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How to “Fix” the Problem




A private letter from a reader:


“Dear Sis Truth,

I’ve been a long time follower for a few years and I’ve noticed the change in your message. I have a real serious question. How do we fix this issue between the BM and the BW? Is it too late for us? And if it is, weill we no longer exist?”


My Response:


Dear “X”


This gender war has been going on long before our time and will continue as long as the black male, the Original Father of all Hueman Beings, continues to uphold, praise, love and worship the image of another man’s daughter over the image of his own Mother.


The Spirits are growing more and more enraged and The Great Backlash is coming. The Great Mother’s Vengeance will be a sight to be witnessed. My advice to you may seem a bit simple:

Focus on yourself, stop begging and pleading and pandering and step out of the way. Don’t march, cry and donate money to any black male cause. Don’t buy any merchandise from them. Don’t care when 2021-2030 arrives and the Great Culling is in full effect. Stop giving birth to their children. Become as UNINVOLVED as possible. Save your energy and mental prowess for yourself.

Until the Black Woman, the Creator of all hueman life has been properly restored to her original status, no peace will be on this planet.

Hope this helps.



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31 thoughts on “How to “Fix” the Problem

  1. iya75 on said:

    Ah! White women were not built for the pedestal they are on. That’s why they’ve been and continue to go crazy. Black women were built for the pedestal since they are the original Mother. This article has been a giant brain click for me; thank you, as always.

  2. iya75 on said:

    And! This must be why so many of them proclaim that God is dead. God cannot live when imbalance reigns and imbalance will reign until the Black Woman is back where she belongs.

  3. Alberto Macstaire on said:

    The people crying about an issue that needs fixing need to fix themselves first. I realize that more than ever, people are without integrity and accountability, and more so than anyone else, are black women. I have seen it with my mother, sister, wife aunts, etc, and i hope to god my daughter does not behave this way. Something is broken in black women, for I have never seen an instance where a black woman has pointed inward, and if she bravely does so, she is attacked by the group-think folks and called “mammy” or a “beg”.

    Unlike Africa, western society has tied the black man hands in controlling/guiding his woman, not so much his children. The black woman, unlike other non-white women, has seen this and decided to take advantage. She has become wild and loose, promiscuous, loud, do as she pleases, basically full Jezebel mode. She has embarrassed, berated, and emasculated her man for all to see. She celebrates when she’s told she is leader of the black man and children (black community), yet has never embrace any responsibility that comes with such a role. She started promoting Interracial relationships (level up) and homosexuality (feminism and BLM) relationships when she’s t0ld she is more educated than the black men. She has never used to influence to help the black community. I have been turned down by more black female HR managers than anything else, only to see them hire some less educated white youths (another matter than needs addressing). Why have black women never promoted “black family” on their platforms when they are the ones crying out the most about being single moms and black man “aint shit”. Why every time they’re given the opportunity (films, shows, commercials, etc) they give us an interracial (bw/wm) family? Why interracial (bw/wm) tvs/movies/youtube channels have mostly black women following? Why a white man was able to infect over 600 black women with HIV hoping to destroy black men? You, the black woman, have been weaponized against your own people, just too stubborn to see it.

    Black men are simple fed up with this non-accountability and non-integrity operation by the black females. They destroyed their daughters self-esteem with perms, wigs and bleaching cream. Now there is a fixation on butt enhancers; yes, you can find the most educated black woman do these things. Black women have no sense of discipline, why single black dads always raise more well rounded kids than single black moms. Why so many young black girls in porn and stripping? Why are they showing their asses off on IG, rather than a normal? If you guys don’t see something broken, you will never see anything else in life.

    How to fix all of this?

    Stop being dishonest in your reasoning. In other words, if you are indeed looking for a solution, that solution is to stop lying. I have had many discussion with black women surrounding this issue and when logics come into play and they realize their point of view is flawed and their reasoning is invalid, rather than accept that they may not have been looking at things the right way, they just outright started lying. One black female Youtuber with over 100k followers even admit to me that she doesn’t care if she is a hypocrite, because she will not play fair. Ask yourself this, if this person will not play fair, is she really looking for a solution? When the women listens and follows the man’s direction then you can complain about his leadership. If you are not willing to follow, then shut up and continue do you.

  4. @ Alberto

    As I stated earlier: ” stop birthing their children.”

