Observations of an Invisible Woman

Proverbs: 3:1

(Thank you to the follower that sent me this)



Dear Black Women,

Sometimes the Universe allows people to tell you the raw truth about how they really feel about you.

Sometimes the Universe allows people to broadcast, to the ENTIRE world, what they are secretly thinking about you.

Sometimes the Universe allows things to come into your life to teach you a much needed lesson.

Sometimes the Universe allows this to happen to give you a way out.


The question is: Are you paying attention?


Let me tell you what I’m paying attention to…

The SILENCE from the black male “conscious” community.


Carry on.



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6 thoughts on “Proverbs: 3:1

  1. Deborah Lynn on said:

    Comment: I swear and think that trump models his moa from black men. It’s way to similar.
    Been looking at and living this pattern a long time. Integrity is and has been the missing piece of black men not being able to lead the culture.

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  2. dlboydx on said:

    When people free style, battle rap, etc.; they speak on matters they are very acquainted with; & by this, they will tell on themselves with the words they speak. What this man spoke on are real issues that have happened to children. A friend of mine from high school/college; his dad worked for CPS; he had to take a 6yr/7yr old little girl away from her home because of being molested i.e. performing sex acts on her mother’s boyfriend (the mother knew about it) & on other males in the neighborhood (from the young to the old). I’ve heard other free style rap from preteen males that would make you think these boys are gay, i.e. again rapping about performing sex acts on males. Like I said, these people speak on things they are familiar with & because blacks have accepted the eurasians way of life, which includes homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, etc.; you now have many blacks who are just as dysfunctional, savage, & beastly as the eurasians. Everybody can’t be saved; so we can only focus on trying to save those who have the potential to build a successful society (or world) for the future; and this is our children.

    NOTE: This man had been accused of sexually assaulting his daughter; he claimed the mother coached her into making these allegations.

    This dude & the others with him, both males/females, have grown up with females/males who dealt with this issue when they were younger. These young adults have grown up in neighborhoods, where this type of activity has been normalized & accepted to be performed at young ages because it doesn’t appear to effect them in anyway when the words are spoken. The LGBTQ have won; they have normalized their sexual perversions particularly among the youth.

  3. Osmosis Jones on said:

    I’m not surprised about this type of behavior anymore. My advice to young black women like myself is to focus on friends, fun, and success. My advice to older black women is to relax and have fun as much as possible. Men act the way that they do because they choose to. When “good men” speak out and act on other men, then things will start to change on larger level.

    What are your thoughts on these videos:

  4. Layla Melodie on said:

    Talmbout the ones that you used to comment on your blog 10 years ago? The hoteps that used to admonish black women for getting education? LMAO!!!!!

  5. First of all, I would like to say hello to you once again DOAN and to all of your contributors that speak on this ever important site – after a lengthy referendum from any correspondence, comments or connections on the internet for familial, community and personal growth…I had to break my silence.

    “What was gained from this period of silence?”…many have asked. “My eyes were open and my mouth was shut” was my reply. In other words – observe and pay attention, take note and make your analyses to the deadly situation at hand.
    Shall we begin?

    Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary defines EMASCULATE as a transitive verb.
    1: to deprive of strength, vigor, or spirit: weaken.
    2: to deprive of virility or procreative power: castrate.
    3: to remove the androecium of (a flower) in the process of artificial cross-

    Historically, our ancestors in a brown planet society thrived and survived because of Matrilineal cultural empowerment and believe it or not, one of those societies still exists today in the Motherland:
    “The Akan people are a majority in Ghana, where they predominantly reside. The Akan social organization is fundamentally built around the matriclan, wherein one’s identity, inheritance, wealth, and politics are all determined. All matriclan founders are female, but men traditionally hold leadership positions within the society. These inherited roles, however, are passed down matrilineally—meaning through a man’s mothers and sisters (and their children). The man is expected to not only support his own family, but those of his female relatives.” (Laura Turner Garrison – 6 Societies Were Women Rule)
    In a matrilineal culture, there were no “bishes or nickaz”. The man was expected to not only support his own family, but those of his female relatives – and those men traditionally held leadership positions within the society – as a support system within the social organization. Not as a neutered male.
    But since the advent of the european onslaught of global colonialism, so-called discovery, resource repurpose with the goal of total exploitation – the roles had shifted from matrilineal to patrilineal for the purposes of white supremacy, white genetic survival and profitable control.

