Observations of an Invisible Woman

Revelations 1:1

“Dear DOAN,


Ever since your posts, I’ve been looking at the things that have always been right in front of me. I feel silly now at how clear it has always been. I came across this and wanted to share it with you and your readers. All I have to say is, there is a serious shift happening and it’s going to be very interesting what becomes of this new awakening in the very near future. ”


— A Long Time Follower




All things on the planet are of a Transactional Nature.

When you plant seeds into the earth, you tend to it, water it and fertilize it because you want a Transaction to happen. What is the Transaction?

You need to eat. 

You use a resource because you need something from it.


All living things do this out of a need for survival.


This open “give and take” is something that even Patriarchy, in all of its misogyny, understands. Let me make this clear. ALL men seek to control the Womb. The biggest secret fear that men have is that we’ll kill them. They know that once we decide to move onward WITHOUT them, it’s over. Please look at Asian males for proof of this. The intelligent ones come to us with a gentle nature and make bargains hoping we’ll say the magic word, “Yes.”

The arrogant and not so bright ones believe that THEY are the prize.

They truly do not understand that the power is within the Life Bearer.

So they make moves and counter moves that go AGAINST themselves thinking that the rest of us won’t notice.


A commenter posted recently on Leviticus that siphoning money from the Black Woman  is the ultimate goal. I agree and would like to add one thing:

It’s not just money they wish to siphon.

It’s Maternal Energy in all forms.

When you no longer adhere to the Principles of Nature, which is a Give and Take, you become something else. Take a gander what that is.

Black Women, please guard yourselves.

They, in all forms, including those that share your race and gender, have you in their sights.

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10 thoughts on “Revelations 1:1

  1. Diamandus on said:

  2. @ Diamandus

    May I ask the purpose of this video?

  3. Glorified Body on said:

    May I humbly interject on @Diamandus behalf. The point is very clear, black people through out
    have no friends. The deep divide between black women and black men goes does not stop in our homes and communities. The global communities do not care about either. This is her point.

    Wr are ripe for elimination!!! Have a good Sunday.

  4. Glorified Body on said:

    May I humbly interject on @Diamandus behalf. The point is very clear, black people through out
    have no friends. The deep divide between black women and black men does not stop in our homes and communities. It goes into our economic survival.

    The global communities do not care about us as a collective either. We are in trouble. This is her point. On the previous post, one comment spoke clearly to how others feel about blacks, no matter the cultures. Look at comments section of yahoo news. The Jewish people never suspected the gas chambers and neither do we???

    Wr are ripe for elimination!!! Have a good Sunday.

  5. @ Glorified Body

    Ok. Thank you for that. It changes nothing. Africa is being re-colonised because the men in charge are making deals with foreigners.

    They did this hundreds of years ago with the Arab and the European. I don’t need to remind anyone of the horrific results.

    Same formula, same common denominator , different day. This is no longer the black woman’s fight.

  6. Glorified Body on said:

    You are right, it is not the black woman’ s fight if handled correctly?

  7. Diamandus on said:

    Greetings, and sorry for my late reply. Thanks to @GlorifiedBody for speaking on my behalf and thank you @diaryofanegress for replying. I am actually a male, and a long time reader. The point of my post was to educate and point out that the agenda of elimination against us is not confined strictly to America or the Black woman, and also to point out the situation in regards to one of the biggest catastrophes which is being covered up as we speak, which is Fukushima fallout leaking into the oceans since 2011, when the cores melted down, something which, by the way, is continuing to this day.

    Social media has done its work spectacularly in dividing us against ourselves in the American diaspora, especially recently, and this is a pattern I have observed moreso throughout this year than others. It is excellent on playing on peoples’ emotions, and has replaced television as the go-to for information.

    I have read your posts and they are very well written, and I know you are aware of the agenda to divide Black women and men especially. Realize the tactics that they use; for example, the use of celebrities. You are intelligent enough to realize no celebrity can offer you or I liberation in any form. You see plenty of Black celebrities in interracial relationships and productions; do you really think they have a choice? The same goes for some Black politicians as well. Those who decide to speak out/leave are usually backgrounded and/or silenced.

    You are aware of the fact that your womb is precious, and they most certainly are as well. Making Black men in particular look bad is easy for them to do, but it doesn’t just stop there. Although you are definitely in their crosshairs, you know there is an agenda against Black men as well and they play for keeps, especially when it comes to preservation of their system.

    It’s not just men either, Black women are being targeted in a much more subtle way, but make no mistake that it’s to benefit. You see the patterns in media, music and movies especially and it plays on emotions; usually pairing Black men and women with people of other races, this is nothing new. But they want to pass it off as if it is; as if you’re moving forward when you leave your collective, or they call it reaching some sort of “balance”. Falsehood.

    Remember, they fear separation, more than integration, even if it is with whom they deem lesser than they. Their system is one that is doomed to fail, so of course they will try to trick as many of our people to fall with them as possible, our women especially. Have no mercy on their failing framework. You did create an article detailing them as the new minority. It’s not for us to uphold them. Don’t fall for the agendas of their social platforms, no freedom can be found or gained from Youtube, only information, opinion, and entertainment.

    For example, how many news outlets have spoken about Fukushima fallout and its devastating effects on the Pacific and the world over? They will NEVER tell you until it’s too late. On that note, I STRONGLY suggest you eliminate any type of seafood from your diet ALTOGETHER. This is not something they would tell you. They know Africa’s oceans will be the least polluted; realize no action they take is ever random, but to speak on just how deep it goes isn’t something most would be ready for.

    Of course, I am just one man and this is part of my opinion. Feel free to disregard, however, to challenge established corruption with the truth produces little results. It would be like reminding them that what they do is evil. To attempt to build with them or sway them is a waste of energy. That said, I am an admirer of your work, this post in particular made me feel I had to say something. Respect, and thank you.

  8. Layla Melodie on said:

    While I understand these sentiments of the previous commenter, the last decade has been black males allying with non black women at the detriment of Black women. It’s just too late. Conversations that Black women were trying to have fell on deaf ears and black males consistently gave us their asses to kiss.

    I mean really? Remember if it wasn’t our looks and charm under attack, black males isolated us on getting degrees and moving us and our children to safer neighborhoods.

    Black males can fight this shit on their without the aid of Black women. Ya’ll got Beck in your corner. I’d say rally the troops over there. That’s your best bet.

  9. bfromnyc on said:

    As far as Nick Cannon trying to do what he did after what he previously said, more and more black women have finally opened their ears and aren’t falling for pandering shenanigans as easily. He put his foot in his mouth and now bw don’t care much anymore. To tell women in your group they do not represent a “symbol of success” once you become successful, which is why you don’t choose them as wives, and then expect them to willingly rally in your corner is idiotic and a complete joke to say the least. Keep biting the hand that feeds you and you won’t be fed. Keep disrespecting the womb which nurtured and brought you into the world and you will cease to exist.

  10. @ bfromnyc

    That has already begun.

    Black women email me privately all the time to tell me VERY personal things. The biggest kept secrets are many black women are opting out of motherhood, deliberately choosing men of other nationalities to bear children and having abortions when the ultrasound shows it’s a boy.

    They tell me that since they are constantly being bullied for making bad choices, they are choosing to simply opt out of “the struggle” to have a more peaceful life.

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