  5. Ms. Tonya on said:

    Wombman! So Glad to see you still representing! Wonder will “they” all figure it out? It seems the WHITE woman KNOWS….She looks at us with such disdain. We need you Nigress, PLEASE Stay down 💝

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  6. ebony82 on said:

    I honestly think the women continuing to ask this question are young and have not lived life. They are still hopeful but at a certain age, reality sets in as it becomes crystal clear how hope is not enough. There is no way to fix the rift on a collective level. Individually, maybe. No matter how many black women birth men, you can’t force them to want you if they don’t. You can’t force them to protect you and accept you if it isn’t what they want to do. Black women continue to think we can collectively raise better men without them having better fathers first. We can’t. They may respect their mother, but it doesn’t guarantee they will respect women outside of their family members because of repressed resentment they may have with the circumstances which brought them here. We just need to walk away, move on and if a black woman finds a black man along the way who has all of the qualities she’s looking for, kudos to them. I couldn’t imagine giving birth to a man with the mindset of the “Alberto’s” in the community. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I’d forgo that burden.


    Sent from my iPhone

  7. I’ve learned at my big age that the only person that will look out for BW IS BW. We are individuals and we are not appreciated as a collective. We need to invest in our own preservation, we are our OWN salvation. Thank You for your message @DiaryofaNegress

  8. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alberto you do realize that by typing all that you did.It seems you have many unresolved issues you need to be held accountable for.You are blaming black women for the same thing you seem to be incapable of doing which is look inward and correct stinking mindset.Many of you males who usually have momma issues are also lashing out at the black woman cause you feel inadequate and really would prefer to wear make up, heels and a dress.Frankly sir you are the epitome of the mental illness in the black community and why I agree with Negress black women should have quit birthing you ungrateful, toxic beasts.I’m tired of you damn men reacting like females and think we should bare everything and the world for you.I blame your mothers for pushing you out into this world in agony and pain only for you to be a worthless bum and not a man who was given ten times the strength of a woman so you should therefore quit being whiny and desiring a vagina.Grow up the white man has his knee on your necks cause like everyone else has come to realize THE BLACK MAN IS THE DEVIL AND STARTED ALL THE ILLS IN THE WORLD CAUSE HE DOESN’T understand a damn about accountability or being a REAL MAN.

  9. angel9loveu on said:

    @ebony82 I try to put it out my mind.Alberto is a complete nightmare but thinks he’s a damn dream.Too many Alberto’s out more Derick Chauvin need to come take ‘em from us cause his momma might have hoped for him to be great but now it’s too late for the abortion.And he’s so filled with pride and gassed up he really think 🤔 he isn’t the problem as well.Black Women we must learn from others mistakes and either shape better men or don’t birth them.

  10. dlboydx on said:

    The continuation and creation of the next civilization will have Black women as the fore-mothers because we’ve weathered the storms; we put in the work; & we did our best to keep the group together despite black men not sticking around. The best thing for us to do now is to separate from the denigrates; collaborate with like minded people; & build/prepare for the future.

    And as quoted, “Stop Birthing Their Children.” I will add, don’t even let them come into your circle; which, includes not living with you (no hobosexuals); no building them up; no resources (keep them to yourself); & keep a weapon by your side for protection and self defense.

    That’s all for now. PEACE.

  11. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    It is same insult. A black man who talk up is “gay”…..what else is new? As I said, the black woman cannot deal with facts and resort to insult trying to emasculate the black man. Thanks for proving my point. I was raised with a father and mother (r.i.p). I was sent to good school. I am married to natural black woman who is naturopath practitioner, my son is 14 and has his own online animation business and my daughter is 11 and also start her own editing online platform, so it is safe to say you are projecting. Look at all the insults, because someone simple asked you be accountable and have some integrity. My argument never stated that black men are absolved of any blame, rather that there are two sides to a story. I have never asked black women to do anything you have not positioned yourself to do, such as you want a title (leaders of the black race) you fight for, then there are responsibility that comes with that. Why not refuse that title like other races of women if you don’t want the responsibility? Why do you think swirlers are now saying they don’t want to be seen as strong and independent?

    Of course, this blog has become a swirlers’ paradise. You are confirming everything I have said. Your confirmation bias is showing.

    “THE BLACK MAN IS THE DEVIL AND STARTED ALL THE ILLS IN THE WORLD CAUSE HE DOESN’T understand a damn about accountability or being a REAL “MAN.”