    Think castration, feminization, enslavement, deprivation and confinement – because they did it to themselves FIRST. Why do you think they call sodomy GREEK sex?

    Let’s fast forward to 2020…where over half of our young men are “in the pen, have been or are going back again”, three quarters of our baby boys are being born into fatherless homes with limited male role models and the saturation of relentless and endless programming from all the wrong sources affecting all of them.
    In the 25 to 65-year-old black male categories – two in ten are gay, down low or currently not participating in any relationship, two in ten have substance abuse and/or mental health issues, two in ten are unemployed or underemployed, two in ten are over the ages of 50 – which leaves one in ten that actually have a job, education or military or technical training and are prime candidates for LTR’s or marriage with the remaining one in ten or 10% being currently married.
    In the 18 to 25-year-old black male categories – many are almost comically stereotypical in the attitudes, appearances and attributes of the “blunt smoking, Hennessey drinking, fake dread wearing, overly tattooed, pants sagging, gun toting thuglife hustler wannabees” and that negative image is forcefully programmed and promoted in the media, music and mentalities of our youth. That same image is considered to be the most desirable for many young women that are entrapped in lives of poverty, despair and single parenthood that did not escape by higher education or employment opportunities.
    (Remember the white male Zionist Jew controlled 70-80’s Blaxploitation movies, TV shows and disco music that saturated our communities when we actually believed that we had Black Power?)
    Please take note that in the not too-distant past, those same powers that be – distributed smallpox infected blankets, peddled untreated syphilis and, experimented medically and chemically upon black prison inmates, poisoned communities with hard core illegal drugs and deadly viruses in vaccinations, used COINTELPRO and JIM CROW tactics to attempt to neuter and transform the black male image from a George Jackson revolutionary to a George Jefferson reactionary and even made it against the law to educate or to feed nutritious foods to our kids in those schools.
    Fast forward to 2020, and we are still falling for the same ol’ same ol’ okey doke with a few new twists: from the feminized marijuana that is genetically altered (sensimilla), to the pesticides, GMO foods and soy products, female growth hormone saturated beef, chicken and pork for food production, fried vegetable oils from fast food, fluorides in the water supplies, MSG and Aspartame excitotoxins in all snacks and sodas, chemically altered alcohol and tobacco intentionally sold in the inner cities, BPA plastics (Xenoestrogen) hidden in water bottles, colognes, deodorant, body wash, shampoo and tooth paste – these components all assist in the physiological and psychological feminization of our young black males whom are nothing more than targets for the destruction of black male leadership within the deceptive patrilineal euro-american controlled landscape.

    Not to mention the advent of COVID-19 with over 2,000,000 infected and over 125,000 dead in the US alone.
    Is it no surprise that we have very few black male leaders anymore, and our sistas are fed up with it?

    Where are the Marcuses, Malcolms, Medgars, Martins, Marleys and Madibas in the 21st century?
    And as important as these men were, let’s also remember and honor those strong matrilineals that stood with and beside them like Amy, Betty, Myrlie, Coretta, Rita and Winnie.

    We now have the Jessies (Jackson), Johnsons (Magic), Jordans (Michael), JayZ’s and Jamies (Foxx) that have hella loot but no boots to stand on, kinda reminds me of Samuel L Jackson’s character Stephen from Django Unchained…they will sell out to ma$$a every time…

    When the statistics are looked at, the choices seem very limited for available suitors and there are few opportunities for the “educated, good job and good credit sistas”…and the enemy know this and capitalizes on it.
    Most of these snakes are on their best behaviors when they are trying to lure the prey aren’t they, and their money and assets helps set the trap a lot easier doesn’t it? But remember…a snake can’t be anything else but a snake and does what a snake is supposed to…and that is to bite and/or suffocate!
    With close to 90 million white males and 110 million white females compared to 18 million black males and 23 million black females in the “good ol USA” – the dynamics are much different for those low black men numbers as well.
    Let’s go back to that number of eligible black men for black women…of the over 75 million or so eligible female citizens of every race in this country, only 500K to 1 million black men are really available???
    EMASCULATION and PATRILINEALISM are the major causes and effects for many of the issues in our communities – isn’t it obvious?

    And the black male is quieter than a buzzard with lockjaw.



  6. angelaroselle on said:

    Am I not shocked? A good portion if not majority of Black men in America think less of dark skinned women. It reflects on their mating choices, music they put out, interactions with Black women etc. And the decent ones never reprimand these colorists and misogynists for disrespecting Black women. It shows you how they truly feel about us.

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