Observations of an Invisible Woman

Dear White Man…


(The person I feel sorry for the most is the dog)

Amy Cooper, White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man in Central ...

After receiving a barrage of letters, I decided to come out of my rest to speak on this never ending issue involving racism in America.


I write this letter not to Black People, but to the White Man, the Dominant One, the Ruler of this Realm, the Judge, Jury and Executioner.  This letter is not a letter of admonishment. I’ve done plenty of that over the years. This letter is to warn you of the monster that you’ve created.


In your quest for Power, you’ve uplifted your Womb, and rightfully so, to the extent that she is now an unstoppable machine that will only serve to your detriment. With her phony tears and her righteous indignation, this woman, your woman, will be the catalyst for the next Major Racial Event that will spark the potential downfall of your carefully crafted empire.


It is because of your doing, your ready-made excuses for her bad behaviour, your willingness to look the other way when you know she is in the wrong that will propagate your demise. Black Rage is GROWING steadily. Asian Rage is growing steadily. I’ve even see videos on Youtube where brown skinned, non-blacks are tired of the shit. Do you honestly believe that you can fend off 95% of the world’s population? 


Every time your woman indulges in her antics, ( perhaps she should take up knitting?). it makes YOU look bad. After all, what good is a Patriarchy that cannot control its womb? What good does it serve you when it soils your reputation in the eyes of the world? This is a question that the black woman is now asking herself privately after realizing her black man isn’t worth a Goddamn!


In the very, very, very near future, your woman will be the catalyst for the Revolution. She will be the Racist Spark that ignites the Nation into bloodshed. Her fakery and trickonomics will rupture like an over ripe pimple and YOU will be the face of it all. What the planet will witness is you pulling the trigger. Not the female voice that made the phone call from the confines of her 3 bedroom, suburban home.


The white woman at the top of my page is like EVERY other white female I’ve met in my life.






Mentally ill


Self Serving


They all look alike to me now.


I hope you’ll read this letter and understand that in war, they are no winners. In war, everyone suffers. In war, you lose a piece of your soul.


Mark my words…




c o m i n g.






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17 thoughts on “Dear White Man…

  1. dlboydx on said:

    LMBO! You are telling the truth! Also, in addition, “whyte man”, know that your “whyte woman” will set you up & use “black men, asian men, latino men & any other men” as their attack dog against you. She has & will continue to do it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. I’m frankly tired of the shit.

  3. 0metrix on said:

    “after realizing her black man isn’t worth a Goddamn!”

    Where is this hatred for all black men coming from? What has every black man on the planet done to you? It’s been interesting seeing your rhetoric transition from, “black people united against others” to “black men are terrible.” There are good and bad people of every ethnicity and in every culture. I don’t know you so I can’t speak for your experiences. Yet, I have heard the disdain of black women for black men and the story is always the same. They spend time with the worst of the black men in their community. When they get tired of them, they generalize and judge every black men for their limited negative experience and “seek” better men of other ethnicities. A decent black guy always seems to go unnoticed by these types of women.

    However, I have also seen plenty of black women apart of successful relationships and families with black men. Whether or not you witness them, they do exist. I am from such a family, a big one, with a long history. My great grand parents were farmers and I grew up on the land that my family has cultivated for generations. My upbringing and life feels like a fairy-tale compared to the world you describe. I have been raised by and witnessed many black men and women whom have flourished together no matter the social climate. I am sorry you have not been able to see the same. I pray that someday, you are able to.

    Also, about your white hatred. For the most part, the American leadership is corrupted and the majority of those people are white. Yet, the white people in power will ruin the lives of the average white person just the same as they will to any black person and anyone else. The working class is under attack and that is ALL of us. I have caucasian people in my life that I love just as dearly as if they were my blood kin. I know that not all white people “are the devil” and most are in the same economic and cultural boat that I am in. I say all of this as a black man of the south, the same south that’s supposed to be filled with racist, confederate descendants. Among this racist south, I have white family members there and nothing would make me part ways with them. We all need to unite against the encroaching tyranny. In-fighting and divisiveness are tools of the enemy. The more we fight along gender and racial lines, the more our true enemies win. As an ending thought, check out Daryl Davis. He may give you pause to reconsider some things. Be blessed.

  4. @ Ometrix

    Thank you for the commentary, but the time for “not all” is o-v-e-r. In the next five years, the black woman is realize how unprotected and vulnerable she really is.

    I’m done with this. You can respond as much as you wish but this is the last commentary from me on this subject.

    Good luck.

  5. lololo0909 on said:

    love your blog.. how can i send you an email please? i have an idea i’d like to pick your brains on / maybe collab for the greater good of Black people 🙂

  6. I love your blog and I have followed it for a long time. Today is my 34th Wedding Anniversary. The reason I mention this is that I am 62 and White and my wife is 57 and White. She is a Christian and I am a reformed Jew.

    As far as I am concerned and I have had this dialogue with my wife for over 5 years now: White women, the majority of them in the USA are out of their minds. My wife tells me all the time: “What the hell happened to the White Women? They act like they are entitled to everything just for being alive.

    I am like-minded with your post and it’s too late to fix this.

    Look at how we had the civil rights movement.

    Then we had the feminist movement.

    Then we had to the MGTOW (men going their own way movement).

    After that?

    The stupid “Transgender” movement was next.

    We have known two Transgenders. One made it and the other committed suicide.

    Now, look at the #BlackLivesMatter Protests while the Covid-19 Crisis has suspended our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Hopefully, you will keep blogging and I understand why you wrote: “time is up.”

    God bless you and best of luck to you during the upcoming civil war in America that started after Trump was selected for the “White House.”