    Ignore all the plagues, wars, destructions, sufferings and pains unleashed by the beasts past and present, yet turn around and blame the black man, and you said that I am the one with mental illness? A little pink peen and a few hand-outs have caused you and Negress’ heads to make a 180? Next time you are making fun of George Floyd, just think about Breona Taylor and every other black women and children who have lost their lives to the beast. This is not a situation unique to black men despite the lies you are trying to tell yourselves. Black women are targeted, too—the news and stats are there if you dare to drop your confirmation bias and look.

    @ Negress

    I know you would eventually turn; the blood of beast runs in your veins. Aren’t you biracial? When you say, “stop giving birth to their children”, I would assume the second option would be to give birth to another race of men’s children, preferably white? Wouldn’t you love this, considering the blood of the beast is already in your veins and the beast in now in your bed between your legs? They say misery loves company and it holds true in your instance. You are, in essence, advocating to birth your own kind (this Luciferian agenda).

    The Black man is not short of women who want to birth his kids. Think about this logically–If black women are the least selected in the dating pool, whom do you think will suffer? You are basically advocating for black women to breed out themselves (genocidal), because white supremacy already be putting biracial women above black women and using them to replace them, so breeding more, what exactly do you think will happen? I have never really like these conversations, because as i have stated in my first posts, it always ends up with the black women being disrespectful, hypocritical and disingenuous.

    Ask yourself, honestly, if you really want change. If so, then ask yourself, what are you doing besides bashing black men and plotting his demise to effect that change. Are you miserable that black men are not doing anything for himself and his community or the fact that you are not able to control his actions despite the “honorary” title of being his “leader”?

  12. @ dlboydx

    I’d advise all black women to have a permit of Carry Concealed.

  13. @ Alberto

    Bwhahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!! Whatever…

  14. qnubian385 on said:

    @Albero if you aren’t happy with the decision of BW,you are free to go with your ”KAREN,BECKY OR DARREN” just leave BW hell alone!
    Men who demand their women to march, to protest,to protect you from police brutality don have right to be call men.
    Men that blame their women for their failure because they didn’t accomplice nothing in your miserable life that’s your fault only!
    It’s easy way to blame BW for your failure because you don’t have guts to stand for yourself and face your enemy no,you want to run away with your tail between your legs or you want to find refuge behind some skirts of some BW!
    Shame on you,depend on BW for your only benefit and purpose,do you know BM are the most poor men of other races?
    Yes,BM are poor and they didn’t accomplice anything in your life,
    WM aren’t jealous about you sleeping with their women,that’s are women that even WM in first place they didn’t want it!
    You see,BM are getting the refuse WM have left behind!
    BW are choosing to be single mother or single,that’s you don’t like because,you can’t go in their houses to sleep free,shower free,food free and so on everything free!
    You want BW be the mule of this world that when you abuse her physical and mental,she can keep quite and say nothing!
    She can give you free moneys and pay for your debits,you want BW be your free benefit!
    But now you see the wind has changed direction and BW are fed up about your bullshit,now BM aren’t happy because free benefit is over!
    You hate BW because not only you because you hate yourself,but you hate what you are a BM!
    When Breonna was killed,BLM didn’t give a damn about her murder but for that piece of shit of George Floyd has been murdered yeah,marching,crying all that attention for a coon who was chasing after a Becky is was OK!
    BM wanted integration so badly because BM wanted to sleep with Becky!
    If BW want to be free from your sorry ass I am happy with that,I am happy that BW are changing mentality and they are choosing freedom!

  15. angel9loveu on said:

    @alberto Wow, this is an easy fix.You leave black women out of your mouth and mind therefore no need for the obsession.Stay with yourself your kind is detrimental to our sanity.We need MEN with less talk and more action you have one and not the other.That’s why y’all getting murdered out there you talk too much and are so childish and argumentative.The answer to your miserable life will be to abort your kind.Bye NEXT

  16. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alberto P.S. You sunk to name calling waaaaaaaay before I did but once again thank you for proving me right that you are incapable of seeing your own fault only others and what is done to you but not what you do to others.In case you can’t see what I’m speaking of as you don’t seem too intelligent only negligent and narcissistic here are your own words.You have insulted all black women and had already sunken lower than any black women you speak of here’s a mirror of your imbalanced propaganda.Liar.

    “The black woman, unlike other non-white women, has seen this and decided to take advantage. She has become wild and loose, promiscuous, loud, do as she pleases, basically full Jezebel mode.”

