Observations of an Invisible Woman

Revelations 2:1



2020 is almost here.


As I reflect on 2019, many things come to mind.  A few of them are the dozens of private letters I have received from black women on their struggles, their losses, their wins and their revelations. The most powerful women on the face of the Earth is at a crossroads again.


At the risk of sounding melodramatic, the fate of the black race, and incidentally the human race itself, lies in your hands. I’ve taken some time to read heartfelt comments from various sources. I’ve had phone calls with friends of mine, tired and worn out, looking for a different route. I’ve watched silently as women who look like me struggle with the most important decision of their lives.


Where do we go from here? 


Our eyes were FORCED open by the very men in our communities and families.  My own family member commented on a particular disdain for his Mother yet called to borrow money to fund his non-black woman’s lifestyle. An affluent black male insulted my appearance in public in favour for his white wife, but then went on to explain the importance of black women supporting his company.


He did this with a serious face and meant every single word while his white wife stared at me.


This reminds me of a woman’s private email:


“Black men really do believe that they own us. They have a right to us. We are not deserving of being fought for like every other woman on this planet. We’re just supposed to be there for them with money, sex, a place to live, encouragement, conversation, meals and all the help they need. But it’s never returned. And if we ask for it, like any sensible woman should, we’re Gold diggers and we’re in cahoots with the evil white man. The harsh truth is, they hate us and it’s time we realized it and accepted it.”


In 2020, it is my hope that the black woman will recognize her full potential and begin making life altering choices. Why? Because beginning in March-April of 2020, Trump will be cutting food stamps and changing rules as to who can apply. Section 8 vouchers will be removed from the books in certain heavily populated black areas. WIC will cease for low income mothers. Reduced lunches and free lunches will no longer be available. Teachers are leaving the profession due to violent black children and schools are shutting down due to lack of funding. My very good friend and blogger told me that black boys are having sex in stairwells, prostituting young girls of all races for weed and hitting their teachers. THEY ARE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!


All these factors spell utter disaster for the black woman who is left alone to raise her illegitimate children BY HERSELF, who is working two part time jobs at 8.25 per hour and cannot afford to pay rent BY HERSELF, who is left with 60,000 college loans and has Debt Collectors calling her phone every day demanding to know when their money will be sent, who is caring for her sick aunt and can’t afford to buy her diabetes medicine.


The black man, despite his rhetoric, left the black woman the moment he figured out that she was holding him back.  He knew that he would be better able to assimilate into white society and saw his ticket out in her:


Image result for white woman


And made absolutely no apologies for his decision.


And neither should you, Black Woman.


Rough times are ahead. As I travel, I see the raw evidence in the downtown Portland area. Homelessness is skyrocketing, rent is out of control, the drug crisis is unmatched and it has become a war zone to survive. Survival is a funny thing with humans. It’s a natural instinct or at least it should be. Our natural instinct to live has been quelled over the past 400 years. It has been deliberately manipulated to work against our favour.


The time for you, black woman, to decide if you want to live and thrive is now.


Don’t get caught up in this game of “Reel them back in when it suits us only to throw them away when it doesn’t.” The future is looking very unkind for a certain type of black woman.


Decide which type you want to be.




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31 thoughts on “Revelations 2:1

  1. The future is looking unkind for MOST Black women period. There is not a host of white knights (or Hispanic knights…or Asian knights…) out there waiting to sweep the Black woman off her feet and whisk her away to safety and prosperity. We have no friends! The vast majority of men do not have the Black male’s mental illness of self hate. They want women (and children) who look like them. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but that’s just it: A FEW. Then there is the added work of making sure a male of another race is not fetishizing you or looking for a ghetto gagger. And as degenerate, hateful and mentally and spiritually dead as the Black man has become, I can never forgive or lie down with the demon who put us all in this position in the first place. I hate white people with a passion, and many Hispanics and Asians are just as racist OR WORSE.

  2. Glorified Body on said:

    I speculate there will be a dismantling of Integration (man made laws) as well. Of course, since black men closed their thriving businesses in their own communities in favor of working on a jobs back in the day. More chaos is coming.

