the first place he chose white over you,he will need you only
    for his own goal or when he is in danger!
    Don’t forget that you are a women,you aren’t man,don’t risk your life for a weak a pathetic man that he doesn’t know how to protect himself!

  7. @ Mina

    Please write them here.

    In the beginning of your letter, simply put: Please keep this letter anonymous.

    I’ll comply and put it up on a future post.

    Thank you!

  8. Jamilla Dobson on said:

    I’ve had my wake up call about black males years ago so I barely deal with them outside of my family members.I don’t hate them but I can’t deal with the foolishness.Black women need to worry about ourselves and our children if we have any.The black males belong to white Women and we must move on.

  9. So glad that Black women are waking up to the truth.

  10. Tina Thomas on said:

    There isnt a sisterhood with black women at all and I have now woken up to this. I never cared about bm who chase ww as I am of the belief that WW should help them but black women I have noticed a vicious pattern

  11. Itiba Ke on said:

    That’s how they are. Quick to raise the children of the very ones who had them lynched and is still lynching them. Quick to even raise the little mixed kids they create yet abandon the black children and women. They will not wake up and hate their own people, especially black women, so they will continue to be sacrificed by the very ones they adore. They created the karma they’re receiving.

  12. @ Mina
    you can send it here. I’ll keep you anonymous and refer to you as “X”. Forgive the lateness of my reply.

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