    You can dish it but can’t take it when it’s even mildly thrown back at you. I feel sorry for your god daughter and any woman that has to be in your presence.They are the real victims of your sociopathic tirades.

  17. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alberto You blame single motherhood on black women but you are not man enough nor mature enough to call out all the men who made those women single mothers as she was good enough to stick your penis inside and have a child with but not good enough to stick around and raise that child .And don’t blame her behavior as to why the man didn’t stick around because that didn’t stop him from having sex with her and having a child nor children with her.Where is your common sense to tell these black men to have self discipline to control their loings and get to know the woman’s mind, values etc… before laying with her therefore to quit the cycle of dysfunction from continuing.You are a fault finder, your are not solution driven and for that you are prepared to lead all who some how think you are a leader into a ditch.Eat some humble pie and calm down.You are not at all what you think you are, you are obnoxious, full of yourself and not worthy of the title of leader only the title of complainer.
    You are the dysfunction that was in Adam he was a blame shifter and fault finder from the beginning he didn’t know what accountability was but thought he was owed something or entitled something he never worked for.

  18. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    I am really not into the childish insults, as I am too grown for that. It is just unfortunate that you believe those things and hold them to be true. The only thing I can hope for is that you start viewing things from a more logical perspective.


    Your spirit is gone. What happen to that powerful women that used to blog years ago? I would really look forward to your post. You sound very much defeated or someone has created a post under your name. I remembered your post would be shared on white supremacists websites and they were planning to come after you. I believe you were also threatened. I hope this is really not you. All you do recently is shared third party point of view.

    Anyways, you guys said there is an issue between black men and black women, but in my heart of heart and based on what i presumed to be the “issue”, I felt such issue/s is contrived and concocted and here is why:

    The Issue: Is that Black men are leaving black women for other women.


    I do not believe black men are leaving black women for other women. Why?

    85% of black men in relationships are with black women.



    Black men are not leaving their children. In fact, more than any race, black fathers are more involved in their children’ lives.

    Click to access nhsr071.pdf


    Common sense should tell everyone by now that women control sex. She holds the value in the sexual market place. The women determine who they sleep with, when they sleep with that person and under what condition. If the man does otherwise, we know where he ends up.


    Growing up, I have witnessed some things that never get talked about. Women are getting pregnant for men they already know are in relationships. We see this play out with many male celebrities. Once they have a little fame or money, women are willing to spread their legs for them. Women love these street dudes, and they are not afraid to make it known. The decent man who is down for his family and work is getting look over for men no-good men. For example, look at the rapper “Future”; this man has countless baby mothers who out him as a deadbeat father, yet that still doesn’t stop these women lining up to sleep with him and be impregnated by him.

    Also, black females are leading in paternity fraud (who say is the father is not the father). How do you explain this?

    You have all these women (B Simone) saying that they want street dudes, not wanting any 9-5 dudes, whether he’s a doctor or lawyer. I am an Accountant, and I did taxes for countless young girls who lied about their baby fathers’ whereabouts and want to file as single, when they are indeed common-lawed with their baby fathers, just so they can get more money from the government and more child benefits. To Negress, as I don’t believe that Angel9 person is smart enough to understand this….how do you think this will affect the next set of the government statistics?

    NB: The difference between George Floyd and Breona Taylor is that one was caught on camera for the world to view. The other was pretty much hearsay. George Floyd was pretty much a bum, I can admit that, but he never deserved to the die the way he did. Breona Taylor’s boyfriend/lover/husband, whatever, could be drug dealer but that still doesn’t mean she should die the way she did.

  19. qnubian385 on said:

    @Alberto I can see how much ignorance you are like the rest of BM who don’t study history!
    It wasn’t BW who started IR it was BM! Do you know MOORS?
    MOORS were Muslim a bunch of coon BM who were dark skinned men and they had a deep fetish for WW!
    For 1,224 years MOORS conquered all Europe,they thought everything to Europeans how to be civilise and brought to them the cultures and also they thought Europeans how to enslave blacks!
    Did you see? BM were already traitors!
    The same time MOORS were selling their own people in slavery for what?
    You guess, so they could hug in their harms pretty slaves WW,MOORS have mated with these WW ,you can look the rest of North Africa and other black civilisations how they turned from to be blacks to be mulattoes and whites!
    After MOORS conquered all Europe and thought everything for them,than Europeans went to Africa to do the same things,but they didn’t teach African people,they stolen their people and their cultures!
    What it was the reason for MOORS to waste all their time for what? Because they were COON!
    Look today all these countries were MOORS ruled,they all hate you BM!
    I don’t understand all these love to teach and than their empire blown away by the wind!
    BW in Americans they weren’t give themselves freely to white masters,RAPE isn’t love and isn’t consent,this is what a lot BM are saying today,that BW have changed the faces of Americas!
    BM have the audacity to say such thing,it’s mean that you have some missing neurons in your brain!
    It’s funny that BM for 1,224 years have done these centuries before that Europeans
    started slavery!
    BW didn’t create IR were MOORS,BW didn’t turn BM in emasculate,
    it was and still WM,WM are turning BM in effeminate,BW have nothing
    to do with these, the mass incarceration WM are doing,BW have nothing to with all these!
    WM have declared long time ago war against to you,but because you are bunch of coward that you don’t want to see the truth in front of you,if you are so blind that’s your problem,not my!
    I can really care less about you,after years of despise and bashing BW,you are getting what you deserve!
    Calling BW JEZEBEL it say everything, when you call us BW JEZEBEL you are calling all the black females that belong to your family!
    I don’t feel sorry for you at all and I will not march for you or say your name,
    I don’t care!
    The contrary to what you think about us BW that we are chasing after WM,
    you are dissolute! Most BW don’t give a damn about WM!
    When I am walking on the street I see BM behaviour,you are self centered,
    arrogant,conceited and narcissistic,who in the hell want to have anything to do
    with you!

  20. Alberto Macstaire on said:


    I am quite aware of history, so here is the thing: Moors had no fetish for white women. Every race of men who conquered another race of men take their women as spoils of war. That was nothing new. Black men are fully aware of white mens’ treacherous ways, but how can we win, if the women we are suppose to trust become treacherous the moment white men show up?

    Here is a little suppressed history for you, black women opened the gate for transatlantic slave trade and history is now repeating itself with the Chinese on the continent. Read Vernile Epsen’s “Daughter of the Trade”. The black women were marrying Dutch traders’ allowing them t0 get around West African laws and owning resources on the continent. Their offsprings formed an elite class on the continent then sided with the British, who bought the land from the Dutch, to sell the non-biracial blacks into slavery. Some of their descendants have apologized recently for their ancestors doing it.


    Now to present day, We see the Chinese marrying the African females to get access to the resources in Africa.


    When black men took a stand a created the Black Panther party to defend their people, a black woman, Elaine Brown, was a government agent as much as she wants to deny it. Detroit 300 who were having success in cleaning up their community was reported by black women because they were targeting their drug dealing sons. When the black woman was fisted in her mouth in front of her child by the Chinese store owner and black men stood up for her, the Chinese gave 50% discount on weaves and the black women turned agains the black men. Did you see the line up?

    Black men will never be afraid of white men, plenty of evidence online to prove that. Black men aware that there is a system in place to destroy him, so he has tread militantly.

    I never called black women Jezebel, what i said was that they go into Jezebel mode. I can admit that I have seen my female relatives go into Jezebel mode many times. I have the integrity to admit anything.

    Why is it hard to address my points, black women? Why the ad hominem attacks. Address my points and show me where I am wrong, please.

    I know black men are not perfect, I as a black man is not perfect, but are black women perfect, because this is the vibes I am getting. Are black women perfect?

  21. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alberto you’re really not into childish insults however that’s all you’ve done.The basis of your contradictory babble hinges on childish insults.So I treat you as you behave like a child not a reasonable adult with a sound mind capable of having a balanced conversation.Instead your one sided argument shows you are imbalance and therefore everything you’ve said since hinged in the banter of you being a lunatic.BM like you have so much in common with WM you both are incapable of sound reasoning nor understanding.You argue like children and lash out like spoiled kids when you don’t get your way.Grow up and stay in your lane child.

  22. angel9loveu on said:

    @qnubian Very well put and argued.The spineless nature of BM knows no bound and when they can’t blame anyone they turn to the black woman to save them when they’ve been nothing but a bunch of backstabbing cowards.

  23. Ladies, why do you go back and forth with men? Leave him be. What kind of man argues with a woman? He should be out “doing” instead of “talking”.

    And they wonder why the black race is on the bottom of all societies.

