Observations of an Invisible Woman

Proverbs: 3:1

(Thank you to the follower that sent me this)



Dear Black Women,

Sometimes the Universe allows people to tell you the raw truth about how they really feel about you.

Sometimes the Universe allows people to broadcast, to the ENTIRE world, what they are secretly thinking about you.

Sometimes the Universe allows things to come into your life to teach you a much needed lesson.

Sometimes the Universe allows this to happen to give you a way out.


The question is: Are you paying attention?


Let me tell you what I’m paying attention to…

The SILENCE from the black male “conscious” community.


Carry on.



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3 thoughts on “Proverbs: 3:1

  1. Deborah Lynn on said:

    Comment: I swear and think that trump models his moa from black men. It’s way to similar.
    Been looking at and living this pattern a long time. Integrity is and has been the missing piece of black men not being able to lead the culture.

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  2. dlboydx on said:

    When people free style, battle rap, etc.; they speak on matters they are very acquainted with; & by this, they will tell on themselves with the words they speak. What this man spoke on are real issues that have happened to children. A friend of mine from high school/college; his dad worked for CPS; he had to take a 6yr/7yr old little girl away from her home because of being molested i.e. performing sex acts on her mother’s boyfriend (the mother knew about it) & on other males in the neighborhood (from the young to the old). I’ve heard other free style rap from preteen males that would make you think these boys are gay, i.e. again rapping about performing sex acts on males. Like I said, these people speak on things they are familiar with & because blacks have accepted the eurasians way of life, which includes homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, etc.; you now have many blacks who are just as dysfunctional, savage, & beastly as the eurasians. Everybody can’t be saved; so we can only focus on trying to save those who have the potential to build a successful society (or world) for the future; and this is our children.

    NOTE: This man had been accused of sexually assaulting his daughter; he claimed the mother coached her into making these allegations.

    This dude & the others with him, both males/females, have grown up with females/males who dealt with this issue when they were younger. These young adults have grown up in neighborhoods, where this type of activity has been normalized & accepted to be performed at young ages because it doesn’t appear to effect them in anyway when the words are spoken. The LGBTQ have won; they have normalized their sexual perversions particularly among the youth.

  3. Osmosis Jones on said:

    I’m not surprised about this type of behavior anymore. My advice to young black women like myself is to focus on friends, fun, and success. My advice to older black women is to relax and have fun as much as possible. Men act the way that they do because they choose to. When “good men” speak out and act on other men, then things will start to change on larger level.

    What are your thoughts on these videos:

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