    I have a plan. Hopefully it will work.

  3. @ Glorified Body

    When the average, working class Joe, Billy, Fred and John realize their very livelihood is being threatened and they see their daughters being knocked up left and right, you’ll see more police shootings and overall violence towards blacks, especially black males.

    I hope your plan is successful! Good luck!

  4. Glorified Body on said:


    If you believe blacks esp black males are any less racists towards one another. You must young when I too believed in the black communities in the USA.

  5. Question: Do we even know what a black man or woman is? I see so many white passing being claimed as black. Where was the outrage when the white passing so called black woman was the black mans choice? There are many colorist black women raising their sons to stay put the sun before they get too dark and telling their sons not to bring no nappy headed dark girl home.

    Let’s not pretend us black women are without fault in this mess.

    I myself have gotten over who black men are screwing because I’m too busy with cosmic things.

    But anyway I’d like to know examples of people you consider black. I’d also like to know how much you know about the cosmic UV rays and have you been monitoring the uv radiation. This is why interracial dating is being pushed so heavy they need our God particle . Have a wonderful day , Negress.

    Sincerely Negress Witch

  6. Correction: Black women telling their kids stay out the sun before they get too dark.

    Let’s not act like Black women didn’t play a huge role in the self hate that’s been passed down.

    Also Anything lighter than a paper bag ain’t black they asses is hybrids.

  7. Louise Culler on said:

    I suspect black women will wake up and take charge of their lives with or without the black man. They will first have to take charge of their reproduction and stop having children for black men who are not invested in having children by them. Black women will have to stop engaging in struggle love; that is being in a relationship where they’re giving much more than they’re receiving. It’s just not worth it.

  8. @ Louise

    This has already happened. Many black women tell me they are now happily single.

  9. @ Glorified Body

    Nice, condescending response. 😏
    If you read my whole post, you will see that I did indeed comment on the state that Black men are in. They are degenerate, no doubt. So because they decide to foolishly commit racial suicide, you believe the Black woman should follow suit?

  10. Layla Melodie on said:

    Yet again DOAN, another timely piece.

    I don’t know which Black women need to read this, but here goes:

    Don’t be fooled by the naysayers and detractors that tell you there are only a few non black males that would have anything meaningful to do with you…

    Resist the urge to stay behind and attempt to make it better because “you’re doing the same things black males have done…”

    Put YOUR life vest on and get the hell out!

    Because if you don’t and allow yourself to be guilt tripped and fearmongered into staying, your life and that of your children’s will be what you will ultimately give.

    Your fate will mirror that of Ms. Destiny Harrison’s.

  11. This will be my last post as this blog has evolved into something very different than what I originally subscribed to and loved. All I have to say before I go is, if we want to talk about “mirrored fates”, make sure you and yours don’t end up like this:


    I’m sure this girl’s Black mother thought she was “leveling up”.

  12. Glorified Body on said:


    We are deeply saddened to hear of your departure(rolling my eyes).

    However one deranged white male raping and murdering his own flesh and blood does not make your case.

    On facebook, Rosa Perriria of Our Lives Matters has tallied thus far 795 black females murdered by black men!!! Negress has stated she has sobered up in other words she is NOT drinking black males kool aid any longer in previous post, “I was wrong”.

    #facts… oh, I almost forgot where are my manners. New Year to you😜

  13. @ Glorified Body

    Thank you for that. I no longer argue with black males on any topic. Or men in general for that matter. Something that I learned is men do not argue with women. Men take on other men.

  14. Layla Melodie on said:

    Hey ladies,

    How bout for the hell of it, we give separation something to think about…

    How bout Black women not trust males at ALL? That’s certainly doable too and if and when she meets someone who could be a potential mate REGARDLESS of race, she vets his ass for a year and even after that, proposes a trial run on marriage that can be annulled within a year? Black women don’t have to be desperate for marriage or men.

  15. @ Layla Melodie

    I have black women to tell me they are happily single and marriage isn’t for them. A few of them have admitted to being Asexual and contented. They volunteer, travel ( one woman is in the process of buying land overseas ) and living life free from all men.