  24. Alberto Macstaire on said:

    Now, I am the bad guy because I presented facts to back my arguments? What type of men arguing with women? Am I hearing right? You presented an issue that involves both parties and refuse to allow the other party at the table? Please make this make sense. I recently spoke to an enlighten sister who told me she avoids any black women’ forum, because most of you guys are dishonest and lie, refuse to address facts, and bash black men. She said most of you, if not all, are devoid of sound reasoning. So, I get it now. This is not about a solution as always, it is about black male bashing. Carry on with your lies and emotional babbling. Let me tell you this, not one of you, with this type of attitude, deserve a black man. This is why you will only deal with white men. It is happy riddance to lose your types to the swirl. The beast deserve his women.

    “Doing” and “Talking” aren’t mutually exclusive. It literally takes me two minutes to type and post. So, by your mindset, I guess you ain’t doing a thing, because you created this blog. You are the one doing most of the talking. Since sound logic is not welcome here, I am out. There are way better conversation to be had elsewhere.

  25. Kyra Barr on said:

    Thank you for all that you do. I have ben following you for years. The advice you provide is essential. Please stay safe. Is there a way to contact you? As a black woman I am so grateful to you for al the information you have given us FREE for all these years.

  26. Kyra Barr on said:

    Please forgive the typos. I tried leaving a comment earlier. You have been such a tremendous help to me through all of these years. I have learned so much from your site. I purchased some of the books that you recommended. It hurts that many of our men do not want us, however, there is nothing that can be done until many of them choose to see where they have hurt us. As black women we must start holding each other accountable. Thank you for being a shining light in a world of shadows. You are truly appreciated. I thank our Creator and Ancestors for this web page.

  27. @ Alberto

    Good. Then fuck off.

  28. angel9loveu on said:

    @Alberto Bye keyboard warrior.That’s about as much as your kind will do besides run your mouth.Still hasn’t earned the black man an ounce of respect.The world was really laughing at George Floyd screaming for his mama as the white man had this big burly black man resorting to being like a child as he begs for the black woman.HIS MAMA to save his dusty arse while he had the mother of a white man , his oppressor in his bed .Still didn’t gain him respect. You’re not smart none of you are when you didn’t realize the march was more than about justice for George Floyd but about putting you BLack man to shame.

  29. angel9loveu on said:

    @DOAN I needed to say one last thing cause he really think he’s saying something.

  30. Phyllis Durham on said:

    @angel9loveu….. PREACH!!! Lady you have hit the nail on the head! @Alberto rubbed me the same way…the wrong way……I have a cousin like him he’s ALWAYS bad mouthing sistas, IMHO he was given too much as a kid….and was brainwashed by the media and 45 prez….and the brain sucking activities of this society….Personally, I think that the time of Black men and Black women co-existing in peace is over….Black men (and I use this term ‘men’ loosely) have chosen to throw us sistas under the bus the first chance he got….They are not our friends, mates, etc….

    Examples: You sistas have not lived until you’ve been practically knocked back from a ‘Brotha’ trying to get through a door before you do…..that has happened to me on several occasions….AND, there are so many more stories I have of me minding my own business and like the above story this ‘Brotha’ steps in for his own self-serving self…AND the time I found a YOUTUBE video of a white-girl loving ‘brotha’ letting his white girlfriend seriously berate the Black woman with all that she had and her Black boyfriend in the background just laughing his head off while she just demonized the Black woman on EVERY level that she could muster up….it was painful on every level what I saw on that video….And THAT is just the tip of the iceberg of individual stories (evidence) that Black men hate us now….they hate us so much that they need a Klan robe now…..

    Oh…I did NOT want to believe it cause growing up with Black Men they would help a sista out without the need to know who she was….Those days are gone…..maybe forever….Black men have chosen a side and it is NOT beside us…..

    Negress you also have hit the nail on the head….they are NOT our friends and cannot be trusted ever again…

  31. angel9loveu on said:

    @Phylis Durham thank you. And well said, I remember that video with the white woman berating black women with the idiot coon in the background and no BM spoke up for us then but now they expect us to roll out of our extra TLC time to go march for their disrespectful lives.They arrested shut those so many of the black women out there and barely anyone came to their aid as they carried them off to god he knows where.And when we go missing they barely lift a finger.Ladies don’t do it it seems things are coming full circle for them.Just let it be, stay unbothered.

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