    Peace! Mitch

  7. qnubian385 on said:

    I’ve never met in my life someone full of anger and hatred,in that list should be
    included also:
    black widow,
    I am glad that I am not their situation,BW should be grateful to be where we are!
    We already got use what people say or think about us in front or behind our back!
    But isn’t the same for WW who from their birth they have been taught
    that they were on the pedestal!
    Let them carry a crown that is already falling at
    the end of the abyss,let them be alone with their insecurities and paranoia,
    let them compete alone with their frustrations and waste their energy for nothing!
    Let them completely alone and when you have them in front of you when you walk, look straight like a train, they are by nature attention seeker!
    For me they can have everything and everyone they want,but
    their fall is near!

  8. established1968 on said:

    I can’t believe I’ve only recently found your blog. This post really hit home for me. I work in a field (medical technology) that is primarily White females. Everything you said above is absolutely true. I say this from having spent nearly all my adult life working shoulder to shoulder with them. I’m only somewhat embarrassed to say this, but the more I work with them the more I dislike their company. Clearly Black folks like Ometrix are of a different mindset, and I really wish they’d find a forum with similar-minded people to engage with and quit littering blogs like yours with their rhetoric.

  9. Wow I was gobsmacked when I came across this blog. I have no idea how such an angry racist site could stay up.

    The articles and lost of the comments appear to be no better than tjan the silly speil of angry right wing skin heads, only it’s directed at white people.

    There is no way the kind of language used on this site if it were written by a white person.

    The authors double standards are jaw dropping. And I’m sad to see so many comments in agreement with her.

    Good luck in the future I hope it brings you happier times.

  10. @ After Hollywood

    Thank you. I wish all of us good luck. We’re going to need it in the next ten years.

  11. established1968 on said:

    I love how, when folks like caprikris have nothing substantial or intelligent to add to conversations like this, they revert to the old, tired, lame, ineffective “racist”, “angry”, or “bitter” labels. There’s also the worn-out “I feel SO sorry for people like YOU” line. And usually “bitter” is reserved especially for Black women.

    FYI, caprikris, there have always been–and still are–a plethora of GENUINE hate sites run and supported by whites, and they aren’t being taken down any time soon. I myself couldn’t care less about any of them. This IS a free country and people are actually free to dislike or hate anyone for any reason. If this blog shocks and offends you so much, why don’t you just simply stay off the site? That’s what intelligent people do when they come across online sites they find irritating, offensive, etc.

    Since you have no knowledge of anyone’s personal experiences on this blog other than your own, it’s best you keep your judgements to yourself. Personally, I’m not “angry”, just fed up with people in general and whites in particular (Free country, I’m allowed to have those thoughts). And, yes, I really don’t enjoy the company of white people, and, yes, I AM in agreement with most of the author’s insights in her blogs.

  12. angelaroselle on said:

    As a collective, White women have always been liars, manipulative, conniving, backstabbing, sneaky and problematic creatures. I have dealt with them at school, the workplace, and my everyday interactions to know that a good portion of them aren’t to be trusted. I have had my share of negative experiences with them to know how they are. Of course, not every single White woman is what I have described. I have met some very nice and decent White women too but enough of them are problematic to other races of people particularly Black women.

    I also believe that the White women’s actions will be apart of the downfall of the White man’s crumbling empire. People are starting to see how depraved many of these White women are. Many people are calling them out for their actions. Even White men are discussing leaving their women for Asian women and foreign women on MGTOW and MRA spaces. I definitely agree with you on this article that White women’s actions will be the catalyst to the eventual fall of the White man’s kingdom.

    As for African American women and Black women in the West, I believe that we are on our own. We can’t rely on Black men because they aren’t actively protecting us nor can we rely on non Black men either. We need to come together and build some rapport with each other to keep our children and spaces afloat. Invest money into your own businesses, make money from a side hustle, learn a trade, earn a degree etc. It is time to just focus on ourselves and our own self interests in the future instead.

  13. angel9loveu on said:

    @Hollywood Still vindictive and manipulative as ever trying to separate yourself from who you also are,negress might not care but you are just as effeminate and vindictive as your pink women.And what has God got to do with it your previous presidents admitted if there was one you all are going to hell anyway.Now go fix your psycho analysis.

  14. angel9loveu on said:

    @Angellaroselle Good to know you found some decent ww.Were you searching, bet if you triggered them just right you’ll see the decent , good in them go quickly.Like threaten their position.Cause Becky and Karen are here to take the BW crown whether she nice or not either way she won’t let you have it while she’s around.I suggest you go deeper studying ww and wm you’ll find the saying all the world’s a stage and they are merely actors forthcoming.Cause the nice or not nice we want you dead and unprotected and they will fake it while your weak mind let’s them off the hook.

  15. angel9loveu on said:

    You all think Becky is innocent? How simpleminded, these blogs are really getting superficial,the ww and wm are one in the same working on the same team.You’re too blind to see. They are delighted over black ppls fall yet you’re giving passes.Your wisdom must’ve left

  16. 20 years of archives: http://www.newnation.org/NNN-archives.html
    20 years of Black on White HEINOUS VIOLENT crimes: http://www.newnation.org/NNN-Black-on-White.html
    Daily Frontpage aggregate of black crimes: http://newnation.org/

    I have read your site for over a year.
    I believe you’re probably the most misguided negress on Earth.
    Some info links for your exploration.
    I’m reasonably certain that you’ll ignore them all.

  17. Minority Health… https://www.minorityhealth.hhs.gov/omh/browse.aspx?lvl=4&lvlid=21
    You cannot fool all the people all the time.

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