    The result?

    NO stress, NO issues with poor self image, NO pressure sexually and they do whatever they wish.

    There’s something freeing about that to be honest. It’s already happening.

  16. Layla Melodie on said:


    Buying land overseas?!!!👀

    That’s that LIFE Sis!!!

    See, these young ass sjw chicks THINK they know what they’re doing warning us about the evil non black menz when really, they talking to grown ass women that are worldly and know what our options are with men and outside of men.

    You can be partnered ladies, just don’t drink the fucking Kool-Aid like Glorified Body said.

  17. Layla Melodie on said:

    Also, the Netherlands are offering 10,000 USD to move to their rural areas because they don’t have enough residents there.

    Black women, ya’ll better get them passports!

  18. angel9loveu on said:

    Layla Melodie you are either a desperate white troll or deeply disturbed take your medication, you want us to cosign our genocide from mating with actual humans to beasts.Basically genocide to give up my life so the white male and his equally evil neanderthal woman can outlive black ppl.To continue their evil for generations on the planet no bish.you are broken plz seek healing and stop giving genocidal advice I NEED MORE PPL THAT LOOK LIKE ME AROUND THE WHITES ALREADY UNITED AND NOT SHARING ANYTHING NOT EVEN REPARATIONS.YOU HAVE MINDSET OF A BEAST.NO UNDERSTANDING OR YOU’RE DAMAGED BEYONG REPAIR.YURUGU GOT UP IN THAT VAGINA AND HEAD AND YOU HAVE NO DISCERNMENT.THEY’LL EAT YOU FIRST IF YOU THE ONLY BLACK LEFT DUMMY

  19. Layla Melodie on said:


    That’s ALL good for you…

    Treacherous bitch.

  20. angel9loveu on said:

    I would rather be a treacherous bitch than a traitorous snitch

  21. dlboydx on said:

    There are many news videos & reports that show people (men/women) killing their own children, abusing their children, pimping their children, and other abuses to their children regardless of the ethnic makeup. Showing videos of white men killing and/or abusing their mixed race children is meaningless, when there are just as many videos showing them killing their own white children; just like there are videos of blacks, latinos, asians, etc. (men/women) doing the same. Stop being petty.

  22. qnubian385 on said:

    @angel9 I stand and I agree with you and I am still surprise how DOAN allowed this @Layla Melodie leaves such comment and also insult and disprect you @angel9!

    @Layla Melodie I wasn’t sure to leave my comment but you are
    pathetic and if you like WM,white culture and wp in general go with your white daddy master and keep your rubbish mentality with you OK?
    Stop push down our throat how much WM are better,how much blalalalblabla, OK?
    You like WM fine,but don’t come here and you think to expect all BW in the world are chasing after cave Neanderthal beast!
    I am BW and I am not insane! The last thing I have left do in this world
    it’s running after cave beast men? Are you crazy?
    I don’t give a damn about WM,white cultures,white valour,white love and his people OK?
    For me when the time for wp will come do you think I will be seat here and pray for their survival?
    The only thing I care about right now is BW well being with or without BM,for the rest can go to hell!

  23. angel9loveu on said:

    @qnubian Thanks love your comment strong and full of power Layla Melody is drunk on stupidity based on her comments I’m not surprised she speaks like the beast she swaps demonic infused fluids with.You know she slept with beast and caught their fleas. Those like her are a detriment to anything sane left in the world.

  24. angel9loveu on said:

    @dlboydx Did I touch a sore spot and no it’s not meaningless? You swirlers or pale people paint this lying picture of perfection and Saviour.But Newsflash you’re not you’re still the devil you’ve always been. But thanks for watching. Can’t hide your dirt, savages kill steal and destroy more than anyone else on the planet? How can they ever be anything else?

  25. @angel9loveu You can’t take the rantings of a mulatto serious (Diaryofanegress). She is not a black woman (only 2 black people can conceive a black child) she is a mulatto, and if you’ve read Chancellor Williams, you know that Mulattoes CANNOT BE TRUSTED under any circumstance. They are mentally ill, torn between their “blackness” and whichever ethnicity their other half belongs to. They have no identity, yet they act as if the world owes them anything, and that’s exactly what this insecure sub-human scumbag tries to project onto ACTUAL black women, and some are falling for it, which is sad & pathetic.

  26. dlboydx on said:

    @angel9loveu The only sore spot touched is YOU. I can tell you’ve never read anything I’ve posted because if you had, you would know my focus has always been on Black children, Black women, & only collaborating with like minded people. Some of your comments on other posts tend to be very immature in their tone & context. Also, I haven’t watched anything of you 🙄, just read your comments.

    You keep “caping” for people that don’t give a “F” about you or the children birthed into the community. Stupid “nicca” from daytona bleach, fl shot/killed a 10yr old boy & shot his 5 month old sister with an AK 47 assault rifle. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/04/02/7-year-old-shot-killed-infant-wounded-in-daytona-beach-police-say/

    Before you worry about getting rid of “da whyte man”, you need to “purge” the community of the terrorists, degenerates, & dysfunctional ingrates. No child deserves to be born in the dysfunction of its people.

    Thank YHVH for the “purges” & the “cleansing” of the universe today. HalleluYAH, HalleYAH, HalleYAH.

  27. janetsview on said:

    Way things are going in our society too. I am white pensioner and have
    Come to similar conclusions. Enjoy reading your refreshingly honest
    Opinions! Hope you ladies survive all the coming challenges especially
    Now we are in lockdown. I am growing onions now in a window box!
    Pity I can’t grow loo paper ha! Best to try ànd keep as grounded as possible
    Amongst the fear and panic!

  28. Jamilla Dobson on said:

    Wow.This channel has changed but it came right on time because I’ve changed myself and am pro black woman.I used to visit this site all of the time and the you were always so nice and warm.Can I donate to you?It won’t be much but I’m hoping you will do another segment where you were teaching how to survive outside.You showed ways to make water into clean drinking water and how to survive outside.I love the new direction of your website because it’s exactly where I am in 2020.

  29. You’re correct, the future for black men and women is going to be hard. But it is not because of the “black man.” The future is bleak because the problem beating down the black community is and always will be the labeling of individuals, the constriction of who society and possibly even themselves believes they can be. It is this type of classification which people like you continue.

  30. Stardate Leger on said:

    Thank you!

    “You’re correct, the future for black men and women is going to be hard. But it is not because of the “black man.” The future is bleak because the problem beating down the black community is and always will be the labeling of individuals…

    The label of our people who the main problem I see in this post, a side from placing the black women problem on all black men/some black men or what every! I look at these comments and can’t understand, how our people can still use these towards each other. I’m not Black, African-American, or any other tittle, term created without my permission. If anything, I’m American; not for what America-stands for but because I was born here as well as my ancestors.

    Most brothers who want a “black” sisters; the sisters, wouldn’t be count dead with those “black” men. It is by nature a women in general looks for the men who fit a certain profile and what he can bring as for as the life style she desire. A hard working man isn’t good enough for today’s “black” women. Too many are looking at the outward appearance of the man as do the “black” men towards the women.

    excuse the typos…

  31. Negress I am so sorry you had your looks insulted by that black boy and his white girl. I am so tired of black boys like him (and yes I’m using the word boy intentionally because that’s just what they ALL are). If they like white girls and want to date them why can’t they just do that and leave us alone?? Date who you want to date but you don’t have to shit on me in order to do it. I really wish you would reveal who it was because I would make it a point not to do any business with him or support him in any way.

    Also I’d like to note how many black women from grandmothers down to toddlers are on the front lines of protesting in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Black boys won’t even get out in droves and be front and center in a war that primarily affects them, they are cowering behind their own women and girls! They are pathetic and embarrassing! This is why they aren’t respected by any other group of men on the planet. Now the whole world sees the true ball-less nature of the black male. They are disloyal, gutless, non-building losers and that seem to enjoy mediocrity. Just embarrassing!!

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